One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/1/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Layla wakes. She is still losing sleep over Vincent.


The girls turn to find Rex coming out of Adriana's room in his boxer's.

"That's it!" Adriana squeals.

"We know who is behind me getting set up, don't we Natalie?" She admits that she and Chris know the truth. "Who is it?" Antonio asks.

"I confess!"

The door flies open and Vincent enters the office.

Kelly has all her family and friends around in the morning.

She is wheeled in to see her baby. "There he is. He is so small."

"Who are you having coffee with?" Nash isn't having coffee with anyone. "I was up late working on the vineyard." Claudia tells Nash about the announcement off Antonio and Jessica's wedding in the paper. "Let's get out of town today Nash. That would put as many miles between you and the Buchanans as possible!"

"Spencer's DNA results are in." Asa looks up into his son's face with pie sized eyes.

David is led in to see Spencer.

"DNA tests are in." Spencer knows this will show that they are only half-brothers after all. "I wish that I weren't related to you Spencer, you son-of-a-bitch!"

"I don't know what the results are, only that they are in." Asa wants to head out himself to get the results but Bo holds him back in his wheelchair. "You have to stay calm pa!" Asa can't make it to the hospital for the results and so he orders that Spencer be brought to him there.

"I have known since I was a teenager that we were only half-brothers, but I have loved you just the same…" David sees the man is suffering and he enjoys every minute of it. "You are a sick bastard David." David says that actually, Spencer is. "You make hating you so easy." Spencer sees that David thinks that he hates his half-brother but he can't seem to stay away.

"I will give you a full confession. Just tell me what I need to do." Chris is curious as to why Vincent is so eager to give a full confession now. "Why do you think?" Vincent asks Chris… He peers at Natalie, who stands quietly with her mouth, open…

"We could go to Santa Barbara and check out the wineries and stuff, without the tasting and stuff. You can write off the trip as a business expense." Nash can't do it. "I have been fitted for my tuxedo." Claudia sees him torturing himself. "I am not in love with Jessica. You don’t' get this thing do you?" She finds him sick. "Sicker than Jessica and Tess rolled into one."

The doctor comes to meet Kelly's family. "We will be keeping the baby on the ventilator. I have seen babies born at 24 weeks there were in worse condition." He goes to see the infant now.

"Dr. Goldman is fantastic." Kelly tries to be reassured by the supportive comments.

Clint and Viki head out and Jessica leaves soon behind them.

"You heard the doctor Kevin. He said that things could be worse."

An alarm goes off.

"What's going on?"

Kevin helps Kelly up out of her wheelchair and they stare into Zane's room… "Zane!"

"I got this great idea. I am going to design underwear for guys." Layla can help with this. "I do my best work when I have nothing to lose." Rex is ordered to go and put on his other boxers so that the girls can get some ideas.

"This was just to make a quick score." Vincent knows that he could have gotten Chris killed or badly injured and that is why he is confessing. "When I saw how John affected you, I knew that I could deal with confessing." Natalie turns to Antonio. "What are the charges going to be? Racketeering? Illegal Gambling? What?" Antonio leans back in his chair and calmly answers. "Attempted murder."

"You should have thought about the consequences before you did what you did and then come in here like the big hero…" Even Natalie finds this a bit much but Antonio is not moving on this point. "I really am sorry Chris." Chris leaves the office.

"Start writing." Vincent sits and writes out his confession under the watch of Antonio and Natalie.

Rex poses for the girls.

His phone rings.

"I am not going to need you to work on the commission thing anymore. Vincent just confessed."

Rex goes back to the giggling girls. "What's wrong Rex?" He tells Layla that they have to talk.

The alarm is disabled and things calm down.

The doctor comes to the couple and tells the that the baby has been stabilized but is still needs to be watched.

Kelly begs to be with her child and she is led into the room.

"Brennan doesn't know that difference between her foot and a chew toy, so how can you feel that being at the wedding is a good thing?" Nash says that it is still a good thing to do for the baby. "I am trying to do the right thing." Claudia knows that he is a bad boy and can't help himself after a while. "What if Jessica can't handle you being in the wedding?"

"Why don't you ask me?"

Nash and Claudia turn to find Jessica standing over them.

"You had to get even with him didn't you? You waited and you plotted and took out your anger on everyone else. Did you hate me for being dad's son?" Spencer says that he hated that bastard. "The Buchanans are no better. You know David this whole pseudo-psycho thing that you are doing is getting tired." David's light goes on. "I had something. I had a place on the family tree while you were just the illegitimate twig! Ignored! Unwanted!"

The iron door behind David opens.

Bo enters the area. "What now?" Spencer asks. "You are getting out of here." Spencer smiles getting to his feet.

"The doctors are not going to make any promises about Zane" Bo isn't worried about that or the DNA results. He feels there isn't a chance in hell that Spencer is his son.

"Let me out of here." Bo tells David that Spencer is going to his father's house. "We will have the reading of the results there. Asa can't leave the house. You are going to be under guard so don't get any ideas." David is allowed to attend as well.

Malloy comes now to transport the prisoner.

"Anyone seen my keys? I have to go and see what is going on with Vincent. I will figure things out when I get there. I will see you guys later." Layla heads out.

"I am not sure tbat this has 'Happy Ending' written all over it." Adriana gets back to work on Rex's shorts.

"What's next?" Antonio sees that Vincent hasn't been arrested before. He explains the procedure of getting arrested. "I will call Evangeline. She is the new ADA and she will be all over this."

"I hope that things turn out okay for you Chris." Chris was good at boxing. "I am losing a lot here to." Chris can't see that. Vincent knows that Chris will not take his money but he knows that Chris will allow him to make a donation to the cause of his choice. Chris leaves.

"I am sorry for disappointing you Natalie. I am no John Mcbain that's for sure." She knows that no one is that good.

"My wedding is none of your business." Claudia feels that it is when she keeps jerking Nash around. Nash wants Claudia to stop. "I don't have to take this from either of you." She walks off.

"Do you think what she said?" Jessica asks. "I think that you are incredible and I hope that Antonio knows just how lucky he really is."

"His heart rate is slowing. Sometimes these things don't have a why. It is almost as if he is disconnecting…giving up. There is only so much that we can do in medicine. The rest is up to the human spirit. You need to prepare yourself." Kevin and Kelly are devastated. "Let me hold him!" Kelly demands.

Asa stands so that when the lying bastard arrives, he can look him in the eye.

Spencer is led into the house. "Hello pa!"

"I am going to make this idea a huge success and that will be the best revenge on my mother ever…" Rex rewards Adriana's thinking with kisses.

"He isn't connecting…"

Kevin and Kelly whisper.

"If I can be here for Duke, then maybe that will be enough to get him to live."

They hand Kevin the tiny baby. "Her is so small…I know that you don't know me but you are part of me and I need you to do something for me. I need you to find the part of you that’s your mother cause that is the part of your mother that can get you through anything. There is another part of you that is your dad. And I know that he's not here right now, but he would've loved you so much. I would do anything for you."


"What is that?" A nurse tells that the baby's heart is getting stronger. "That is the first time that has happened since he's been born!"

"I can handle you, and I can handle you coming to my wedding." Nash says that there isn't anything to worry about then. They hold hands.

Claudia watches them from across the room.

"Baby I am so sorry that you have to see me like this." Layla isn't sure that she is glad that she came. Antonio sends the man out to a cell now.

"I don't feel right about this." Layla freaks when she hears that Vincent is going down for murder and that her sister is going to try the case.

"Take the cuffs off."

The notary arrives. He was sent by the lab. "The results will be in two separate, identical envelopes. There will be a summary in the results that will tell if Spencer Truman is in fact Asa's son."

The notary opens his briefcase and hands results to both Asa and Spencer.

Asa leaves his on the table, while Spencer reads the envelopes.

He looks up to find Asa glaring at him. Spencer glares back but is smiling…

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