One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/31/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cole and Starr have their kiss at her front door, and he goes to the elevator now to leave. "I will see you at school. Maybe I will IM you later and we will talk…"

In the penthouse, Todd and Blair are walking to the stairs.

Starr wonders about Cole as he walks off.

She enters the penthouse and sees her parents walking to the stairs.

"Am I interrupting something?"

Rex tells Adriana that he has three leads to follow that might give him information on where Todd's baby is. He is sure that at least one of them will come up with something that he can use.

Clint tells Dorian to sit when she tries to get in Kelly's room to see how she is doing. "We have to just wait Dorian. We will know something soon…"

"It's a boy." Kelly is thrilled and wants to see the child immediately. "Can I see him?" someone orders the baby into NICU stat!

The nurse tends to Hugh and leaves the room.

His bandages are loser and his eyes can almost be seen as well as his lips. At this time, he is alone in the room. "Natalie…"

Natalie enters the room slowly.

Vincent is there and comes in behind her. Natalie forgot that Vincent and Hugh were friends. "You commit crimes and he stops it." He asks her if she is going to say if she finked on him or not. "What are you doing here anyway? You hardly knew the guy."

Todd and Blair want to talk about how Starr was embarrassed earlier at school. She doesn't want to talk about that and she heads upstairs.

Blair wants to talk about she and Todd almost heading upstairs just now…He pretends not to know what she is talking about…

David comes to see Spencer wondering why he wasn't pulling at Asa's purse strings instead of trying to ruin the Buchanans. "I have a slice of the pie David."

"The DNA tests are not finished yet Truman and until then, I am not related to you!" Bo has come in to where the cells are, and he tells that Kelly has had the baby and that it is a son. David is stunned. "This whole thing was a miracle." Spencer gets angry with everyone blaming him for this premature birth. "I didn't do anything to Kelly. I am good but even I have limitations." David asks if the procedure that he did was a scam and wasn't supposed to improve anything anyway.

Kelly worries about her baby who has been taken out of the room.

Dorian and Viki enter the room and go to Kelly's side.

"We are doing all the necessary tests on the baby," Michael tells when he returns to the room. "Where is he? Where is my son?"

Marcie has Tommy with her when she bumps into Rex and Adriana. She gives the boy to his godfather and goes to get coffee.

"you are too cute little buddy." Adriana finds that Rex and Tommy even look alike.

Marcie returns going on about not getting enough sleeps. "You know what?" Adriana says. "you know who Tommy looks like?"

"We were heading upstairs to make love. It is like it was before Todd." He says that before was when he was arrested and she abandoned him. "No Todd. Before that. The way that we used to be when we could read each other and understood each other. I feel like a nightcap. I will get you one." Blair leaves the room.


Starr goes tearing down the stairs. "my computer isn't working and I need it for a school project." Todd knows that this has to do with high school boys and nothing else.

Cole is back at school and he calls his mother and has a brief chat with her.

The coach sees Cole there and orders him home as they have a big day the next day.

Gabe comes to Cole later and tells him that the coach rags on him as he is depending on Cole to win the big game. "His job depends on it."

"There is a 25, maybe 35% survival rate for babies that come into the world like yours did," Michael tells Kevin and Kelly…

"The baby is breathing on a ventilator. We will be running tests and we will be putting you in a room and then you can see your baby."

Dorian leaves to find out more about the baby's condition.

"I will let you have some sleep." Kevin starts leaving but Kelly asks him to please stay. She cries…

"You did something to Kelly didn't you? I ought to kill you, you son-of-a-bitch…" Bo tells David to calm down. "I know that Todd is alive, I am still the commissioner, and Paige has been cleared of Thomas's murder. Everything that Spencer damages, gets better again."

Bo gets a call.


"You two will have to excuse me." Bo leaves.

"I see something Spencer that I haven't seen before. You are nervous. You have lost Blair, your job and you are not going to be rich anymore… That beautiful gesture that you made of leaving everything that you own to Hugh, that will be for naught. You have nothing left Spencer unless you stay rich by dying before trial."

Todd is concerned that they don't really know anything about this Cole thing. Starr says that there was something weird that night… "Cole wanted to know if the rape part in the slideshow is true. I told Cole that I didn't want to talk about it." Todd tries to explain even though Starr doesn't need him to. "I don't know what to say. I am different and not that guy anymore. I just hate that you have to pay for what I have done." Starr doesn't care what the kids think. "you are not a freak dad!" Todd wants her to be seen as the beautiful, smart kid that she is."

Blair has come into the room and hears Todd talking with his daughter.

"Why can't you be like this when it comes to mom:?" Todd doesn't answer that and tells Starr to go upstairs with him to take a look at her computer…

Blair stays quiet as they make it up the stairs.

"Hugh made it and John didn't, and I am having a really hard time with that. Hugh has hope and there isn't any for John. I have to accept that." Vincent finds that a good start. "Well I have you to thank for that," Natalie says turning to Vincent. "Me?"

In the bed, the figure that lays quiet and unmoving suddenly moves his hand, clenching and unclenching his fists.

"When I kissed you, I was kissing John, hoping to find him in that kiss, but you are not John…not even close. I don't want to disrespect him by using you to replace him." He wonders what she wants. "If I want to find John, I don't have to look very far. He is in my heart. I don't have to kiss you to find that out." Vincent knows that she may be sorry she kissed him, "…but I am not!"


A nurse comes rushing in to see what has happened to the patient.

"He looks like you!" Adriana tells Marcie of her son.

Rex gets a call and rushes off to answer it.

"You know Adriana, now that I have Tommy, I can't imagine my life without him," Marcie says.

"don't let Starr mess you up Cole. Her dad was involved in some bad things. Are you sure that you are going to be alright for this game?" Cole thinks about that. "I don't know…Maybe you need to fix me up…"

Starr talks to her mother about Britney and what she did that night. She wants her mother to stay out of her business at school. "We can transfer you Starr. We don't want things to get out of control." She doesn't want to transfer now.

Todd comes down and tells that the computer is working now.

Starr scampers up the stairs to check it out.

"It was nice what you said to Starr about seeing someone for who they really are. You were right Todd. No one got us but we always got each other." He remembers her not getting him when it counted most. "I made a mistake Todd. You will not find what we have and you know that. The brandy is on the table. I will go get some glasses for us." She walks off.

He looks after her.

Natalie and Vincent have left Hugh's room… "It is real funny you know… Hugh got real ticked off when I told him something earlier." Natalie tells that she told Cristian what Vincent did. "It is your word against mine. No one is going to believe someone who used to be Cristian's wife."

Rex returns to Tommy and the girls.

Tommy is asleep now and so Marcie leaves.

"I got information on the cars… and who owns them."

Adriana's phone rings.

She sees her mother is calling and ignores it.

She needs to do something in her life that will make her mother miserable. Rex would like her to do something that makes her happy. "Making Dorian miserable does make me happy…" He shows her a picture of a drawing that she did. "You told me once that you wanted to be a fashion designer."

Kevin comes out of the room. He is kicking himself now for the decision that he made, but Viki and Clint get his head straight.

Dorian is leaving voicemail for her girls but she can't reach anyone.

"You are not alone in this Dorian…You know that," Clint says.

Michael tells that Kelly is doing well and will be moved soon.

Kevin reenters the room. "Michael says that you are okay…Now we can just focus on the baby." Kelly wants the baby to have a name. I want him to know that he is somebody."

"I am at the top of everyone's hit list it seems." David seems to think that someone might kill him.

Bo returns. "The DNA results will be ready first thing in the morning." Spencer is glad to hear it. "Then everyone will know that I am Asa's son…"

"Or not!" Bo interjects…

"I have been thinking about names and I came up with nothing until I got to 'Z'. Zane. It means god's grace. That is why I have this baby." Kevin feels it is decided then. "Zane it is."

Rex and Adriana decide to head back to her place. "I am glad that you are focusing on something positive for a change Adriana." He hopes that if things go right for him, then soon he will know what happened to Todd's kid.

"Oh my God!"

Todd and Blair look at the stairs.

Starr comes running down. "I got an IM! Ah, from Langston!" She goes running back upstairs.

"Goodnight Todd!" Blair leaves the room.

Todd downs his drink.

Natalie goes back in and says goodbye to John. "I hope you pull through this Hugh. Seeing you this way… I know that I can deal with my pain. I know now that I can live my life without John now…" She turns and starts walking out.

She suddenly turns around. "Did you say something?" Not a peep comes from the bandaged mass. Natalie continues out.

In the room, the eyes of the bandaged man fly open. They are sky blue…

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