One Life to Live Update Monday 10/30/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Todd and Blair hit the floor and dance…

Not far off, Starr and Cole slow-dance as well.

Todd and Blair stare into each other's eyes…

Suddenly the music goes fast again.

"That man in there…Hugh…he is trying to tell me something and I don't know what…"

In the room, the bandaged man is alone and he calls out a name…"Natalie…"

Natalie is upset but not about John…about Cristian!

Bo is on the phone with Paige who tells him that Spencer guarantees that he can make things right with Kelly and her baby coming so soon.

"What is wrong Bo? What is it!" The others in the waiting area of the hospital wait for his answer.

"I would like to take Britney and her father and dip them in boiling oil until they die." Starr is embarrassed by her father. "Come on Starr. I have to drop you off now so that you don't miss your curfew!"

Natalie explains to Cristian that she is actually angry with Vincent…

Vincent arrives to visit his friend. Evangeline tells how Hugh just said, "It's me…" She is sure that something is wrong.

She and Vincent go to see Hugh.

The nurse leaves the room.

"It is me Evangeline… I have Vincent with me."

"He was supposed to do a cervical cerclage and who knows if he did it right," Dorian explains. "What do we do?" Bo tells that Spencer offered to come and save the baby. "he might be trying for an immunity deal, or maybe he wants to escape." Viki wants to talk to Kelly about this but Dorian will not have that. "I should be the one to tell Kelly this news." Bo will do whatever Kevin and Kelly want in this matter.

Kelly is crying out in pain.

Dorian enters the room.

Michael wants her to leave, but she won't yet. "I have some information that I have to tell you."

"We can take a cab home." Todd doesn't like that idea. "We will send our car back to pick you up Starr…" Todd will allow that but she has to be on time. "One hour."

When the kids are alone, Starr jokes over Cole calling her dad, 'sir'. She apologizes for her parents being freaks, but he likes freaks. "I was wondering something… about your dad. Did he really rape someone?"

"We ran into each other on the rooftop. He saw me upset earlier and he followed me to see if I was okay. Anyway, he told me that he set you up to lose the fight." Cristian finally has the proof that he needs. "Let's go to the police station." Natalie doesn't want to do that. "can't we just do this in the morning?" Cristian can't let Vincent use this time to do damage control. "Why are you protecting this guy all of a sudden?"

"Hugh! Can you talk?"

Vincent can't make out what the man is saying either…


Vincent calls for a nurse.

She comes and gives the man a sedative.

She is ready to go now as she doesn't want to be in the same room with Vincent any longer than she has to. "I didn't mean to hurt your sister, and that is the same thing that I told Natalie."

"You don't know what I can do Paige! wouldn't it be terrible if something happened to that baby Paige? You didn't talk about Margaret's baby until it is too late, and you are waiting too long to act again Paige."

"What did you do to Kelly?"

Bo has entered the jail area… "Are you going to let Kelly suffer?" Spencer asks. "It isn't my call," Bo says. "It is up to Kelly."

Kelly is willing to look at having Spencer help her with her condition.

Dorian, Viki and Clint whisper about what they all should do.

"Can he really fix this now?" Michael isn't sure, but if her water breaks, there will be nothing they can do. "He can do this!" Kelly says. "He can save my baby." Michael can't help with this decision as he has too many issues with Spencer to help with this decision.

A nurse comes into the room. "We can't wait much longer."

"What do we do? What do we do?" Kelly shouts.

"He did it a long time ago and he did time for it and he wouldn't do it again." He asks her if she wants to dance but her feet are tired and he has to get up early for practice."

She goes ahead to get her jacket.

Blair makes Todd a drink and one for herself… "I am going to get Starr." Blair reminds him that Starr is in good hands and they have already arranged for Starr to be picked up in an hour. "Did you see how those kids treated her with that slide show?" Blair understands why Todd is acting so concerned now. "She can handle it Todd. She is strong and she gets her strength from you." He would like to erase his past. She reminds him there were good times. "We went sledding…we had golden balloons falling down after our wedding…" He finds it funny that all the memories she speaks of have her in it. "And what about tonight Todd? We would have kissed if we weren't interrupted."

"So Natalie gave you hell?" Vincent finds it interesting that Evangeline acts like a lawyer all the time. "I will make things right for Cristian. " She knows that Cristian wouldn't want his blood money. "I will not get into this with you," Vincent says. "Especially in front of Hugh." Evangeline leaves now.

"Okay Hugh, one comment about how I run off all the hot women and I am out of here. You were right Hugh, Layla left me and Natalie got angry about me being behind the fix. Natalie is probably off telling her uncle the commissioner all about me. I don't know why I did it. I guess that I had a weak moment when I kissed her."

Hugh's hand moves quickly and strong to the side of the bed. Vincent watches fascinated…

"Kevin! I trust you… Make a decision…" Michael warns the couple that they will have to do an emergency C-section if the water breaks, and that will be that." The room is cleared of family and friends.

"I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy," Dorian says.

"what am I going to do," Kevin prays. "I don't want to lose your baby son. You got to tell me what to do."

Kevin calmly gets his phone and calls Bo…

"I need to talk to Spencer. Put him on."

"It's Kevin… He wants to talk to you." Spencer puts his hands between the bars and takes the phone.

"Kevin! I was wondering if you were going to call…"

"We are prepped and ready for the C-section."

"You can take your offer and you can shove it you son-of-a-bitch" Spencer knows that will be a mistake.

"you did the right thing son." Kevin hopes so.

He returns to Kelly. "Dr. Truman won't be joining us today."

"why are you covering Vincent's back on this? Is something going on with the both of you?" She can't believe that he is begging her to help him over Vincent. "He is trying to change Cristian. Let's not forget that I wasn't such a sweetheart when I came to this town. People gave me a chance…You did. Maybe it is because I feel like I owe him one. He was the guy that gave me a lead on who shot John's father." Cristian hopes that is all that is going on here. He remembers what happened with Paul Kramer.

"Just for the record, she kissed me. There was definitely a connection though. You don't have to worry about me Hugh as I don't plan on moving up on Natalie… Why are you looking at me like that? I gotta go now but I will be back." Vincent leaves.

Hugh clenches a fist.

Todd and Blair talk about the fun they had that night.

They hear a noise. "Here come the kids now."

Vincent leaves the room.

Evangeline is there. Vincent tells her that he got the strangest feeling that Hugh was trying to tell him something too.

Cole brings Starr to her door. "Sorry about asking about your dad. I was rude. I don't care about the past anyway. I care about what is going to happen." She thanks him for coming to the dance with her. "well, I guess that I better be going." She should really get in the house herself. "Hey, you think… well, would it be okay if I kissed you?"

In the penthouse, Todd and Blair share an intimate. "Now that wasn't so bad was it?" He admits that it was alright.

"I take it Kevin turned you down?" Spencer says that Kevin makes bad choices and that is why his son is dead. "He shouldn't have to make a choice like this." Paige isn't sure that Spencer would help anyway. Spencer says that could have happened to Duke. He says that at the last minute, while acting like he was saving the boy he could have held back ever so slightly but there isn't any way to tell now. "Give me my phone," Bo orders. Spencer pulls it out of his pocket. "This phone?" He breaks it in two. "This phone is dead Bo."

Kevin and Kelly are ready for the procedure now.

Clint, Dorian and Viki wait patiently for news on how the C-section is going. Viki feels that the odds are in their favor. "Let's not forget. This baby will be a Buchanan, a Lord and a Cramer…"

Inside the medical team work frantically to get the baby out safely. After a while a doctor has news. "I got it! I have the baby."

Kelly smiles.

"You want to kiss me?" Cole does, unless she doesn't want him to. She does, and in seconds they are…

In the penthouse, Todd and Blair share more kisses and then they walk off together holding hands.

"I hope that there isn't anything going on between you and Vincent cause tomorrow, you and I area going to the police station to report what Vincent has done." Cristian leaves Natalie now.

She sighs…

Vincent and Evangeline still remain standing in the hall outside Hugh's room, and they stare at him through the glass. "He definitely was trying to tell us something…"

In the hospital room, the baby has arrived! Kelly and Kevin smile and hold hands as they wait for news… It is very quiet in the room. "What's going on?" Kelly asks. "Is my baby alright?" The doctor only says that it is a boy. Kevin and Kelly are jubilant. Soon they realize that no one else besides them is talking… "Is something wrong with my baby?"

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