One Life to Live Update Friday 10/27/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Kevin brings Kelly into the hospital.

Michael will do an ultrasound. She is 24 weeks along but it is still too early to have the child.

Bo goes to see Paige at the hospital and wants to take her to dinner.

"Your lawyer is here."

Spencer turns to see Mark entering. "There is a new ADA on the case. Nora wasn't up to standard. It is Evangeline coming. She isn't a puppy dog Spencer…"

Cristian and Evangeline are kissing and he sees that she is worried. "I am not pressuring you but I don't want to miss seeing you while you are prosecuting the case…"

Starr is at the dance.

She sees her dad. "This isn't happening."

"Dad what are you doing here?"

Blair comes over as well. "You have to go now."

Cole comes over to Starr and her parents. "The Grim Reaper and the cat are my parents. Cole takes Starr to dance.

"A 16-year-old taking my daughter out isn't cool!"

Britney and the squad enter the dance and see Cole and Starr slow-dancing…

Natalie turns and sees Vincent behind her. She goes to him quickly and kisses him. He pushes her back and stares at her.

"That wasn't what I had in mind when I followed you up here." Natalie realizes that John is gone. "He is really gone."

"Don't feel sorry for me Bo. I had a second chance at love and I blew it." Bo tells her that he is there and she didn't blow it.

His phone rings.

"I am at the emergency room. Kelly may be in labor. I will keep you posted."

Bo tells that Clint just told him that Kelly may be in labor.

"She is trying to hold on, but she is trying to dilate."

Viki has come to the hospital now and she listens as well, as Michael tells what happens. "The odds for survival are going to be very low. If the baby is born, it will be an uphill battle afterwards."

"This is Duke's child," Kevin says. "If we lose him, it will be like losing Duke all over again."

"I am innocent Casey. Do not screw this up." Mark thinks that he can win, but it will not be a cakewalk. "Williamson and Hanen will make sure of that."

"I am doing this for Nora, for Michael, for John… I don't want to let John down." Cris will be in Evangeline's corner. "I will pour you a glass of wine, run you a bath, give you a foot massage…"

Langston and her date see that Cole is doing well with Starr.

Starr can't stop talking about her parents and Cole wants her to relax. "You look really cute tonight…"

"I think that Cole really likes her," Langston tells Britney. "Starr is my friend and if you ruin this night for her, you will be sorry." Langston walks off.

Britney's friends offer to go after Starr for her but Britney says that she isn't worried about her.

Todd mingles and talks with the other chaperones.

He tells Blair that he was just told that they have more than enough chaperones for the evening. She asks if he would like to dance with him. "Like you danced with Spencer while I was on death row?" Blair gets angry. "Okay Todd! Okay! Can we just stop this now?"

"I have done everything by the book." A cramp comes to her. "Oh! I need Kevin."

Kevin is in the waiting area worrying about Kelly and what she is going through all alone in the room.

"Oh I see that you have done a very thorough job Clint," Dorian snaps. "You have contacted everyone… Everyone but me!"

"You have another visitor."

It is a woman… Spencer goes closer to the bars.

"Sorry," Paige says. "It is just me."

"Oh Todd! You haven't ever done anything to me! I don't want to argue with you as I don't want to embarrass our daughter." He can't see how she can accomplish that when she is dressed as a sex kitten for the dance. "Don't pretend you don't want to dance with me!" She drags him to the floor.

"Don't look now but my parents are dancing…" Cole tells how he bumped into Todd at the coffee shop and he called him a bad name.

Britney meets up with Dave at the dance. She sends him to go and get them something to drink.

"He is so beneath me," Britney tells her friends. "Anyway, is our little slideshow ready? Good. Tonight we take down the entire Manning clan…"

Natalie and Vincent sit. "This was our spot. I heard your footsteps and I thought that John was coming. This was where we went to find each other. We made love here, and we slept up here many nights. I kissed you because I was looking for John. I was LOOKING FOR John! Now I realize that he…he is really, really gone."

"I get really obsessed when I am working on a really big case so don't take it personally if I get moody." Cristian tells that he has been talking to Antonio and thinking and he isn't sure that he wants his license back. "I was a painter and a boxer and unfortunately, those are the only two things that I know how to do." She knows him and she knows that he can do this. "Yeah, thanks."

"I had to find out from a member of your staff that Kelly had been brought in." Clint apologizes to Dorian for forgetting about her.

Michael comes out to tell that the contractions haven't stopped. The water hasn't broken though. There are a lot of conditions that could easily cause the baby to be delivered tonight.

"I think that I am going to get my license reinstated since I wasn't the one who killed Thomas Mcbain. Nora has found out the truth and she is out to get you." Spencer finds her so wonderfully ineffective. "I hope that you brought lots of books with you to read as you will be in here a long time." She tells that the miracle procedure that he performed on Kelly has caused her to go into labor in her 24th week. "So I need to know what you did or didn't do."

The Britney Squad go over to Todd and Blair and tell that there is a slide show showing soon. "My dad says hi," Britney says. Todd has no idea who her dad is.

Starr and Cole dance happily…

The lights go out.

"The slide show is starting.

The first slide is of Starr outside the prison with a crowd. That was the night that her father was to be executed.

Starr looks up at the screen in horror.

"Where is Starr?" Blair wonders in the dark.

"Where is the little bitch who did this?" Todd shouts.

Vincent too pours out his heart about how he lost Layla and can't get her back because her sister is dating Cristian… Natalie remembers reading about the commission and how Cristian was accused of doing something that she knows he wouldn't ever do. "Did you do this? Did you set up the fight Vincent?" He admits that he did set the fight up.

"You set him up? Now everyone thinks that he is a bum when you are the one who is the bum!" Vincent tells that he came up the wrong way and had to fight for everything that he got. "I did it for the money. I wish that I hadn't done it. I tried to call it off but it was too late." She wants him to clear Cristian's name. "I can't do that."

"I need to go." Evangeline knows that Cristian is just trying to avoid talking about his feelings. "When you go for your walk, remember that I love you." He leaves.

Evangeline sits alone and tries to study the case. "Who am I kidding?" She gets her things and leaves…

Starr stares up at the screen and sees the slides of the newspaper articles of her father's conviction and sentencing…

The lights fly on.

"Who did this?" No one comes forward.

"Excuse me! Excuse me everyone!" Cole says. "I have something to say."

"You just sat back and watched the fireworks… I need you to tell me what you did." Spencer says that he can't help Kelly unless he examines the woman herself. "If you want to save her, you will get me out of here and get me to the hospital!"

Kevin stands over Kelly's bed now. She is crying and weeping as she talks to him. "They are giving me medication to stop the contractions but I keep having them. I am sorry Kevin. I am so sorry…"

"Hi Hugh. It is me…Evangeline. I have no idea why I am here. I just found myself on the turnpike on my way here. I know that I used to give you a hard time. Nora made me an acting ADA. I will be prosecuting Spencer Truman. Maybe I am here because I am trying to get inside your head. I know that you did the legwork before you found out that he was your father.

"Oh no! I kissed you!" Natalie realizes walking off. "Maybe this is a good thing. It makes me realize that I was lucky to have a man like John, cause I could have been stuck with a guy like you! Don't you dare follow me again! Get the hell off our rooftop!"

Cole tells that he knows that this was set up by Britney.

Britney and her friends are led out.

Cole shouts to have the music started again.

He and Starr go back to their dancing.

Todd smiles. "What do you think about that kid now?" Blair asks. "He's not that bad!" Todd says smiling. "Whoever her parents are, they sure raised a great kid!" Blair says. Todd thinks about that. "Hey!" Blair faces him. "You want to dance?"

Blair would love to dance. She moves into Todd's arms and they slow-dance.

Cole and Starr slow dance and stare into each other's arms in their corner of the room.

"This hospital has a state of the art neo-natal unit. Oh lord. We lost Duke and I can't believe that we may lose this baby as well.

Bo gets a call.

"It is Paige. Spencer says that if you get him to the hospital, he can save the baby."

In the room, Kevin tells Kelly that he will be there for her. "We will go through this together…"

Cristian bumps into Natalie and sees that she looks disturbed. "What happened?"

Vincent stands on the roof alone and looks at the ground shaking his head.

At the hospital, Evangeline sits with Hugh still, talking to him.

Soon the man's labored breathing starts… Evangeline looks at him, sensing that he wants to say or do something. "What is it? What do you want to do?" she asks leaning in towards him.

"It's me." She leans back. "I know that. Wait! I will go and get a nurse." She walks off.

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