One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/26/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Starr needs a costume for the dance. "Guys don't care what you wear on your first date!"


Blair has entered the room. "I thought that this was a dance."

Cole enters the restaurant and bumps into Todd.

"Watch it jerk!" Todd tells the kid.

He is about to leave but then see Evangeline.

He heads over there.

She tells how she has been busy and hasn't even had tine to get a wedding dress. "You're marrying Cristian?"

Clint goes to Nash asking what his motives are for being in the wedding.

Adriana, Jessica and Kelly hang out and talk about how Natalie has lost the love of her life. They are about to enter Viki's house.

Natalie is inside with a wedding veil on her head, looking at her image in the mirror.

When Adriana, Jessica and Kelly enter they talk about the wedding. Natalie puts on a happy face and tries to act perky.

As soon as she is away from the happy girls, she wonders how she is going to get through Jessica's wedding.

Nash explains himself as best he can about why he is attending the wedding. Clint is fine with his explanation.

"I have some information on you getting set up at the fight," Antonio says to his brother.

Vincent finds. Layla in the park. She will not talk to him as he refuses to tell her the truth. She starts walking away. "Stay Layla and I will tell you the truth."

Evangeline is stunned when she realizes that Todd thinks that she is getting married to Chris. She explains that she needs a dress for the wedding. He doesn't think that it is so far fetched to think that she and Chris would marry since they care about each other so much. "I know that you and Blair will be way down the aisle before Chris and I get there." Todd is dead serious when he tells her, "no!" He takes her hand now and smiles at her. "How about dinner?"

"Mom if you are going to eavesdrop, get your facts straight. I was talking about a date on the calendar. We were just talking about costumes for the dance. Can you help mom?" Blair loves this and runs off to find some stuff.

Blair thanks her friend for thinking of getting her mother involved in making her a costume.

Blair returns with a big bag and pulls out some stuff. Starr grabs at something and Blair snatches it out of her hand. "Gimme that! It is lingerie." Blair has something else that she wants Starr to wear. This is great and you could have a cat face and everything!"

Cole's friend razzes him about taking Starr to the dance…

Evangeline tells Todd that is he should be able to find someone else if things don't work out with Blair. "How about you?"

The bride and 2 of her bridesmaids talk while Natalie is out of the room. They hope the wedding isn't going to be too much for Natalie.

Natalie returns and Jessica tells how she has so much on her plate to deal with.

Natalie dreams…

…She dreams that she were a bride and that day would be the happiest day of her life. "Right John?" She would walk to the window, carrying her bouquet and she would stare out. Her face would change. "John? John?"

…All that would be before her would be the dark figure of a man standing before her. "No! No!" She would scream.


Jessica, Kelly and Adriana just stare. Natalie has just screamed out for no reason…

Natalie turns to the girls now, not saying anything.

"I am 15 not 10!" Langston smiles. "I gotta bounce." She leaves.

"I am never going to wear that," Starr says. Blair finds something else in leather and Starr totally loves it.

"Cole you have to get over being the new guy! You are great on the team. If you need anything just call! See ya player!"

"I forgot to tell you that we are doing a profile on you next week. We will be asking about your ideas on different things and what you think about marriage. You are a super lawyer. I have admiration for you. You are really brilliant and a gorgeous lawyer and by the end of the story, every guy is going to be in love with you." Evangeline tells that as far as marriage goes, she has seen too many of them fail. "I bet you would do a background check on Cristian…" She doesn't think that Cristian would be dishonest with her. She also thinks that Todd wouldn't be dishonest either.

Todd thinks back to the conversation that he had with Vincent about what Cristian.

"When I was young, I had nothing on the table and I had nothing, and so I work for everything that I have. Layla, what I am trying to tell you is that I am a different man now. I don’t want to argue with you. Can't we just move forward?" She doesn't know how. "I look at your face and then I think about a good man named Chris who has to suffer because of something that you did. Sorry, it is over."

"I am sorry you guys. When I see him in my mind, he is fading and disappearing from me." Kelly knows that this is a natural thing. "Not for me. I am different. I can't remember what John looks like. I have always been able to see him and hear him and I knew that he was still alive…like with the plane crash. I knew. I just knew. But now, if I can't see him, if I can't remember what he looks like, that must mean that he is gone. He is really gone!" She cries now, and whimpers.

"I am not sick! In my heart, I am looking for him. I am going to the office to the rooftop, to the bar, to the pool table. Nothing is right." Jessica asks her sister what it is that she can do to help. "How can anyone help me? I tried! I tried but how can I move on when I wake up every morning and he is supposed to be there." She tries to run from the room but Jessica catches her. "No! I need to just go. I am okay. I am okay…" She leaves.

She grabs her purse and walks away from the house.

Antonio and Cristian talk. Antonio has a thought. "Maybe after my wedding, we can switch places. Maybe I can be the Best man at your wedding Chris."

"I am sorry Todd but I have to tell you that if Spencer is convicted of the murder of Thomas Mcbain, then the chances of him being tried for the Cochrane case will be very slim." Todd understands. He leaves.

At the door, Cole comes to him.

"Mr. Manning, I-"

Todd keeps walking. "Whatever you are selling kid, I don't want any of it." He walks out.

"Mom, I wanted to tell you that I understand what you did and why you had to do it." Blair loves that and it makes her so happy. Blair would like to hear more about the boy that Starr likes. "Forget about that. Tell me about your game plan for getting dad back!" Neither side reveals all that much and soon, Starr is running up the stairs to get dressed.

"Wait! I want to hear more about this boy!" Starr is gone. Blair goes to the papers from school and reads about the dance. "Hmm… Chaperones needed… Well, well, well…"

"I should have gone after her."

Adriana's phone rings.

"Sorry guys."

"Hey Rex! I am still here."

" Start trying to feel some of the happiness and joy that Natalie can't feel." Jessica will try to take Kelly's advice. "Nash is going to be a part of the wedding. Now that Tess is gone, our relationship is different."

"Thing is that Evangeline and I haven't started talking about the future Antonio, but maybe it is time that we did."

"I bumped into Vincent and he almost confessed to what he did." Evangeline knows how much her sister felt for the guy. "I can't help feeling that I like him still." Evangeline knows the girl feels pretty bad and wants to know why she still feels something for this man.

"Verify the shipment and then release the funds. I don't buy anything that I don't see."

Todd hears the call.

"Does that mean that you saw the stuff before they gave it to Cris?" Todd tells how Evangeline is going to be ADA. Both wonder if the other has more to lose by her getting that job. "We should really get along," Todd says. "We should be on the same side." Todd walks off.

Natalie enters the park.

She sees a man sitting with his back to her. He has long black hair and is wearing a leather jacket. She goes running over to him.

"John? John?"

Vincent is watching her.

The man turns to face Natalie and it isn't John at all. He walks off.

Natalie then walks off purposefully.

Vincent continues to watch her with a troubled look.

Nash, Clint, Antonio and Chris break up their bachelor party now.

Clint wants to believe that Nash will only be another guest at the wedding and nothing more. Nash guarantees it. "Tess and I wanted to get married barefoot…maybe on the beach."

"I just wish that things could be simple and easy for the wedding. Like how we discussed getting married barefoot on the beach." Adriana finds it funny that Antonio would say that.

A look of horror comes over Jessica's face.

Kelly is in the front room…

Kevin arrives and they talk… Soon she is stooping and feeling something strange. "It is the baby."

Cristian arrives to meet Evangeline.

Layla takes off.

"Would you be my date for the wedding?" Cristian asks Evangeline.

Starr is ready for her costume party.

Her mother comes to see her off. "I gotta go!" Starr leaves the apartment quickly.

The elevator door opens. "Trick or treat?" Cole has arrived dressed as a pirate. He is ready to meet her parents but she wants to leave now. She drags him to the stairs.

Todd gets off the elevator just as Starr and Cole disappear down the hall.

He enters the apartment.

"Yes, that is no problem. We will be there!" Blair hangs up.

"Hi Todd!" He throws his coat in the corner. "Don't spoil my evening by talking to me Blair." She has news. We are going to be the chaperones tonight for the Halloween Dance!"

Natalie is grief-stricken. She goes to the rooftop and clings to the wall. "John!" she cries out.

Vincent appears. He has come around the corner, to the roof as well.

She turns to him, startled at first, but then she falls limp in his arms and then they are kissing, and it doesn't stop.

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