One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/25/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"You keep your hands off my daughter Viki! You condescending, sanctimonious bitch! Don't you think that I didn't see you with my daughter just now, and with Clint last night?"


Clint has come up. "What is going on here?"

"Hugh, Spencer says that he is Asa's son. He will be tried and convicted in spite of that!"

Michael and Marcie come in behind Paige as she talks to her son. "Spencer might have started the trouble with my father but you are the reason that he is dead!"

Paige's head snaps around.

Rex comes to see Bo for a favor…

Natalie turns the corner at the station and sees the door that used to have John's name on it. It is all in her mind when she thinks that she sees his name there now.

Marcie apologizes for the way that Michael just spoke to Paige. He really didn't mean to come across so harsh.

Marcie goes in to see Hugh.

Paige talks about Todd's son and Michael wonders why she is so interested in Todd's son all of a sudden.

Dorian tells Clint and Viki that her daughter's sole mission in life is to make her life miserable.

"I can't talk now Rex. I have to get ready for Spencer's trial." Rex is persistent knowing that Bo will want to help him. "I need the names and related information for this car. Someone saw Spencer Truman get in this car with Todd's kid and then get out alone."

Antonio comes out of the office and finds Natalie staring at his door. "You need to take some time off Natalie." She hates feeling sorry for herself and knows that John would tell her to suck it up and get back to work. "You are wrong about that!" Antonio tells her.

"This guy saw Truman hand over the baby to someone in that car. This guy drove for Spencer and he is a straight up guy. My gut tells me this is right. Todd hired me and I want to do a good job. It would be good business for me to pull this off." Bo decides to help. "I wasn't going to say something before but…" Bo knows that this is about Truman being Asa's son. "Bummer…"

"What makes you think that you can tell me what John would have thought? You didn't know me like he did. No one did." Antonio was only making a suggestion. "You are putting your needs aside for what you think that he would have wanted."

"I was telling Adriana that she was becoming a little more like you than she thinks." Dorian starts with the insults again but Clint shuts her down. "You made a terrible mistake and this is why your daughter is acting this way." Viki knows that it is hard for Dorian to admit that she is wrong but she could lose her daughter for good this time. "You are just trying to turn Adriana and Clint against me!" Dorian spits.

"I was asked about the baby. Todd asked me." Michael doesn't really care for Todd but he feels for the man. "When Michael and I were going to lose Tommy, we felt terrible and we weren't even the biological parents. Now that we have little Tommy Mcbain, we are never going to let anyone take him from us again!"

"Can you hear the knee-jerk reaction that you take when you think that someone doesn't agree with you?" Dorian says that she knew that he would take Viki's side on this. "It is a pattern… Are you going to deny Viki that you are poisoning Adriana against me?" Viki is about to tell more of what Adriana and she were talking about but then she decides that Dorian needs to work out her own problems. "I came her for a cup of decaf. Now I have cold coffee and a headache!" She walks out.

Clint wants to leave too but Dorian stops him, asking that they go somewhere and talk. He agrees to that.

"My dad's death was a long time ago and I think that you have suffered enough Paige. If you or your son need anything please call Marcie or me…"

Marcie tells Hugh about Tommy and how he seems to be listening to her when she talks. "Hugh?"

The bandaged body responds to the voice beside his bed. He starts breathing deeply and tries to say something but Marcie doesn't seem to understand.

Rex thinks about all the connections that Spencer will have if he is proven to be a Buchanan.

Bo gets a call.

"I have to go…Ask Antonio to put the trace out for you."

Bo heads out.

"If I need a shrink, I will go and get one okay!" Antonio didn't like seeing a shrink but he had a different situation to deal with. "I will handle my grief the way that I want. I don't want to talk about my damn feelings! They are mine and they are all that I have left." Antonio was pretty good friends with John and what he is trying to say is that John would want her to be good to herself and take time to heal. He knew that she wasn't the most patient person but she isn't ready to be back at work, surrounded by John's memories. "You are wrong!"

"No he's not! You are out-voted Natty!" Rex tells her at the doorway. "Go home!"

"No one is saying that you are a fool Natty. It is too soon." She wonders if it would be too soon if she died the next from being mowed down by a truck. You have to stop trying to treat me as if I am on a ledge trying to decide whether to jump or not. John's dead and I can't do anything about that! But I am here…" She storms off.

Rex decides to follow her.

He finds her at her desk with a picture that he took of she and John. "So now…what?" She doesn't want him to handle her. "I am not going to break." Rex just doesn't want her hanging around the station feeling horrible. "I will feel horrible wherever I am." He remembers when Jen died and he couldn’t escape the empty feelings. "I keep thinking about the last time that I talked to John. I shouldn't have let him go alone." Rex knows that John wanted to be alone and she respected that. "Besides if you did go, you would be dead too and I am not ready to lose you. Let's go home now, lay down and watch a movie." She hugs him, and then gets her purse, walking out ahead of him.

She sees the picture of John on the wall behind the office.

"I will take you home now…" She wants to be alone. "I shouldn't have come…"

Clint and Dorian arrive at her house. She tries to explain about the dinner surprise. "I will tell you the truth and nothing but!"

"Hugh just talked to me! He said my name! Check to see if he is regaining his consciousness. I was talking about Tommy and he was moving around." Michael doesn't see that the man is moving around now. "Can you imagine how hard it must be for Hugh to find out that his father is a murderer?" Michael rem embers all of it. "All John ever wanted to do was see the man who murdered our father put behind bars and he will not see it." Marcie knows that John will be aware when it happens. "He will know!"

"HMMM, Hmmm," the bandaged body on the bed nearby groans.

Michael and Marcie turn to the figure and they just stare.

"Bo said that you would run a check on this make and model of car for me." Antonio gets to work.

"One thing that I thought that we have in common is our love of family Clint." He wants her to get to the point of this talk. "I knew that you were hurting when the news came out that Spencer was Asa's son. I couldn't talk to you and so that was when I arranged the dinner." Clint does the math and sees that Dorian has to be lying as she didn't have time to arrange the dinner before Spencer came out with his news. "So much for you telling me the truth then…"

Viki is in the house.

Natalie arrives. Her mother too can't believe that she went to work this soon! "I actually imagined his name on the door of his office." She cries. "If I keep him in my heart, I can't do that as I keep feeling like I was robbed. My life is gone." Viki says that her life has just changed and that is all. "You have to find a way to cherish John's memory without living in the past. It takes time. I think that for you Natalie, the start of healing might be to take off your engagement ring."

Bo and Nora come to see Paige at the hospital. "We have news. It is about Eugene Snyder. Remember the nurse that I spoke to about you the night of Thomas's death? No one thinks that was normal behavior for you. I have been looking into this and I think that I got the truth. You are not responsible for what happened to Thomas that night…It was Spencer…"

"Hugh…Listen to me buddy. I need you to stop moving around. The more you move, the more it is going to hurt…" Michael and Marcie lean over the body of the bandaged man, trying to get him to keep still and stop moving.


Michael and Marcie freeze, not moving, and just processing what they have just heard…

"There are several cars of that make and model in Llanview. Why do you need this information?" Rex tells that he is searching for Todd's kid.

"I did set up the dinner because of the news of Spencer being a Buchanan. David told me the news. I wanted to be the one to tell you the news about Spencer and that was why I set up the dinner. I wanted you to be as comfortable as possible and then after Spencer announced this in court, I knew that dinner probably wouldn’t work. Tell me that you believe me about this." Clint is exhausted following Dorian's logic. She offers him a cookie and he takes it. "Let's reconsider this whole notion of having dinner together. What do you say?" He will think about it.

"I won't take the ring off. It isn't going to change how I am feeling." Viki tells Natalie that she has to only take the ring off, not get rid of it. "Just get it off your left hand. It will be a small symbol of an ending and a beginning." Natalie notices that her other hasn't taken her ring off. "I suppose that I …I don't know, but now that you mention it, I know that Ben would want me to keep him in my heart forever and get on with my life, so I will, if you will." Natalie starts pulling the ring off but then she can't. "It is okay Natalie. I will go first." She removes her ring and waits. Natalie is crying now. She does as her mother has done…

"Snyder said that even though you had been drinking, you did your job well. Spencer blackmailed Eugene into taken the fall for him." Bo tells that he feels that Spencer wanted Thomas dead so that he couldn't identify who shot him that night. The sutures were tampered with and if Spencer knew that, then the death penalty is on the table… Nora and Bo smile.

Michael and Marcie are leaning over Hugh's body and they see that he is trying to speak and communicate. "What is it buddy? What do you want to say?"

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