One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/24/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Starr asks Cole to the dance but he can't go.

Adriana isn't happy and Rex guesses that this has to do with her playing that prank on her mother. Actually Adriana is feeling guilty about not feeling guilty.

"You are ruining my chances at getting Clint back!" Dorian tells David, who has just gotten up, even though it is after noon.

"I wasn't expecting a visit from my dear big brother, but guessing by the look on your face, you are not here to invite me to be in the next family Christmas photo!" Bo has come to see Spencer.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nigel, Clint and Kevin all conspire to keep the events of the hearing from Asa.

"You think that I can't hear you all? Take your damn secrets somewhere else… Where is my paper?" Asa has come into the room.

"Here it is!" Renée shouts at him handing him the paper.

Asa reads about his 'bastard' on the front page.

"You have some explaining to do!" Renée shouts.

Todd arrives at work and finds Blair sitting in his chair. "What are you doing here?" She smiles at him. "I work here."

"Maybe I am more like my mother than you think Rex." Rex says that she let the woman out quite quickly, so she isn't nearly as sadistic as she thinks.

Rex sees Viki enter the coffeehouse and tells Adriana that if she wants to know what happened the night before, she should go see Viki.

Adriana goes over to Viki at the counter.

"Well hello Adriana!" Adriana tells that she wants to know every little detail of what is going on in the woman's life.

Rex sees Paige coming in and he goes to her.

They to and talk in private about Todd's baby.

Todd isn't please having Blair at the office.

He gets the phone to call security but the phone doesn't work.

She waves the plug at him. The phone isn't plugged in. "that's very cute but I can throw you out myself you know." Blair tells him to just stop this. She wants to work there and has been playing with ideas for headlines to use for news articles about Spencer's case.

Bo has come to get a specimen from Spencer that he can use to determine once and for all if Spencer is indeed his brother or not. He holds up the swab, instructing Spencer to just use it to wipe the inside of his mouth.

"It's Emma isn't it? She was one of my best girls. Tell me Asa. I saw that you were staring at that picture and it is her isn't it? Tell me Asa! Did you have a son with that woman? Are you Spencer's father?" Asa looks up into Renée's face… "No!" he shouts. "Well there is a way to prove it!" she tells him.

"I would love to help Rex, but I am not sure that I can. I told Spencer that I would tell him who his son is if he would tell where Todd's child is." Rex thinks that there is still a way that Paige can help with his case.

"Don't you think that Clint is a great guy? You two would make such a great couple!" Viki turns to Adriana. "It was you wasn't it? You pushed me and Clint together to punish your mother?"

David and Dorian discuss David's latest trick. "I got Hugh to sign over all of Spencer's assets to me." Dorian feels that the scribbling of a semi-conscious man might not fly. "Wait a minute! What if Spencer never changed his Will? What if he just 'said' that he changed his Will. What I need to do is move up Spencer's execution. I am gonna kill him!" Dorian tosses her orange juice into David's face…

Cole explains that Britney asked him to the dance and so he just said 'yes'. That is why he can't go with Starr. He leaves now…

"Like he would ever go to the dance with you when he could go with me."

Starr hears the voice and she doesn't even turn around to face Britney…

"Get the hell out of my office!" Blair wants to work with Todd to make things bad for Spencer. "The pen is mightier than the sword…remember? We used to work well together Todd. I know that you can do this by yourself, but you have to admit that it would be a hell of a lot more fun working with me, wouldn't it?"

"He was a beautiful, strong baby when we delivered him. Spencer claimed the baby had died but I knew that he was lying. I don't think that he would kill a child but people make mistakes and I married him." Paige has to get back to Hugh now and so she leaves.

"Alright it was me! I heard that Dorian was meeting up with Clint and I wanted to mess it up. I figured that setting Clint up with her worst enemy would hurt her. I figured that you and Clint would make sparks and so I locked her up in a closet." Viki is shocked at Adriana doing that when she knows that the woman is claustrophobic.

"Letting Spencer make you believe that you were a murderer, then you find out that you aren't, and now you seriously are considering killing him?" David sees that Dorian makes perfect sense. "Now I want Clint back and you being at the house makes him jealous… I have to do now what I do best…" David learns how Adriana locked her in the closet. "she thought that it was retribution for what I did to her but I nearly had a psychotic break. She pushed Clint and Viki together. I then go to Capricorn and I see Clint and Viki laughing and drinking the champagne that I had bought. I was humiliated." David asks if Dorian really likes Clint as much as she seems to. "Oh David…I think that I may be falling in love with him." David picks up the pitcher of water nearby and tosses the water out of the pitcher and all over Dorian.

"You said that you wouldn't touch any of my girls Asa. You slept with Emma didn't you? I get that DNA test or I am walking out that door." Asa gives in. "Take your damn sample then. You are all going to feel like a damn ass though. Spencer is about as much a Buchanan as Nigel here…"

"She made me promise to ruin you and every other damn Buchanan there is. What good son wouldn't give their mother her dying wish? I will fulfill that wish Bo as soon as I get out of here." Bo tells the man that he is a sociopath and that he is the only reason that he sits in jail right now. "Now is that anyway to talk to your little brother?" Bo quietly takes his sample and walks out of there.

"Is it true?"

Spencer tells Paige that it is. "It must have been hard growing up with a father who wanted nothing to do with you. Before I found Hugh, I used to stay up at night worrying if giving him up caused him pain, but he had good parents. Too bad you didn't. you grew up bitter and selfish…Don't do the same to Todd's son." Spencer will not help with this. "Todd will live with the pain of not having his son, just as I have to live with the pain of losing Blair."

"What if I do give you a job Blair? I want you to put a picture of Evangeline on the front page tomorrow. She will be prosecuting the case for Nora. Nora can't do it." Blair feels that Evangeline is a bad choice for this job. "She doesn't have any experience with prosecution." Todd is going to interview her but Blair says that she will do it. "I am the ace reporter." Todd finds her jealous. "No! What do you think this is? High School?"

Britney and Starr are soon arguing in the hall.

Cole comes over to the girls and talks to Britney, getting her attention. "I just heard that you were banned from the Halloween Dance…" Britney says that is just a temporary setback and that the teacher who banned her will get over it. Cole doesn't think so. "You embarrassed her in front of a guest speaker…" Starr smiles.

"You are a free agent then? We can go to the dance?"

Britney turns on her. "He's not gonna want to go to the dance with you!"

Cole looks over Britney's head and talks to Starr who is standing behind her. "Cool!"

Cole and Starr walk off and talk about the costumes they might wear to the dance. "Surprise me," Cole tells Starr. "I will pick you up around 8!"

Mick might have more information about this baby that Rex is looking at…

Rex shows Mick his informant a Styrofoam cup… He removes the lid from the cup and the kid sees the large amount of bills inside. He starts talking. He remembers the make of the car and even the license plate.

"You are in danger of becoming just like your mother. If Clint decides to get back with your mother, there isn't anything that you can do to keep them apart. You love Rex, so focus on that and stop trying to get back at your mother. You would be so much better off." Adriana thanks Viki for her advice. She hugs the woman.

Dorian enters as the two are hugging.

"Thank you Viki. I wish that I had a mother like you."

"I don't even remember the woman." Renée will wait and see what the tests say.

David enters the house but the Buchanans want him to leave. "I came to talk about Dorian. Clint can I talk to you privately for a minute?" They go to another room.

"Dorian wanted to ask your forgiveness last night at Capricorn. She saw you with Viki and she was heartbroken. She is starting to fall in love with you. The reason that I came here is because I want Dorian to be happy, so the sooner that I step back and get out of the way, the sooner you two can be happy. If anyone asks, I wasn't here…" David leaves.

Clint goes back to his family in the main room.

Bo is there now. He takes the sample from his father and puts it with the sample from Spencer…

Britney watches as Cole and Starr talk down the hall.

"See you tonight?" Starr will be ready and waiting. They separate now.

Britney comes out of hiding to stare after Starr.

Todd agrees to Blair workinag there but would like to get to work now. "Get out of my chair."

Adriana thanks Viki again for her advice and kindness and then she walks off.

Dorian pounces now. Viki turns to face her.

"I just have one thing to say to you - you keep your hands of my daughter, you interfering, condescending bitch!"

Bo is on his way. He will take his samples to the lab and by this time the next day, he will have the results and know if Spencer is a Buchanan or not!

Spencer sits in his cell now, alone and in partial darkness…

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