One Life to Live Update Monday 10/23/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Starr and Langston gawk at Britney and her friends a ways off…

Britney goes on superficially showing off with her friends.

Starr tells how she saw Cole and returned his clothes.  Starr says that the meeting went well, but Langston suspects that will change soon enough.

Cole comes on the scene and Britney is right on him as she giggles…  The other kids around laugh and watch as Britney falls all over the boy. 

Michael plays with Tommy while Marcie gets ready.  She asks Michael how she looks but then thinks that wasn't a good idea.  "Why do I even ask you? Why do I ask him, you know Tommy? We need to unpack all these boxes because I can't find anything to wear!" She calls him a 'man', hoping that comes out as an insult.  "Now, listen, there's a few things you need to understand about women, and the first and most important thing is that you are never going to understand women." 

Tommy cries.  Michael tries to make Tommy feel better while Marcie warns Michael not to corrupt the boy to think the way that his father does…  She poses asking about something else that she might consider wearing.  "Um -- I think it's perfect. It doesn't look anything like the other one, and it definitely doesn't make you look like you're trying too hard."  In spite of him liking this outfit though, Marcie decides on the previous one.  Michael stops her.  "No, who cares what you're wearing? I mean, what are you going to say? You got these young, impressionable minds in your hand. I mean, what are you going to do with that?" Marcie thinks that realizes that she has no idea what she is going to do with the kids.

Michael turns to Tommy now and tells him that his mother is nuts.

Evangeline brings Nora some coffee. She was careful to get decaf…  "Caffeine's not good for your blood pressure. Look, if you don't want to listen to your doctor, that's your business, but I will not be your enabler."  Nora jokes that caffeine in the morning isn't illegal.  The women have gotten together to discuss the Truman case and how best to proceed.  Evangeline thinks that she is just there to consult but Nora tells her that what is really needed here is for Evangeline to take over the case. 

Cristian comes over to see his brother who sounded strange on the phone.  "Do you think I was trying to stick it to Nash when I asked him to be in my wedding?"

Jessica finds Nash while out and about.

He turns to her to talk for a bit.  At first he worries that something is the matter with Bree.  "She's fine. I -- I just -- um -- I just came by to see you. Because the more I think about you being at my wedding, the more uncomfortable I feel. So I came by to ask you, as a friend, not to do it."

"Honey, you look beautiful. Those kids are going to be worshiping the ground you walk on."  Marcie is uncomfortable.  "Yeah, well, we'll see about that. You know, I can't even believe that Sue asked me to speak at her English class. I mean, what in the world was she thinking?" Michael understands why his wife was approached.  "Yeah, I know. Why would she come up with that? You're a best-selling author, they are first-year English students. Crazy." Marcie doesn't feel she deserves this.  "It still seems random to me, you know? I mean, all I did was take some education classes with her at LU, And that was years ago." Michael asks about how the ladies met up again after all this time.  "Um -- you know, she -- she saw our paper -- our picture in the paper. You know, the one with -- the one with us and your mom at the church -- at John's funeral?  She called to say that she was sorry. And she said that John actually gave an anti-drug seminar at the school last year -- yes, yeah -- and she said that he was really good at it, you know? He got through to the kids."

Tommy makes a fuss and gets immediate attention from his parents.  "Go, have fun. You look great. Me and the kid here, we got big plans." Marcie wants details, but Michael won't let on about the man stuff that he and his son will be up to.  "Well, you know what? When I get back -- hey, Thomas Mcbain? When I get back, you're going to tell me all that happened. Yes, you are, big boy, yes." Michael has something to say.  She has forgotten her purse…that's all!  Marcie rushes off. 

"Is she beautiful, or what, buddy? Yeah, she is. So what do you say we head over and get ourselves some grub? Yeah? I think it's a good idea."

Britney is still in Cole's face flirting madly…He makes a comment about her being all over him but it goes totally over her head.

"Cole just totally dissed Britney. She looked like she could spit nails."

Langston takes a shot at The Britney Squad.  "You guys should really lay off the bean. You're getting that nasty pinched look -- or is that bulimia?" Starr says she doesn’t think that she will be going to the Backwards Dance on Halloween.  Someone from Britney's crowd asks if she is going trick or treating instead.  For this dance, the girls will be asking the boys to go.  A voice asks if she will be taking her little brother…  It is time for English class and Langston wants to get going.  Britney and her friends walk off.

Starr and Langston are sure about one thing.  They both hate that bitch!

"You're the DA This is a high-profile case. You need to be right out there in front. You can do it. You're just a little off balance right now after everything you've been through, but, Nora, you're getting stronger every day." Nora tries to make Evangeline understand.  "Ok, do you remember when you couldn't see and you wouldn't take Bo's case? You wouldn't take any case because you were afraid you wouldn't give it justice."  Nora tried to give her confidence back then.  "So, what, you're not really considering this? You just want me to give you encouragement?"  It is more than that. "Listen to me. You were brutally honest with yourself, and now it's my turn. I'm not the old Nora.  No, I'm not, Evangeline. Ok, I will be. Trust me, I will be. But I can't cut my teeth on this. It's too important to too many people that I love. And it doesn't serve John's memory, so, please. You have to take this case, if not for John, then for me." 

Cristian can't believe what his brother has done.  "Jessica was right there. And she was fine with it. I mean, you know, it's good for Bree.  I mean, did I really do this for her? Or did I do it to prove a point to Nash that Jessica's mine, that I won?"  Cristian wonders where his brother's head is at if he could do a thing like this.  "I don't know. I don't know. I wasn't thinking. I mean, it made sense at the time. I mean, look, the guy's a wreck, ok? I mean, he's getting wasted every single night. The other day he was -- he was too hung-over to spend time with Bree, and I don't want her growing up with a drunk as a father. I mean, it's not that simple and it's never going to be. I mean, Bree -- Jessica wants Nash to be a part of Bree's life and she's right, you know? And after what I went through with Jamie, I mean, there is no way that I am going to drag another man through that. I mean, I -- I want her to be close to her birth father." Antonio questions himself now, wondering if what he was really trying to do was give Nash a taste of his own medicine.

"You know, it had to be tough for Antonio to ask me to stand up for him, to be standing right there in your faces when you guys get married." Nash decides to remain a part of the  wedding even though he feels it will be hard for Antonio.  "Antonio asked me to be a part of his wedding party, I said I would, you were standing right there. If you had a problem with it, that was your chance to say something."  She was stunned when it happen and didn't know what to say.  Nash remembers that she had a lot to say, and that she approved the deal.  "Well, I have slept on it and I have changed my mind. I will explain things to Antonio. Trust me, he'll understand."  Nash hears her going on about Antonio, but he thought this invitation was about something else.  "I thought this was about Brennan. Come on, Jessica, this is a head-trip. You want me in your wedding party, you don't want me in your wedding party, I look hot in a tux, and I messed up? Please. Just --"  She feels that he must be a masochist to want to  be at the wedding period.  "Trust me, I find no pleasure in the fact that my life sucks. But I just got to deal with it, you know."  She thinks that his coming to the wedding has to do with his wanting Tess back.  "This isn't about Tess. It's about me. I can't just roll over. I have a daughter. I have a daughter who I want to get to know me. I want her to look up to me."  She wonders.  "A couple days ago, Antonio had to throw you in a cold shower to sober you up?"   Nash knows that he has been immature before…  "Yeah, yeah, yeah because I was acting like a 4-year-old, which is something that he didn't hold against me. He asked me to be a part of his wedding -- your wedding. It affected me. What kind of a guy does that? You know, it's --"  The word he is looking for is 'amazing'.  "Yeah, well, I am not amazing. And it's my wedding, too. And the idea of you standing right there at the altar, it's just --  Do you care at all, at all that I'm upset by this? Or are you just trying to punish me that I'm not Tess?

"I hate to state the obvious, but I don't work for the DA's office -- not to mention I'm not up to speed on this case."  Nora explains her position.  "3/4 of this case is in Hugh's head, and I've been in a coma for 3/4 of the year -- you're as up to speed as I am."  With that said, Nora tells that she would like to appoint Evangeline as an ADA for her office. She can do that.  "Oh, we'll work it out. For god's sake, what case right now in the Llanview county system is more important than this?  It would be horrible. It would be horrible for the Mcbain family. This case killed John. Do you want his death to be in vain?  You have to make the decision now. What if I can't win this case? I have one bad day -- one bad day --and Truman walks. Double jeopardy applies, and Spencer Truman goes free -- forever."

"Oh, you're so sweet to ask about my health, Mr. Casey. Do you know Evangeline Williamson?"  Nora introduces the man to Evangeline.  " I saw you in the courtroom. Tell me, does it bother you defending a monster?" she asks.  "Look, I've defended my share of questionable clients, but never someone whose crimes were so unconscionable."  Mr. Casey knows that Evangeline was close to one and feels that her stance is just another woman trying to prove something.  Nora is offended by him. "Careful. You don't want to spike your blood pressure. You're going to need every last remaining brain cell to make it through this trial."  Nora rises unscathed.  "Well, with my remaining brain cells, even I can tell that your client's seen his last day of freedom, and that is a promise, Mr. Casey.  Mark is leaving now but has parting words.  "Oh, be warned, DA Hanen. I don't play nice, even with the -- physically challenged."  Evangeline calls him a smug, son-of-a-bitch.

Marcie meets her friend who set up her visit with the kids. Sue is glad that Marcie found time in her schedule to make this appointment.  She has been busy. "But today I get to indulge my teaching fantasy."  Sue has a warning.  You may not find it so dreamy afterwards. It's not like they said it would be in school. Kids are tough these days."  Marcie thinks that she can handle it.  "Well, I mean, it can't be any worse than when I was in school, right? So -- um -- what should I talk about today? Well, how about I talk about how I used to keep a journal in high school and how I wanted to kill everybody who was mean to me, and them some sick-o turned it into a serial-killing manual for dummies?"  Marcie is quick to say she is kidding when Sue starts looking concerned.  Sue's face relaxes.  "No. Sorry. All I think about lately is that I'm a beached whale, what I'm going to eat, and when the next bathroom break is. My humor receptor is a little compromised." Marcie laughs.  "I understand. Uh -- they do ask about, so if "the killing club" killer comes up, what should I -- " Sue trusts Marcie to handle the questions as they come.  "They didn't tell us this at LU, But the one thing that I've learned in the real world -- kids can read your mind. So you might as well be brutally honest, or they won't even bother listening."  Marcie gets a faraway look.  "High school was awful, wasn't it?"

"I don't care if he got out of prison. Her father is a total loser. And he's been in jail before, you know."

Sue and Marcie come up behind the teens.  Britney beams at them saying good morning.

Marcie and Sue see that not much has changed since they were in high school.  Sue finds things worse.

"I don't resent you. And I'm not such a masochist that I would torture myself just for the pleasure of ruining your wedding. Trust me, I'd far rather drink myself into oblivion and curled up in a hole, but, by the way, I'm told that's no longer an option for me, so --" Jessica only wants to know if he is going to back out of being in the wedding party. He will since it means that much to her.  "I'm not confused. I am marrying Antonio because I am totally and completely in love with him." 

"It's the Vega temper. Listen, I think -- I think you want revenge on Nash. But I also think that -- that you want to keep the peace, and -- I don't know. Like you said, it's not that simple."  Antonio admits that it has been difficult.  "Yeah. Man, do you have any idea how much I hated watching Nash take over when Tess was around? Touching her, Jessica."  Cristian feels that Antonio might have killed the man at some point.  "And what good would that have done? I mean, she loved him. All right, I mean, she would look at him with all this love her eyes, and then she would turn around and look at me with all this hatred. They -- they were Jessica's eyes, but they were filled with resentment. I made her sick."  Cris wonders how Jess is feeling if Antonio is this confused.

"Jessica, you have no idea what it's like to be on this side, all right? I mean, I look at you, you got her face, you got her voice, you've got her -- ah. And sometimes I see her in there. I'm not saying that you're confused about who you should marry. It's just -- Jessica, you've been through a huge -- an epic emotional trauma. You're -- you're basically a whole new person. You've got a whole other person's life, their experiences, their memories to process."  He stops talking.  "No, no. No, finish what you were going to say, Nash. Don't make me drag it out of you."  He sighs.  "All right, you know what? Maybe this isn't the time for you to be marrying anyone. That's all."  Jessica knows that there is more to this and she wants him to say that!

"A lot of people say to write about what you know, but, you know, I say that you should write about what you're passionate about, you know? And it could be something totally out of your imagination, or it could be about an issue that's bugging you -- like freedom of speech, or genocide, or -- you know what? You could even write about a guy, even if you're a girl."

Britney shouts out over Marcie that one could even write about a guy who wants to be a girl. 

The crowd of kids roar with laughter over that outburst.

Langston tells Britney that she is an idiot and Britney comes right back telling Langston that she smells bad. 

"Ok, ok, ladies! The important thing is that the subject matters to you. Starr?" Starr asks Marcie about her favorite author.  "Peter Straub -- but I have too many, really, and I love a great mystery -- I even like the bad ones."  Starr likes Harper Lee's writing but that author only put out one book. 

Britney blurts out that she figured that Starr's favorite book would be something like, 'Life As An Ugly Loser'.

"I know your type. I know all about the way you work. I know what kind of sleazy clients you get off. I know how low you sink just to win. You are what gives defense attorneys a bad name."  Mark has heard this before.  "And yet when someone's in a jam, my name always seems to be at the top of the list.  Watch it, dragon lady. You're no longer Teflon. You've notched a few in the loss column lately."  Evangeline sees where Mark is taking this.  "Oh, Todd Manning's conviction -- you mean the one that was overturned? Yeah, that was the result of your client's perverse manipulation of the system, knowing that Todd nearly lost his life just so that Spencer could sleep with his wife? If I could, I would personally send him to hell." 

Mark smiles.  "I can see that losing hasn't put a dent in your god complex. Now, if you'll excuse me -- I'd like a big cup of coffee, please?"  He turns away from her.

"Oh, mine's nothing compared to Spencer Truman's. No, he's been playing puppet master for far too long. But my friend Nora over there -- she's going to take that puppet of his and she's going to shove it right --Nora eats hired guns like you for breakfast. She's ruthless, but never at the expense of her integrity. No, she don't run around town starting little high school fights with the other side, because she knows that doesn't make a damn bit of difference when it comes to the 12 people in the jury box."  It appears to the ladies that this guy might have a problem with women.  "Maybe it's because we keep wiping the courtroom floor with him. Or is it a size issue?"   Mark has been watching Nora lately.  "You know, you haven't been the same since before you got sick, and we all know it. Spencer Truman is going to walk. I personally guarantee that."

Michael appears out of nowhere and says that Mark will not get Spencer off if he can help it.

"Jessica's fine, actually. I mean, she's -- she's going to therapy twice a week, she's making wedding plans. You know, she's spending a lot of time with Bree. Well, sometimes she does something, you know? I mean, she has, you know, a Tess moment, like when she sees Nash, but she says it's like watching a movie -- you know, that there's no feelings that go with it.  I trust her, Cris. And, you know, I -- I think that she would tell me if she didn't want this wedding to go through."  Cris has a feeling though.  "It's just that I know Jess, and she always wants to do the right thing and not hurt anyone, -- even if it's at her own expense."  Antonio agrees.  "Yeah, but that was before she got the Tess part of herself back. And, I mean, it's -- it's got to be a good thing, right? I mean, it's over, Cris. And this wedding -- it -- it means a lot to both of us, you know? I mean, we're finally moving forward with our lives -- including Nash. You know? I mean, we've been through hell and back, man, and we've made it on to the other side, you know. And it wasn't all a waste. We have a beautiful baby that we all love.  Which is part of the reason why I asked Nash to be a part of the wedding -- as a symbol. And I think it'll finally close the book on Nash and Tess once and for all if he stands there and watches Jess commit her life -- to me."

"Ok, ok. You are not some little Buddhist sitting on the mountain, looking down on me, trying to protect me, ok? So you can just drop that, it's a load of bull. You're so transparent. It's really ridiculous. The only reason that you want to come to this wedding is because there's something in it for you."  Maybe there is… "You know, maybe I just think it's going to be my Tess antidote. That you'll say "I do" and, poof, magically I will never think of Tess again."  Jess can't help feeling guilty about all this.  "I don't want to feel this way the day of my wedding. Please. Can't you just let me get married in peace? I know that you're Bree's father. I would never take that away from you, I promise."  Nash sees something. "You know what I think? The reason you are so terrified of me being at your wedding is you're afraid that Tess will find her way out and ruin all of your pretty little plans for your future."  That's true. "No matter how many times dr. Jamison tells me that Tess is gone -- you know, she doesn't exist, so she can't back -- I'm afraid. I'm afraid that she's going to come back and take back her life the second I let my guard down, and I know that's what you want.  Have you ever stopped to think, just for a second, what would happen if Tess could come back out and have her life back? You know what happens to me? I die. I'm the one that disappears.  Antonio is impulsive. He didn't ask me if it was ok if you came to our wedding, and you know what? I'm not comfortable with it. I'm not comfortable with it at all. So, please, call him, tell him that you appreciate the gesture, but you can't do it, and please find something else to do the day I marry Nash -- Antonio. I meant Antonio."  Nash finds Jessica's play on words just now very interesting.

"I can't tell you what to do, Antonio. And this is a -- it's a pretty difficult position you're in. But I will tell you this. If I were you, I'd want Nash to see for himself that it's over. That you and Jess are going to spend the rest of your lives together. It's only human."  Antonio sees his point.  "Yeah. Thank you. I -- I always knew you would give it to me straight."  Cris has one problem still. "Well, you asked this drunk who took a swing at your brother to be in your wedding, and you didn't even ask your brother to be the best man. What's up with that?" Antonio knows that Cris will do that for him without asking.

"Spencer can't walk. He killed my father -- or, at least he as good as killed my father -- he broke my mother's heart. I don't care what kind of slick moves you pull. This is not going to go away. The Mcbains are not going to go away. Now, as long as I'm here, I'm going to make sure that my family gets justice."  Mark's had enough. "Well, I'm not much into gang warfare. Madam district attorney, I guess I'll see you in court."

Michael apologizes for freaking out after Mark leaves.  Evangeline tells how she almost lost it herself.  "The case is good, don't worry about it Michael. The case is good. I just want to make sure that I've got the best prosecutor on it, and judging from what I just saw, I think I'm looking at her."  Evangeline is quick to flip the switch, saying that Nora is actually the best.  Nora starts leaving but reminds Evangeline that she has to make a decision fast.

"Nora wants me to join the DA'S office. She wants me to take over as lead prosecutor in the Spencer trial."  Michael smiles. "Yeah, well, as far as I'm concerned, that's a great idea. And if my feelings mean anything, then you have to do this." 

The class is still laughing at Starr's expense. 

Starr tells Britney that she thought that her favorite book was 'How To Be A Total Bitch!'

The kids make 'Oohing' noises over Starr's choice of words.

Sue stops the arguing and gives both girls a week's detention. 

Britney thanks Starr for that sarcastically! 

Sue says that if there is another word, both girls will be in detention for a month!

"Um -- actually, this is why I started writing in the first place, you know, because I needed a positive place to put my thoughts instead of lashing out at another person, so --"  Sue and Marcie continue that talk with the class and wonder what topics they could use for an upcoming assignment.  "Yeah. I think you should just write about something that interests you. I mean, writing is hard enough. You certainly don't want to write about something that you hate. So, has anybody picked a topic yet, chosen a topic? I mean, you could just call them out."  Langston calls out 'peer pressure'…Starr calls out 'death penalty'.  Marcie finds Starr's topic particularly interesting and would like to read her work when she finishes writing about it.  Britney calls out 'rape'!  "Yeah, definitely. In fact, I can even interview Starr's father. Didn't he do some time for raping a girl in college?"  Sue flips out.  "That is it, Britney! Thanks to your inability to control yourself, you will not be attending the Halloween dance."  Britney thinks that her teacher can't do this but she can.

The end period bell sounds.

Marcie goes to Starr and asks if she is okay. She says she is fine and walks off with Langston.

Marcie and Sue talk about how rough Starr has had it lately. 

Langston has an idea on how to get Britney back for the way that she treated Starr just now.  Langston points out that Cole and his buddies are up ahead…  Britney's not able to go to the dance and that means that Cole is free and clear to go with Starr when she asks him to go.  Starr smiles.  She gets it. This will kill Britney when she discovers what is happening.  Britney will drop dead at the news.

"Listen to me. My brother -- he trusted you. If you take over for Nora, I know that he would've approved. Hell, it might've even gotten a smile out of him." Evangeline thanks Michael for his kind words.  They part.

Cris finds Evangeline and wonders what is up as she looks a tad too serious.  "Yeah -- uh -- Nora -- she wants me to take over and prosecute the Spencer trial."  Cris will offer his opinion if Evangeline really wants it.

"You see? This is exactly what I'm talking about. We're just discussing you being at my wedding and it's already weird."  Nash asks if Jessica has told Antonio about her being upset over his being at her wedding.  "No. Nash -- if you're going to do this, then just -- then just do it, ok? Show up, usher people to their seats, stand at the altar, smile. Go to the reception, dance with any bridesmaid that you want, smile for all the wedding pictures, ok, so we can show Bree when she gets older that she has two incredible fathers, and that's it. That's where it ends. No disruptions, no drama."  Nash likes the idea of having access to the bridesmaids and was planning on spending time with them anyway.  Nash has been working on the place and Jessica can tell.  It has been costing him a lot more than he thought that he would though.

Marcie comes home and Michael tells her to be quiet as he has just put the baby to sleep.  She tells how being at the high school was just like when  she attended as a youth.  She laughs in spite of how bad it was.  "You know, I swear, I don't know what I'll do if Tommy has to deal with the kind of bullying that I saw today." 

Cole has been with friends and he says goodbye to them now…

Starr goes over to him and has a question.  He waits to hear what she wants.

Cristian thinks that Evangeline should take the case.  Evangeline worries about her own clients though.  "Wrap up what you can, get somebody to cover for you, and take Nora up on her offer. She wouldn't be asking if she didn't need your help. Come on, what are you afraid of?" 

Evangeline gets on the phone.

She takes the case.

Antonio and Jessica meet up at the apartment.

Jessica learns that Cristian was by the house.  "My morning was fantastic. Cristian came by and I made him my official best man. And how was your morning?" She was working on stuff that she needs for the wedding but then realized that she has all that she wants and needs already.

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