One Life to Live Update Friday 10/20/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Paige comes to see Bo at his house.

Nigel goes to get Asa. They are going to find out if Spencer is really a Buchanan or not!

Todd comes to see Spencer. He is with his lawyer.

Blair comes into the jail area. "Get out!" Todd orders. "The rules haven't changed. There is only one visitor allowed per visit.

Blair is escorted out.

Evangeline comes to meet Cristian at the bar and talks with Claudia for a minute.

Cristian arrives and kisses Evangeline.

Claudia asks if Cristian has worked things out with Nash since the other day.

"You could be one of the groomsmen." Nash can't take Antonio up on his offer.

"I was told to come here about some kind of hostile takeover of the banner." The employee hasn't got much more information than Clint and Viki do.

"Something fishy is going on here," Clint says.

Dorian is locked in the closet and trying to shout her way out. "David! You better let me out of here! You know that I have a date to meet Clint Buchanan!" No one answers her call. "David?"

Dorian grabs some wire hangers and starts pounding on the door.

She suddenly falls to the ground in terror. She stares at the ceiling. "Help! Help! Help me please!"

Adriana stands outside the closet listening to her mother's screams and they don't upset her one bit.

"You are wasting your time Manning."

"Are you really Asa's kid? Did Asa really knock up your mom? Did mommy make you do all this? Is this like a psycho thing here? Come on Spence talk to me! Where is mommy? Mummified? Did you off that cow too? Where is my kid?" Spencer tells Todd to shut up.

"I don’t know why we are all talking about this. Spencer isn't pa's son." Kevin wants a court order to get the test to prove this isn't true. "We can't compromise this investigation and have to be careful." Paige isn't sure that she wants to know the answers to Spencer's parentage. Bo asks her if Spencer ever alluded to the idea that he was Asa's son.

Cristian tells Claudia that things are okay right now with he and Nash.

"What do you think Jessica?" She sarcastically thanks Antonio for asking her what she thinks about Nash being a part of their wedding. "You are Bree's father and that makes you part of the family," Antonio says. "You asked Jessica to tell Bree about her mother but you will have to be a part of it. Bree is going to need to know that you are on board with this marriage and seeing you in the wedding pictures will show that." Nash understands now. "This is all about you…" That isn't what Antonio means. "If you are on board with this idea Nash like you say you are, then you will agree to this idea."

"Fine! I will be in the wedding, and I will be sober. I know that I will be out on my ass." Jessica is glad this conversation is over. "How about staying for dinner?" Nash will stay but wants to see Bree.

She cries on cue.

Antonio will go and get some dinner orders for them and he will be right back.

Jessica goes to get the baby.

Nash grabs a stuffed animal.

"You want to say hi to your daddy?" Nash leans to the baby. "Hello!"

Rex and Cristian talk about the investigation.

Claudia asks Evangeline about the fight. "He hurt his hand pretty badly and can't paint anymore." Claudia thinks that Cristian should go and work for his brother at the club. "Oh I get it. He is proud and doesn't want a handout, like how you are a lawyer and he doesn't want you to support him." Evangeline asks how she could possible know a thing like that.

"This doesn't look like a hostile takeover to me." Viki agrees. "We have been set up and to great expense. And what do these people hope to accomplish?"

Adriana sits outside the closet as Dorian screams.

"Please! Help! Please! Please! I can't breathe. I can't…."

"Mom!" Adriana is worried now. "Mom?" >

She gets her mother out of the closet. Dorian is spent! She clings to her daughter as they walk to the stairs. Dorian falls roughly to the floor with a dull thud. Dorian has mascara running down her face from her tears falling. "Oh! Oh!" she whimpers looking up at her daughter.

"I have been here the whole time mom. I was the one who locked you in the closet!" Dorian looks up at her from the ground in dead silence.

"I don't know what it is going to take to get Ted to turn over on Vincent. He won't even do it for money. I am working on a couple of things though," Rex tells. He will not take money from Cristian as he is Adriana's cousin and so he will give the guy a break.

Nash holds his baby while Jessica gets a bottle ready. "She on solids yet?" She is just starting it seems. Nash promises not to miss anything else in the tiny tot's life. "I am going to be the best daddy that I can be for you."

"If you don't want me to be a part of the wedding Jessica, then tell me so." Jessica is fine with it. Nash questions if Antonio is just rubbing his face in his loss of Tess by doing this. Jessica feels that if that is what Nash thinks then he doesn't know Antonio at all.

"Why didn't she tell pa there was a baby?" The Buchanans feel that there is a chance that Asa was told that he was a father and he ignored it.

Nigel comes down telling that Asa wants to know what happened at court that day.

Todd and Spencer are arguing.

Blair comes in with a guard.

"I have come to tell you that I have moved back in with Todd, with the children. Is that right Todd?" He responds to her question by nibbling on her lips at first and then going in for the tongue. "Hmm, hmm," Todd and Blair moan hungrily. Spencer is unaffected by their display. "The fact that you feel a need to do this in front of me, just proves that you still love me Blair…as much as I love you and when I get out, I will prove that to you."

"Let's not tell pa about the rumor about Spencer…"

"About Spencer being Asa's son?" Nigel has returned. "We were at the jail the day before and Asa was talking about that with Spencer.

"I am not going to be convicted of any crimes. There is no proof. There just isn't any." Todd knows that doesn't mean that Spencer didn't do these horrible things.

Todd thinks about what Rex told him. "The baby was put in a car and the car drove off."

"You have some real serious father issues going on don't you Spencer?" Todd sees all of Spencer's issues have to do with father/son problems.

"Well, this doesn't seem to be dangerous in any way." Clint and Viki settle in and enjoy the evening.

"I never intended for you to be kidnapped. I made a mistake and hired that man and I didn't know that he was a psycho crackpot, but you…you know what you were doing and you knew what I went through as a child. I never went for things to go that far!" Adriana feels that her mother is trying to make her feel guilty and she will never forgive her mother for what she has done. Adriana runs out of there. Dorian follows her to the door but that is as far as she goes.

Dorian reenters the house and looks at her image in the mirror.

"Oh! I can't possibly go and see Clint like this!"

She goes tearing up the stairs as fast as he fashion pumps can take her.

Adriana reenters the house after making sure her mother isn't in the front room.

Rex comes in after her.

"What were you doing here?" She says simply that she locked her mother in the closet.

Clint and Viki laugh and talk over drinks and the soft music. "I never quite got what brought you two together." Clint doesn't get it now either.

The employee is ready to serve the first course. "Can't let good food go to waste now can we?"

Cristian and Antonio discuss how they have to proceed to get Vincent behind bars.

Claudia comes over to talk to the brothers.

Cristian quickly leaves to get back to Evangeline.

Antonio gets his order.

"That is a lot of food," Claudia said. "We have Nash over for dinner," Antonio explains. "And you left him alone with Jessica?"

"I am sorry that I punched Claudia, even though she did deserve it." Nash tells that Tess didn't like Claudia either. "She isn't that bad Jessica. She had a tough childhood and she just lost her father. I was going to bring Claudia as my date to the wedding," Nash jokes. "Do you really want me at the wedding?" Jessica only wonders what he will be thinking when he watches the wedding. "Are you going to be wishing the whole time that the wedding was for you and Tess?"

"I found out that Dorian rented out Capricorn to do this romantic thing with Clint. I locked her in the closet so it wouldn't happen. Now she can see what it feels like to mess with someone's love life." Rex finds it a little extreme. "What happened to you was Bruce and not Dorian…"

Clint and Viki chow down and laugh at the romantic spot. "I must tell you Clint and I am being sincere to you when I say that it is so nice to have you here." Clint is glad to be around now that Kelly's baby is on the way. "So, here is to dodging the Dorian bullet."

Dorian sneaks in and sees the two enjoying what was to be her great night out.

She backs out of there as quietly as she came in.

"I am not going to make a foot out of myself at the wedding. I have too much to lose." Jessica thinks then that it will be good for Nash to come to the wedding. "Antonio will be glad." Nash reminds her that she has to pay for the tux if he is going to be in the wedding. "You really love the dude?" She hopes so. "I am going to marry him. I am lucky to have him, just like Tess was happy to have you."

"I am out of a job." Evangeline knows that something good is going to come Cristian's way soon enough. "Let's forget about dinner and go home…"

"Nash is trying to work things out. "He is pulling himself together and he will even be in my bridal party. I told him that it is important for Bree and it is important for him too."

Antonio's order is ready.

"I'll see you," he says to Claudia walking out.

"Can I get you something?"

"Vodka! Rocks!" Claudia says. "And make it the good stuff."

"It sounds like they broke up and went their second ways." Nigel tells that Asa said that the woman who was Spencer's mother was one of the great loves of his life and she stares at the picture all the time.

The family understands what is happening now. "We have to talk to pa about this…" Paige can't believe all the things that Spencer has done to these people.

"Nothing you can say or do matters to me in the least!" Todd tells Spencer that he is going to hire someone to come in there and beat him up. "Why don't you wait until I get out of here and you can beat me up yourself." Todd will kill the man if he manages to get out of there and beat these charges. He walks out.

"And if he doesn't," Blair promises. "I will!"

Spencer turns to look at Blair…

…But by then she has already walked out.

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