One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/19/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Phyllis tells Nick about the questionnaires that they have received from people who agreed to the surveys. They have almost zero negative response to the NVP ideas. Nick tells her that he digs her. "Are you still going to Santa Fe to check out the new retreat?" Phyllis is going to do that. He wants her to go today and he will go with her. "Once we get there we can get married!"

Lauren arrives at the hospital and Michael tells her that Fenmore is looking good and getting stronger. "I like that name more and more every time that I hear it." Michael is tired as he stayed the whole night at the hospital. Lauren went home, took a shower and passed out. She is still recovering and Gloria wouldn't let her lift a finger. "I could rest knowing that you were looking after her son. Why don't you go home now Michael?" He isn't ready to leave yet.

Neil comes to see Carmen for a meeting. "How is Devon doing?" Carmen asks. He can't really believe that she cares about the members of her family. "This isn't the place to discuss personal issues. Now let's get to work."

Dru talks with Sharon at her place and she tells how her trial is coming up and it is killing her that she has no idea what to expect. aDevon has moved in with Daniel and Lily and that only adds to my life being a mess. I just want to take care of Devon and people are saying that I can't even take care of myself. I can't go to jail Sharon! I can't!"

"Lily are you really okay with me living with you guys?" She is fine with the move and ensures that Daniel will be okay with this too. "We are going to find a place to rent with at least two bedrooms." Devon knows that Daniel is going to hate this. She types. 'It will be fine.' Devon promises not to be a slob. 'It is cool Devon. We will get to hand out more and even study together. It will be fine.'

"We are never going to be able to thank you for letting us stay at your place. Devon has moved in now and we will be needing a bigger place." Jack has an investment property by the university and it is empty. "With the good buddy discount, I think that you will be able to afford this."

Mr. Kim enters the office.

Daniel heads out.

"I want to hear about your meeting with Victor Newman." Mr. Kim didn't realize that Jack heard about that already. "There isn't anything to be concerned about Jack." He wants to be the one to decide that. "Tell me what happened! And I want to hear every word!"

The meeting is over as far as Carmen is concerned, but Neil wants an update on 'Beauty of Nature'. She is in charge now that Dru is out of her job. "I will not have these kinds of conversations with you. I will not be harassed by you." Neil smirks. "Poor Carmen! First Dru and now me. The whole world is out to get you aren't they?"

Lily tells Daniel over the phone that he might have a place for them to live.

Devon loves this idea…

Daniel heads to the elevator…

He sees Carmen and jumps on the elevator. "Can you hold the elevator for me?" Daniel lets the door start closing.

"Sorry! I can't reach the button!"

The people who have gotten off the elevator stand and stare at Carmen who has clearly been shunned.

Sharon tells Dru that she isn't sure that what she has with Jack is just a rebound or not.

Mr. Kim tells Jack how Victor asked a lot of questions about the friendship between he and Jack. "I will stay away from Victor if you like." Jack feels they should do the opposite. "I want you to establish a relationship with Victor."

Phyllis arranges everything.

"We are eloping Nick! I can't believe that we are doing this but we are. We are eloping." He wanted to surprise her but this will do. They will leave for their trip later that day.

Michael and Lauren stare down at their baby. "Did you see that?" Michael asks. "He smiled at me." He is so small. "Mighty Mouse was tiny too but that didn't stop him did it? Fenmore will one day take over the world in true Baldwin-Fenmore style." Lauren can't wait for the three of them to just go home together…

Devon, Daniel and Lily arrive at the new place. They love it! "We owe Jack big time…"

Neil and Jack share coffee and talk about the kids moving out. "I tell you one thing Jack. Thanks to your generosity, my wife and I can sleep at night."

The phone rings.


"Who is this?"

"Drucilla?" She was told that Neil would be in the conference room. "Put him on." Carmen tells that he isn't there. "Don't play games with me, now put him on!"


Dru can't believe that she just hung the phone up like that. "Oh no she didn't! I could just strangle her!"

Carmen dials.

"Will? Is there anything else that you can do to speed up this case? I feel like I am having a nervous breakdown…"

Nick and Phyllis go to see Michael and Lauren at the hospital before leaving for their trip. They tell the good news of how they will be married on this trip. "You know that your marriage will not be legal in Wisconsin right?" Nick and Phyllis know that but really wanted to exchange vows before the baby arrives. Phyllis really wants to see the baby now, and so they all walk up to hall the section of the hospital that houses preemies.

The group returns to the waiting room.

Michael is surprised that his best friend is being so conventional and getting married. It is so unlike her. "We just want our daughter to know that we were married before she was born." They hope that Phyllis's daughter will enter the world is a less-dramatic way. "I have to tell you Phyllis…what I feel for my son…I can't put it in words." She knows. "It is overwhelming love isn't it? It starts before they are born and it never, ever ends…"

Dru comes over and helps the kids move. "I am sorry about the way that I took off Dru," Devon says. "I think that I can handle it," Dru says. They are surprised that is dealing with this so well. She types for Devon. "No matter what, I am going to worry about you. No two ways about it." Daniel tells that they are going to set up the apartment with the devices that Devon will need there.

Neil arrives. He gives the kids his credit card so they can buy whatever they need. He tells that he was with Carmen and he can't stand her. Dru tells that she called to talk to Neil and that woman got in her face.

Devon wants to know what is going on, and Lily explains it all to him.

Neil hopes that Dru didn't take things too far again. "How can it get any worse Neil?"

Carmen is in the office crying.

Jack enters on his cellphone…

He ends his call and puts his cellphone down besides hers. "You can trust me Carmen. How did things get to this point?" Carmen tells how she went to Victoria and Dru was fired. "Now people avoid me and they look at me like I am crazy but they never saw the Drucilla who came after me. When I defend myself, Neil and Drucilla get more incensed and I hate that it has come to this… BUT I AM NOT GOING TO SIT BACK AND TAKE IT!" Jack stands looking at the woman with his mouth hanging open. She is very upset!

The Winters take a trip, bringing things into the new place. Neil promises to be there for Devon if he needs anything. He worries about Carmen, and how she wouldn't listen to him when he tried to talk to her. "I can't believe that Carmen got all defensive over a stupid call." Neil warns Devon to stay away from Carmen and to let him handle things. Dru doesn't want the kids having trouble because of her.

Jack offers to be there if Carmen needs him, but for now, she wants him to meet with Mr. Kim to learn more about how they can work together.

Jack reaches for one of the cellphones on the table and leaves the office.

Sharon and Noah come to see Nick in the office. Noah tells how they had a firefighter come to give them advice on safety that day. "Can I get a snack out of the vending machine?" He runs out.

"Sharon…Um…Well, I am going on a quick overnight…" Sharon is fine with that. "I have Noah anyway tonight. Is this an emergency?" He tells that this is just something that he doesn't want to put off… He tries to tell her the news but then decides not to. "Okay Sharon…thanks…"

"I need to ask you a favor Phyllis. I have a meeting with our linen supplier tomorrow and I need you to meet with him." She can't do that. "I am going to take a short trip before the baby arrives." Jack wishes her a good trip. "You take care Phyllis…" She tells him to do this same and then she is quickly out of there.

Carmen walks the hall.

Neil sees her and follows…

"Carmen! You are too much aren't you? My wife calls and by accident you answer the phone? You had better back off, and the next time that you have a problem, you bring it to me!"

Neil leaves and there are spectators in the hall who have seen everything.

At the new apartment, the kids joke that Carmen is the devil. Dru finds that the kids have grown up so fast. "If I have to go to the big house, I have a lot of comfort knowing that you all are leaning on each other…"

"As NVP expands Sharon, I want people to know who you are and what you represent." Sharon will do her best. "That's my girl…"

Noah is working on a model car at the desk and asks for help from his Uncle Jack. "I used to help Nick with these when he was a boy. The first one was an orange corvette." Noah wonders if Jack could help him with other projects that he has going at home…

Michael is at the front desk in the hospital…

Paul comes rushing in.

"Where is Lauren?"

"What is it Paul? What is going on?" Michael asks. "It's Sheila! I am afraid that I have some disturbing news."

"I have something for you," Nick says. "It is tradition." Phyllis gets the wedding present and finds that there is a blue cowboy hat in there. "Let's get hitched! Hit the trail! Let's do this!"

The set up of the new apartment is well underway.

Dru's cellphone rings.

"Hi Dru it is me, Neil. Your trial date has been moved up a couple of weeks."

In the lunchroom, Carmen hears a familiar notification noise and checks her phone.

It is a text message and … it is for Jack!

Carmen remembers when they last spoke. He must have picked up her cellphone when he left.

Jack and Sharon are still together when he gets a call.

"Hello? No, Carmen Mesta isn't here… Okay…" Jack hangs up.

"Oh no!" A look of realization comes to Jack's face.

Lauren comes to Michael and Paul now. "What is it?" Lauren asks.

Paul tells the story. "Sheila has had some extensive surgery done. After the surgery, the physician who did the work was killed. All his records are missing or have been destroyed. Sheila is the number one suspect. Problem is that we don't know what she looks like. She could be anywhere… She could even be here in Genoa City…"

Antonio tells Jessica about how he gave Nash a cold shower the night before due to his drunkenness and disorderly behavior…

Nash says that he hasn't been working on the vineyard much due to a personal problem that needed his immediately attention. Vincent can relate.

Layla looks at the flowers Vincent sent her and she wonders why he did this.

Rex shows up for a visit with Adriana…

Viki is angry that someone thinks The Banner is for sale…

"I am Asa Buchanan's son…"

The courtroom turns noisy…

The judge orders counsel into chambers to discuss Spencer's revelation.

"You ready to back up what you said with truth?" Spencer is ready and waiting.

Adriana talks about getting back at Dorian. Rex really doesn't want to do this but Adriana is not going to change her mind. She promises that she will not do anything extreme… Rex leaves.

Adriana finds Layla looking at the flowers and she is sorry for the hurt the girl must be feeling. "Don't pretend Adriana. I know that your boyfriend is digging up dirt on mine."

Vincent reminds Nash that his first loan payment is coming up. Nash knows that and needs to take care of something to make that happen.

Antonio tells that Nash is having a bad time and that Bree can be his salvation. "It is so frustrating not being able to help Nash or Natalie." Antonio thinks that the hearing my help Natalie. She has to go through this for John.

"I don't have to hand you the evidence you want on a silver platter." Todd finds that Spencer being a Buchanan is another reason to hate him. Spencer tells how Asa had an affair with his mother and that is how all this came about. "You are sick and you will never come near the kids and me again." She walks out. "If you think that you are going to cash in on this, you better think again!" Clint spits. "You know there is a simple way to find out if you are a Buchanan or not," Bo says.

Spencer says finally that he will agree to do a DNA test.

"I don't care who he is! I don’t care who his father is! I want him convicted for killing my father!" Marcie tells Michael they should leave, but he wants to stay. She takes the baby out alone.

"The judge probably is moving to dismiss the case." Todd finds that ridiculous. Evangeline doesn't think that this will work.

David wonders what he can do now to get his hand on the Buchanan money. "Nevermind that," Dorian says. "Just help me out with Clint"

Spencer finds that very soon now, he and Bo will be eating Thanksgiving dinners together. "You will be eating the rest of your dinners in prison," Bo promises.

"Why do you still get to give Rex a second chance at love and I don't get to?" Adriana is surprised. "Love? Layla are you saying that you are in love with Vincent?"

"I just need to shake this off and move on," Vincent says. "But to do that, I can't have anyone connecting me to Cristian Vega…" Shaun understands.

Rex is watching Vincent as he talks with Shaun…

Mick comes to see Rex. "Talk to me about what you know Mick. What other jobs did you do for Spencer Truman?" Mick says that he wanted money from Spencer but he was into things that Mick isn't. "Kids!" Rex asks if he means babies. "Yeah, there was this baby…"

Antonio and Jessica work on the details of their wedding. "Why is this dress a reject?" Antonio asks. Jessica tells that the dress is a little too Tess for her.

Someone knocks.

Antonio lets Nash in.


Jessica is holding the dress up against herself and she turns to the door when she first sees Nash.

"I am stone cold sober Antonio. I promise…"

Antonio moves to the side and Nash heads to the crib. Bree is sleeping. "I came by to apologize to the both of you. I am sorry for what happened outside Jessica. Antonio also looked out for him. Thank you for putting my daughter first. For me it has always been me and Tess and my daughter and not just Brennan and me. I have to move on though. I have to if I want to be the father that Brennan deserves. But if I am to move on Jessica…I need something from you."

"What's love got to do with it?" Adriana reminds Layla that she was the one that compared she and Rex to herself and Vincent… "We are done," Layla says. "If that is true Layla, then why are you keeping his flowers?"

"He walked the Cochrane chick to the car and we get her to the airport… A week or so later I hit up Truman again and he is coming out of his place with this baby…" Rex asks where the kid was taken. "He put the kid in a car and then five minutes later, he gets out of the car without the kid and the car drives away…"

"Vickers this is a private conversation," Bo says. David has come over to tell what Emma told Spencer on her deathbed…

"Order please…The Honorable Judge Fortier now presiding…"

"…I have determined that the defendant's parentage has no bearing on this trial. This is a hearing and not a circus. We are to see if a crime is committed. If so the defendant will be tried and if found innocent, all charges will be dropped. Are we ready to proceed?"

Stan and Nora stand. "We are ready… your honor."

"I know that he hurt you and I am going to be there for you. You will find a man who won't hurt you. Look Layla, I have to run a few errands and then I will be back. I have a few plans for Dorian…" Adriana leaves.

Layla takes the flowers to the door and when she opens the door…

She sees Vincent there. He wants to come in but she will not let him in. "You mean a lot to me and I would hate for us to split up over some rumor. There isn't any proof is there?" Layla pauses. "There is something that you have to know Vincent…"

"Tell me about the vehicle." Mick can't do that. "I was high but one of my friends might remember…" Mick rushes off to get the kid.

Rex turns to find Marcie behind him pushing Tommy in a stroller. "Spencer just announced that he is Asa's son." Marcie also tells that she and Michael are officially Tommy's parents. "I am happy for you guys… You have a great family little guy," Rex says to the kid. "Let's see if I can get another little guy back where he belongs."

"…What we will show is that Spencer took the life of not only a husband and father but of an officer of the law…Exhibit A…the bullet fragment… Exhibit B…the gun that shot Thomas McBain. Exhibit…" Nora falters… "Go on," the judge urges… "Exhibit C! A photograph of the defendant and his father posing wit guns identical to the murder weapon…" Nora freezes, looking uncomfortable. "Are you alright?" Nora continues like a champ.

When she sits, Evangeline and Bo are behind her wondering if she is okay.

Stan stands next. "There was no witness to put this gun in my client's hands."

Natalie jumps to her feet. "He did it! The bastard did it!"

"Sit down!"

Natalie sits…

The judge finds that there is sufficient evidence to proceed with a trial. "The date of the start of the trial will be at the earliest date possible. Court is adjourned!"

"I can almost smell the inheritance…" David tells Dorian…

Spencer rises to his feet now. He buttons his jacket as he turns smiling to the back of the courtroom.

David sees him and simply stares back…

"When Bree is old enough to understand, tell her about Tess. I need you to make her real. She needs to know that she was loved. You think that you can do that for me Jessica?" Jessica can't do that. "I can only do that with your help."

"Did you get that guy to drug Cristian?" Vincent doesn't answer. "I asked you a simple question and you can't answer it. Just go and redeem yourself somewhere else." Vincent feels like he has been convicted. "Goodbye." She slams the door.

Vincent leans against the door in the hall.

Rex runs to Todd's place and is surprised to find Blair there.

She leaves to let the men talk.

"Truman definitely had your kid and then he handed the kid to someone in a car. The car drove off but I have another lead. I promise that I will find your kid." Todd feels that he could really be a good parent to this kid.

Blair is at the top of the stairs listening.

"I am not even 8o% Evangeline… and when this trial starts, I could be even worse," Nora says.

Clint and Bo say goodbye and separate.

"Don't wait up for me," Dorian tells David before leaving.

"Someone is making a takeover bid for The Banner Natalie and that person wants to meet with me to discuss it." Natalie listens as her mother tells what's been going on.

"Unfortunately, my mother had to go away on some business, so she won't be able to make it tonight…" Adriana is at the romantic meeting place for her mother and she has delivered the blow that will ruin her evening, and hopefully her chances to get Clint back.

"I am going to be throwing myself into my work now, trying to get the new vineyard up and running. I will not be around much except [t for my visits with Brennan…" Antonio tells the man that he can come by anytime that he wants. "I want you to be part of the wedding."

"You could be a Martian for all I care," Natalie says. "You killed John and you should pay for that." Spencer is led off.

"So if Spencer is a Buchanan, then that makes me a step-Buchanan…." Bo disagrees but will make sure soon enough.

"I am going to talk to Roxy about getting us a suite now that we have Tommy permanently." Marcie likes that idea and still wants to know more about Tommy's biological parents.

Rex leaves now.

Todd guesses that Blair had been listening. "Todd you have been a good father to our children and I think that I could be a good mother."

Clint arrives at the romantic meeting spot. He is greeted and shown to a table…. He is surprised to find the place closed off but the woman who tends to him tells that is the way that it is to be for the night.


Viki has arrived next and is surprised to find Clint there as the person that she is supposed to be meeting that night about the takeover of the banner.

Dorian is dressed to kill and ready for her romantic date. She looks at the perfection which is she, in the mirror and smiles. She is ready to go. She goes into the closet for something…

…And a hand pushes her inside.

The door is closed and Adriana leans up against the door.

Dorian is inside, shouting to be let out, not understanding what is going on….

Adriana smiles…

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