One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/18/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair has Jack all ready for school. "when you get home we are going to have a family dinner…"

She sees him out.

She turns and Todd is behind her. "What the hell is going on here?"

Janice comes to see Michael and Marcie. "we missed something about Thomas's adoption…"

Dorian talks to the manager about what she wants for her special night. "And make sure that you call me Doctor Lord…"

David arrives looking around. "Dorian…I didn't know you cared."

Clint, Bo and Kevin are golfing. Spencer's hearing in a little while and they expect to be there.

Nora is back at work.

Evangeline comes to see her friend and is shocked to hear that Nora doesn't think that she is up to this case with Spencer…

Natalie wants to see Spencer before the hearing. "You have 15 minutes max," she is told before being left alone.

She shows Spencer a picture of John on the flyer from the funeral. "I wish that this was your picture here instead of John. It is your fault that John died." He sees that he is being blamed for John not having his attention on her…

""This was Hugh's case and everything that I need is in his head. This is a capital case and that is a whole other animal." Evangeline tells Nora that worrying is a waste of time. "We all get this sense of insecurity. I bet you that Spencer's attorney is loading up on beta-blockers as we speak. You will be brilliant as always. This is just a pre-lim…" Nora actually has someone else in mind to handle this. "You!"

"No David, Clint and I will be spending a romantic time here…" David feels this isn't a good idea. Skeet-shooting is more his speed. "Why don't you stock up on corn chips, beef jerky and cheap beer?"

Clint denies that he would consider getting back with Dorian. "it was an attraction…a moment. She wants me to forget about what she did and take her back." Bo and Kevin still think that Clint wants Dorian back. "You don't think that I am over her?" Bo and Kevin know that Dorian will not give up. "She has to give up. I told her that we were finished in no uncertain terms… So she is just going to gather her dignity and get over it… Isn't she?"

"This is absurd and freakish and it is going to upset the kids more than before." Blair doesn't think so. "I am doing the best that I can. I am staying." Todd doesn't want her to get it in her head that he is happy about this. "I am only doing this for Jack and Starr. Blair we are not the same and pretending we are will not make this real. It isn't going to work." She steps closer to him. "Well then I will just have to do what usually works. "Don't touch me!" She ignores him. And kisses him on the lips.

"We are not together anymore. This situation is a lie!" She just thought that they could build a home for their children while they work out their kinks. "I love you but I am not going to forgive you. God you are crazy. I mean it. I think that you are bordering on maniacal. I am having deja-vous about another woman who only wanted to hear what she wanted to hear. You are as insane as Margaret, you know that?"

Marcie freaks out about Janice visiting them. "This is the day that we are supposed to sign the adoption papers." Michael calms Marcie and they wait for Janice.

"let's go inside!"

Janice ushers them into a room to talk.

Janice shows Michael and Marcie a document. "What is this? How can this be?"

"You are here all because you are tortured over your guilt that it is your fault that your boyfriend is dead and not mine Natalie. He was so aloof and self-absorbed. You gave, gave and gave in your relationship and you settled for crumbs. Then he found out the truth and that made things complete. Did he give you that ring in a state of euphoria? We all know that any man in his right mind wouldn't ever choose you over Evangeline… Your boyfriend is worm-food and here you are trying to blame it on me. Let's be real Natalie. The blame lies within yourself…You just weren't woman enough, and deep down inside…you know it!"

"this isn't going to work on Clint. This is too superficial. It worked on me cause I am superficial." David tells that he went to see Hugh and got him to signed a document. David thought that he was awake. He will worry if the document will stand up in court when the time comes. For now, he just wants to revel in the fact that he has the upper leg on his brother and that he is liking it.

The fact that Thomas's case took 25 years to solve is great, Bo finds considering it wasn't solved in vain.

Nora thinks that Evangeline should at least help her with this case. Evangeline could do that.

"What is in this file isn't complete," Janice tells Michael and Marcie. "There is more information that we need and it isn't here. Don't worry though, this will not stop the adoption process for you." Michael and Marcie are thrilled that this isn't a hindrance to them getting Tommy. "Can I ask you one other small question… Would it be possible for you to tell us who Tommy's real parents are?"

"I am going to take a shower, would you like to join me? No! You are not ready for that. Can we go to the hearing together?" Todd will drive her there but that is all.

Natalie waves the ring that John was going to give her in Spencer's face. "I am not going to go to jail for the rest of my life, just because you need a scape goat."

"That is enough Truman!"

A guard is in the room.

"John loved me!" Natalie says. Spencer chuckles. "Did he ever tell you that? Or does that little ring that he gave you take on such gigantic proportions for you because he never gave you the love that you needed? You never got what you needed from that emotional cripple while he was alive did you?"

Bo and Kevin talk while Clint makes a call.

He hangs up.

"I was just trying to reach Natalie…"

"What made you so evil?" Spencer thinks that it is genetic. "Someone taught you how to hate. Was that your father?" Spencer says that his father is going to regret the day that he were ever born. "Your father is dead!" she reminds him.

"What do you think about me going to the Buchanans and asking them for a cheque?" Dorian tells David that he shouldn't jump the guns on getting the Buchanans' millions. "If you do what I tell you, you will get exactly what you want and then some."

"I am the great Nora!" Evangeline says, in an effort to pump up Nora's confidence…Nora is feeling the hype and believing it too.

The phone rings.

"I will be right there."

"Evangeline…it is time for the great Nora Hanen to get to court!"

Evangeline's cellphone rings when she is alone.

"Hey Todd! I can't talk right now as I have to get to court," she answers. Todd tells her that he will be arriving at the courthouse with Blair but that is all. "I don't want you to read into it when you see us together…" She doesn't know why he feels a need to tell her this.

He hangs up.

"Who was that?"

Todd turns to find Blair behind him. "Evangeline…" Blair shrugs that off. She holds up the car keys. "Who drives?" He grabs the keys from her hands and walks out.

She follows him.

"This is it! We are parents!" Michael and Marcie kiss. "I was thinking about it and I figure that the person who put Tommy up for adoption was very young and in those cases the records are sealed." Marcie hopes that they never need to know who the biological parents are of their child are. They hope they never have a medical emergency. "Marcie, we have a piece of paper and everyone who needs to sign it has, and that means that this baby is ours."

"Hey guys!"

Michael and Marcie turn to find Todd and Blair coming into the courthouse. Michael and Marcie were there for the adoption of their baby, but they decide to stay to see how the hearing goes.

Evangeline has entered…

Todd turns and sees her.

"Would you excuse me?" he walks off.

Kevin doesn't envy David watching his brother go down. Bo knows that sometimes that blood isn't thicker than water…

David and Dorian have arrived at the courthouse. Dorian worries that David is nervous about the proceedings and how it is all going to turn out. "Why shouldn't I be worried? Spencer has wriggled out of every tight spot that he has been in all his life…"

The officer comes to get Daniel out of the cell for the hearing. He is cuffed while in the cell and then walked out of there for his date with fate… "I am not going to be found guilty of anything you know." The cop with him couldn't care less about whether Spencer is found guilty or not.

"we are sticking together Natalie." Clint walks with her to a seat.

"I am not panicking Dorian. We are talking about my brother who led me to believe that I was a murderer and he got Todd convicted and executed. Then he brought her back to life. Not to mention that baby that Margaret had…" Dorian doesn't understand what the baby has to do with anything. David just knows that Spencer has a Plan B in his back pocket.

Spencer's lawyer enters followed by the press…

Nora comes into the courthouse, followed by the press…

When alone, Nora leans her cane up against the wall before walking into the courtroom.

Michael knows that Spencer has to be found guilty.

Spencer is led in and he is uncuffed.

He catches Blair's eye as he walks to his seat.

"Is Todd Manning burning a hole in the back of my head?"

Spencer's lawyer tells him to play this thing cool and relax.

The proceedings start.

"Will Spencer Truman rise?" Spencer remains seated. The judge orders him again to get to his feet, but Spencer doesn't move.

"Oh I am sorry your honor. I didn't get up because that isn't my name…" Spencer rises now. "I have something that I need to say.

"Spencer sit down," he attorney orders. "No, I need to get this out." The judge isn't happy with whatever is going on here, and tells Spencer that he will be in contempt if he doesn't sit right now!

Spencer's representative says that he is about 30 seconds from having no lawyer if he doesn't sit.

"…I didn't think that it would actually come to this, that it would come out this way," Spencer continues. "You see… I am not really Spencer Truman… My biological father… Well, my biological father is really Asa Buchanan!"

The whole room grumbles with the big reveal. The crowd turns from side to side, looking at each other in surprise.

Spencer smiles. He turns behind him, giving his attention to the three Buchanan men huddled at the back in the corner. "That's right," Spencer snarls at them. "I am one of you bas…Buchanans…"

Spencer turns to David now. David looks like he is about to have a heart attack…

Kevin, Bo and Clint show little emotion but still are unable to hide their discomfort over the announcement from hell!

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