One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/17/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian and Evangeline are going to visit friend.

He hits a button and stops the elevator. They get romantic.

Someone knocks.

"Who is it?"

"A delivery from Vincent Jones."

"whatever it is I don't want it!"

"Come on Layla. It is Shaun. If I don't deliver this, Vincent will kill me."

Layla opens the door to a huge bouquet of red roses.

Vincent is alone in the bar.

Rex and Adriana see him and Rex tells how he is to investigate Vincent for what happened to Chris.

Clint goes to see Natalie and they catch up on events.

Paige is with Hugh in the hospital.

Bo appears. "I am really glad that you are here," she tells him .

"I found that picture of Asa in that study because you told me where to look for it. Spencer, Asa has admitted to the affair with our mother." Spencer isn't impressed by anything that he hears there. "You can't prove anything with any of this David." David thinks that what he knows explains why Spencer would do a lot of the things that he has done. "You were getting back at the father who threw you away."

Layla doesn't want the flowers but she takes them so that Shaun can say that he delivered them.

"You have a hell of a nerve coming anywhere near me." Ted has tried to approach Vincent and Vincent doesn't like it.

Rex and Adriana see the two talking.

Adriana sees her mother and leaves Rex.

"I would like to reserve this place for tomorrow. I need to make a really grand gesture…"

Adriana is nearby and eavesdrops on her mother's conversation.

"I need this evening to be letter-perfect!" Dorian warns.

Nash is getting dressed after the cold shower that Antonio has given him and he isn't happy.

Cristian and Evangeline come to see Layla.

Evangeline sees the flowers. "You took them? Why would you do that?"

"You drugged him and then you took that picture didn't you?" Spencer admits what David has said but knows that this doesn't mean anything anyway. "This is about you Spencer… You were meticulous. You set me and Paige up and then you sat back and watched. Even when Asa almost died and Bo lost his job, and Duke died…none of that made up for the fact that Asa dumped you and spent his millions on the other Buchanans." Spencer explodes. "You're damn right it wasn't enough! And it still isn't!" David smiles.

"I am his son, much to my regret. Mom told me when she was dying. She told me how Asa seduced her and made promises. Then he just dumped her. Going after him focused me and I took years learning about them an then I just waited and then I found out that you and Paige were living in Llanview and it was like momma calling to me from the grave! 'Do it now Spencer! Do it now son'. If it weren't for Blair, there wouldn’t be a Buchanan standing right now."

Paige tells how Hugh's adoptive parents have welcomed her into there family and she talks to them frequently. Bo knows that he should have come sooner but she knows that he had to deal with John's death. "He was like a little brother to me." Paige tells how Hugh is a dream son. "My son the lawyer. He was doing so well and then I told him about me and about Spencer…and then." Bo knows that she isn't the reason that her son lies in that bed.

They turn to Hugh now. "Son! Bo is here!"

"I didn't come to lecture Layla. I brought you this."

Layla opens her present and finds the most beautiful vase inside. "And isn't the timing for this just perfect?" They both look at the flowers on the table.

"I swear Vincent. I wouldn't have talked if Chris were the law… I won't talk." Ted starts leaving.

Rex follows him.

Dorian stops talking and the woman she is with leaves.


Dorian turns and smiles when she sees Adriana behind her.

Rex catches up to Ted and stops him from going any further.

"How would you like to help me take down Vincent Jones?"

"I didn't arrest you and stop you from seeing Bree because my daughter's grandfather did that to me. You are Bree's father and she needs to know you. I am giving you a second chance Nash, so clean up your act. I know what it is like to screw up because you love a woman. I went crazy when Tess was with you." Nash sees that Antonio is the only person who could possibly know what he is feeling. "Thank you." Antonio has this idea that Nash would do the same for him if things had gone the other way.

"We both know that Vincent had a shaky reputation Layla." She knew that but Vincent was sweet and gentle with her. "Also, Chris only has Ted's word for what really happened. I just wish that Vincent hadn't done what he did." Chris tells how he hired Rex to get the proof that Vincent is behind this. Then he will go to jail and that will be the end of that.

Shaun tells Vincent how Layla only took the flowers so that he wouldn’t get in trouble. Vincent feels that it just might be over for the both of them.

Adriana asks what Dorian was talking to the manager of the bar about. "I am renting to the place out for a special night tomorrow." Adriana tells that she has a new place to live and she wishes her mother a great night tomorrow. "Good luck!" Dorian runs off.

Adriana looks up and sees the manager up ahead.

"Hi! My mother is renting the place out tomorrow night. I would like to send flowers. Can you tell me what time the reservations are for?"

Natalie tells Clint how she is now the godmother for Thomas. Natalie wishes that John were there to help her spoil Thomas. "It is mom and Roxy, and Rex and Jessica. Everyone has this look on their face like I am going to have a mental breakdown at any moment. I want this to be my own experience…my own breakdown. God I feel like such a brat!"

"Spencer lots of people have rotten daddies. Have you ever thought about letting it go?" Spencer blames Asa for his mother being neurotic. He and the rest of the Buchanans. "I got them to take away his badge, and Kevin is sterile. Things could have gone differently had I not been preoccupied with Blair. John McBain was the chief witness against me and now he is dead." because of that, Spencer is sure that he will walk the streets again. David asks his brother to run his plan for revenge by him… Spencer smiles

"I wouldn't trust you to pick up my laundry." David has a plan. "Sign these." Spencer knows that David only wants the Power of Attorney document so that he can lay claim to the Buchanan money. "You don't think that I am going to beat these charges, do you? You make me sick. Get out of my sight." David wants him to read the Living Will in his papers. "Look David. My son! My son! Gets everything. He is a Buchanan, and you are not."

Hugh grimaces and moves slightly from side to side. Paige leaves to find a doctor.

Bo sits beside Hugh. "It is okay buddy. It is okay…"

Dorian is in Clint's house and she rushes to the desk…

Someone is coming and Dorian runs to hide.

Clint comes in the room, talking on his phone.

He hangs up and thinks that he hears something.


Dorian fights to hold her cellphone and the envelope in her hand, while trying to keep quiet at the same time.

Vincent heads to the docks and stands alone by the water.

He remembers bringing Layla there to be alone with him. He kissed her that night and she asked if that was the reason he had brought her there.

Now he has no one.

He hears a noise and turns…

Natalie stands not far off staring at him…

"Antonio. I thought that your brother was getting in my face when he was only giving me advice. I am going to try to get things together. Thank you." Antonio finally leaves.

"Are you crazy? Vincent finds out that I talked to you, I am history." Ted walks off from Rex.

Rex goes back to Adriana. "I saw you talking to your mother…" Adriana tells what her mother has planned. "Clint is going to have a hot night alright…" Rex tells that Ted hasn’t rolled on Vincent yet but Rex knows that he will. "Careful Rex. There are two different sides to Vincent."

"I just came down here to stare and think." Vincent doesn't want to dump his problems on Natalie but he could use someone to talk to. "Layla and I…we called it quits." Natalie knows that he was probably the one who screwed up. "I used to be different as well when I first came to town. My family and Chris changed me. I will always be connected to Chris. It took us a while but we are there now. If anyone ever hurt Chris, they would have to deal with me…"

"Pa! Pa!"

Dorian keeps it moving so that Clint doesn’t catch her in his house.

Clint looks around some more but doesn't find anyone.

He heads out of the room.

Dorian goes to the desk and puts her paper in a place where it will be found… She smiles at her little plan.



She juggles the phone, as she tries to quickly answer it without it ringing a second time.

"I can't talk now!"

It is David. He tells that he got Spencer to admit that he is Asa's son. Dorian is pleased to hear that but can't talk about this right now. She too is working on a plan. "In fact, I have just broken into the Buchanan house!" David has run into a problem and needs her help. He hasn't been able to convince Spencer to sign over his millions in a Power of Attorney, or Living Will document! "Get creative!" is Dorian's advice.

David smiles, suddenly getting wise… He walks off with purpose.

Layla sees her sister and Cristian to the door. She will call them if she needs them. "you will find someone better…" Cristian and Evangeline leave.

Layla reenters the apartment and walks over to the flowers. She picks them up and reads the card.

'To Layla, I miss you…I'm sorry. Vincent'

"I miss you too."

"She won't even see me." Natalie knows that he has time though. "time will make her see that maybe what you did wasn't so bad." Vincent liked the guy that he was when he was with Layla. "Without her, I have no idea what I am going to end up as."

Spencer talks to himself about how he is going to get to Asa so that he and his boys don't know what hit them.

Clint goes in the living room and sees the envelope on the desk with his name on it.

Hugh is calm again. Paige thanks the doctor for coming so quickly. They have no idea what made Hugh have the reaction that he did earlier.

Bo wants to take Paige for something to eat. "Let me take you out for a steak." That's the Buchanans answer to everything. They walk off.

David comes to Hugh's hospital room, dressed as part of the staff.

"Hugh! I need you to sign this document! It is very important. You hate Spencer don't you? You got a pen?" David doesn't wait for an answer and gets out a pen of his own. He puts the pen in the man's mitt-like hand and moves the paper to help make a signature. "Okay, now dot the 'i'!" When David thinks that he has what he wants, he takes his pen and paper and leaves the area.

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