One Life to Live Update Monday 10/16/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian orders that Nash be arrested cause he is being drunk and acting rowdy in the bar.

Evangeline can't believe that Cristian has managed to get into another fight so soon after the last one.

There is a man in the penthouse bringing Blair's things in. Todd is there and isn't pleased at all. "Don't think about it!" Blair tells the man who is about to move her things out when Todd offers his more money than Blair was going to pay him.

Starr is in the park.

She sees Cole take something from someone and then put it in his pocket. "Thanks man."

Starr comes over to say 'hi' to Cole when he is alone again. She is giddy as she talks with him.

David talks to Dorian about getting some of that Buchanan money, even though it seems like Spencer is the Buchanan son.

Viki comes over to Clint who tells her that Asa and Nigel are on the run, as the car is missing.

"You are looking well Asa." Spencer gets closer to the bars to have a really good look at the old man. Asa asks Spencer what it is that he thought he was going to gain by putting that picture of Emma Bradley in his lodge.

"Why don't I drop by and suggest that Natalie come out for a drive." Seems she has been holding up in the house and not talking to anyone. Clint will think about that. Viki has to meet Jessica to talk about the wedding later. "So, have you spoken to Dorian? I went over to her house and David was there. He was walking around the house in his underwear."

"Even if Spencer gets some of the Buchanan money, what makes you think that he will share it with you?" David needs a plan and Dorian's help making the plan. "I want 50% of any money that you get…" They haggle and finally they agree on 20% to be paid to Dorian. David gets pen and paper out. "Let's see…There is Asa, Bo, Clint and all their children." He and Dorian map out the different personalities of everyone in the Buchanan house. "Look David. Your living here isn't a good idea as it might give people the idea that we are lovers. Clint is going to find out soon enough and he will need a shoulder to lean on. I will give you advice on how to get the Buchanan money, but after that, you are on your own."

"Why did you break in my lodge and leave Emma's picture in my lodge?" Spencer says that if he did put the picture there, it would be because he should be reminded of the way he walked away from a woman that he claimed to love. "I don't have to justify myself to you!" Spencer ignores all that. "I hope to god that photograph reminds you of just what a cold-hearted, cruel, selfish bastard you really are.

Starr returns Cole's clothes from the party. "I didn't even get in trouble with my parents." He has to go, but then so does she. "Thanks again for helping me out."

She watches as he walks off.

Jessica saw the kids just now.

"He's cute."

Starr turns and sees Jessica walking up behind her but still she can't stop smiling.

Todd and Blair argue so much over whether her things should stay or go and finally the man leaves not helping anyone.

Blair starts unpacking her things but Todd grabs the things, roughly shoving them back where they came from.

Cristian and Evangeline discuss his temper and how it is all of a sudden flaring up lately.

Antonio tells that he is letting Nash go. "The guy has a lot of trouble on his plate lately, so I kind of understand."

David loves Dorian's plan. "You go make those cowboys pay!" Dorian says as he rushes out the door.

Clint and Viki talk about David living in Dorian's house. He understands that David is probably just staying with Dorian to get free room and board. Viki sees his he taking things lightly and she really does hope that the man is over Dorian.

"I loved that woman. When it was over, we both moved on." Spencer tells that Emma died an angry woman because of Asa. Asa says that if Emma was bitter, it was because of her son.

Nigel decides that it is time to get going. "This clearly isn't a productive exercise." He gets the brakes off the wheelchair. "But I tell you Spencer. If you ever got out of here and come after me or my family, so help me god. I will kill you." Nigel pushes him out.

"I don't really know that boy but he did something nice for me so I guess that he is okay." Starr plays with Jessica's baby for a bit. "I think that she looks like Natalie," Starr says. "How is Natalie? John was such a nice guy." Jessica invited Natalie out but she probably just wanted to be alone.


Starr and Jessica turn to find Viki bringing up the rear. Viki asks about things at school. Starr doesn't really get into it. "I gotta go you guys," Starr leaves.

"I feel weird having a wedding so close after John's death." Viki knows that life is to be lived. "You have to live your life…we all do. The best thing that you can do right now if marry Antonio."

Dorian is cooking.

There is knocking at the door.


Dorian opens the door to Clint.

"The security guy said that I could come up."

Dorian lets him in. "I heard something disturbing about you and I wanted to check it out."

Clint's eye catches something on the stool nearby. He picks up the notepad and reads. "What is this?"

Blair is still refusing to leave he penthouse. She tries to get up the stairs with her things, but Todd rushes after her and pugs the case from her hands. He rushes it to the front door and tosses it out. She doesn't care and stands with her hands on her hip smiling at him from the middle of the room. He picks up the next case by the handle and jokes that there had better be nothing breakable in there before he pitches that case out as well. She doesn't care what he does kicking her stuff out. "I have a key." He demands to know where. She won't tell him. She grabs her purse and stomps out singing, "No you're never gonna get it." She takes two steps out the door and it slams behind her.

When she realizes her mistake, it is too late. "Come on Todd. Open up." She says that she has a key but he dares her to try it. She sees that he has outsmarted her.

"My friend was looking for a job and the Buchanan's businesses are a great place to start." Clint guesses that the 'friend' who wants a job is David and that he has not only moved into the house, but back into her bed.

"You are going to need some help with your trial, and I can help you with that Spencer… Just sign these papers." David unfolds the contract and waves it at Spencer.

Blair convinces Todd to open the door and in comes not only Blair but their children. Todd says that the children can stay but that Blair has to go. "I won't stay without mom!" Jack shouts.

Evangeline finds it strange that Claudia thinks that Nash should be arrested. She does. She explains how Nash got out of control, ranting about Tess and Jessica and Cristian just tried to settle Nash down…that's all.

Cristian doesn't get why his brother won't arrest this guy and get him out of all their lives…especially Jessica's.

"I love Tess," Nash rants at the wall.

Antonio lets on to Cristian that getting Nash away from Jessica is the last thing that he wants to do.

"Your dad and I want to give you a spectacular wedding!" Jessica wants the wedding to be perfect. Viki gets uncomfortable. "I have been wondering about Nash and what this is going to mean to him since he will be living here in Llanview."

"You are in love with him aren't you?" Claudia tells Evangeline that it doesn't matter what she feels as Nash is still in love with Tess.

"Everyone deserves a second chance Cristian. He is really okay. I am even starting to feel sorry for this guy. I just think that he is falling apart because he is realizing that he can't have Tess."

"Bring me a vodka."

Antonio rushes over to stop Nash from taking that next drink.

Claudia offers to help if Nash is being taken to jail. Antonio isn't taking the man to jail. He is taking him home. He nearly carries Nash out.

"Who told you that David was staying here?" Clint tells how Viki was the one. "Oh! Well Clint, I am surprised that you even care."

Spencer takes the papers and reads. He sees that David wants Spencer to give him his money when he reads the papers. "Why would I give you all my money?" David says that it would be a good way to make reparations for things that the man has done to him in the past. "Maybe I will sign…Just one catch. I want to know what is really behind all this."

"You always have an ulterior motive. Power of Attorney?" David says that if Spencer will sign the papers, he will explain what the contract is all about. Spencer will not.

"Guard! Get him out of here!"

"Wait Spencer. I will tell you what is all behind this. Spencer. I know that you are Asa Buchanan's son."

"He is just my houseguest until I get tired of him." Clint finds her acting desperate since she seems to be running back to David. "Thank you for caring!" she shouts. "I got news for you Dorian. I don't! I don't!"

"He's not dealing with Tess not coming back very well." Viki doesn't want Nash to affect the wedding. Jessica knows that. "I am going to marry Antonio and we will be happy for the rest of our lives…with our children."

Antonio tosses Nash into the shower with his clothes on. "No! No!" Nash screams.

Antonio leaves the shower and laughs wickedly at Nash under the cold water.

"Antonio must be a really nice guy not to take Nash to jail," Claudia says to Evangeline before leaving.

Evangeline walks slowly over to Cristian. He tells that he has a lot of frustration and anger. "I will work on it and it will not go away overnight. I am so in love with you and I would never, ever hurt you." Evangeline isn't ready to give up on them right now. She moves closer to him and he brushes her hair back. "I would never hurt you." She believes him. They kiss now.

"Jack, don't you miss your room and your toys?" He does but he wants his mommy to stay with them. "Todd you don't know what they eat, or what they like for breakfast…" Todd says they can figure that out. "Alright, your mother can stay." Todd gets Jack's suitcase and walks the child upstairs.

"Congratulations mom." Blair fakes knowing what she is talking about. "You know exactly what I am talking about. Keep it up. I won't get in your way." Blair smiles down at her daughter.

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