One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/12/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex talks to Layla about he boyfriend and how it feels finding out that the man that she was seeing isn't who she thought he was.

Adriana comes out to see how her friend is doing this morning. She was delivered a horrible blow…

Someone bangs on the door.

"Hey! Layla! It's me! Vincent!"

Layla stares at the door.

Viki comes to see Dorian.

David comes out in his shorts and nothing else, and walks nonchalantly to the fridge. "What are you doing here?" David tells Viki that he lives there now. "I was going to ask you for a job."

Antonio goes to Nash's place with Bree thinking that the man could use a housekeeper.

He finds Nash passed out on the floor…

The man wakes. "What time is it?" Antonio tells that it is time for him to get his act together.

Jessica visits her grandfather and they talk about Natalie and how they are both worried about her.

Natalie is outside alone. Eve, Michael and Marcie come to her. "There is something that we need to do but we cant' do it without you."

"We are going to baptize Tommy and we want you to be his godmother, so you have to be there." Natalie smiles. She can't believe the honor.

"You are just going through a difficult time right now. We want you to be Thomas's godmother so please say 'yes'.

Jessica tells her grandfather about her integration. "It is so weird to think of yourself that way." Asa thinks all women have different personalities. Jessica laughs. "You are a geek and now that I know that about you, we can start IM-ing. Sending messages to each other."

"It is time for your medicine." Nigel hands Asa his medication.

"So nice to see you Ms. Buchanan. Maybe you can get your grandfather to reveal his secret."

"I will keep you in mind if any positions come up for you," Viki promises. "Could you go and put something on David?"

He goes to the back room and comes out wearing a loose ladies apron. "I wanted to leave Duke's medical records in case Kelly wants them for the baby."

Starr comes out to the kitchen. "Why aren't you in school?" Starr says that she isn't going back to school again.

Vincent will not leave and keeps banging on the door.

Rex and Adriana discuss with Layla what to do. Rex decides to head to the door.

He opens it and Vincent orders him aside so that he can see his girl.

"I am not your girl!" Layla shouts from inside the apartment.

Rex orders the man out of there but he will not leave. "You can't stop me."

"But I can!"

Vincent and Rex turn and see Cristian behind Vincent in the hallway.

Viki wants to know more about what is going on with Starr. "You know Starr if you don't go back to school, you won't learn that the power of logarithm of x is equal to the exponent of T-R, to the logarithm of X. Viki orders the man upstairs to get dressed.

Starr tells Viki that it doesn't matter. She isn't going back to that school because she hates it there, and there is a gang of girls there who are making things difficult.

Natalie agrees to get the godmother. "Who is the godfather?" They didn't think of that. Marcie has an idea of who that should be.

"You were supposed to be spending time with your daughter today Nash, but I can't leave her with you. You are hung over and in no shape to take care of an infant." Nash gets it. "This is because of Jessica and I kissing last night isn't it?"

"What secret are you keeping from us all now?" Asa is angry with Nigel for opening his big mouth. "You are fired!" Nigel will go if he has to. "Secrets kill! I will seek employment elsewhere…" He turns to Jessica now. "Ask him about the picture." Nigel walks out.

"Now first of all, you are not firing Nigel. He is your right hand. Second of all, what is this about a picture?"

"If Layla doesn't want to see you anymore, then I will make sure that happens." Vincent starts denying again but Cristian doesn't believe him.

Vincent gets by Rex and enters the apartment. "You are the woman that I love."

Adriana stands before, so he can't walk straight to Layla. He talks over Adriana's shoulder. "You are the woman that I love, and I will be waiting until you want me back." Vincent leaves.

Rex tells the girls that he is leaving now.

He opens the door and finds Michael and Marcie standing there. They ask Rex is he would like to be Tommy's godfather…

Natalie and Eve sit at the church with the baby and talk. She tells Eve about Rex and how they grew up together. "It is strange being here, in the same place where we just buried John."

Jessica pushes her grandfather and he finally hands her the picture that Nigel was talking about. "I passed out and when I woke up this picture was on me." Jessica asks if Asa knows the woman in the picture. "Who is she?"

"My mother."

Asa and Jessica turn to find David walking in the mansion.

"I don't believe there was a kiss and if there was, what is your point Nash?" Nash doesn't have to spell things out to Antonio. "I think that you know what my point is Antonio."

"The Britney Squad? What did they do to you to make you upset?" Starr says that the details are boring. Viki promises not to tell Starr's parents if she doesn't want them to know. "Langston and I went to this party. People were drinking and dancing and acting pretty wild. The Britney Squad came over and then we met these other boys. They offered us drugs and I said 'no'. Then this boy Cole came over and helped us out. Britney didn't like talking to the boy and soon I was covered with someone's drink. I got mad and called her a bitch." Viki understands and thinks that Starr handled things right. "I don't want to go to school anymore cause I don’t want to fight. I fight for my parents, I fight all the time. It is because of my parents. Maybe I should just join The Britney Squad." Viki thinks that is a very good idea.

"Last time that I checked Marcie, you couldn't stand me." Marcie thinks that Rex has grown on her somewhat. "And Adriana rubs off on you. You can be kind and loving and when we were in that killing club, that bonded us for life." Rex agrees to the deal then. "Look no further, I am your man." Michael tells that they have to get to the church right away if they are going to do this. Adriana wants to stay with her friend. Rex leaves with the married couple to head to the church.

"I'm sorry. I am sorry about what I said about Jessica. I am the one who kissed Jessica." Antonio appreciates him saying that but he will not leave the child with Nash while the man is a mess…

"My mother's maiden name was Bradley. My middle name is Bradley. And so is Spencer's.

Jessica leaves when her grandfather decides that he wants to talk to David alone.

"you tell me the connection between my mother and yourself." David needs to know the truth. Asa looks at the picture again. "Your mother…was one of the greatest loves of my life."

Eve thanks the minister for the job that he did for John…

Michael and Marcie arrive with Rex.

"So we are going to be godparents eh? That's cool." Natalie warns him that this isn't cool. "It is a serious commitment."

"Would everyone please gather around? We are here for the christening of Thomas John McBain…son of Marcie and Michael…"

Vincent goes to Nash's place. "Doesn't seem like much is happening around her today." Nash tells the man that he had a tough night. "Well, I am still doing business as usual…"

Antonio and Cristian talk in the park. They discuss how Vincent needs to be dealt with. Antonio wants to move on it but Cristian wants to wait. Antonio will do that but if the guy so much as blinks…

Antonio looks up and sees Jessica walking in the park towards them.

"I need to talk to you about something." She waits. "I heard that you and Nash kissed the night before. "That's right," she says calmly. "We did." Antonio seems surprised by her calm reaction to his question.

Starr sees that Viki is using reverse psychology by acting like she wants her to joining The Britney Squad. Viki admits it. "They want you to go away because you are bright and pretty and you attract the boys. Of course they want you to go away." Starr understands now. "you promise that you won't tell my parents about the party?" Viki promises. "Can I ask you one more questions Viki? What was David doing here? And why was he only in his underwear?"

Asa tells David that his mother was a woman who he had deep feelings for. "What are you saying?" David asks. "Are you my father?"

The christening is over and everyone leaves but Rex and Natalie.

"John should have been here," Rex suddenly realizes. "Yes," Nat says. "He is in my heart. Wait! Who am I kidding? He isn't here to hold my hand, to hold me. How am I going to do this Rex? How am I going to keep on living?"

"Nash kissed me and it meant nothing." Antonio doesn't understand why she didn't tell him about it if it were a big deal. "He was drunk and it didn't mean anything." Antonio isn't sure. She moves to him, putting her arms around his shoulders, so she can be closer to him. He pulls her hands from around his neck, looking deep into her eyes. "Do you have feelings for Nash?"

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