One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/11/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex and Adriana make love… Rex is tired but he loves it.

Dorian and David are getting close. They wonder if this is a mistake.

Britney says that the beer spilling all over Starr was a mistake. Starr knows better. Britney tells Starr to get over herself. They are at a party and this kind of stuff happens sometimes. "I'm staying over at my aunt's house. She has a nose like a bloodhound. She'll smell me coming up the driveway. You know what, Britney? We are so sick of having to deal with your --" Cole sees things are getting heated and he jumps in. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, chill, everybody, ok? Listen, come on. I'll fix you up." He offers to get Starr out of her clothes.

"So why don't you stop playing me, Todd, and admit that you love me?" Todd's not joking. "I'm not playing you, Blair. I -- it's just that seeing you naked is not going to make forget about what's happened." Blair tries again to explain why they need to be together. "I'm just trying to allow you to remember that we're two very passionate people that have a tendency to get themselves in messes, and I also want to remind you that no one in the world understands us better than we understand ourselves. And I also want to remind you that you are so enjoying playing this little wounded victim and I'm getting sick of it!"

"So why don't you just tell me that you love me Todd? Admit it, Todd. I'm -- I'm tired of messing around here, so just admit that you love me." Todd says the magic words, but to him that is all they are.

"Cristian, stop it. Cristian, stop it! Were you trying to kill him?"

Ted writhes on the floor in pain, shouting out that he's sorry for what he has done to the man.

Evangeline tries to stop the slaughter, but Cristian doesn't seem to be able to hear her.

Ted begs Evangeline to get Cristian off him.

Evangeline doesn't know this person that Cristian has become…

Blair feels that it still isn't too late for the both of them to pick up and get back together. "You know, I also love pastrami, but pastrami gives me heartburn, and you're far worse for me than pastrami." Blair begs Todd to just let this go. He can't treat it that lightly. "Do you want me to just let go what it was like, when I woke up and it was my last day on earth? When I ate my last meal or when they stuck needles in my arms? Is that what you're referring to?" Blair actually knows what Todd is feeling. "Look, I kind of know what that was like, Todd. When I was locked in the trunk, I thought I was going to die or -- or go crazy. Margaret did to me what Spencer did to you." Todd doesn't find the situations similar. "Well, the difference is I fought Margaret tooth and nail! You didn't do anything for me!" Blair says that she took action the minute that she found out that he was wrongly accused. Todd feels that his getting off death row had nothing to do with her actions on his behalf. "I tried to do something and you were just upset because of the way that I did it! But I did it for you and it worked!" Todd guesses that to be true. "Oh, you guess? I suckered him. I humiliated him, I made sure that he was behind bars and made sure that he was humiliated." Todd doesn't want to talk anymore about this, so Blair suggests that they change the subject. "Ok. What else should we talk about? Uh -- let's talk about how much you had sex with Spencer. Every day, every night?" Blair snaps. "Listen, damn it! I did what I had to do, all right? Get the smirk off your face, Todd. And I got revenge for you. And I am sick to death of apologizing to a man who can't even say 'thank you'." Todd agrees with what she has just said and he says 'thank you'.

David and Dorian think about the good old days when they were together the first time. They both agree that they had wonderful times together.

Kelly enters the house and surprises David and Dorian… They had no idea that she had entered the house. She sees that…

Layla is really worried about her sister, but Vincent tells her to leave it alone and stay out of it. "Getting in Vange's business has always sort of been a way of life for me, but I guess you're right. I can just tell that she's worried and -- you look a little worried yourself, actually." Vincent shrugs that idea off. "Well, it's not about her. I just have a business deal that's on my mind." Layla guesses what he is thinking about. "Listen, if it -- if it concerns Cristian's boxing career, it sounds like he's going to stop at nothing until he finds out who drugged him in that fight." Vincent says what he thinks Layla would expect him to say. "Well, I hope he does find out. And if somebody did that, I hope they pay the price." Layla can see that he is lying and asks him if he is.

"That source I was telling you about, the one who knows who set me up? He said it wasn't one of Abbott's guys behind it at all. It was this loser." Ted's only concern is that Vincent will kill him if he learns that Ted finked on him. Evangeline doesn't understand. "Oh, yeah. My freakin' manager, your sister's boyfriend. He had Ted here pay Abbott's trainer to drug up Abbott's gloves so I'd lose the fight." Evangeline doesn't understand why Vincent would do this. "The oldest reason in the book, babe -- money. He laid down a big bet on Abbott. A bunch of them, apparently." Evangeline is dumbfounded. "Yeah, well, I can't believe this, either. I mean, this whole fight -- this whole fight was set up from the beginning!" Evangeline doesn't care about the setup right now. "I'm seeing a side of you that I thought was gone -- forever. I'm just gonna come out with it."

Starr gets upset when she thinks that Cole thinks her being covered with beer is funny. "Come on, Starr. I'll sneak into my house and I'll get you something to wear." Britney uses Langston's statement to make a crack. "You sure you don't want to try Cole's idea? I'm sure you'd love to take your clothes off for him." Cole can see that Starr is getting upset and tries to console her. "No, you know what? Just leave me alone, ok? I don't need anyone's help." Cole explains what he meant by suggested he get her out of her clothes. "I shouldn't have said it like that. I'm sorry. All I meant was that I have a gym bag full of clean clothes in my car and if you need one, I've got one." Langston says that isn't necessary. "She doesn't need one of your t-shirts. Come on. We'll go up the back way." Starr doesn't want to go to Langston's place if her parents are there. Cole suggests that Starr just stay and change there. "If they wake up, she's screwed. Come on, you can change in the bathroom." Starr is fine just changing in some nearby bushes.

Langston turns to the The Britney Squad…"Hey, why don't you three go play with your hair so Starr can have some privacy?" Britney fakes disappointment at not being able to watch Starr change. "Oh, you mean we don't get to watch? Darn. Amber, Suki, let's go." They walk off.

"All right, so, listen, I'll go get the shirt and Langston's going to stand guard." Cole walks off.

"Mom? What? Are you kidding? Ok, ok. Oh." Langston's mother has called upset that she isn't in the house.

"Sorry, I got to go. My parents had to choose tonight to care where I am." Starr understands and tells her friend to go. She doesn't need a lookout, and she is sure that she will be fine with Cole.

"You're welcome. And you thanking me, it -- made everything worth it. Of course, seeing Spencer arrested made everything worth it, but it -- the nightmare wasn't over until now." It isn't over for Todd. "But you said you loved me and that you were grateful for what I did." He is grateful, but he and Blair are a nightmare. "Yeah. I think that no matter how optimistic we are, every time we get together, we always screw it up. And I think the only way to end the nightmare is to go our separate ways --" Blair can't accept this. "It takes more than love, and we're just a train wreck waiting to happen and I'm not going to do it anymore. I refuse. I'm so tired. I'm so tired of it. I'm not going to do it to myself; I'm certainly not going to do it to our children. Blair, let's just resolve to end it, please. I can't do it anymore. Let's just stop trying. It's over."

Adriana tries to settle her amorous boyfriend down. He won't hear of it and asks when Layla is returning home. She wonders jokingly why he needs to know that.

"I knew you were a player when I met you. But for some reason, I always felt like you were being straight with me." Vincent says that he has been truthful to Layla. "Any time that I talk about us it's the truth. The thing is, I don't want to talk to you about my business, baby. It's not that I don't believe in you, it's not that I don't trust you. It's just the way it is." Vincent doesn't agree when Layla says that she knows that she is nosey. "So, if you don't want to talk about this business problem that's bothering you, that's fine. It's nothing illegal, is it?" He skirts her question by telling how the thoughts that he is having right now are illegal. She smiles reminding him that she has her own place now. He knows that. "I might be lucky enough to see what you look like in the morning?" Layla could arrange that. "You know, I love my sister so much, but I'm so glad that I'm not living with her anymore." They head out together.

"Didn't you hear what I just said? Vincent Jones set me up. He was my manager. He was more than that -- he was supposed to be my friend!" Evangeline feels that Ted was pressured. "I saw the beating you were just giving Ted. Maybe he gave you a name so that you would let him live." Cristian can't believe his ears. "Oh, come on, Evangeline. Ted's scared to death of Vincent. He would never give him up just to get me to back off." Evangeline can't believe the rage that she just witnessed. "You were ready to kill him, Cristian. If I hadn't come out here when I did, I think you would have." He feels should understand. "Are you saying that because I've done it before? Damn it, Evangeline. You know what got done to me!" Evangeline doesn't know the man that stands before her now. "You said you were another man when you killed Tico. I think I just got a glimpse of that man today." He is disappointed. "I can't believe this. I can't believe this. You don't even care what Vincent did." She makes her position on all this clear. "Oh, I care. And if it's true, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure he goes to jail and make sure he doesn't get within a mile of my sister ever again. But what I can't get over is the way you reacted to the news." He can't believe that he has to explain himself. "The boxing commission says I threw the fight. Every kid in angel square thinks I'm a bum. I've got no career; I've got nothing! And it's because of Vincent, and you don't want me to be mad?" Of course he should be mad. "It's what you did when you were mad. Cristian, it's what you were about to do to him!" He doesn't think that this is a big deal. "I don't know if I can be with somebody that's capable of this."

"David has gotten some really interesting offers to go to Hollywood and become an actor. And he was just showing me how they shot a -- a scene in a kitchen in an old movie." David tells Kelly how he was playing Jack Nicholson just now. Kelly smiles. "Yeah. You know, you guys don't have to explain anything to me. Who am I to judge? I smell pizza. Ooh. You know, I would have knocked, but it's, like, the kitchen." Kelly is stunned when she learns that David has a room in the mansion. "Yes. The blue room -- you know the one. It's -- it's the one that's furthest away from my bedroom, down the hall." David exits.

Dorian tells Kelly that David will be moving in just for a few days…and of course staying in the blue room… "Ok, Kelly, what you saw -- David and I were acting -- on impulse." Dorian chuckles as she tries to make light of she and David living in the house and what that means. "You know, Dorian, it's really none of my business, but your life is kind of up in the air right now. With Adriana not talking to you and Clint not talking to you, do you really think it's a good idea for David to move in?" Dorian feels David staying with her is just fine. "His life is in shambles right now. So is mine, and we've -- well, we've always been kindred spirits." David's my friend. He cares about me and I can't say that about too many people anymore. It just feels right for me to help him get back on his feet." Kelly admits that she hasn't been too supportive of Dorian, and Dorian readily admits that she hasn’t been too happy with herself either. "Thank you…"

Cole learns that Langston is gone now. "I guess I'll have to play bodyguard, then -- I mean, that's if you trust me." Starr wonders if she can trust this guy and then decides to. "You'll be ok. The keg is on the other side of the house."

Starr disappears to change. "You wouldn't happen to have a belt or a bungee cord, would you?" Cole has a thought. "Hey, won't your aunt still be suspicious if you show up wearing a guy's pants?" Starr knows that with her mother sluts are acceptable over drunks. Cole understands her sarcasm. He guesses that her parents are divorced and admits to knowing how Starr feels from personal experience… She warns him strongly not to turn around as she is changing her top now. He tells her that she bossy. She tells that she got that from her parents.

"I'm in no mood to go round-and-round with you right now." Todd needs to get away from there. "Ok, you go clear your head, take a walk, do whatever you need to do." He'll go, but he has to say something first. "I was thinking all those times we got married, remember that part about "till death do you part"? Well, I died and it parted us. By the time I get back, I want you out of here." Blair reads between the lines…"Yeah, baby. You still love me, Todd, and you told me. So here's to you. I'm going to get you back."

"I don't think I can be with somebody that beats people to a pulp to get what he wants." Cristian was dealing with Ted the way that he saw fit. "He was lying to me, Evangeline. It was the only way I was going to get him to talk. My reputation is at stake here." Evangeline thinks that he has his priorities screwed up. "You're worried about your reputation as a boxer? Cristian, look at what you're doing to your hand. Can you even move your fingers?" She feels that he has damaged his hand more by doing this. He says that he is fine. "Do you have any idea what m talking -- can't you see what I'm saying? I'm more than upset. Life can be snatched away from you at any minute, which makes me furious when people do something so stupid and so destructive." Cristian is different. "Yeah well, you know what? I'm not like you. I can't always do it with words." Evangeline thought that she understood the boxing… "I -- I kept trying to understand why you would want to box when you can paint the way you do, and what never crossed my mind is that maybe you just like hitting people." He tries to hold her but she will not let him. She just can't be with him anymore.

Kelly comes to see Blair as requested. Kelly has come to Todd's to help get Blair's stuff out of there. "I'll get the heavy stuff, but -- did you check on the kids for me?" Kelly did. "Starr's not home yet, Jack's down for the count. So what is all this stuff -- candles, rose petals, champagne?" Blair tells about her evening. "Yeah, I tried a little seduction thing with Todd and it didn't quite pan out." Kelly shakes her head. "What's going on tonight with this family? Is there something in the water? I had the pleasure of walking in on David and Dorian in the kitchen." Blair is horrified to hear about David and Dorian on the counter, in the kitchen. Both ladies vow never to eat in that kitchen again. Blair doesn't believe it when she hears that David is moving in. "She feels sorry for him, and I do, too. I mean, she assured me that they're not going to be sharing the same bedroom." Blair finds that stipulation mute. "Why do they need to share a bedroom when they have a counter? I don't know -- is it grosser than having my children live under the same roof as David Vickers again? I don't know. I just -- I've got to figure out a way for all of us to get back here with Todd." Blair hasn’t got a plan 'B' yet but she is working on it

Todd bumps into Evangeline while out and about. "You can sit if you want. But I'm warning you, I'm -- I'm not having a good night." Todd tells his story first. "Well, I leave here, I go back home, and guess who I find waiting for me -- Blair Cramer, naked as a Jay bird." From that point on, Todd tells that things really didn't go that well. "I'm guessing she's not buying into the idea of sharing custody?" Todd knows that is going to be a fight but he will deal with it. "I can't believe that on the same night we buried John, I just had what could be the terminal fight in my relationship with Cristian." Evangeline tells how she discovered something about Cristian that she didn't know about before.

Adriana apologizes when she and Rex are caught sleeping on the couch. Vincent who has come in with Layla jokes that they should put a necktie on the doorknob when they want to be alone.

Cristian arrives from nowhere.

Cristian fixes his eyes on Vincent only and he asks if really did it. He asks the question right out. Everyone else in the room wants to know what Cristian is talking about. Vincent wants to talk to Cristian outside. "We're not taking this anywhere. We're doing it right here in front of your girlfriend, in front of all your friends. And you're going to tell me why you did it."

"You know, a lot of people couldn't make that work. You kind of do." Starr has changed into Cole's clothes, but the look is okay.

"Cole, there you are. Everybody was wondering what was taking you so long. Why, Starr, you made the team."

Starr ignores Britney and tells Cole that she will get his clothes back to him next school day. She walks off.

"What did you and little Starr talk about while she changed her outfit?" Cole only tells her that the conversation wasn't about her, and he leaves.

Britney promises herself that this thing with Starr isn't over.

David enters wearing one of Dorian's robes he insists she stole from the Savoy. "What were you doing going into my room without being invited in?" David is stunned. "I have to ask to borrow a robe? What about Kelly?" Dorian assures him that Kelly won't go around talking about them. "Now, then, David…" David gets nervous. "I don't like the tone of that -- you're kicking me out again, aren't you? I use your shower one time and you're kicking me back out on the street, aren't you?" Dorian pauses when she realizes that she didn't give him permission to use her shower either. "The blue room has lousy water pressure. You should get a plumber in there before you stick your next guest in there." Dorian stops the man from getting too far ahead of himself. "David, I don't want you to move out, in fact, it's the very opposite. I want you to stay here. We are still very much attracted to each other, but that doesn't change the fact that we are very bad for each other." David explains how he thinks they are together. "Well, there's "good" bad and "bad" bad. I think we're good bad, but if you think we're bad bad, I will defer to you since it's your house." Dorian is happy that he is agreeing to do things her way. She really just wants him there as a friend. The light in David's head goes on. "Ah. Wait a second. You want me to help you get Clint Buchanan back, don't you?" Dorian does want that…"But I also want you to help me get Adriana back. She's very, very fond of you." David understands her now. "So let me get this straight -- you want me to help you get Clint back, who dumped you, and your daughter back, who left you because you hired some sort of stalker who terrified her --And you want me to do all of this, you want me to help you, from the blue room?" That's the deal and if he knows what's good for him, he will take it.

"Oh, my God. This is such an awful time. I'm -- I'm just confused. I caught him doing something tonight. I don't think I can spend another minute with a man that would do a thing like that." Todd immediately jumps to the assumption that Cristian cheated. Evangeline knows that Todd has to be joking. "The boxing commission suspended Cristian's license because they say he threw the fight. Well, he found out tonight from his manager's flunky that his own manager arranged to have him drugged during the fight. He had put money on the other guy. Cristian reacted to the news by nearly beating the flunky to death. I really think he was going to kill him if I hadn't stopped him. I -- I think he wanted to. I know he's been through some terrible things and he's done some terrible things because of it, but I saw a side of him that I had never seen before and it scared me. He claims he had to use force to get the guy to tell the truth. He was completely out of control. He was unrecognizable." Evangeline has no idea where Cristian is now. "I walked away. I walked in here to find Vincent. If he did this, I'm not going to let him anywhere near my sister. Vincent and Layla had left by the time I got in here and Cristian didn't follow me, so I'm guessing he's out looking for Vincent. He'll probably try to kill him." Todd would pay to see that fight.

Cristian orders Vincent to tell the truth about setting him up. "Cris, this is crazy. What reason would Vincent have to set you up? You're his fighter. He had everything riding on that fight." Cristian orders Vincent to tell Layla who he bet on that night.

Before Vincent can explain, himself, Layla figures out he is lying… "Come on, Vincent. You were a big man the night of the fight. Be a big man now." Layla remembers that night. "You said that you wanted whoever did that to be punished and it was you the whole time? You liar!"

Dorian knows that David has been down on his luck, but she is sure that things will get better. "I agree. After all, Spencer is behind bars where he will hopefully stay for a very long time. And all the secrets of my past are out in the open. I feel like a fresh start. I can live in the blue room, conspire with you. What's old is new again." Dorian nods her heard. "That's right. And it's going to give you time to reinvent yourself, and what a magnificent invention you're going to be once -- once you've gotten ready to accept your past and who you really are. Hmm. Magnificent!" David doesn't know if he is actually magnificent…

Starr walks in commenting on David's outfit. "Nice robe…" She tells him that he looks old and tired. He finds her young and full of life. She runs off to bed.

David remarks that there isn't ever a dull moment in that house.

Blair and Kelly pack up the dishes. Kelly wonders though if Blair really wants to do that. "When Todd comes back home, I want him to look at that table and realize what he has missed." Kelly feels that Blair is handling this rather well. "You know, you're amazingly together for someone who has to pack up her flower petals and candles and go home." Blair knows that she did things all wrong. "I tried to get Todd back with some fireworks and I should've known after the year that we had that I should've been more subtle. I gave Todd the one thing he never had -- a family. He's a little mad at me right now, but he'll be around. And when he comes back, we'll be here waiting."

"I'm trying to be understanding about the boxing, you know, supportive. He's trying to make a name for himself and I really thought that the money he made boxing would make it possible for him to spend more time painting. But I found out tonight that he has an angry, violent core. He's got to get it under control or just -- there isn't any hope for us." Todd agrees. "I am really sorry that you're hurting, I am. Um -- I know what it's like to -- to think you're going to have a life with someone and then -- and then after a while realize it ain't going to happen." Evangeline sees now way to fix this. "He's not going to let this go. I don't know what to say to him. I -- I don't know what to do about any of this." Todd offers to help her in any way what he can. "You've always been there for me, so if there's something you'd like me to do, you name it and I'll do it, whatever it is. I mean it.

"What, you want to do what? Go ahead, be my guest. I'll even turn the other cheek." Cristian is surprisingly calm. "Hmm. I think I'm past that point for now. I already tried to get it out of my system. Let's just say it didn't work out too well for me. What I want from you is an explanation." Vincent won't tell all. "Look, I can't tell you anything until I know who you talked to and what they told you." Cristian's not stupid. "I give that up, somebody might just end up floating in the river tomorrow morning." Layla's eyes are opening up to what her boyfriend is really all about. "Baby, I'm not in the boxing game to help my fellow man. I'm in it for the money." Cristian knows what happened now. " I trained my heart out for you, because I wanted to show you that I was a good investment. But all you wanted was a loser. Hell, you must've freaked out when I overcame my bad hand. So you found another way to sucker-punch me, huh, make me a loser again?" Layla waits to hear Vincent deny what Cristian says, but he doesn't, so she kicks him out.

Cristian is sorry that he had to do that in front of Layla, but it had to be done.

Cristian discusses using Rex to help him out. "Well, Vincent didn't own up to anything. And the guy who pointed the finger is probably halfway to Mexico by now. I need to prove I was set up or I can't box again." Rex understands what Cristian needs. "So I connect Jones to whatever happened to you during the fight?" Cristian wants a confession…

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