One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/10/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair has disrobed before Todd and is offering herself to him. She wants to marry him and move back into the penthouse. He picks up her clothes and throws them at her. "Get your clothes on and get the hell out of here!" Cristian tells Vincent that he is going to meet someone to get information on the fight. Vincent wants to come with him as backup but Cristian wants to go alone. He meets up with Angus a friend from the boxing world and the man has information, but will not give it up for free. When Cristian advances on him, Angus starts talking. He tells that Ted was the one who set things up with the trainer and that Cristian was drugged but that the drug was wiped off right after…in the ring. Angus saw the whole thing go down. Cristian orders the man to call Ted and get him to come for a meeting. "Tell him you have a hot tip for him. Just get him here now!" Blair gets dressed but she is pissed. Todd has rejected her and she can't understand why. He tells her that when she should have trusted him when no one else did, she turned away while Evangeline saved him. She says that she was there and didn't want to see him die but that isn't enough for Todd. He isn't angry now when he tells her that trying to fix things now is too late. Ted shows up for the meeting. Only Cristian is there and he tells right away what he knows before beating Ted up. Ted denies and denies and denies but Cristian won't let him go until he gets the whole truth. Ted and Shaun talk. They don't know much about this contact that Cristian went to see but they do know that Ted had better lay low and that Vincent's name has to be kept all the way out of it. David shows up at Dorian's with pizza. It doesn't take long before Dorian figures out that David needs a place to stay. She doesn't think that it is a good idea but gives in giving him a room in her house. Soon they are kissing. "No strings!" they promise each other. Cristian is beating Ted in the alley until finally the man says that he will talk. Cristian lets up on Ted and Ted tells that he did set Cristian up and that he didn't work alone. There were others who caused it to happen. When Cristian hears that Vincent was involved, he is furious and starts beating Ted harder and faster than the time before. Evangeline comes to the alley, looking for Cristian and sees what is going on. When she shouts to Cristian to stop this, he doesn't. She grabs his arm but he shakes her off it roughly.

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