One Life to Live Update Monday 10/9/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair comes to the penthouse looking for Todd. "Are you hear? If you are, you are in for a really big surprise. If you aren't, you are in for an even bigger surprise." No one is there and she smiles taking off her coat to implement her plan.

Todd sits at the bar…

Rex comes over and they talk about John. "I think that I should stop putting things on that I have to do and you are the one to help me do that Rex."

Michael is crying in the alley.

"They are all waiting for you," Marcie tells him walking up behind him quietly.

"I can't do it." He cries on Marcie's shoulder like a toddler but he knows that he has to make an appearance for his mother. "I have to be the strong one. I have to be like John. He stepped up. He was amazing. He stepped right into my dad's shoes and he became the man of the house. I guess that it is my turn. I have to be the man of the house." Marcie tells him that he already is man of the house. "Our house! I want a husband and father who isn't afraid to let it out Michael. Your mom…I look at her and she can take care of herself." Michael knows that she still needs someone to lean on. "Michael, you are always there for me, let me be there for you."

Viki worries about Natalie and what she may do. "She may get reckless and do something that she will regret!"


Nat goes deeper into the darkness.

She recognizes the face. "What are you doing here?"

Vincent tells her that he is following her.

At the bar, Todd tells Rex how it is time for him to start searching for his son…

Layla is at a table with her sister and Cristian and learns that Cristian will be looking further into the incident of his being setup "Someone has to know something," Evangeline says.

Todd hears them and thinks back…

He remembers Vincent and how he tried to deny his involvement in whatever is going on with Cristian but wasn't convincing.

Natalie has no idea why Vincent has followed her and has been watching her. They are not close at all. He only lets on that he has been through a few things in life as well.

Blair looks around Todd's place.

She finds the broken picture frame of she and he. "You were wrong about us Todd. You still love me."

Evangeline and Todd talk about Blair and how Evangeline knows that he has been using her to make Blair jealous. "Hasn't it occurred to you that you are the one that I like?" She smiles.

Claudia and Nash are at the wake in the bar.

She can see that he can't take his eyes of Jessica…

"Why don't you just go home?" He tells Claudia that he is fine.

Jessica turns and looks behind herself and finds Nash staring straight at her.

Michael addresses the crowd. He is solemn at first but then tells the crowd that they are going to do this up Irish style. He takes off his shirt and tells that everyone is going to get to tell their stories that night. "Raise you glass, to my big brother! To John!"

"You watched me in Angel Square? You get in your car and follow me up to Atlantic City to hide in the bushes and spy on me at John's funeral? To watch me suffer? Vincent what makes you think that this is any of your business? Why do you care? Do you think that there's something in it for you?" Vincent takes the toothpick out of his mouth. "I know there is."

Natalie rushes him ready to beat him up. He takes a couple of steps backwards. "I just want to help. It is the truth." She doesn't want him following her or popping out of the bushes. "When I say I want to be alone, that means leave me alone…like now." She sits back in the seat before the open grave. "There is going to be a time Natalie when you are going to need someone and I can be a good listener, and you will need a friends." He walks off.

Natalie goes to the graveside and looks down into the hole.

"He John! I can already hear your voice; 'Vincent's a bad man, stay away from him.' He is right though. I should be talking to a friend. I should be crying on my best friend's shoulder. But I can't. Because you were my best friend John. And you left me all alone."

Michael tells the story of John and the field of cow poop. Everyone laughs. "It was pretty nasty, but once again, John came through."

Evangeline tells about a game and how something about the game wasn't fair. "John tried to teach me to throw the ball, and I threw the ball and it goes wide and sails right beyond his reach and into the water off the dock…"

Antonio does a toast like John would. "Here's to lying, cheating, stealing and loving… Here's to Johnny McBain…."

Clint goes to his brother knowing that this funeral is hurting him deeply. "If you want to take your grieving somewhere else, everyone will understand." Bo does want to go somewhere else.

Rex watches the man leave.

Rex then leaves after him.

Todd arrive at the penthouse.

The room is filled with lit candles and soft music is playing in the background.

"Hello!" he calls out.

Blair comes slinking down the stairs and the first thing that Todd sees are miles and miles of legs… Blair is coming down in a blue number that's all about cleavage. "Well, hello…"

Bo has returned to the office.

The door opens behind him.

Bo turns to face Rex. "Did I say, 'come in'?"

Rex leaves and enters the proper way.

"I am working on a case and I want to look at John's notes. I am looking for Todd's kid." Bo will get someone to get him the files that he needs. "Thanks Bo…Not for the files but for, giving me a second chance…and letting me back in your life again. Life is short and I wouldn't want any unfinished business." Bo nods. "I will get the files for you, not get out of here Balsom."

Rex hurries out.

Bo goes to his desk and pulls out a picture. He delicately positions it on his desk and looks at it smiling.

"It is a picture of Paige."

The nurse talks briefly with Paige about Hugh and leaves.

Vincent enters, upset at the sight of his friends. Hugh is sedated and he can't hear anything that is being said. "Are you a friend of his?" Vincent says that he and Hugh are brothers. Paige smiles. "I didn't know that. I am his birth mother." Vincent is upset. "You mind if I talk to him for a minute? I will tell him to get up and get out of this place." Paige leaves to get coffee.

"Hey buddy, what happened to that lunch that you were gonna buy me? You think that I am going to let you get out of that? You know, I needed somebody to talk to man…And since I get so damn claustrophobic in confessionals, I guess I'll do all my talking today. Remember how I told you I was going to make a whole lot of money someday? Well I did. You can't hear me and that is why I am telling you this. If you could, you would have me arrested for what I did to Cristian Vega."

Evangeline goes to Jessica and congratulates her on things going great with her family. Jessica tells how she punched Claudia in the mouth.

Jessica and Evangeline turn to peek at Claudia and Nash…

Claudia reminds Nash that the woman that he loved was Tess and not Jessica…

"I have one! I have one! John took a photo that he didn't like and he put it on his office door and he put a sign on it that said, 'Do you really want to interrupt this guy?'"

Everyone roars at Marcie's story of John.

Natalie walks in quietly…

Viki turns and finds her daughter there. She is relieved to know the girl is okay…

"If you really believed that we were over, you wouldn't have a bunch of pictures of me in that drawer over there." Todd tells that all the pictures of which Blair speaks are broken. "No Todd. The glass is broken. The pictures are not. The glass can be fixed Todd and so can we."

"It doesn't matter if the fighting commission took Cristian's license or not. His hand is pretty bad and he couldn't find anyway."

Beep Beep

Cristian stands up concerned.

A nurse enters and checks things out. She turns off the machines. "He is just becoming more and more aware of his surroundings.

Paige enters, thanking Vincent for coming.

"Hey brother…I'll be back okay?"

Vincent leaves…

Viki isn't sure that Natalie likes the way that the wake is being handled. "Oh don't worry honey. I am sure that John would have liked this Natalie."

Claudia worries that Nash has been drinking too much again. He hasn’t but he has had enough of that place. He gets up and staggers out of there to the alley.

Claudia gets up ready to follow Nash…

Evangeline interrupts her. "I am handling Jessica's case and was wondering if you were going to be filing charges for her hitting you?" Claudia says that she isn't sure yet. "Well, what do you mean you are not sure yet?"

Out in the alley, Nash is pacing…

Jessica comes out telling Nash that he has to pull himself together. He is all confused now wondering what is what. Tess isn't really gone, so does that mean that at times he was making love to Jessica and not Tess? Nash moves quickly and shares a kiss with Jessica that she allows to linger.

Behind them a door has opened and Claudia watches them.

She leaves before they can see her.

Jessica takes Nash to a cab.

"Scotch, single malt, neat! And make it a double!" Claudia gets her order in fast.

Michael feels that everyone has spoken now but Natalie speaks up. "Not everyone has spoken…"

Bo comes to Rex who is reading John's notes…

He takes the kid to a place where pictures of officers hang. Bo hangs John's picture. "Is it straight?" Rex confirms that it is.

"I'm sorry, but I can't join in on your funny stories. Everything has changed. I can't…"

Vincent shows up with Layla…

Natalie turns to him, in front of everyone. "You know what? You were right! They don't understand."

Viki starts walking out behind Natalie but Clint stops her. "She has to find her own way."

"What did she mean by what she said Vincent?" Vincent shrugs off Layla's question.

Cristian gets a call.

"All right…Yeah…"

"Evangeline…It's some guy who says that he knows who set me up!"

Todd stands firm. "Look Blair, I have told you over and over how I feel about this." She knows what he is going to say but wants a chance to show him how she feels. She undoes her dress while Todd watches and she steps out of it, posing naked in the candlelight before Todd who drinks it all in…

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