One Life to Live Update Friday 10/6/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

A man starts digging a grave beside Thomas McBain's grave that morning.

Evangeline arrives for the funeral first… She goes right to the table with John's pictures…

Cristian comes in next. "I am glad you came with me," she tells him.

The McBains arrive next.

Eve looks at the pictures that she had chosen of her son for the funeral. She tells Thomas that he shouldn't grow up to be a policeman.

"Welcome home pa!" Nigel wheels Asa into the room. Clint and Bo are there to greet him. "Welcome home! It's about damn time!"

Dorian goes to the park to work instead of being in the office. She is pissed off.

A man with bare feet is laying on the bench behind her and hears her ranting and complaining. He mistakes what is going on and gets up warning that she had not better be interested in stealing his shoes.


Nigel is sent to get the Bourbon.

Asa tells how he didn't think that he was going to get out of that hospital some days. All raise a glass to his return. "To the Buchanans!" Nigel has watered down Asa's drink somewhat. ***

"Dorian what are you doing in a public park?" She throws the same question at him. He spent the night on a park bench. "I don't understand! What happened? You were on your way to Hollywood to become an actor!" David called the agent and it didn't work out. "I was invited up to her suite for an audition and she put a script in my hand. She sat me down and then took the script out of my hand." She wanted something else from him.

Antonio is at the funeral and he gets a notice with the details about the funeral.

Rex arrives looking around. "Natty where are you?"

Natalie is at home and she isn't dressed refusing to go to the funeral.

Roxy arrives and is surprised to see that Natalie isn't going to the wedding. "What?" SLAP! "Snap out of it!" Natalie holds her stinging cheek as she slowly turns her face to Roxy.

"I will say goodbye to John in my own time, in my own way. I don't need everyone looking at me." Viki knows how she feels; she has been there many times. "If you don't go, you will regret it for the rest of your life."

"We are all together and so there is something that we have to discuss." Bo brings up Spencer. "David thinks that Spencer was responsible for what happened at the lodge. David feels that Truman has a vendetta again our family. Kevin got sick, you dad ended up ill. Truman was up at the cabin on New Year's… we have to find out why." Bo will drop this subject now but visit it again.

"You were just ready to sell yourself to the mayor's wife. It weren't the first time that you had troubles…I wonder David is you are selling yourself short. Stop selling your soul. How will you live? What should you do? Should I offer you your job back?" David says 'no'. David toys with the idea of going to work for Viki. Dorian hates that idea. Still David decides that he is going to pay Viki a visit. "She is probably at John's funeral."

David turns in horror. "John McBain is dead?"

Rex and Bo talk. Rex knows that Bo liked John a lot…

Matthew comes to the two to hang out a while.

Nora and Evangeline talk. "I know how you felt about John." Evangeline just can't get used to the idea that John is gone!

The minister comes in.

He tells the McBains that the hearse has arrived.

Michael heads out to make sure that things are going as they should.

Eve and Marcie ask the minister to wait a few minutes for Natalie to arrive.

Natalie does arrive, with Viki, Jessica and Roxy. "Let's get this over with," she says. Then they all walk to the front and sit.

"I want to drink to John McBain now. Make this one an Irish whiskey!" Nigel tells that Asa's son's have drank him out of house and home. " I noticed that you were holding something back when Bo was talking about Spencer Truman… Something about New Years Eve…"

"If I didn't mess up, Thomas and John might be alive today. He wouldn't have been on that road. His life took a different turn. I am sick about the whole thing." Dorian tells David that if he thinks that he should go to the funeral, he should go. "Could you go with me?" Dorian will do that. "So we are clear? You are not going to ask Viki for a job right?"

The bagpipes start. The piper leads and six officers carry John's coffin into the room, covered in the American flag.

When the coffin is put down, the guests sit.

The officers remove their hats and kneel momentarily. Then they file out one behind the other with their hats removed.

Two of the officers go to the table where John's pictures sit and they stand on either side…

The song, 'AMAZING GRACE' ends at this time…

Nigel hands Asa a picture. He saw Asa peeking at it from time to time. "I haven't said anything about it to anyone yet. Who is that woman and what does she mean to you?"

The service starts…

Dorian and David arrive. They walk up the aisle to find a seat.

"…Commissioner Bo Buchanan will do the eulogy…"

Bo comes forward.

"Good luck," Matthew tells his dad.

"When I became commissioner, I thought that I knew what being a cop really meant but John made me rethink that. The job was John's life. It was who he was. John's blood ran blue. When I am referred to as John's mentor, it makes me feel strange as I learned from John about police work and getting justice. I am that way too but when I see that in someone else like that and moreso, I think like my son would say, that he is awesome. John McBain was a true hero. Still he had his little quirks. It is no secret that sometimes John had a little trouble expess - I mean expressing himself." Everyone laughs at Bo's mistake. "He spoke with deeds and actions, and that meant more to the people of Llanview and to his, his friends, and his family, his loved ones than - any words could ever possibly express. And if John McBain loved you, you knew it."

The minister takes over again…"On the day of Christ's return, may he be clothed in glory. Let us depart in peace, to love and serve the lord. Now before we leave, John's brother would like to say something.

Michael comes forward.

"I would like to thank each and everyone of you. We will be gathering at Rodi's, and we would like you all to come…"

The officers come forward again and do their well-recited moves. They pick up the coffin and walk out behind the minister, to the sound of bagpipes.

After they are gone, the guests leave…

"Michael, Mrs. McBain…I am sorry for your loss."

Eve doesn't want to talk to Michael right now and isn't happy to meet him.

"I just wanted you to know that your son made me realize that I am not a killer." Eve just walks off.

"That took guts Vickers…" Bo has come to David now.

Rex goes over to where Dorian is standing.

Eve says a brief 'hello' to Bo. They will talk later.

Viki is very proud of Natalie. Natalie feels that she can hold it together maybe until they bury John. She walks quickly out of there.

Viki is the last one to leave the church.

It is dark now. The only light is the one that shines over the table that displays John's pictures.

John's coffin gets a grand farewell to the cemetery.

The officers put the coffin down.

The Lord's prayer is recited. "…Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me and I shall dwell in the house of the lord forever!" Antonio finishes…

The flag is folded and given to Eve.

Eve turns to Natalie and hands the flat to her.

The coffin starts lowering into the ground…

Eve crawls over to it and on her hands and knees, she starts singing "Oh Danny Boy…"

She can't sing anymore and so Michael comes over to her and picks her up off the ground.

Evangeline continues the song for John's mother and everyone who can hear.

Rex goes to the grave… "Don't worry about Natty. I will take care of her."

Michael stoops over the gaping hole and whimpers.

Marcie comes to him and hugs him. "You don't have to say anything…" They throw their roses on the coffin and walk to Eve.

"He's not here mom. Let's get out of here…"

Soon everyone is gone. Natalie sits still with her mother behind her…

Evangeline finishes singing and goes to the grave.

She kisses her flower and then throws it in. "Goodbye."

Then it is just Viki and Natalie.

"Are you ready to go?"

Natalie tells her to go. "I would like to stay for a while. Please mom. I will be alright…" Viki walks off.

It gets dark…

Natalie gets up and walks to the edge of the grave. She turns her head to the side and throws her flower in the grave. She then walks away quickly.

Suddenly she stops… She turns to look behind her. "John?"

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