One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/5/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian gets a visit from Vincent. "I am here to give you a warning. Don't look into who might have set you up. You need to let this go my friend and I mean now."

Cristian and Evangeline sit at the diner and she is thrilled about the editorial about John. "Why would you write a love letter like you did about John McBain?"

As they talk, Blair comes to the diner and see the two talking at a booth.

Antonio tells that they have a lot of flowers that were delivered for John. Bo isn't surprised…

Eve, Marcie and Michael go and set the funeral up. Eve is preoccupied. They decides on flowers and will get back on which picture will be used as a display for the funeral. "Did he have children?" Michael says that he didn't have a family yet.

Natalie walks in.

The others stand to greet her. "What about me? Do I count as family?"

Kelly comes to see her friend Hugh and gets an update on the man's condition.

She sits alone with him now.

Paige watches them through the window to the room.

"The longer you keep at this Vincent, the longer it stays high profile." Cristian doesn't want to be out of the game and needs to fix this. "You can't fight anymore anyway!" Cristian isn't stupid. "Why are you trying to stop me from boxing?"

Antonio looks at the flowers all over the station…

He goes to see Bo now. "Is there anything else that I can do to help with this?" Antonio's eyes have been tearing up all day. "John was a friend…He was one of the best cops that I have ever met. It's not fair." Bo knows that and it never is fair. "John is gone but Spencer is perfectly well and trying to figure out how to get away with murder. You know? He might do it. John should have gotten a fresh start after solving his father's murder…"

"Natalie, of course you are family but we didn't ask you to come as we thought that it might be more difficult for you to handle it. We are sorry. We should have let you decide for yourself."

Natalie introduces herself to the funeral director. "I am sorry for your loss," he says. "I was going to be John's wife…"

"John helped save my ass twice last year." He did the same for Evangeline. He wasn't an easy guy to like though. Evangeline says that although they broke up, they were still friends. "He was a great guy," Todd says. "He never compromised about telling the truth, except for when he lied about Natalie's husband being dead…" Evangeline finds that John has a lot of qualities that Todd has. Evangeline reaches out and puts her hand on Todd's.

Blair has had enough. She marches over to the table, nice and slow.

Todd and Evangeline look up and find a very pissed off Blair standing over them.

"I already told you why you have to drop this. Vega I was your manager and I can't be guilty by association…" Cristian hates how this guy stands by his clients. "You need not accept this and move on, understood?" Cristian walks to the door. "You really think that I have anything else to lose? Lock the door when you leave…" Cristian leaves.

Vincent gets frustrated and slams his fists in to the door.

"We were talking privately," Evangeline says. Blair can see that. "I would like to talk to Todd privately myself. Evangeline leaves.

"I read your editorial. Todd we have to figure out where Jack and Starr are going to live…" Todd doesn't see the problem. "I want joint custody." Blair tells him that isn't going to happen.

Paige enters the room and Kelly is in there crying. "You don't understand. We were getting close…"

"I don't know what I am supposed to do." Michael tells that the family has arranged an honor guard for the LPD, bagpipes and a photo display… There will be flowers but nothing to big." Natalie is glad to hear that. John wouldn't be too big on the flowers.

The funeral tells that they haven't yet decided on the casket for John yet. "Natalie you should decide this. You knew John better than anyone else here." She agrees to do it.

"I will take John's caseload to help and I can handle the police detail for the funeral." Bo is grateful for Antonio doing this. "Use his father's church as the place where John will end up. He will be buried by his father…"

Evangeline arrives…

Antonio gets to work.

"Hi Bo! I need to talk to you about John's office and what we may find there."

"I brought some pictures of the kids that Hugh coached from the soccer team that he coached." Paige had no idea that Hugh worked with kids like this. "It took me a while to find the parents but the kids are nuts for him. They even asked if Hugh will be back next year. How long have you known that he was your son?" Paige tells that she knew about her son for some months now but hadn't told Hugh until recently. "He is so proud and so successful. I wish that I had told him sooner. We could have had more time together. There is so much that I want to know." Kelly knows that Hugh is tough and will pull through. "Hugh found me in the park and I found out that I was pregnant. I just trusted him. He calmed me down and he made me feel like this baby was something to celebrate and that the child was a miracle. He made me feel great and I have no idea what I would have done if I hadn't been with him that day. Your son is a beautiful man."

"John was honest and brave…" Michael listens to Natalie and thinks that Natalie making decisions might have been a mistake.

She ignores him and instructs the funeral director some more.

The man walks off.

"I gotta go," Natalie says walking out.

Evangeline thinks that there might have been something in John's office that was written down like a Will… Bo will check to see if there is something like that.

"There is no way that you will get full custody Blair…" She has an option that he can choose if he won't give her full custody. "I want to move into the penthouse, with the children, like it should have been years ago before Margaret. Marry me Todd!" He just smiles.

Bo and Evangeline enter the office and look around. "Let's start with the file cabinet." Evangeline remembers how she and John used to talk with him in that office. "There was a time when I thought that we wouldn't ever be friends. I told him about Cristian in here and he was great. I loved him all over again in a new way. He would be disgusted with me for being this morose." Bo knows that he would, but he would also identify with what Evangeline is saying. Evangeline goes to John's desk and sits before the picture of John and his brother. "Oh John…"

"Marry you? Are you serious?" Blair wants to go back to before Margaret. "The Margaret thing just happened but you kept the ball rolling." She remembers making love to him at the penthouse. That was wonderful. " I am your family and you need to stop looking in the past so that we can have our future. We could have each other." He isn't sure that he wants her anymore. "Oh, so now you are a liar Todd?"

Natalie sees Cristian in the park and she tells how she had to make decisions about the funeral. Cristian would like to do something but she tells him that there isn't anything that anyone can do. "John is in a funeral home which smells like flowers and he would hate that. This makes no sense!" Cristian kisses her forehead and walks off.

Natalie puts her head down.

She hears someone walking up behind her.

"I just want to be alone, okay?" she says without looking around.

"I don't think that is such a good idea…"

Natalie reacts to the voice she hears and looks behind her. Vincent stands there…

"It isn't going to work Blair." She tells him to go ahead then and push away what he really wants. "I am here and I am not going to go anywhere. I am going to have to raise the stakes. You will know what I am doing when it happens." She leaves.

Kelly talks to Hugh. "I want you to know that I am here for you and I pray for you and I know that you are going to get better. You have to fight! You have to fight! This baby inside me…She needs to know you. I will come back and see you real soon."

"Paige I am sorry. I know that he is going to be okay." Paige is a doctor and she knows that Hugh's chances are not good. "Still the mother in me, that part of me believes he is going to get better. He just has to get better."

"Well, I think that we are done here." The McBains decide to go and eat. The funeral director insists that they choose the photo soon. Eve will make the choice. She sits over the album.

"I have never seen this picture before." Bo tells Evangeline that the picture is of John and his dad. "People didn't think that John was sentimental but he was."

"You shouldn't be alone when you are this upset." She rants. "I am sorry Natalie." She doesn't believe him. "You hated him." He will let her take it out on him if she wants. "Be my guest, but the one thing that I know is that you put yourself on the line for that guy. You took a lot of slack for that. I envy anyone who could do that for another person. I hope that the pain that you are feeling will be replaced one day for something else. You remember how you felt about him while he was here. Then one day, you will not have the pain and you will be happy enough to have the chance again to fall in love again with someone that much." He slowly walks off now but has gotten her attention.

Paige sits with Hugh…

A nurse comes in and tends to the man…

Paige looks at her son's body sadly…

…Todd sits alone in the diner…

…Blair watches him from the window outside…

…Todd has no idea that she is there…

…Blair leaves…

…Todd turns to look at the door but no one is there…

…Marcie, Todd and are together. The photo for the funeral is chosen and Marcie and Eve leave…

…Michael looks at the flyer that will be prepared for the funeral…

…Bo looks at the picture of John and his father that John kept in his desk. When finished, he returns it where it was found. He turns off the light and looks back into the room. Instead of leaving, Bo sits alone in the darkness, and suddenly shakes from the sobs for his friend…

…Cristian rubs his damaged fist...

…Evangeline arrives and she finally lets it all out and cries. Cristian goes to her and holds her…

…Natalie is in the park alone. She goes to a park bench and curls up on it…

…Vincent comes up behind her and watches. He looks like he can feel her pain, but he decides to let her be and walks away unseen…

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