One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/4/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian and Evangeline eat in the park. She can't help thinking about John. His being gone doesn’t seem real to her. She starts calling Natalie but Cristian stops her. Cristian has been avoiding his mother as she will be upset about the commission's decision.

"Your boxing career is over Vega!"

Shaun and Vincent have arrived.

"We need to find Natalie," Viki tells Clint. The family have all be told the bad news…

"I am right here…"

Natalie has come into the house.

Todd walks Langston and Starr to their lockers. Starr could die from embarrassment. He has taken the girls to school and tells how he has been asked for a meeting with the teacher. Miss. Kowalski wants to see him and he wonders if his daughter has gotten herself in some kind of trouble.

Adriana and Layla move into their new place, and they walk from room to room sorting boxes.

Rex helps move boxes.

Layla tells how she quit BE and needs more money than the Capricorn can offer. "I have to find a job and soon!" Adriana tells that she quit modeling and will need a job too.

Rex reenters the room saying that there are jobs at the club that he has available.

Natalie has a calm, quiet visit with her family and she seems composed and under control. "I want you to know that this will always be home for you." She hasn't any idea where she wants to be now. Viki offers her breakfast, but Jessica knows that breakfast will not help, as all she cares about is that John is dead.

"Dad, I am not in trouble with the teacher. How could I be? School has just started."

Miss Kowalski arrives in the hall. "You are something of a local celebrity and I wonder if you would speak to my class about your experience with the justice system." Todd appreciates the offer but kids don't need to hear about that in Todd's opinion. He leaves.

"Your dad is so cool!" Starr knows him better and only thinks that he is cool sometimes.

"You can't fight with that bad hand if the suspension were lifted anyway Vega. Do something else with yourself Cristian and get over this." Cristian still wants to fight and tells Vincent that he has to clear himself. "I wanted the money to start a gym or something and now I have nothing." Vincent says that he is sorry but that Cristian's career is over as a boxer. "No! I can't let this go!" Vincent wonders then what Cristian is going to do. "I am a businessman and you are not a marketable commodity. You are on your own." Cristian will clear his name then on his own….

Evangeline tells Cristian to forget about this. They will solve the mystery together.

"Natalie, I know that John was the love of your life, but I don't want to see you…" Clint doesn't finish his sentence. She finishes it for him. "…throw myself on John's coffin?" She has no idea why she just said what she did. They are all trying to be there for Natalie in her time of need but aren't sure how to do it.

Kevin arrives. "The pain never goes away, but you learn to deal; with it." Natalie knows that she will miss John everyday and it will never get better.

Kelly arrives and is sorry about the news as well to do with John's death. Natalie apologizes for lashing out at her brother jut now. "I am glad that you are back together." Kelly. Tells they are not back together. "Let us shoulder some of the hurt," Clint asks. Natalie thinks…"You know, I don't need as much space as I thought I did." She goes into her father's arms for a hug…

The cool girls walk the hall.

"Hey Starr…"

She and Langston turn to find the daughter of the man Todd beat up at Meet-The-Teacher night before them, with her friends fanned out behind her. Britney tells Starr that she isn't in middle school anymore and that she had better watch it.

Langston finds this great. School just started and already things are lousy.

Layla leaves the room for a moment.

"I hate that you are not moving in with me. Change your mind Adriana. I love you and want us to be together. Not just sometime, but all the time."

Cristian wonders if Evangeline will still want to be with him. She hasn't got different feelings for him at all. "I love you." They will start with Abbot. Cristian will talk to everyone until he gets someone to admit that something was set up.

Todd arrives.

"Hey! Sorry about John Evangeline…He saved my life." Evangeline thanks Todd for writing the article that he did in Cristian's favor. "You know, whoever bet against Cristian…made a lot of money," Todd smiles. "…including me."

Shaun figures that it is time to find a new fighter. "It is too much effort," Vincent complains. "We're friends, right Vincent? You know like I know that Vega was set up."

"You should know. You set him up!"

Shaun and Vincent look up to see the accuser is Todd.

Kelly and Jessica play with the baby.

Natalie talks to her family…"I know that you guys are worried about me but I just have to deal with this. John is gone and there isn't anything that I can do… Actually, there is something that you should know about John's death…"

Layla enters the room…

She closes her eyes and shouts out that she is present.

Rex and Adriana separate and stop kissing. Layla can see they are going to need a sign… for those who want to make out. she leaves the apartment for a while.

He wants to go to bed with Adriana right now! She cools his motor by telling him that she really needs to find out who she is as just Adriana before becoming more of 'Adriana and Rex"…

"He was ready to live his life…John spent his whole life torturing himself and the minute that he gets his back, it is over." Viki knows that there isn't anything that will change the reality of what happened. Kevin tells her to find a way to get from one moment to the next. "You know what? I don't want to dump on you all." Clint knows that the family I strong and can deal with Natalie venting. "Ever since I heard the news, I have just felt dead. I don't know if I will ever feel alive again."

Cristian is boxing things up.

They can't believe that Todd bet again Cristian..

Shaun gets in Todd's face. Vincent keeps eating. "I overheard your man Ted talking about fixing the fight. Why don't you guys get me a coffee, and a muffin and I will tell you all about what I know?" Todd has Vincent's attention now.

"I get where you are coming from Adriana. I have been on my own for a long time already though." She really needs to spend time alone. She does agree to leave a toothbrush at his place though.

"I am frustrated by the things that I can't do!" Cristian shouts. "I can't even support myself!" Evangeline knows that his life isn't over like he seems to think. "I am being selfish and I am sorry," he tells her. "If it hadn't been for you and John, you know, I would still be rotting in jail." Evangeline remembers that. "He wanted justice, and Natalie…"

Todd wants to know if Vincent profited from Cristian getting set up, but Layla arrives and the conversation stops.

"Why don't you come to my new place later and check it out?" Vincent will do that. She leaves.

"I wonder how she would feel if she knew you set her sister's boyfriend up for a fall?" Todd asks Vincent…

"I can't believe that I have an essay tomorrow."

Britney and her posse purposely bump it Starr and Langston.

Britney and Langston can see that things are going to get difficult real soon. They spy Britney talking to some football players. Starr knows they are smitten by the girls, but knows also that is because the boys haven't met she and Langston yet.

Cristian is trying to throw his painting supplies out but she will not let him. "I am going to be here everyday to remind you what kind of man you are." He wonders what he would ever do without her. "You will not find out."

"You got nothing on me!" Todd knows what he is speaking about. "Hey I am not a big Vega fan either…"

Layla comes over to say goodbye. "Oh Vincent, did you hear about Hugh? He was in that crash." Todd jokes that Hugh looks like a piece of charcoal…

Kelly and Kevin play with Bree. "I can't wait to hold my baby in my arms. Every time that I feel my baby inside of me, it feels so real." Kevin finds that a precious thing.

Kevin and Kelly join the family again and show their ultrasound picture. "Meet your grandchild." The family all take a peep. Natalie hopes that they tell the kids about John so that he will never be forgotten. "Sometimes I hear John in my head, and they other times he is nowhere… I didn't tell you about the important… thing. John was going to ask me to marry him…" Natalie looks down at her ring now…

"I want you to do your thing Adriana. Find your life, get even with you mom…whatever. So long as we don't lose this." Adriana wants things to go well with Rex as well.

Starr and Langston go to talk to the boys after Britney leaves the hall. The boys like Starr and Langston and get invited to a party that is coming up. The boys warn that the party is going to be wild. "I love doing 'wild'." Starr says.

The girls walk off and Langston asks her friend is she really meant it when she said that she will do 'wild'. Starr thinks that if anyone deserves that, she does.

Vincent makes remarks that are not so kindly about John as he talks to Todd. "Watch what you say about McBain," Todd warns. Layla stops the arguing and then takes her leave.

"you had better be careful Manning, or I might remember that you have the hots for Evangeline…"

Cristian and Evangeline calm down and soon they are making love.

"John wanted me to have this ring, and every time that I look at it…I'm okay," she tells her family when she senses that they are worrying.

"The baby is fussing. I have to go." Kevin and Kelly have to go as well and they walk Jessica out.

Natalie watches them through the window, as Clint and Viki watch her.

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