One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/3/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian and Evangeline talk about the fight where Cristian was set up. She likes being busy so that she doesn't have to think about John's death. She understands him helping with Natalie…

Vincent comes to see Cristian. By the end of the day, a decision will be made on whether Cristian threw his fight or not.

Kelly and Blair are at the hospital with Jack.

He knows that they want to be alone. "That is okay, I am going to see Dr. Spencer…"

Antonio sees Spencer in the front area of the station. "I guess you didn't hear. I am being released…"

Rex still isn't comfortable with Adriana's getting back at her mother. She says that she is only trying to teach her a lesson but Rex suspects that she is enjoying the idea of revenge.

Layla comes to the diner and joins Rex and Adriana with the real estate section of the paper. Rex will let the girls have some time. He needs to find Natalie anyway.

Natalie tries to sleep but she tosses and turns instead. She is in the bed that she shared with John and she is fully-clothed.

Suddenly she wakes and is immediately in thought when she sees the ring on the table beside her, shining away. She puts it on… "Yes John, I will be yours forever…"

Paige sits with Hugh.

Nora returns and Paige finds that really nice that she has taken even more time out of her day to spend there. "He is resting comfortably…" Nora says that she told Spencer about Hugh. "He reacted like a father…"

Antonio checks things out and it seems that Spencer is only allowed to go and see his son in Atlantic City; afterwards he is to be immediately returned to the jail. He isn't being released at this time like he says he is. Spencer knows that soon he will be released and he leaves confidently.

Kevin enters as Spencer is leaving.

Antonio tells the man that Spencer is going to see Hugh who is his son. Kevin heard a rumor about that. Kevin is there to make a contribution to honor John's death. "I just…How do you look at Bree and not see the father too?"

Blair tells Jack to go and have a seat while they wait for Kelly to have her appointment. The boy walks off.

The doctor comes to tell Kelly that there are some gaps with the info for the baby's father.

Blair leaves to go sit with Jack.

Roxy enters with beers to celebrate… She thinks that John and Natalie are getting married.

Rex enters behind them. They can see that Roxy hasn't heard yet. "John's been killed in an accident!" Roxy had no idea. She throws her arms around Natalie, but Natalie peels them off her and walks to the window to look out.

Rex follows Natalie to the window where she peers out at nothing. "Roxy's here, anyone you want will be here in five minutes. We've been through dark times before Nat, and we're going to help you get through this too. But you have to promise me that you won't do anything this time…"

'I can't promise anything." Rex knows how she is feeling. Natalie is really glad that her family came to see her. "What's with the ring?" Rex can't believe that she is asking that. Natalie is fine with the question. "He was going to give it to me. It is his mother's. I had gotten used to the idea that he wasn't ever going to settle down." Roxy knows that the man wasn't domesticated. "He changed. Solving his father's case…It lifted this weight off him and he could be happy and he didn't have the fight the world anymore. All this happened on the day that he died." Roxy tells that they are going to have a party! Rex doesn't think that this is a good idea. Roxy knows that John would like a party. "Gimme a beer!" Natalie says.

Adriana can pay more than half her share of the rent but Layla doesn't want that.

"Everything has to be equal. Now, do we share food? The only thing that I am a stickler on is that there be no men spending the night…" Adriana waits a couple of seconds and then they both fall out laughing.

Vincent tells that Cristian will lose his license if he is found guilty of throwing the fight. He will not be allowed to box anymore. "The worse thing for me is the look in people's eyes when they look at me…the children's eyes. They all think that I am full of it."

Paige was a doctor and finds it hard not to help her son, who she knows is in pain. "Everyone says that you were one of the brightest residents that ever came through this hospital. I got a list of everyone in the hospital who was in the OR the night Thomas came in."

"I am here to see my son!"

Nora and Paige turn to find Spencer there. "I have a letter signed by the mayor. You want no part of me Paige, but you can't keep me from my son anymore. I want to see his chart." Paige tells the son-of-a-bitch to go to hell and stay away from her son.

"It may become necessary to get more of the genetic history of the child but I don't see a reason to worry about that now.

Blair comes into the office…

The doctor leaves for a moment. Blair tells that she explained to Jack about Spencer… Anyway, Blair wants to talk about the baby and the two women laugh about pregnancy and all that come with it. "I want to know if you…would be my coach for the birth of my baby…"

The doctor returns.

Blair leaves again to check on Jack.

"I can tell you the baby's sex when we do this ultrasound. Do you want to know?"

Jack wants to leave now but Blair tells him that Kelly needs them right now.

Antonio tells that when he sees the baby, she is just Bree. "She smiled one of her first smiles at me. I don't think about Jessica and Nash. Jessica wasn't Jessica when she was pregnant."

The phone rings.

"Hey Kevin! It's Blair… Could you do me a favor?"

"Do you think that John would be okay with us partying in his honor?" Natalie says that would be fine. The trio sit in the bed together, eating snacks and drinking beer… "To John!" "To John!" "To John!"

A light shines from the window.

Natalie sits up turning towards it. "What is it honey?" Natalie says that John is there. Her face lights up with a smile.

Roxy feels Natalie's forehead. "I am not sick! It was John. I felt a breeze and I heard Jazz music…" soon she is crying. "I am going to forget what he looks like and I am going to forget the sound of his voice." Roxy wants to know one thing. "If I re-rent this room, will John still be here?"

Sean asks Ted if he knows more than he is staying. He saw when Ted went to talk to Abbot's trainer. Ted denies that there was any wrongdoing there…

Cristian and Evangeline say goodbye and leave Vincent now…

Sean asks Vincent if he knew that Ted came into a whole lot of money recently. "You keep this quiet Sean. And if you hear or see something else, you bring it to me."

Nora inspects the letter and it is valid. Spencer will be allowed in to see his son.

Paige worries that Hugh's parents will come in and see Spencer playing daddy. "I am sorry that I caused you pain Paige…"

Spencer enters his son's room and sits by him. Two officers escort him in.

"I don't know if you can hear me Hugh…but I need you to live. Do you understand? I need you to know the kind of man that your father did the things that he has. Son…You…Can you hear me at all? It is me Spencer… Your father"!

The body in the bed arches and the monitor alarms go off! Spencer jumps to his feet, looking at the monitors.

A nurse rushes in. "Page the resident on duty…STAT!"

Paige comes running in. "What have you done to him."

"Why is my son being cared for by a resident" Paige just wants him to get out of there. "That reaction that he just had, that was the same reaction that he had at the mere mention of your name."

The doctor tells that Hugh has been stabilized.

Spencer wants to talk to the man but he walks right by Spencer. "Hey! I was talking to you!"

"He has had his visit, now take him back!" Nora orders.

Kelly still can't decide if she should get the sex of the baby or not.

Kevin arrives and tells that Blair called him. She tells that she is doing okay and will be taking birthing lessons. "I will be happy to coach you through the birth if you like. She smiles. "I will think about it."

Blair brings Jack to the station and tells that he has a project that he has to work on. "He has to interview a policeman."

Antonio offers himself for the job. "Is being a policeman dangerous? Is that why John McBain is having a funeral?"

Rex finds Roxy very insensitive to be talking about renting John's room. Natalie is strangely fine with the talk. She asks Natalie for boxes and Roxy leaves to gets some.

"Anytime…day or night…you want to talk, cry or scream, you call me." She will do that. They hug. She drags him to the door and sees him out.

She goes to the closet again and touches some garments…She cries…

Kevin stands by as he and Kelly listen to the baby's heartbeat. He takes her hand and she smiles at him.

Jack is there and sees when Spencer enters. He tells Spencer how he isn't to see the man anymore.

Spencer makes a slight move with his hands as they are touching in front of him.

Antonio takes the child out of the room.

Spencer isn't happy that Blair has told the child that he isn't to see him anymore. Blair tells him that is because he is the problem.

Paige and Nora are still at the hospital when Hugh's parents arrive to see him…

Layla and Adriana have found the perfect place and they signed the lease.

Rex arrives at the diner and hears the good news.

Layla heads out.

Rex and Adriana go to his place to celebrate.

Cristian and Evangeline share ice cream and stare into each other's eyes.

Vincent enters.

"The boxing commission ruled that you threw the fight Cristian… Sorry…"

Evangeline is going to make whoever did this pay…

Natalie packs up all John's things in the boxes that Roxy has provided. Natalie wants nothing. She will give everything to Michael…

At the door, she stops and looks back at the room for a moment.

In the hall, she tells Roxy that she will be a minute. Roxy walks off.

Natalie looks down at her ring now that she is alone. "I have everything now that I need…" She walks off now confidently…

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