One Life to Live Update Monday 10/2/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Claudia mouths off about Natalie and her having balloons in the hotel, and Jessica pulls back and smashes her in the mouth.

Rex and Adriana go to Roxy's with the intent of getting a place for Adriana to live. He still wants her to stay with him, but she won't do it.

Michael and Marcie arrive and they are the ones who tell Rex and Adriana about John and how they told Natalie about John planning to propose…

Clint is at the diner and tells Carlotta that John is dead. "Dear God," is all she can say. She had no idea. She looks stunned…

She and Clint hug…

Dorian is at the door watching.

"He's been taken from us," Carlotta says…

Antonio and Evangeline talk about John. "I told him about Cristian and how we were in love." She thought that she wanted to be alone but she decides now against it.

"He's dead!" Natalie blurts out angrily, mascara smudged all over her face. Cristian is sorry and offers his shoulder for Natalie to cry on.

"Jessica, this isn't like you." Nash goes to Claudia to see how badly she is hurt. Jessica feels that she should have hit the woman long before. "she hit me because we slept together… She is supposed to be in love with someone else."

Antonio and Evangeline go into the office at the station for privacy. "John made me think that there was a set of rules that didn't exist when I came back to work here and I bought it." Evangeline laughs. "I know that you honor people who pass by remembering the good times, but I wonder if I was too hard on him…" Antonio hears her blaming herself, thinking that she could have been more empathetic, but he knows that she is being too hard on herself. "I am going to focus on the good times now. We laugh Antonio… We laughed so much and I want to think about those time."

Adriana hugs Michael, sorry to hear the bad news about John. "I know that he was a great detective and everyone respected him. Rex is sorry too. "If there is any time that you want to talk, or shoot darts, or play pool… Has anyone spoken to Natalie?" Marcie tells that she and Michael thought that she might want to know that John wanted to proposed. "It was too much and she ran off. We came here to find her but she isn't here."

Cristian hasn't got the answers for Natalie that she needs… "He seemed so hopeful," she says. "For the first time since I've known him, he was looking forward to the future. I saw Michael and he told me…" She tears up. "He was going to propose to me." Cristian is stunned by the timing. "John really loves me. I realizes that if John were alive, we would be engaged right now. Can you tell me how I am supposed to feel now?"

"Excuse me, I hope that I am not interrupting."

Clint and Carlotta stop hugging and turn to the voice that has halted their thoughtful moment. They see Dorian behind them.

Carlotta leaves to get back to work.

"I know that Carlotta is a great cook but really Clint!" Clint wants to know what this is all about. "I followed you here Clint. I am not going to give up on you." He hasn't got time for this. "I have to find Natalie. John McBain was killed in a car accident last night." Dorian is suddenly sorry that she was so crass in the beginning. "Oh please let me be there for you." He doesn't want her help. "this isn't the time to shut me out. John was so young and he is proof that life can be unpredictable. We have to seize life. Please Clint! Allow me to be there for you."

"Don't fall for it Mr. Buchanan!"

Dorian and Clint turn to find Rex and Adriana behind them.

"If you want to know why I hit her, ask her! And the next time that you want to sleep with her, have a cold shower instead…" Jessica walks out.

"What did you say to her?" Claudia says that she didn't do or say anything. Nash knows that can't be entirely true. "Show yourself out!" Claudia asks where he is going but he ignores her, slamming the door behind himself.

"I will tell you this Natalie. If I found out that someone that I loved wanted me that bad, like John wanted you, I would take that as a sign that she really loved me. Come on, I want to take you home!" Natalie shakes her head. "No Cristian. I want to go to John's." He puts his arm around her and walks her out of the park.

"My mom was so anxious to meet this guy that I was dating and she wanted to make sure that he was great for me. She was great to him but one of my uncles was awful to him." Antonio smiles as he listens to Evangeline's stories. "That is one of the things that I liked about John, and his honesty and his bravery… I was telling my sister that I think that he made the world a safer place." Natalie knows that the man was one hell of a cop. Evangeline tears up again. " I loved him…more than I wanted to. I was afraid that we weren't in it for the long haul, that we weren't meant for each other. After we broke up, I still felt a connection to him. I don't understand how someone so alive and so important to so many people could be gone."

The door opens and Nash enters. "I need to talk to you Antonio." Now isn't a good time, but Evangeline tells him to go ahead.

Antonio leaves the office with Evangeline to see her out.

Nash follows them and watches as they say goodbye.

Nash tells Antonio that he is there to talk about Jessica. Antonio will not discuss his wife-to-be with this man. "For starters, she has one mean right hook."

Dorian finds Adriana very rude.

Adriana doesn't care. Adriana tells Clint to watch it as her mother is very smooth. Clint doesn't like to be involved in this mother and daughter argument. "No Mr. Buchanan. My mother uses the excuse of love to control me." Dorian is horrified. "Thank you for telling me this Adriana, but don't you worry about me getting back with your mother, cause it will never happen."

Rex runs after Clint to ask him to please have Nat call him when he sees her.

"What happened to you isn't my fault Adriana. It is the fault of that psychopath. He went out of control. He was some kind of drug addict! It is the truth, and Clint would have believed it too if you weren't so vindictive to your own mother. Do you really hate me that much?"

Michael and Marcie return home and tell Eve how Natalie reacted when they gave her the ring. Eve is sad now. Michael fishes Eve's ring out of his pocket and gives it back to his mother. She takes it. "I am going to go for a walk." Michael tries to stop her but she really needs to get out. "Take care of your baby. He is very lucky, and so are you."

Eve grabs her coat and leaves the apartment.

Natalie is just coming up the hall with Cristian…

Eve recognizes her and stops… They say nothing, and then suddenly come together in the middle of the corridor to hug…

"Jessica punched Claudia, and it wasn't a slap." Antonio can't believe this. "If so though, what did Claudia do to her?" Nash says that he hasn't the whole story but it started because he slept with Claudia and Jessica didn't like that.

Jessica is sitting alone in the park.


She turns to find Clint walking up to her. Jessica tells that she was with Natalie. "She is gone. She went to the police station to see Uncle Bo and now I am just worried about her." Clint sees her hand. "It is swollen. What happened?" She tells how she punched someone. "I have my reasons but … I am scared dad. Scared of myself."

Michael and Marcie are at home and she looks over the list that Eve was making for John's funeral. "It's not supposed to be this way. My mom shouldn't be planning this funeral." Marcie knows that his mother is fine and still has a lot to live for. Michael knows that she is right. "She will get past this and maybe someday I will too."

"Do you want me to stay?" Natalie tells Cristian that he can go now.

"I am sorry for your loss," Cristian says to Mother McBain… He leaves.

"Natalie is was all my idea to have Michael and Marcie tell you about John. It was just so overwhelming, but maybe you will feel differently about what I did when you hear what John had to say about things."

Dorian and Adriana sit and continue their argument. "I am many things Adriana, but I am not cruel and vindictive. I think that this is because of the influence of Rex on you. I am going to get you back Adriana and I will find a way to get you to forgive me, yeah and Clint too! And that is a promise!" she walks out.

Adriana shouts after her mother making a spectacle of herself.

Rex tells Adriana to stop this. She can't. She can't let Dorian get Clint back.

"You used to date Clint!" Carlotta tells that was a long time ago. After talking with Carlotta for a spell, Adriana realizes that the thing that would really drive her mother nuts would be if Viki of all people got Clint!

"That is what I have to do! I have to get Viki and Clint back together again."

Jessica explains her predicament and how she is not feeling like herself. "It is part of the process," Clint tells her. "Be patient!" Tess doesn't know how to be patient and that is the problem. "If anyone can do it, it is you! Jessie I want to know who you punched." She tells that she hit Claudia. "she slept with Nash and when he left the room, she said these horrible, nasty things and I couldn't stand it and so I hit her. Nash is really upset with me." Clint suggests that she did this out of jealousy. "You didn't just say that dad!"

Cristian comes up behind them.

"I just left Natalie with John's mom," he shares.

Eve tells how John called her up and talked a lot! "His voice sounded like when he was a little boy…before his father passed. He was so eager and then he started to talk about you and I never heard him talk like that. He said that you were his soul mate Natalie and he didn't want to live another day without you in his life. And his last wish was to have you wear this ring on your finger." Eve takes the rings off for a second time that day, and hold it before Natalie's… "Won't you grant his last wife? Won't you wear this for him on your finger?" Natalie stares at the ring as if it were about spit poison at her. Then tears drop down her cheeks.

"You slept with Claudia? You obviously made it Jessica's business…" Nash says that actually Jessica showed up at his place. "Took take advantage of Claudia this way is just…" Antonio says that he and Claudia are both adults and can have a night together if they want. "You are implying that Jessica was jealous, aren't you"? Nash didn't say that but Antonio finds that he didn't have to. "I think that this 'immigration' thing isn't going as well as you think."

Claudia is alone at Nash's place. She looks at a picture of Tess…

Then she sees the bottle. She walks over to it and pours a glass. She takes a sip.

Cristian and Evangeline meet in the park. "Cristian I love you." They hug.

"please Natalie! Please take the ring…" Natalie takes it.

The door opens and Michael comes out.

"Natalie…Are you okay?"

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