One Life to Live Update Friday 9/29/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Jessica has just seen Nash and Claudia smooching.

"I can't believe it! You slept with her didn't you?"

Nash and Claudia turn to see Jessica coming towards them down the hall. "Are you jealous of this?" Claudia asks. Nash too seems confused.

Layla comes to Cristian and Evangeline at the apartment "It's John. He's been in an accident." Evangeline just stares…

Hugh writhes in pain while Nora talks with Paige about Spencer. Paige sees the man is in pain and goes to up the morphine.

"What are you doing?"

A nurse has entered the room and looks at Paige inquisitively.

Natalie shouts at Spencer in the police station about how he is responsible for John's death. She lunges at him but officers come and hold her back from Spencer.

"I used to be a doctor, I know what I'm doing." The nurses recognize Paige now. They read about her and how she lost her license.

Nora and Paige get out of the way so the nurses can do their work on Hugh. They leave the room and take off their gowns for the visit.

"A nurse comes to tell Nora and Paige that Hugh is doing much better now. Turns out that the nurse knew Paige back then and promises to do her best for Hugh."

Nora and Paige hug now.

Michael gets his mother something to drink and hands her the mug. "You kids have been through so much. I was singing on a cruise ship while you all were making a life for yourselves." Michael remembers that John was so peaceful that last day that they talked in the park. "When he told me that he was going to propose, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I never thought that marriage and John would go together. When he talked of the engagement ring, I saw this sweet, sentimental side. John and Natalie were the right thing. You guys are right. We have to tell Natalie that he was going to propose."

Antonio comes to Natalie and tries to make her see that she can't be this way. "She wants to see Spencer suffer." Spencer feels that he again is being blamed for something that he didn't do. "I am innocent of all charges that have been brought against me!" Antonio keeps a hand on Natalie as she is ready to fly off at any moment. "You dirt bag!" Natalie actually becomes airborne when she lunges in Spencer's direction. Antonio catches her and holds her off her feet to control her. They are hugging now as he holds her back and she pushes against him glaring at Spencer over Antonio's shoulder. "Take him back to holding!" Antonio shouts at the officers behind him. "You!" Natalie points her eyes like slits. "You! I'm not finished with you yet!"

"I am not jealous but you took her to bed?" Claudia tells Jessica that she isn't very nice. Nash allows both girls in the apartment. "This isn't any of your business!" Jessica knows that but he is the father of her child so it is her business. "I took advantage of her, and not the other way around. Oh what is this? You guys were drinking last night. Oh this is the cure that Tess uses for a hangover…So she took advantage of you because you were drinking?" Claudia is insulted that Nash allows Jessica to talk about her the way that she does. "Look Jessica. I was feeling alone last night. I wanted to have contact with someone, anyone! Even if I didn't care about the person." Claudia looks like she's been punched in the face.

"I wish that they would hurry up in there so that we can go back and visit with Hugh. You know Nora; she was here that night that they brought Thomas in the OR. Her name is Betty. OH MY GOD NORA! Hugh's adopted parents don't know what happened!" Nora tells that she was going to make the call. Paige wants to do it. Nora gives her the number. "And maybe this isn't the time to tell Hugh's adoptive parents that Hugh is really your son." Paige walks off smiling.

Betty comes out and tells that Hugh is fine. "Can I talk to you Betty?" Nora asks. "I want to talk to you about the night that Thomas McBain died…"

Evangeline will not believe the news. "Evangeline! John's car hit a semi head on and his car exploded!" Evangeline will not believe it. "No! He put his father's killer in jail and God wouldn't let that happen." Cristian knows that sometimes things have a way of happening on their own. "God put John in place for me at time," Cristian says. "Natalie!" Evangeline suddenly thinks. "What she must be going through…" Cristian is more concerned about Evangeline. "It is okay to be sad you know…"

"Dr. Miller wasn't the doctor that I read about in the newspapers at all. She was only assisting; she wasn't doing the actual surgery. All she had to do was close up. She could do that in her sleep." Nora tells how Paige work was referred to as a butcher job. "Do you remember Spencer Truman being around that night?" Betty is suspicious of Nora's questions. "I am a lawyer…Betty, what do you think about a highly skillful surgeon…" Nora doesn't get to finish her sentence as Paige has returned.

Betty gets back to work now.

"I really need to see my son survive this," Paige says.

"Natalie…and Michael…He probably has to tell John's mom and those poor people." Layla didn't like John for her sister but she knows that Evangeline loved the man. "I have to go." Cristian doesn't want her to go. He will go and deliver her message. "I will have my cellphone so call me…" Cristian goes to the door but then comes back. "I love you."

"Natalie! John's death was nothing but an accident." Natalie thinks about the other things that have happened that didn't make sense. "He wanted to get even. I think that you should check the brake lines on the truck Antonio." Antonio asks how Spencer arranged for John to be where he was at the time that he was killed. "I don't know!" she shouts.

Spencer sits on a desk nearby and listens to Natalie rant with a smirk on her face as she tries to make him bigger than God. He seems fascinated by her behavior.

Michael and his family walk in the door behind Spencer and hear Natalie losing it. They see her too and stop walking.

"I don't know how he did it Antonio, but I know that it was his fault!"

"I am sorry," Jessica says. "I was just over here to help my sister. I am sorry if I was out of line." Jessica starts leaving. "Nash could you leave us alone for a minute," Claudia asks. Nash finds that to be a really bad idea. Jessica agrees to it. "You two play nice."

"So Jessica, what is all this interest in Nash?" Jessica doesn't want Claudia near Bree and she has to be concerned about that. "He is vulnerable and alone, and you are using that to get back in his life."

Michael comes forward when Natalie tries for the third time to get at Spencer. Michael takes Natalie to sit.

Spencer watches amused.

"His mom…she is all alone Layla. She must be thinking about all the times that she could have seen him. Now I will never be able to ask him what his favorite poem was. I was alone in John's room one time, and I saw a corner of a book sticking out from under his bed. It was Yates poetry. I put it back. He was a mystery. The times that he opened up was very special as he hated talking about his feelings…but he was…he was one of the bravest men I know. He had an innate sense of right and wrong and it drives him crazy when a bad guy gets away with something. And then there is that smile that he has. You only get it every once in a while, but it is worth everything." Layla hears love still in Evangeline's voice for the man. "He saved my life."

Cristian bumps into Vincent and Sean in the park. "Are you going to tell me about the boxing commission?" Cristian can't talk about that right now. "John McBain was involved in that crash on the highway." Vincent is stunned. "Natalie is going to need someone to help her get through this." Cristian warns the man to stay away from her.

Michael and Marcie have Natalie in the office alone. "There is something that I really need to tell you Natalie…"

Evangeline gets a box out. "I have some things of John's that I just never gave back to him. John lived in this lonely place and I used to worry that he was going to close that place down. I told him that I was in love with Cristian and I knew after that if I needed him, he would have been there for me. That is who he was Layla… That's who he was."

"I should call Natalie." Layla tells her 'no'. "Write her a note and you take care of you…" Evangeline wants to be alone for a bit. Layla is reluctant to go but Evangeline insists. She will make her sister a cup of tea first. Layla leaves.

"That McBain guy was a character. He treated me like something scrapped off his shoe. You know Cristian, the way is clear for you now," Vincent says. "It is hard to believe that you and Natalie were married." Cristian was married to her and now he isn't. Cristian talks about John as a hero. He was the one who handled that prison thing. Vincent heard about that.

"Oh Michael. You are going to have to break the news to John's mother." Natalie learns that Eve is in town because John asked her to come. "Wait! John told me that this night, he had something planned." Michael tells that he talked to John before he left town. "He was looking forward to a future with you. He called my mother and asked her to bring the ring so that he could ask you to marry him." Michael shows Natalie the ring and holds it out to her. "No…" she says quietly stepping away from it, but not taking her eyes off it. "No…" She starts backing out of there. She gets out of the room.

Marcie starts following her but Michael tells her to leave it. "She is probably still in denial…Let her go!"

Out in the back hall to Bo's office, Natalie is still saying 'no'. She is alone now and she stops walking and cries out. She turns her head to the sky and wails, pinching her eyes shut…

"If anyone messed up Nash, it is you Jessica. Maybe Tess the mess has made a reappearance." Jessica starts leaving. "One, one more thing. What was sister Natalie doing in a hotel room with balloons…" Jessica turns around and punches Claudia dead in the mouth. She stumbles over, holding her face.

Nash comes out and sees that something terrible has gone out there…

Nora returns alone to the station and sees Spencer. "Hugh was in that accident and he has 2nd and 3rd degree burns. I am just telling you this because I am a parent."

Paige stays with her son and talks to him…

Layla leaves the apartment and finds Vincent and Sean walking up. He was going to see Evangeline but Layla tells him that this isn't a good time.

Evangeline is sitting with the storage box on her lap. She cries. She takes out a garment and holds it to her face. She slides to the floor, down the wall and puts the garment to her face. She inhales deeply and becomes calm almost immediately.

Cristian is in the park and he is on his cellphone.

"When you get this message Natalie, you give me a call…"

He hangs up the phone and looks up to find Natalie walking towards him. She and he freeze and just stare. She has mascara all over her tear-stained face….

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