One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/28/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Paige goes to see Bo and tell him that she is sorry about John passing. He thanks her for being there for him the night before so that he could vent about John. He called her at 3 am, but she doesn't mind. She knows that Hugh must be feeling bad as well. She would like to talk to Hugh but he is out of town somewhere.

In a bed, a body lays covered in bandages hooked up to a heart monitor… "You poor man," a nurse remarks.

Marcie wakes and finds Michael with the baby sitting nearby in a chair. They are quiet as bunnies as they play.

They are very quiet.

Someone knocks.

Marcie opens the door to Michael's mother who has arrived for her visit. She rushes to meet the baby and Michael and Marcie stand side by side for what will be a difficult task. "Mom…it is about John…" She knows! She knows! "He is getting engaged!"

Natalie wakes and sees this day is real and she remembers everything from the day before. "No!"

She hears knocking.

"John!" She goes running to the door.

She opens to Jessica. Jessica knows that her sister thought that it was John at the door. They hug.

"I will be in the bathroom if you need me for any reason Michael." Marcie leaves.

"Mom, John was in an accident, he didn't make it." The poor woman keeps saying 'no' over and over as Michael tries to comfort her. He tells her that what happened, happened real fast and John wasn't in any pain when he passed.

At the station, there is discussion about Spencer's case. Bo takes Antonio to his office.

Nora has a few questions about the Truman case and she wants Paige to stick around.

Bo has been thinking that someone has to take John's job as soon as possible, and he has idea on who that person should be.

"Don't tell our parents yet about what happened. I can't handle them looking at me and staring at me." Jessica wants to do something for her sister but Natalie wants nothing.

The phone rings.

Jessica grabs it. "No! Natalie is not here." She slams the phone in its cradle.

"It is reporters," Jessica tells Natalie.

The phone rings.

"No! Natalie isn't here!" She hangs up.

"I am just going to turn that phone off…"

Natalie isn't listening. She is reading a card. She suddenly throws it to the side.

Jessica reads it. 'Looking forward to all the colors of the world with you…John'

Jessica offers to clean up a little but Natalie wants everything left the way that it is. She still wears John's leather jacket and sits on the couch hugging here. "There is nothing that you or anyone else can do to make things better."

Nora talks to Spencer about the surgery that Paige did the night of Thomas's death. "Why did you insist that Paige assist Dr. Schnieder? You are a villain and you deserve everything that you get but you will not drag an innocent person down with you. Thomas McBain is dead and I intend to bring the person responsible to justice." Spencer knows that she is talking about him. "I intend to prosecute you for each and everyone of your crimes."

"His burns are mostly third and second degree." The cop that talks to the nurse tells that the man had ID. "The name is Hugh."

"I wouldn't offer you the job if I didn't think that you were the right man for it Antonio. The only thing that I need for you to promise is that you will not take things into your own hands. If you can't do that then you shouldn't accept the job." Antonio listens intently.

"He solved the case mom and he wanted to find some peace for his family and maybe a little for himself and I think that he finally did that."

Jessica sits with her sister. "Natalie you are so strong and you are going to survive. I will be here for you for as long as it takes and you can count on that." Natalie has a headache and Jessica figures that is because she hasn't eaten. "I am going to make you a banana and honey shake…it is the perfect thing for a headache."

Nash gets the blender going.

"What is that?" Nash tells her that he is making a banana drink for his hangover. "Works every time." She asks if he remembered the night before. He did. He remembers everything. 'We have to talk about what went on between us Claudia." She knows what happened. "We made love and you enjoyed every bit of it."

"There's no bananas and honey here and not even a blender, so I will go buy the shake. Try and lay down for a bit till I get back." Jessica leaves.

Natalie goes into the closet and touches her clothes. She takes a hanger with a black dress on it and she walks out of the closet with it.

…"Natalie get a move on"…

She is thinking of having worn that dress and happier times with her sister.

"The first thing that we should do Antonio is plan a funeral for a hero…"

Eve is thrilled to hear that her son and Marcie are going to have this precious boy in their family as their son. "I always thought that it meant something that his name is Thomas like your husband… If it is okay, I would really like his middle name to be John."

"So, we slept together…I don't see what the big deal is." Nash feels like he cheated on Tess. "How can you betray someone who isn't around anymore? It is just Jessica now. Do you feel like you are cheating on Jessica?"

Jessica returns and can't find Natalie in the living room or anywhere. "Oh no! What are you up to?"

"I don't care about Jessica!" Claudia is glad to hear that as Jessica is moving on with Antonio. "At least you are not saving yourself for someone who isn't around anymore. There is life after Tess. She is gone. Didn't she want you to move on with your life?" Nash laughs. "No! She wanted me to spray myself with anti-woman spray" She wants him to move on, even if it isn't with her. "He is starting to believe that they can be friends. I want you to be happy and have a good life and that is why what happened last night can't happen again."

Jessica is on the phone telling Antonio that Natalie has disappeared.

He turns to the door and Natalie is standing there. She is wearing her black dress from the closet.

Antonio goes to her and she tells that she wants to talk to her uncle.

She sees an officer doing some work on the directory board.

"What are you doing?" she shouts running over to him. "He isn't even dead five minutes and you erase him like he never existed?"

Bo comes out and Natalie turns to him, barely able to hold herself together. "I need to see him, just one more time."

"I think that Spencer pushed you to do that surgery that night that Thomas died." Paige feels the guilt is her own. "I want to do something for you Paige. You helped my son a lot. I want to help you be a doctor again."

The phone rings.


"This is Officer Peterson from the Atlantic City Police Department. I need the next of kin for Hugh Hughes…" Nora tells that she has the mother right there with her.

Nora hands the phone to Paige.

"Hello, ma'am. I am afraid that I have some bad news for you. Your son has been in an accident."

"He was in that accident at I-65. He is alive and he is in a hospital." Nora will drive. "Nora he has to be okay."

Jessica takes down all the balloons and party stuff. She sits on the couch rubbing her head.

She calls Antonio.

"Hi baby!" he answers. "I love you," Jessica cries into the phone.

"It isn't like I planned last night!" Nash knows that. "You deserve more than just casual sex." She feels that he deserves that too. "Mind if I hang out here for a while? I have a rehearsal at Capricorn and I don't have time to go home." He is fine with that. He heads into the shower.

"I got some files that John worked on and if you want to feel John, you will feel him by reading these." Natalie thinks about the surprise that John was planning for her. "I wore this dress today thinking that somehow he would see me but he isn't coming back, is he? Uncle Bo, I saw the pictures of the accident in the newspaper. I feel bad for the families." She is crying now and can't be there much longer. " I am going to lose it."

"You remember that dinner party you had when we first met Marcie? I met Natalie that night too. I could see something in John when he looked at Natalie. Later Natalie came to me and she said that she was afraid that John wouldn’t ever open up to her and I told her that she just had to be patient with my John. I am so glad that they found each other. It was such a short time. I am glad that John had her in his life." Eve looks at her engagement ring. She takes it off. "Did Natalie know what John was planning?" Michael tells that Natalie had no idea and will never know. It was supposed to be a surprise. Eve's face lights up. "Maybe she should know."

Jessica drags all the party things out of the apartment and leaves walks up the hall.

Nash walks Claudia to the door and they are in the hall when he pecks her on the cheek wearing nothing but a towel.

Jessica is returning now without the balloons and she stands up the hall and watches the two.

Nora and Paige are sitting with Hugh now in his hospital room. He is completely covered in bandages. "What do you want to do about Spencer? Do you want to tell him Paige?" The bandaged man's hand moves at the sound of Spencer's name.

The officers talk about John passing…

Bo tells Natalie privately that if she ever wants to cry or throw things, she is to come to him. She cries and thanks him while doing so. He leaves her alone now in his office with the files.

She looks over and sees a picture of John and Bo together over this same desk. She puts the picture to her breast.

"I think that knowing that John were going to propose to her would make Natalie hurt more." Marcie disagrees with her husband. "She may not be aware of how John really felt and she may want to know that." Eve agrees that Natalie could just go on wondering about that her whole life.

Natalie leaves the office and hears Spencer talking while he stands in cuffs…

She takes two big steps towards him, pointing her finger at him while she shouts. "You! Bastard! You did this! You! You caused this! You Killed John!"

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