One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/27/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex doesn't think that Layla will be able to pay the rent as an out of work actress. She isn't the only one who is out of work. She tells how she quit her job. Rex still can't believe that she still wants to stick it to her mother.

Dorian thinks about her daughter walking out…

Renée can be heard shouting at someone.

She is chasing David out of the restaurant.

David runs to Dorian asking that she vouch for him being a good guy. Renée tells that David propositioned the mayor's wife.

Claudia stops Nash for a minute asking if he knows that he is in bed with she and not Tess. He knows that and they start kissing again.

Antonio and Jessica roll around in the bed …

The phone rings.

Antonio gets the bad news.

"Jessica…it is about John…He is dead…"

Michael is at the door to his place and he tries to wipe the tears from his eyes before entering. He drops the key and has to try opening the door a second time. He fumbles to put the key in the lock.

Marcie comes to the door and opens it. She heard him coming in. She has the most amazing news!

Bo knocks.

"Who is it?"

"It's Uncle Bo…"

The door opens and Natalie is already sad by the look on her uncle's face. He won't leave. He needs to talk to her.

She tells him that now isn't a good time.

He sees the balloons in the room and she notices him looking around. She really doesn't want to talk now, but Bo insists.

"Michael! Janice called and we get to adopt Tommy. All we have to do is fill out the paperwork, and I even got us some champagne cause you are going to be a daddy." He starts talking about the accident. "I saw it on the news," she says. She is sorry that she was insensitive to him about that. He was there but only to treat the injured. He starts breaking down. "Michael what is it?" He sits now. "I …I had to identify…John…He was in an accident…He's dead."

Natalie was studying for her exams and would like to talk the next day if possible. "It is about John…" Natalie points at the balloons. She says that she was planning a celebration for when John comes home. "He's not coming home," Bo says quietly. "Oh, that's okay…What hospital is he in?" She grabs her coat, ready to head out the door to see her man now. "Natalie. He didn't make it."

Renée tells David again to get out but Dorian insists that he be allowed to stay as a favor to her. "You are so lucky to have this woman in your life David." Renée walks off still angry over his behavior.

"If you are going to lecture me, then I am going to leave Dorian." She isn't going to lecture him of all people. She has been screwing up with Clint herself and he did after all try to help her with Adriana so there will be no lecture from her to him. "I am going to start a new life somewhere else. I have no job and no place to live. Everyone treats me like I am contagious." Dorian tells David that she will miss him if he leaves. "Thank you Dorian… I got an idea. Come with me."

Rex tells Adriana that revenge can ruin her life. "You really want to see your mother in jail?" she say that Dorian is a monster and needs to be locked up. Adriana wants to build a case against Dorian but Rex knows that Dorian's word will be against her and that might not be enough. "I have never been so scared in my entire life. My mother still hates you Rex. I need to teach her a lesson. I am not sure how to do it. We could hire someone to stalk her…" Rex knows that Dorian might be flattered that Adriana imitated her. Rex worries that someone could get hurt, but Adriana will risk it. He decides that he will help her with this. "She has to suffer over something that she really cares about."

"An 18-wheeler shot the divide on the highway and it hit John head on…He never had a chance…I saw his body." Marcie is so sorry for her husband. "Why John? Why did this have to happen?" he asks.

"This is wrong! I can feel it." Bo remembers her feeling a little weird before. She says that she imagined all that. "It wasn't him! John made plans with me and he wouldn't leave me. This is what they said about Cristian. Prove it! If John is really dead Uncle Bo, then I want to see his body! Right now!"

Nash is ready to go, but Claudia can't do it unless he thinks of her as Claudia and not Tess. He is drunk as ever and she needs to know that the doubles he sees is she and not Tess. Nash says that Tess is gone and he has lost her. "she is in Jessica…" Claudia sees that she is nothing more than a consolation prize… He grabs her and makes her kiss him… "Who are you in bed with?" He says her name. She makes him says it over and over before promising to make him scream it. She kissing him all over.

He turns to the side table and sees Tess's image staring back at him. He puts Tess's picture facedown.

Jessica is frantic now that she knows what the call was about. Antonio tells her that Natalie needs her. She gets her coat on wondering what this will do to Natalie. Antonio knows that Michael has to be going through it too.

"I can't imagine a world without him… Even when we weren't getting along, I new that I could just call him. Now, if I need my big brother… Please Marcie…Don't ever leave me." She promises that she will not.

The baby cries.

"I know that he needs you…" Marcie rushes off to get the little tyke. She picks him up and talks to him quietly.

"Marcie can I hold him?" She puts the child right in his arms.

"What is the matter?" Michael coos. "Was it a monster? I thought so. Let me let you in on a little secret! My arms are made of steel and no monsters can get through them, or your mother's arms. We have secret powers to protect you."

"John told me that he was coming home and I believed him! If there is no proof I will just sit her until he gets here." She starts going to the door. "Natalie, he was burned very badly, but his height and his weight matched. Michael identified him." Natalie isn't convinced. She rushes past her uncle. "Natalie!" he shouts stopping her at the door. "There is something else. We found this!"

He opens his palm and shows her the necklace that John had on him.

"What does your mother care most about?" Adriana knows that has to be money. "Alright. We need something emotional." They can't make her poor as she will just find another way to get rich. "She cares about her girls," Adriana says… No that isn't it. "Men!" Adriana says that her mother is over David. Clint could be the way to go but Rex will have to think about this. Adriana knows that she is obsessed. She wants to start on this right away, but he has another idea and pushes her up against the wall, kissing her body and lips. "Oh this would make my mother insane…"

"Go away with you? You are joking." David hasn't been more serious in his life. Dorian thinks that this is about not only she but her checkbook too. He doesn't want to be around for Spencer's trial. She has wanted to take off like this before but it would be just running away. "I love running away." She can't go as that would take away the chance for her to make things right with Clint and Adriana. "I have to win her back." David hasn't any idea what he will do without her.

A woman comes over to David and hand him a business card. She is a movie director who thinks that David is a hot tamale for his age.

David turns his back on Dorian now and gives all his attention to Beverly…

Dorian cranes her neck to get in on the conversation but is blocked out of it.

"I guess that he is with dad now… My dad is probably yelling at him. My mom…I have to tell my mom about John."

Michael rushes to the phone but his mother is going to be coming the next day. She is bringing John his engagement ring…for Natalie.

Natalie is sobbing loudly now. "He loved you so much Natalie. You hold on to that." Everything was turning around for them. "We finally got it right." Bo tries to take her out of there but she will not leave. "I will be fine. I will be with John. I don't want to see anyone. I want to be alone! I want to do this my way." He will give her that then. "Promise to call me later though." She will. They hug. She cries into his shoulder. "I love you too," she tells him, quickly opening the door. He goes…

Now she is alone. She looks at the necklace in her hand and cries, sliding down the wall…to the floor.

Jessica shows up for her sister and finds Bo in the hall. "she wants to be alone." Jessica wants to get in there. Bo reminds Jessica that she doesn't want anyone telling her what to do, just like her sister. "That is the way that she wants it." Jessica will leave her sister alone but just for tonight. They walk off together…

Natalie is curled up on the floor like a little fetus, hugging herself, and laying on her side, in front of the door.

Antonio leaves a message for Bo…

Jessica returns.

"That was Gloria that I was talking to. John's car was hit head on and it exploded on impact." Jessica tells that Natalie wanted to be alone. Antonio thinks that that she should have gone to her sister anyway. "I can almost feel her pain and I think that Natalie needs to be alone with it."

Natalie gets John's jacket and puts it on. She inhales the leather deeply as she quietly cries, pulling the jacket tighter around her.

"This is Hollywood we are talking about!" David will sign up but decides to, only after he learns that she wants him for nude scenes. "Call me!" the woman says before leaving.

"I have been training for this my whole life!" Dorian would tell him to be careful but he still manages to land on his feet. "I will miss you." She will miss him too. They share a warm and friendly kiss. He tucks the business card in his pocket and walks out.

Dorian smiles now thinking…

…She remembers David coming to her in the night…dropping his pants and climbing under the sheets with her…

Rex and Adriana head to the bedroom to make love and they land on the bed…

Claudia kisses Nash's chest while they lay in bed.

He wakes and looks around strangely. He looks down at Claudia and then over to Tess's picture laying facedown.

He reaches over and picks it up…

Antonio and Jessica undress…again… and get in bed. This time they just lay there thinking as they hold each other.

At Michael's house, the trio get in the big bed and play before bed…

Natalie sits at her place, in front of the window. She is dressed in John's jacket, clutching it around her shoulders as she stares out the blinds, into the night.

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