One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/20/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Boo gets more information on the accident. The man, who has the badge, reads the numbers to Bo.

Bo checks on his computer and almost drops the phone.

"Oh God!"

"You got a name?" Bo does. "Lieutenant John McBain…" The man says that the badge was found next to the body. "I have to tell you… Before you come prepare yourself…"

Jessica orders drinks.

Nash and Claudia watch fascinated.

Nash goes over to Jessica asking what she is doing. She orders him a drink.

Antonio walks in and is surprised to see his fiancée having drinks with her altar's boyfriend…

Blair is freaking out since Blair has missed so much school. She has come to school with Starr to get her started off on the right foot. Todd is supposed to be there but Starr wouldn't be surprised if he didn't show.

Todd is already there.

A man recognizes him and goes over to shake his hand, glad to meet him.

Bo is in the office alone.

"Matthew wants to go get a bite, you want to come?"

Nora has entered the office. "I just got a call from the Captain who is taking care of the accident…John McBain was one of the casualties…."

"Are you sure?" Bo tells how John's badge was found near a badly burned body. I have to go and see if it is John. He was going to Atlantic City to make peace by going to his father's grave. It might not be John though. I gotta call Michael…He should know. I can't wait. He is next of kin." Nora thinks that Natalie should get a call but Bo will not call her yet.

Bo calls Michael. "Are you somewhere where we can talk? Something important has happened and I think that you need to know about it."

Antonio enters the bar.

"So what is going on here?"

Jessica throws herself at Antonio. "Just having a drink with Nash." Antonio is surprised at Jessica. She is doing shots. "Jessica you don't like shots and you never did." She tells him that she does now. "Tess is a part of me and I am going to like things that I didn't like before."

The man who recognizes Todd is glad to see him, and knows the story of his survival. "I am glad that you came dad!" Blair and Todd go to meet Starr's teacher now.

Mrs. Kowalski is glad to meet the family. She heard about Starr missing a few days and what happened to her.

Langston enters.

Starr sees her friend and wants to go off.

She goes over to Langston…

"Where's your parents?" Langston hasn't any idea where her parents are. Starr has her parents there and thinks that they are only there because of her.

Todd and Blair talk to the teacher about Starr…

All of a sudden, the man that was congratulating Todd on surviving is heard telling others about the incident and how he hates Spencer. "I mean, what was that guy's fiancée thinking going with that guy?"

Todd and Blair turn to the man. Blair hangs her head.

AT the crash site, Michael and Bo have arrived.

They meet up with the captain who has been waiting for them to arrive. He shows the two the evidence that he has gathered; proving that John has been killed in the accident.

Mrs. Kowalski apologizes for the man's outburst. Starr didn't hear. Blair asks about Starr's Advanced Geometry course. The teacher says that Starr hasn't missed that much.

"I'll tell you this much! I couldn’t stand to be around that tramp had that been me!" The old man is across the room still trashing Blair.

Todd walks over to the man and grabs him, dragging him to a desk and pushing his face into it.

Starr watches now horrified.

Nash tells Antonio how he is looking for investors for his vineyard and has been talking to Vincent Jones. "He is bad news Nash…" Nash will take that under advisement.

Antonio wants to leave but Jessica drags him to the dance floor.

"She isn't Tess," Claudia says. "She never will be." That almost makes it worse for Nash.

Nora is alone still in Bo's office.

Paige comes looking for Bo and can tell immediately that something is wrong. Nora is quiet… "What is so fascinating about that picture?" Nora took it off the desk and has it in her hand now.

"The number of fatalities and the number of injuries…We can't tell yet. We ran the plates of the car and it was registered to John McBain. He was thrown from the car and we found the badge near the car." Michael insists on seeing the car. "I am a doctor."

They walk to the body bag. The captain is still talking, trying to sweeten the blow, but Michael orders the man to just stop talking. He reaches forward, as Bo stands by his side and they both stare at the bag as Michael unzips it…

Michael has the bag open and inhales suddenly… Both he and Bo are very uncomfortable.

Nash is throwing them back.

"Set me up with another!"

"Are you sure you want to do that Nash?"

Jessica and Antonio are finished dancing now. She knows that they have to pick up the kids and they are gone.

Claudia finds that weird that they didn't say goodbye. "They sure are good together!" Nash says they don't have anything on he and she.

He grabs her hand and drags her to the dance floor.

"Apologize to my wife! If it weren't for that woman right there, Spencer would still be on the street!" Todd holds the old man's head firmly to the desk and won't let him up.

Nora and Paige discuss how Paige's life has changed. She seems to be feeling sorry for herself. "I feel guilt about John and Michael."

Michael does a quick examination of the body and admits that he can't say for sure if the body's is John's or not.

Michael reaches into the jacket pocket of the corpse and pulls something out. Michael's composure totally breaks down. "What is it?" Bo asks. Michael starts crumpling up into a ball. "It's John…" He weeps into Bo's chest while Bo holds him like a little baby.

"I am sorry, and I will never do it again!" Todd lets the man free. "I oughta sue!" Todd doesn't care. "See ya." He starts leaving.

"Todd wait!" He turns to find Blair following him.

Nash ends his dance with Claudia and they head back to the bar.

"Couple more shots!"

The drinks are brought and he suddenly remembers that Claudia doesn't drink. He drinks both drinks.

Claudia knows that it is going to be hard seeing something that he is dying for and can't touch. "I am a sad case," Nash says. "You know what I say to that? Woo hoo! Party on!" Claudia won't stop him. "You should party on as much as you want to."

"A! Paige you have made up for your mistakes…B! You are going to testify against Spencer…" Nora will be trying the case as Hugh has mysteriously removed himself. Paige can see that Nora hasn't heard. "I am Hugh's mother and Spencer is the father!"

Michael has a terrible meltdown.

The captain is sorry that things have turned out this way for them.

Michael goes into shouting fits. He walks to the other side of an ambulance and punches it over and over, venting as he shouts out. Bo has followed him and stands by, also feeling bad, but staying strong. "No! No! No! No! No!" Michael shouts. He falls to his butt and leans up against the ambulance crying and whimpering for the loss of his brother.

Antonio and Jessica arrive home and she thinks that they should be taking advantage of the fact that the children are not with them. "I want to go to sleep." She worries that he is mad at her. "I was just concerned. That wasn't you at the bar…" She just wanted to have a bit of fun and she likes the way that she feels right now. "I love you Jessica and I always have." She thanks him for understanding. "I am curious though. Why did you go looking for Nash before?" She tells how she and Adriana connected on the Bruce thing. "I see… you know that Bruce wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for Nash." Jessica gets fiercely defensive over Nash saving her. Antonio gets quiet as Jessica continues her rant. "You understand right?" He does, but isn't sure that Nash does.

Nash gets good and drunk…

The bartender cuts him off. "Screw you! I got a bottle at home!"

Claudia cuts him off from leaving. She will not let him behind the wheel of a car. "I will drive you home and get you into bed to sleep this off." He lets her lead him out.

"I can't believe that my dad went off on that guy like that. Did he have to do it in front of everyone?"

Three girls come over to talk to Starr. "That was my father that your dad just attacked. You are going to be sorry for the rest of your life?"

"What you did for me meant a lot to me Todd." He makes nothing of it and walks off.

Blair smiles.

"That is incredible," Nora says. "It was meant to be. You must be very proud of him Paige." She knows that Hugh is wonderful but wishes that she deserved that praise. "I should have had the guts to refused to perform surgery that night but Spencer insisted." Nora finds all this very strange. "What do you mean? What do you mean Spencer insisted?"

Bo watches as the bag is zipped up again.

He then goes to Michael.

"He told me that maybe the old man's soul could get some rest now. I said to him that maybe he could get some rest for his soul too." Michael cries.

Michael immediately stops crying when the captain comes over and asks him to help with the casualties of the others. Michael is immediately on his feet. Bo doesn't think that he should help right now. "No! I can do it Bo! I can do it!" He is immediately on the ball again and has himself together. "John would want me to do this. I can help." Michael passes the piece of jewelry that John had on him to Bo who takes it easily. He stares down at it. "Michael…Don't be a hero okay?" Michael walks off now.

"Welcome to high school hell, and Langston if you don't want to be there with her, I suggest you drop this loser…"

Blair comes over and is glad to see that her daughter is settling in.

Todd arrives at the bar, and no one is around.

"Someone better get me a beer!" Maria

Jessica makes her moves on Antonio and pushes him on the bed. "I want to make love to you." She climbs on top of him.

Claudia gets Nash to his place and he tells her that he has it from there. "Just let me get you out of those clothes." While she is getting him undressed, he suddenly grabs her and they roll on the bed kissing and hugging in a full-body embrace…

Nora finds it strange that Spencer would push Paige to do the surgery on McBain that night…

"I am really sorry about your friend," the captain says.

Bo walks off to be alone.

He dials.

"Natalie, it is Uncle Bo. I need you to call me as soon as you get this message. It is very important. I love you."

He looks at the necklace that Michael had taken from his brother's corpse…

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