One Life to Live Update Monday 9/25/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

John's car burns…

Jessica tells Adriana how she is in love with Antonio and can't wait to get married.

Cristian is in the diner.

Antonio arrives and Cristian tells that he has been set up.

Evangeline tells Todd that she needs to find out who set Cristian up to lose the fight.

Todd thinks about the night and what he heard between Vincent and Ted.

"I know exactly what's been going on."

Rex is at the station…

Bo can't believe the kid is there trying to get back to work. "Forget it!"

An officer comes to tell that Natalie is on the phone.

"Hey! Natalie, are you okay?" She is but isn't so sure about John.

Firefighters are on the scene. There is pandemonium everywhere. Explosions are still going off.

A bad lies nearby… Near that, a charred hand lays still.

Vincent and Sean want to talk to Nash but Claudia will not leave yet.

She gets Nash alone. "Don't do a deal with that guy Nash. Take my money!" Nash tells her to just go!

Claudia leaves.

The gentlemen get down to work. Vincent is there to do business. "I am selling shares," Nash says. The problem is that Vincent wants the whole thing.

"Antonio is so great! He wants to sing to Bree and play with her. He loves sitting up at three in the morning and feeding the baby." Adriana wants to know about the wedding date. Jessica hasn't got all that straightened out yet. Adriana has a lot of great ideas, but Jessica wants a simple Llanview wedding. "Boring sounds phenomenal." She tells how things with Nash are complicated. "He is always going to be a part of my life and Bree's. I think that this hurts Antonio though. I have been remembering things about Tess and Nash." Adriana guesses that she is talking about sex.

"He was on his way to his father's grave Uncle Bo, and I think that John has turned a corner."

Rex takes a seat while Bo talks on the phone.

"I would like to see the both of you take a shot at a life together Natalie." She tells that John has special plans for them, and she is dying to know what they are. "Still, I have this bad feeling…like something was terribly wrong."

At the site, the professionals work to clean up the scenes.

There are at least a dozen casualties…

"Do you think that you are a little blinded by Cristian?" Evangeline feels like Todd is calling her stupid. "No! Evangeline I just think that you want Cristian to be your champion so badly that you are missing out on the idea that he may not be."

"Yes, I remember being with Nash. It is hard to explain but it is like remembering something that happened to you that has no effect on your feelings now."

The waiter brings food and then leaves.

Adriana tells how she is really angry about her mother interfering in her life. "I am trying to move forward. Jessica knows that all that must have been terrifying. "It was." Jessica knows that guy Bruce. "He helped Nash kidnap Bree and me… He was violent then." Jessica suddenly has a thought and wants to ask Adriana if Bruce… Adriana knows where she is going and tells that Bruce never raped her but that it was getting to that. "I know that he would have killed me after."

"I tried calling John several times Uncle Bo, but no one is answering." Bo knows that there is a possibility that John is dealing with an emergency.

A woman talks to the police about the fiery incident. "I will do anything that I can to help officer."

An officer walks by a car that is burned so badly, it looks melted… He carries on for a while and then steers his flashlight on some on the ground.

It is the badge of a police officer…

"It was at the Hamptons… Bruce was there and he slipped something into Tess's drink and Nash barely knew her but he took care of her. She pissed him off and still he saved her… And Adriana, now that I know how dangerous Bruce was, I realize that Nash probably saved my life. Adriana I have to do and do something…"

Claudia enters the bar, and Jessica asks where Nash is. Claudia ignores her. "Hey! I am not the reason that you and Nash aren't together, you are the reason. I am going to find him and I am going to tell him that you wouldn't help me." Claudia tells where Nash is.

Layla arrives and hugs Adriana. Adriana tells that Rex has been amazing about everything. "I feel lucky to have him in my life, but I …he wants me to move in with him. I want to but don't want to rush it. I need a place to live ASAP!" Actually, so does Layla.

"Todd he trained really hard for that fight and there isn't any way that he would have thrown it. Todd I need for you to help me!" Todd tells that if she wants him to help her she will have to deal with the way that he feels about her. "What?" He corrects himself. "Wait! I was completely insensitive to Cristian." She loves him and the man was set up. "I want you to find out who wanted a payday so badly that they would set him up in the ring. Then I want you to print about it in your paper."

"We were going to work at the vineyard as a family but that isn't going to happen. Our daughter needs to know how much her parents loved each other and her. So I am sorry Vince, the vineyard needs to be mine!"

Jessica is standing at the doorway now.

Bo will look into where John is.

He explains to Rex what is happening with Natalie looking for John. "he is his own man…"

The officials call for more ambulances.

The officer who finds the badge hands it to his superior. "That's a Llanview policeman's badge!"

Adriana and Layla talk about where they would like to live. They seem to have a lot in common. They are dying to move out. They will start looking on the weekend. "I told Rex that I would meet him at the diner, so I have to get going." The girls hug and Adriana is gone.

Adriana calls Rex and tells him that she will be at the diner in ten minutes.

Rex tells that he has to get going. "Hope everything works out with John. I hope that he gets some piece of mind." Rex leaves.

Bo dials.

Antonio and Cristian discuss the fight and who would rig his fight…

Carlotta comes to see how the boys are doing. She asks about Jessica and that is when Antonio tells that he has proposed. Carlotta is thrilled.

Nash sees Jessica in the doorway and pauses.

Vincent and Sean turn to see Jessica in the doorway. Vincent decides that it is time to leave, but suggest that he slide the man some cash. "There will be some interest you understand…" Nash asks if he should call the man's lawyer, and Vincent and Sean break out laughing before leaving.

"I did interrupt you didn't I?" Nash says that it is fine. "That guy is bad news Nash. He is a loan shark." Nash tells that he doesn't come from money and has to take it where he can get it. "I am doing this for Tess and for Bree. How did you find me?" She tells that she asked Claudia where he was. "I was talking to Adriana and we talked about Bruce and how he almost killed her and Rex. That was when it hit me about how much trouble I was in, at the Hamptons. I was a girl you barely knew. When you saw what Bruce was trying to do, you could have walked away but you didn't, and you protected me. You probably saved my life. So just as you protected me, you protected Tess, and I guess I just…I wanted to come by and say thank you. I hope that everything works out in this place for you." She rushes to leave but pauses at the door. She doesn't turn around. She just walks out.

Antonio can't reach Jessica on her phone.

Rex enters and is greeted by the Vegas. "we are celebrating Antonio and Jessica's engagement."

Adriana shows up next, and she kisses Antonio's head. Carlotta leaves to get a bottle of champagne.

Rex and Adriana walk off…

Antonio knows that his brother is having a hard time over the fight and throwing it. Cristian is, but will not roll over and die over it.

"You hear things Todd and you know things." Todd has a question for Evangeline. "Why are you so in love with Cristian Vega?" She wonders why he cares. "I thought that you would help me just because Cristian is important to me." He will help her. "thank you," she says. "See you later." She gets up and awkwardly kisses him before walking off.

"I was just trying to call my sister and she isn't answering," Layla tells Vincent. "You are always taking care of people," he tells her.

Jessica arrives back at the bar.

Claudia sees her.

She walks up to her. "Did you find Nash?" Jessica says that she did. "And now I need a drink…"

Nash is alone thinking.

"You know what I think?"

It is Tess and she has come up behind Nash from another room. "You know what I would like right now?" He does know.

He turns to talk to her and no one is there.

An officer comes to tell Bo that there has been a big accident involving a couple of semis.

Bo gets a call from an officer who is at the site. It is the superior officer who has John's badge. "I am sorry to tell you, we have one of your men, and we've lost him."

Antonio can't find Jessica anywhere.

Carlotta tells Antonio to keep trying to find Jessica.

Rex and Adriana come in and are surprised that Jessica hasn't arrived yet. "She said something about Nash before." Antonio leaves to go and find his fiancée.

Jessica is at the bar having a drink.

Claudia watches her.

Nash arrives and sees Jessica at the bar.

He goes to Claudia. "Makes you wonder who is really in charge over there doesn't it?"

They listen as Jessica orders a very, very strong drink…

Natalie leaves yet another voicemail for John.

"The name is eligible but the numbers are still visible." After Bo gets the numbers, he is stunned and has to put the phone down.

"Oh my god!"


Bo picks up the phone again. "Do you have a name," the other officer asks. "I do," Bo says. "Lieutenant…John…McBain…"

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