One Life to Live Update Friday 9/22/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie studies her notes on accident scene protocol.

John is in the middle of his accident.

Suddenly, he is at his father's graveside.

Evangeline worries about Cristian's hand. Vincent tells him that he might not get a chance to fight again if the commission has anything to say about it.

"I should have known better, but the thing is that I didn't lie about loving you Blair."

Todd is suddenly there. He stands beside Blair. "You know Spencer, love means never having to say you are sorry…"

John stares at his father's tombstone.

"I wonder if you are going to make it!"

John turns and finds his father standing behind him.

Todd offers Spencer help, but Spencer tells him to drop dead. "You are the bad guy Todd, and that was why it was so easy to turn her against you in the first place…"

Evangeline is confused and tries to think about ways to get evidence that Cristian was drugged.

"I got him dad and he is going to pay. Now I just want to get some peace. I have spent the better part of my adult life trying to find your killer. I have always been a miserable son-of-a-bitch, but maybe now it is over…" His dad stands behind him as a ray of light. "You happy now Johnny?"

The media is all over Vincent and Cristian.

Vincent addresses the media. "I will have Cristian come and tell you exactly what happened."

Cristian has something to say before answering questions.

"I got that present you were waiting for," Ted tells Vincent.

"What present?" Layla asks coming up behind the men.

"After all these years, you finally caught the man who shot me. You felt responsible didn't you? For my death?" John did think that he could have stopped the shooting. "I missed something that day. I wanted to be there for you in the ER, to comfort you, but it seemed the more I said, the more you got angry…"

Thomas was in the ER, and he was pointing…pointing…

John thought that his father was pointing at him but he was really pointing at Truman.

The staff were trying to get John out of there, as he was very upset and calling for his daddy.

John realizes now that his father had been pointing at his killer this whole time. "You got him John and that is all that matters." John has to agree.

Vincent tells that he still gets paid for the fight, even though Cristian lost.

The crowd is out of control.

A monitor is brought out and a replay of the fight is shown.

When Cristian fell, Abbot didn't make contact with his punch.

"Why did you take the fall?" someone shouts. "I didn't take a fall!" Cristian shouts back.

"I can hardly wait to get out of here to see how your relationship with Todd progresses." Todd knows that Spencer will never see the light of day. Spencer knows that he will be freed. "There is no way that they can place that gun in my hand at the time of that shooting. What I want to talk about is the party we are going to have when I get out of here." Todd tells him that if Spencer gets out, he will be waiting.

Natalie sits at home smiling…

..She thinks about John and the times they spent together…

…She remembers telling him how he treats her differently than everyone else…

She smiles at those memories.

John talks more with his father.

Actually, that night Spencer saw his baby brother at the hospital, and he grabbed him ordering him to go home.

"you have a grandson you know." Thomas likes hearing that. "Hey you know that hat you got me for Christmas? I gave it for Thomas." John wasn't going to save it as he isn't sure that he will settle down. "I don’t want my son to be a cop. I wanted to be like you dad, I never wanted to be anything else. It is the only thing that I am good at. I was thinking of quitting and driving a big rig, but that isn't for me." Thomas knows that our demons drive us sometimes. "Going into that alley was foolish."

…John remembers Michael being held hostage by a man with a gun. John walked in, confident that he could save his brother and he started shooting.

…Then there was the time when he and Todd were going to crash and John had to free Todd the inmate and they both escaped a fiery death.

"I have had my share of demons dad, but I hope that I have just experienced my last one." Thomas hopes so too.

The press shout questions and laugh when Cristian tells that there was something on Abbot's glove. "The fight was mine! I should have that belt!" Vincent suggests that they all wait to see what the commission decides. "Cristian would have to be a desperate man to go down the way that he did. He isn't a criminal!" Someone shouts that he used to be!

"I been thinking dad about maybe starting a family of my own, but I don't think that I would make a good father. I have been told that I am moody, short-tempered…" Thomas tells that he was the same way. "So, is there anyone?" John tells of Natalie. "She has one flaw. She has feelings for me. Beyond the obvious…I treat her like crap!"

…He remembers the time that she wouldn't do what he wanted to stay safe and he got angry with her.

"She can be a pain in the ass, and I can be a jerk."

…She was about to die once. He found her and she was unconscious. He kissed her and she woke like Sleeping Beauty.

…She worried about his safety and thought of him as a saint.

…When he left to transport Manning, she was there and the last face he saw from Llanview before taking off.

…Their first night was fabulous.

…They couldn't get enough of each other. "Let's see what happens." She had her clothes off in a shot and helped him get his off.

…She was in the hospital, and she kissed him all of a sudden. "Sorry, I promised myself John that if I ever got out of that pit, I would stop doing things like that." Funny he was thinking too. "I decided that if I ever found you, I would start doing things a little differently as well."

"Sounds like love to me," Thomas says after hearing about the love of his son's life.

Cristian has no proof that he had been set up.

Evangeline looks frustrated from the side.

Vincent ends the press conference. "Have a good night."

Cristian walks out of there, and everyone hates him by the way they shout as he goes by.

Vincent worries that he is going to get caught. Ted tells him not to worry.

"You wonder why she left you and came to me Todd? I didn't steal her! You drove her away!" Todd asks where his son is. "What will you have for me Todd? Actually if your son never knows you, he may just have a shot at being a decent person. I didn't hurt one hair on his little bald head." Todd is confused now and turns to Blair. "Why are you here?" She has three little words to tell the crazy bastard. "ROT…IN…HELL!" She walks out.

"You have something that you want to say to me Todd, why don’t you say it."

"She is always there for me dad…" Thomas thinks that Natalie is a good woman, just like his mother. "She can give you a safe place to go where your demons won't follow. "I have spent so much time alone."

…John thinks how it will be with their kids. He can see her teaching them how to play pool. They would have two little girls. John would have pointers as well and whisper in his daughter's ear before her shot at sinking the ball, and she would sink it. "I love you daddy!" He would tell his daughters that he loves them too. Then it would be late and there would be time for only one more game.

"What did you whisper before her shot?" Without turning from his children he would answer…"I told her that I liked her hair!"

"Now that is the type of life that you should have," Thomas says smiling.

"Vincent, I don't appreciate your attitude earlier but I like that you were fighting for Cristian." Vincent tells that things may get uglier. "We have to prove that there was something on Abbot's glove."

Todd is with Spencer …

His phone rings.

He tells Evangeline that he will meet her.

"I have to go but I wanted you to know that I am really looking forward to seeing you die. Hey Spence! Do you think that it is in poor taste to bring popcorn to an execution?"

Natalie revisits her memories.

…John used to frequent the bar where she worked. She offered him a drink before he left to go to work in New Jersey. He had to go… "Here is my number," he said scrawling on a pad. "maybe you will use it sometime." She pecked him on the cheek that night. "Take care."

…She offered to play poker with him, but 'emotional' strip poker. "The loser has to tell the winner something.

…She thought that she had won a hand but he fooled her and won. "I never stopped loving you," she announces.

…Once at work, the officers were very curious about the relationship that John and Natalie had. John grabbed Natalie and kissed her hard in front of everyone. "Okay? Now get back to work."

Natalie hopes that he gets back to her soon…

Thomas asks John where true love and happiness comes from. "I guess that it comes from love," John responds.

…John thinks about Natalie and their boy and girl…

"It is the little things that we remember son. John what is going on now behind those eyes? Darn it! You are going to ask that girl to marry you aren't you John!"

A horn is honking in the distance…

"I got to go dad!" John gets up and walks to the gate…

Suddenly he is back in his car, still fighting to keep on the road.

His entire life flashes before his eyes…Natalie…Evangeline…his father…his brother…his football…he in uniform…Bo…his mother… His heartbeat is the only other noise…

Then the loud screeching noise is there…and then…

SMASH! Everything is broken, and nothing moves.

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