One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/21/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie is writing.

John gets up and looks over at Natalie who is up and ready for the day. "Good morning." Natalie tells that it is afternoon now. She let him sleep in after the big day he had. John has some loose ends to tie up and then he will be focusing on more important things…

"You look absolutely great Kelly!" Dorian tells that she will be building at nursery for the woman at the mansion. Kelly tells her not to rush to do that yet. She feels that Kelly is going to move out of town still. Dorian worries now that Blair and Kelly have taken her out for bad news. They all sit. They know that she got arrested and has been hiding it. "Adriana said that you had her kidnapped." Dorian says that Adriana is misinformed. Kelly and Blair know that Adriana has moved out. Dorian knows that the girl will be back.

Rex and Adriana show up at the station and she wants to know why Dorian is out of prison.

"You are the only one who can connect the gun to Lieutenant McBain." David will help if he can.

David goes through the list of things that his brother did and he tells Bo that he feels that Spencer has it in for the Buchanans. David has no idea why. "Spencer likes to work indirectly, through people." Bo appreciates Vickers sharing information to help his family.

"You have a visitor!"

John tells the officer to leave now. "I got it covered."

John has waited twenty-five years for this moment.

"Adriana has been through a terrible, traumatic experience… It all began simply enough. Clint and I were having a drink over at the next table…"

Dorian was flirting with him.

"Clint said that he wanted the night to continue…"

He got a call…

He told Dorian that he had to leave to see Viki.

"…I stayed and caught up on my reading… I had a copy of the magazine CRAZE…the one that Adriana was on the cover of."

"Bruce was there and he noticed the cover. He offered to buy me a drink. He introduced himself…"

Dorian doesn't usually let strange man buy her a drink, but she let one do so this time.

He listened to her talk about her contacts in town.

"And that is when he made his pitch…"

Actually, Bruce turned back to his drink and it was Dorian who went over to him and started up anther conversation.

Adriana rants about her mother getting away with what she did.

Rex really thinks that she needs to step back and look at what she might feel like if she puts her mother in prison.

Hugh talks with Michael and tells him that he found out that Spencer is his father.

"You think that the world would miss it if you were to just disappear? You are not the only one who has lost a father john… Even if I am convicted and put to death, it still will not be enough for you as your father will still be dead. That vindication that you want will never come." John used to think that. "That is why I am here now. I am going to end it. Right now! Once and for all…"

"Did you hear that Kelly? She was sitting in a bar and a psycho picked her out." Dorian remembers that is how Blair met Spencer so she shouldn’t be skeptical.

"What happened didn't have anything to do with me…"

Actually it did. Dorian told Bruce all about Rex and how she didn't like him.

"He asked me how far I would go… That is when I ended the conversation."

Actually, that was when Dorian got deeper into the conversation.

Rex seems disappointed in Adriana. "Right now you are acting like your mother…"

Natalie makes a call to order three dozen balloons…

"You are no longer going to get away with what you did. I have watched you pose and suck up to the public like a hero. Everyone is going to see you for the lowlife that you really are. If by some miracle you end up getting off, make no mistake Truman. I will kill you myself." John walks out of there.

Blair makes fun of Dorian's story. Dorian says that she refused to get into cahoots with this guy.

…Actually what she did was close the deal to do the stalking…

Dorian tells that Adriana will not even talk to her and so she would like Kelly and Blair to talk to Adriana for her.

"Paige is my mother… She thought that I would have a better shot at life if I didn't know either of my parents…I think that she was right…" Hugh heads home now.

Michael talks to Thomas alone now. "Could you imagine growing up and not knowing who your mother and father are?" Michael suddenly realizes that the poor child hasn't got his real parents. He decides to tell Thomas about the McBains.

Spencer is reading.

"Reading about the law huh?"

Spencer turns to find David behind him. Spencer sees that David is enjoying this. David does. "You are know different David…I am your only living relative David. Do you really want me to die?"

A blind man enters the station.

An officer offers to help him, but the man is looking for a cop who he will know by the shuffle of his feet.

John comes over to Pete who is a friend. He heard that Thomas's killer was caught. He has a bag of stuff for John. He and his wife are moving to Arizona. John looks at a present that is inside the bag. 'To Johnny, love, pop.' Pete hears him. "It was a Christmas present that Thomas never got to give to you."

"My entire case hinges on your testimony. You could make yourself an orphan." David wanted a brother to teach him things, but the brother that he got gave him a gun and walked him down the alley. David tells the man 'no'. "There is more to all this than you know David and if you let me go, you will regret knowing more about yourself."

Bo listens to Adriana rant about Dorian. Rex asks her to leave so that he can talk to Bo. Adriana leaves.

Bo hasn't got enough proof that Dorian did anything. "She may get away with this. I don't need to say this Rex but I am going to say this anyway. Don't even think about getting involved in this!"

Dorian's girls want nothing to do with Dorian's plan to get Adriana back.

David sees the ladies and tells them that Adriana is at the police station, and that Spencer is back in jail. Blair rushes off…

Natalie has the whole apartment decorated with balloons now.

Pete tells how Thomas left the present at his place and was going to pick it up on Christmas Eve. He didn't make it to that day.

John opens the box and finds his father's hat inside. "Thanks Pete. You couldn't have brought me this on a better day. It was your tip about that kid that was hanging around the hospital was the thing that helped to end this." Pete knows that Thomas is looking down and he is very, very proud.

David tells that he tried to make Adriana forgive her mother but she wouldn't.

Dorian suddenly sees Rex and Adriana at the door of the restaurant. She isn't happy to see Rex. David tells her that she has to start treating Rex better to get along with Adriana.

David walks off.

Rex goes to get a table.

"I have been thinking and I have come to a decision," Adriana tells her mother.

John is sitting at his desk and he gets up suddenly to go and see Bo.

They talk about Spencer and how he is going away for a long time. Bo tells how Truman has a vendetta against the Buchanans. "He is a gifted surgeon, but he needs to destroy people." John still isn't happy. "My old man… I had this idea that he wouldn't get any rest until I found his killer and now I have to say goodbye…"

Hugh goes to see his father. "If I had known that I had a son, I wouldn't have let you be put up for adoption." Hugh tells that he will be going to see his folks to let them know that nothing has changed. Spencer knew that he was being scammed on so level, but when Hugh told him that he didn't want the crazy bastard dead, Spencer was affected by that…

Michael is telling Thomas the story of the family as they sit in the park.

John walks by and sees them. He just listens.

"…And the other brother…the cop…maybe there will be a happy ending for him too…"

"Which brother is the better looking one?"

Michael turns to find his brother approaching. "You are going to be an uncle if things go well…" John gives Michael their father's police hat. "It's from your grandpa," John says. Michael asks about their mother. She says that she might come out for a while. She told John that she would like to pass on her engagement ring to one of his sons… "What? What is that look? Oh John. You are going to ask her aren't you?" John smiles. He can finally get over this and he can finally say goodbye. They hug. "I love you…"…"I love you too." John leaves.

Michael tries the police hat on the child and then decides that the child should be fitted for a nice little white lab coat, instead of a police hat. "It is a much safer uniform…"

"I am quitting my job," Adriana says. Dorian blames Rex for this. Adriana is glad that Dorian says that. Any doubts about what kind of person Dorian might have been, are all gone…

Rex and Adriana sit and Adriana feels that she may have to start thinking like her mother in order to give her a really great dose of her own medicine.

An officer leads Blair into the jail area.

"Was it a trick the whole time? The whole time, when we made love, did you ever care about me?"

John calls Natalie from the car. He tells her that he will be talking to her the next day about something. He has a surprise for her. "I have a surprise for you too." She understands that he has to go to his father's grave right now. He will tell her all about it when he sees her the next day. They hang up.

John drives, and as he does, he grabs a CD and puts it in. He thinks about Spencer and their conversation… He told John that even if Spencer is convicted, John will not be free…there will be no vindication…

John gets lost in his thoughts and is dragged back to reality as screeching tires call for his attention. He sits up in his seat and is blinded by the headlights that blinds him. He swerves the steering wheel, in attempt to avoid an accident.

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