One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/20/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio and Jessica go on about her ring that he gave her. He waited to give the ring to Jessica so it would be the right time. "I have everything that I have ever wanted." Antonio wants more.

Nash keeps drinking.

He orders another drink.

He tell Claudia to just leave him alone when she keeps following him around.

She orders a drink. He doesn't want her to. "Well if you drink Nash, I drink."

Cristian beats Abbot within an inch of his life.

"One! Two! Three!…" The count begins.

David loves seeing his brother in handcuffs instead of French cuffs.

Bo gives orders trying to get his hands on the gun.

David beams. His brother is going away for a long time.

"John and I saw you with the gun Spencer. I think that John is going to find the gun that you used to kill Thomas McBain," Bo says.

Natalie finds John after his has dragged his body out of the freezing water.

He coughs. "John did you find it?" He looks at Natalie.

He looks past her and shouts to the cops behind her. "We are all done here!"

Abbot has more in him and he approaches Cristian to continue fighting.

Cristian is ready for him and beats him like the punching bag in the gym.

"Hey thanks for stopping the deal Ted." Ted looks over at Vincent. "I didn't have time." Vincent is stunned as Cristian is doing so well. Ted starts explaining what happened, but Vincent wants no part of it.

Something has changed. Cristian is squinting. WHAM! He gets punched in the face.

Evangeline worries. "He should have seen that coming."

WHAM! BAM! Cristian is in trouble.

Paige and Hugh talk and she learns that Hugh has told Spencer of their relation. She worries when she hears that Hugh has a trick up his sleeve. "Spencer doesn't handle betrayal well. When Spencer is in your life Hugh, there is always a reason to worry."

Spencer hangs up the phone.

"That was my attorney Bo and he assures me that I will be out in an hour. Bo, you see, Hugh can't prosecute me… Not when he is my son…" David reacts to that piece of news with surprise. Spencer tells that Hugh has been retaliating against him for not being there for him all these years. Bo sees things differently. He promotes that Hugh found out about his father after the man was arrested. David finds it rich that Spencer has managed to use the news about his son to bargain for his skin. "Oh Spencer, my brother…you murdering, sentimental sap!" Bo finds that Spencer's gun was kept to preserve his father's memory, and now john is going to use it to get justice.

Natalie waits for the news about the gun. "The current on the bottom is very strong. It could pull the gun along and eventually downstream.” Natalie starts looking sad, as if she knows that he is about to tell her that he didn't find the gun.

Suddenly, he takes it from his pocket and holds his hand out to show it to her. She looks up into his eyes and they smile at each other.

"I don't believe you Claudia. You will not give up your precious sobriety so that I can have one drink." She knows that this isn't about one drink. "I will do it Nash. I will deal with the fallout tomorrow." He puts the drink to his lips and grabs hers from her, when she puts it up to her lips.

"Two club sodas," she orders.

He asks if she has anything else in her that can help him forget that Jessica is marrying Antonio. She is sure that she has something to help him with that.

Antonio and Jessica want to get married but she doesn't want to do it right away. She wants all the family and trimmings. They decide the first week in November will be the perfect time. "Everything is perfect tonight." He isn't done with making things great.

He jumps out of the bed and turns off the light, returning to her for a night of love.

Cristian fights.

Evangeline, Layla and Roxy watch. Evangeline is getting concerned.


Cristian heads to his stool in his corner.

Evangeline goes over to him.

"Are you alright?" He can't look up and he keeps squinting.

"Hey," the trainer says. "You have to focus baby! Focus!"

Layla goes to Vincent telling that the prize money they are going to win that night is going to be sweet.


Cristian is back in the ring. He fights as best as he can but it is clear that Cristian isn't at his best.

Vincent and Ted watch quietly from the sidelines, by the wall.

Cristian tries to focus as he had been told, but finally WHAM! Abbot gets Cristian square on the jaw!

Cristian takes the punch and keeps fighting.

Evangeline goes to Vincent.

"Something is wrong with him." Vincent acts unconcerned. "this is going to end up just the way that I expect it to."

Roxy and Layla watch the fight, holding their breaths.

Everything is blurry for Cristian…

WHAM! That punch takes him down.

"One!" the referee starts with his counting.

"Cris! Get up!" Evangeline shouts from outside the ropes.

Cristian's eyes are shut and he seems to be out cold.

Antonio has been thinking about buying them a house. "I was confident that my Jessica was gonna be back." Jess remembers how they all thought hat her mother was integrated and Niki came out again. Antonio is sure that Tess won't return as Viki had to call Niki out. She was still in control. "I didn't know that DID could be inherited until I got it. What if I passed it to Bree?"

Claudia wasn't talking about hopping in the sack to make Nash feel better. She tells of other regular activities that people can do to get their minds off things.

Hugh tells that he will not be continuing on Spencer's case anymore. Paige smiles into his face. "I was looking to see if there is anything of me in you." Hugh thinks they have the same eyes. She has to agree. "Maybe when we get to know each other better, we will find more threads." She is looking forward to that. She stares again. "I am looking now for traces of him." Hugh says there isn't any. She agrees. "I just see you."

Spencer denies that he was at the station violating his probation terms. Spencer's lawyer says they need to take this to the judge to see what he thinks about these stories that Bo is making up. Spencer and his lawyer start walking out.

John comes strutting in. "I have been waiting for a long time to say this…Spencer Truman you are under arrest for the murder of Thomas McBain…"

John waves the gun that he got and that he says Spencer used to kill Thomas McBain. David knows the gun and asks to look at it. He recognizes this gun. "Looks like you are going to be spending some time in the yard wearing overalls and hanging out with a couple of tattooed fellas named Bubba and Snake…"

Claudia and Nash go for a walk and drink coffee. "Would you have really done it Claudia?" she will never tell if she would have had a drink with him earlier. She remembers them in the past when they first met. She knew a lot about wine and he loved the idea that her father had a vineyard…


Cristian is unconscious.

"The winner!"

Evangeline goes running to Cristian in the ring. She sees that Cristian is out.

Roxy looks in her purse and sees that she hasn’t got enough money to cover her debt.

She asks a man if he has seen the bookie, and she gets directed in the right direction.

Layla worries. Vincent looks upset. "Of course I am upset!"

Someone grabs Vincent's arm…The man jumps turning around quickly.

It is the referee of the fight. "I need to talk to you for a moment…"

"Say something Cristian!"

The trainer comes to say that there is an ambulance coming.

Cristian stirs and Evangeline is so happy. He doesn't believe that he lost the fight.

Layla comes over and tells that there is trouble. "There is talk of a phantom hit. They think that Cristian took a dive."

Claudia talks while Nash listens. "I was looking for a drinking, or for you, or I was thinking about you…That pretty much sums up my life. Now she is addicted to self-help." Nash finds that she hasn't master the self-help yet. "I put you into rehab last time. I was the reason that you ended up there and I am sorry. I haven't said that lately. Anyway, you are not going back there. My conscience couldn't handle that." They find Llanview a weird place. She says they are not really in the club yet. He thanks her for looking out for him and she thanks him for caring enough not to let her take that drink. "We can't be business partners but maybe we can be friends," she suggests.

"There could be a pre-disposition of DID but something horrific has to happen to set that off Jessica and I am not going to let that happen to my daughters. You heard me… my daughters…"


"Coming baby," Antonio says walking off.

"Somebody had a hard time sleeping," Antonio says bringing Jamie to the bed.


Antonio runs to get Bree as well.

Jessica tells Jamie about a wonderful young princess named Jamie.

Natalie tells that the gun is being tested.

Hugh and Paige enter. "What is going on?" Hugh asks. John tells how the gun has been found. A light goes on in the crazy bastard's mind as he watches as listens. "You set me up!"

"I never had a son with you!" Spencer spits at Paige. "Yes you did."

"You are not my son!" Spencer says to Hugh. Hugh confirms that, but still admits that they share DNA.

Natalie gets the results of the gun's testing and announces that the gun is the one that shot Thomas McBain.

Jessica tells the story of the princess to the two girls in the parents' bed.

Claudia and Nash look up at the stars. She wonders how they got there.

Nash thinks about Jessica and making a wish on the stars…

She wanted it to be just she and he with no complications…

"Wishing on star Claudia…It is just a waste of time."

Layla doesn't think that Cristian did anything wrong.

Evangeline turns to Cristian now. "What happened tonight?"

Vincent warns Ted that this stuff better not be traceable. Ted tells him not to worry and he walks off to get their money.

Layla worries about Cristian now. Vincent tells that it doesn't matter what they think.

"Every time that Abbot hit me, it burned my face and smelled funny. Evangeline, I am going to find out who did this to me, and what happened."

Spencer is officially charged. Paige never thought that this day would come… Hugh is sad that he isn't prosecuting the case. John gets to personally escort the crazy bastard to his cell. Bo steps aside so that John can do the honors.

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