One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/19/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Adriana finds Rex unconscious on his floor.

"I need an ambulance right away," she says into her phone.

"I am okay…"

He tries to get up. She pushes him down.

She continues the call fore the ambulance.

Cristian is interviewed and he gives thanks to Evangeline and her support.

Vincent tells Cristian that Abbot will not go down easy…

Evangeline hopes that Cristian's head is okay for all this.

The crowd mills around.

Ted enters the are and he goes to the trainer who is in cahoots with he and Vincent to make sure that things are going to go as planned.

David comes to see Natalie at the station. "I am here to see Dorian." Natalie tells that Dorian has been released. "So Dorian hires a nut job and gets off?" David is trying to get information on Spencer and whether he is going to get away with murder or not!

The cops have Spencer right where they want him and they order him down now. Spencer is calm as usual. "Get down!" the police shout.

The trainer isn't happy about the job that he has been asked to do. Vega is a nice man and the old guy doesn't want to do this. Ted warns him to cooperate or he will have two broken legs.

"I just want to thank you Vincent for setting this up for Cristian." Vincent listens quietly.

Evangeline comes over to Vincent and says that anyone who believes in Cristian is okay with her. "Just to have that kind of confidence in Cristian will make him fight harder." Vincent says that no matter what happens in the fight, Cristian will be a hero. Evangeline wants to see Cristian with his arms raised and everyone shouting his name. "He deserves everything that he wants."

Natalie has no idea where Bo and John are. David knows that they have to be tailing Spencer somewhere. Natalie tells that as long as Spencer is free, John will not rest. David doesn't understand why this is taking so long. He remembers how relentless John was in finding David in Thailand. He soon realizes that the reason that Natalie was there with John was to keep him from shooting who he thought was his father's killer.

"Get down or I will shoot you!" Spencer keeps standing. He won't listen and urges John to shoot him. "Don't listen to him! That is what he wants John!" Bo counsels. John doesn't care what the crazy bastard wants. He will shoot him now if he doesn't get down on the ground and away from that gun that he has with him.

Roxy comes to check out the chump…she means champ!

"I am going to bet my last buck on you tonight Cristian. The odds are two to one!" Vincent confirms that. "You know Cristian," Roxy continues. "If that guy happens to cream you, people could get rich!" Vincent says that will not happen.

Roxy shares a joke or two with Evangeline before leaving.

Vincent smiles at Cristian. "Two-to-one…"

Layla comes to get him so that Cristian can be alone for a minute before the fight.

Everyone else but Evangeline leaves the room.

"I love you," she tells him. "I love you too." They kiss. She leaves…

Cristian jumps two or three times to get loose and then he is on his knees praying to his maker.

Rex is fine, but Adriana rags on him anyway for not being in the hospital. She is surprised when he comes on to her. "I am hurt, not dead!" She offers to make him soup and is shocked to learn that Roxy never did that for him. She gave him booze. She tells how her mother is out of jail. "I saw her at the house. I told her that I was moving out and that I never wanted to speak to her again. Kelly and Blair always make up with her but not me…" Rex alerts her to the fact that she will have to testify against the woman. Adriana has to do it. They could have been dead.

Roxy, comes to Evangeline and sits with her for the fight! They are dressed to the hilt.

The ladies start shouting. "Go Vega! Go Vega!" Roxy pumps her fists in the air as she shouts.

Vincent watches them.

He goes to Ted. "tell them to call the deal off!" Ted can't do that. It is too late. They are already announcing the fighters.

Abbot comes into the ring first.

Crane is introduced to the ring and he is soon there. Abbot starts shoving him almost immediately.

They are giving the rules of the game and the bell rings…

Abbot grabs Cristian's face and holds it with one arm in something like a backward headlock.

Evangeline sees something is wrong and starts shouting upset…

Abbot takes his other hand and punches Cristian hard in the side of the head. That was a shot that Cristian couldn't avoid as his head was being held for it.

The referee is on the men and Abbot quickly lets go of Cristian…

Vega takes the punch but has some of his own.

Nat and David talk about John and the way he is haunted by his father's death. "It is all because of Spencer!" Nat agrees that John will not rest until this case is solved. David knows that he and John will never be friends in spite of them being on the same side on this. Natalie is sure that John will realize that David was a victim too.

"Put the gun down!" John orders. Spencer agrees to do as he is told. "Alright! Alright!" He starts stooping to put the gun down.

Then suddenly, Spencer leaps from his crouching position with the gun still in his hand and he makes a flinging motion at the body of water before them.


Spencer smiles, and immediately puts his hands in the air, kneeling to be cuffed and arrested.

John goes running to the water.

"John! No!" Bo shouts.


Spencer smiles watching John, as he is being cuffed.

Rex starts sitting up but Adriana stops him as it clearly hurts him. "I will feed you." SLURP! "This soup is good," he says. "I knew there was an upside to getting shot." She doesn't want jokes about that. She really thought that he was going to die there, and she realized how lost she would be without him. "I fell in love with you and she couldn't stand it. She made you suffer." He doesn't need to hear this. "I know where you are coming from. Roxy is all over me now, but when we were little, she did some horrible stuff. I wouldn’t want to see her in jail though. You have to be able to live with yourself Adriana…"

Cristian gives as good as he gets.

The ladies at ringside smile reassuringly at Cris, they are sure they are watching a winner!

The fight continues a while.


Cristian goes to his corner and gets some advice. "Try to break his nose…" Cristian nods.

Over in Abbot's corner, his attendant are there to keep him in good shape as well.

One man takes a brown, medicinal bottle and pours some of the liquid on a towel.

He then turns to Abbot and rubs the towel all over the man's gloves.


The fighters are fighting again. Cristian gives a few punches and takes a few.

Suddenly, everything gets all blurry for Cristian…

David and Natalie discuss things more about the case.

A man comes to tell that there are been some development.

Bo calls to tell that he is on the way in. Natalie wants to know if they have the gun, but Bo can't talk now.

"John!" Bo shouts at the water and away from the phone. "Come here!"

"What is wrong with John?" Natalie demands to know. Bo promises to see them soon

Natalie heads over there.

David stays at the station. "Someone has to hold down the fort!"

At the waterfront, Spencer has been secured and he is taken to a vehicle for transport to the station.

John comes to Bo now soaking wet. Bo tells him that there are ways to check this out besides him jumping in the water. "No Bo! The current could take the gun out to sea! We haven't got time!"

He turns from Bo and makes a running jump…


"Love isn't words Rex, and what my mother did was almost get us killed. Never mind what happened to me, but what about you? I don't know if she will go to prison but she will never ruin my life again. I am on my own now." Rex wonders where he fits in here. "You get to feed me but I can't do that same for you?" Adriana knows what her mother will do next.. "She is probably trying to fix things so that I don't have a dime. I can never forgive her." Rex will just have to settle for her being beautiful, smart, tough, not-having-any-money and feeding him when he can't feed himself. "You know Rex, when I thought that you were the one who was scaring me, I thought that everything that I believed in was a lie. I will never be able to trust her again. Dorian is out of my life for good!"

Abbot gets a leg up and manages to get a few lethal jabs at Cristian.


Cristian tells his trainer that something is wrong. The man thinks that Cristian just took too many shots to the head. "No this is something different."

Evangeline wants to go to Cristian but Layla and Roxy thinks that she is overreacting.

Vincent feels that they should stop the fight. Cristian will not do that. He promises that the next round will be better.


Cristian comes out swinging.

Evangeline smiles.

Spencer isn't happy to see his brother at the station. "did you really think that you were going to get away with ditching that gun?" Spencer smirks at David. "What gun?"

Natalie gets to the waterfront.

An officer tells that John is in the water searching for the gun.

John pulls himself out of the water. He tells Natalie and an officer that he hasn’t' found the gun yet.

John has to find it now. "If I can find it now, I can get him for the murder of my father…" Natalie is pensive now. "I think that you were right before. I think John that you should have blown him away when you had the chance."

"I feel better Adriana…thanks." She feels like she acted like a brat now for not trusting him. He has been putting himself in her shoes and he can see how she could grow to distrust him. "It's over." Not for her. "I have to understand why I acted that way. You risked your life for me over and over. I can't move in with you…not until I understand why I did that. I have to figure out who I am and what I really want." He wants to share his life with her and she believes she wants that too. "I just need some time. I promise that I will stay with you until you are better. I want to. I owe you that." Rex warns her that he will try everything that he can to convince her not to leave. She knows that he is too weak to do anything.

Abbot bounces and looks great in the ring, but still has to deal with a very strong and healthy Vega. Abbot hits and Cristian feels blurry… Still Cristian holds his own. Then…


Abbot is thrown off balance when Cristian nails him dead on, and it takes him a few seconds to shake the effects of the blow to the head off.

Bo has Spencer at the station. Bo tells the man that he is going to be very sorry when that gun is found. "What gun?" Spencer asks.

At the waterfront, John and Natalie talk about how nice it would be to see Spencer in a cell with a really horny cellmate. Natalie would settle for a needle in the man's arm, like her uncle thought he was going to get.

Officers come to John now with equipment. John tests it out.

"You don't have to do this John!" Natalie pleads. "The divers are almost here." John can't wait. He dons his helmet and with his trusty flashlight, he takes yet another flying leap into the cold murky waters.

Natalie looks over the edge, waiting…

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