One Life to Live Update Monday 9/18/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex and Adriana arrive at his place. He shouldn't have left the hospital but he insisted. Adriana isn't happy the he has left. "I wonder if my mother knows how much pain and suffering she has caused.

Clint goes to Capricorn and orders a drink.

Nora comes over noticing that he looks like he has lost his best friend. They talk briefly about Asa and how he is doing. Nora sees that there is something else on the man's mind. "If you are as miserable as you look, you should do something about it. Life is too short."

Ted and Vincent sit and talk about the fight…

Vincent snaps to attention when he sees Layla approaching.

They both look over to where Evangeline sits alone.

She has her cellphone in her hand…

Todd comes over to see her. He isn't going to the fight though.

Clint calls his brother.

"It's me. Do me a favor…Get Dorian out of jail!"

John and Hugh are at the office and Hugh gives John the information about Spencer and their last meeting. Hugh isn't sure if the trick worked.

John's man comes. "Truman is on the move." John lets Hugh come with them but warns the man to keep his head down.

Rex feels that Adriana should let up on her mother. Adriana won't. "I was the one who told Bo to press charges, and I hope the rats are gnawing on her $1,200 shoes. Can we talk about something else? Thanks Rex for letting me stay here until I figure out where I want to live." Rex wants her to live there.

"Is she going top prison?" Bo has no idea. "The guy that she hired…That guy is dead Clint. I thought that you were through with her?" Clint has gotten to know that human being under the façade. He knows that Dorian almost got her daughter killed but he also knows that Dorian is sorry for that. "Let her go!" Bo can see that this is a huge mistake but he agrees to do let Dorian go anyway.

"Hugh is going to dance for this." Evangeline knows that Spencer still has his trial to go through and could be found guilty in spite of what Hugh did.

Nora walks by and Todd stops her. "Did you tell Hugh to let Spencer go free? Is that how much you hate me Nora?"

Dorian is brought into Bo's office and she starts shouting at him for holding her in jail. She calms when she realizes that she is being released. "You still have a friend out there!" Bo says. She thinks that it is the mayor, or the governor who got her freed. She is silent when she hears that her savior is just Clint!

Todd is rude to Nora and they end up hurling nasty comments until Evangeline stops them.

Vincent is all over Layla at the table.

"Don't mind me guys!"

Vincent turns to Ted telling him to give a little space.

Layla heads to the ladies room.

"You are really into her," Ted says. "You better not let Layla find out that you are setting up her sister's boyfriend to lose the fight…I don't think that she will understand." Vincent whispers fiercely through clenched teeth. "Keep your voice down!" Ted tells that no one heard him.

As Vincent and Ted talk, Todd stands a few feet away watching them.

"You need a place to stay, I have tons of room and we love each other. Don't you trust me?" It is herself that she doesn't trust. "I am sure about how I feel about you but I messed up. How could I let anyone make me think that you were stalking on me? I am so gullible and they used that." He calls her a 'Convent Girl'. "You are not suspicious and you see the good in people. Your mother is alone and miserable, don't be that way." She can't move in with him. "I never lived alone before. I need to do that so that I know that I can. I went from my mother's house in Puerto Rico, to Llanview. I just want to be a whole person before I move in with you." Rex is fine with that as long as she wants to be with him. "Can I stay here until I get my own place?" She is welcomed at his place forever… She decides to go and get her stuff before her mother gets out of jail.


Clint turns from his drink to see Dorian rushing at him. "You are giving me a second chance!" He actually never said anything like that to her. The smile leaves her face.

Nora tells Evangeline that she sees that Cristian definitely has something to worry about when it comes to Todd.

"Go get Layla!" Vincent orders.

Ted walks off.

"So…What is this about setting Cristian up?" Todd asks Vincent…

Hugh and John are in the car riding to see where Spencer is going. "I know that what you did tonight was rough Hugh." Hugh says that if he had never known that Spencer was his dad, it would have been okay. It isn't like the man was like Thomas McBain…

Beep! Beep!

The tracker tells John and Hugh that Spencer has stopped and is in fact in front of the bus station… "Uh oh…"

Inside the station, Spencer has arrived and he looks behind himself nervously as he enters the bus station. He goes to a set of lockers not far from the entrance. He gets out a key from one of his pockets and inserts it into a keyhole in a locker.

"You are going to have to see your mother some time Adriana. She will get out of jail and she will hunt you down." Adriana doesn't care about that. "Not even a saint could forgive my mother for what she did." Rex thinks about how Dorian saved his life. Adriana feels that Dorian only did that because her daughter was there to see. "I can't stand your mother Adriana, but she made you so she can't be all that bad." Adriana disagrees. "I love you Adriana. Even when you are evil!" She has to go now and get her things. "I can't put this off any longer. "Good luck!" he shouts as she walks out.

"I am sorry that I look like such a mess Clint but I came right from jail. I heard that you demanded to have me released. You haven't given up on us?" Clint didn’t say that the wants her back. He just didn't like to see her suffer. "You are not sorry for what you did to Rex and Adriana! You are sorry that you got caught. It isn't up to me to judge you Dorian but you should be grateful that I am not on the jury that will. I am not going to take credit for what you did. You did it didn't you? You masterminded this plan to break up Rex and Adriana?" She admits that and tells that she doesn't want to be that kind of woman anymore. "You have made me want to be a different, better woman. I am already different. Let me prove it." Clint knows that eventually she will revert to what she was. "If you could hurt your own child like you did, then how can I trust you not to hurt mine?" She thought that he felt about his children like she thinks of hers. "Is Adriana happy Dorian? I just asked for you to be released because I care about you. Still, I think that we should part ways. I don't want you in my life." She is sorry as well. "I think that we could have had something really special together."

"Todd isn't in love with me…" Nora knows that one person could love two people at the same time and she really hopes that Evangeline takes her advice.

Todd lets Vincent know that he isn't a fan of Vega's, and that makes Vincent smile. "What do you have against the man?" Vincent asks.


The men turn to find Evangeline walking over. "What are you two talking about?"

Adriana gets into the house. It seems quiet. She heads up the stairs and stops in her tracks when she comes face to face with her mother's portrait at the top of the stairs.

Spencer is does his deed and then ducks out of the bus station. He goes out the back way, into an alley.

John and Hugh enter the bus station but they can't find Spencer anywhere. Hugh tells the men to get to work. "You know what we are looking for!"

The men start tearing the doors from the lockers moving as fast as they can.

"We got something!"

Hugh looks at the evidence. "It's his watch!"

John in the meantime has gone into the alley. It is dark back there. John stands very still and looks around, trying to see through the darkness.

Spencer hides in the alley. He is quiet. When he thinks that it is safe, he comes out of hiding and calmly walks out into the open.

He digs into his pocket and pulled something out. It is something wrapped in a handkerchief, of piece of cloth… It is the gun! He smiles at the gun as if being reunited with an old friend!

"I am starving!" Rex pushes himself up off the couch, but then falls to the floor roughly.

He is unconscious from the fall.

Adriana drags her bags down the stairs and heads to the door.

The door opens.

"Adriana! Where are you going?" She asks why the woman isn't in jail. "Clint got me out." Adriana tells her mother to be ready as she will make sure that her mother pays for this. "Rex is out of the hospital by the way, not that you care. Get out of my way." Dorian will not. She will not let her leave until she has heard what her mother has to say.

Hugh and John touch base. Spencer has escaped.

John knows where the man is going. "I won't let him get away…"

Spencer relives the memories.

He remembers being with David that night.

Spencer looks at the gun as he thinks.

He remembers hiding behind the dumpster and trying to keep track of all that was happening.

David had been trapped up against a fence. The McBain was holding a gun on him and when the boy had been trapped at the fence, McBain ordered him to stop and give up. David tried to make a run for it. He turned his back on the old man and thought that he could make it over the fence. McBain let one shot off into the air.

The sound scared David who turned around and a shot was let off… he didn’t even have his eyes open when it happened. McBain fell to the ground. David stood stunned and then he ran off.

That was when Spencer finally came out of hiding…

Spencer looks lovingly at the gun now as he relives his past.

Vincent and Todd tell Evangeline that they were discussing the fight. "I actually need to get back to Layla!" Todd jumps around, pretending that he is boxing and he and Vincent laugh and high-five…

Todd gets on his phone, in private and puts twenty grand on the other guy to win the fight.

Clint comes over to see Todd after his call.

"I am your mother!" Adriana tells that he mother is really Ramona and that she lives in Puerto Rico. "You are just some woman who let me live in your belly for nine months before giving me away…" Adriana drags her stuff out of there and into the night.

Rex is on the floor unconscious.

He wakes.

Someone steps on his fingers as he lays on the floor. "Ah!"

He looks up and sees that someone wearing black pumps and silk stockings is trampling all over his hands and fingers. He grabs those scrawny ankles to keep them out of range of those pumps with the pointy heels.

"I came to finish what my daughter started…" It is Dorian but she is dressed in black and looking a little more evil than ever. "Did you really think that I would let you and Adriana live happily ever after? She raises her arms now above her head. She brings them down as hard as she can in Rex's direction.


Rex lays unconscious on the floor.

Adriana returns and finds him. She runs to him now. "Rex! Rex!"

Dorian has had a shower and she comes downstairs to her empty home. She looks out the window, and looks at a picture of Adriana… She smells the flowers.

She reads the card. It was from Clint who sent them before Dorian got into trouble. 'This is the start of something big, Love Clint'.

Todd isn't sympathetic when he hears that Clint broke up with Dorian.

Todd spies Evangeline talking with Vincent and Layla.

"I think that you are pining for her," Nora says surprising him. "I don’t pine," Todd says.

Hugh goes back to the station and is frustrated.

Spencer is still thinking.

He remembers that night. Spencer's father called him into the room. He knew that he wouldn’t be around much longer. He gave Spencer the two guns and made Spencer promise to give one to David. Spencer grew up learning to shoot with those guns. "Promise!" the old man commanded from his bed, while coughing.

Spencer sees the whole thing in his head like it happened. "I promise dad…"

He is at the waterfront now. He faces the water. He draws his hand back and makes a pitching motion.

John has come into view as Spencer is throwing.

"Freeze! Don't you make me shoot you Spencer! You know I will!"

Spencer stands up slowly, turning to face John and raising his hands…

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