One Life to Live Update Friday 9/15/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian and his opponent are side by side being interviewed about the fight.

Evangeline walks in…

Cristian tells how he has a woman in his life who is his lucky charm.

Vincent knows that Cristian will need more than that to win the fight.

Cristian and Evangeline kiss…

Claudia finds Nash alone and drinking…

Kelly comes to see Jessica and her baby. "She is so beautiful and you are so good. I can't wait to get to know you." Jessica tells that they will all go to the playground when Kelly has her baby. Kelly knows that the couple are great parents. Jessica tells that she and Antonio are more in love than ever.

Antonio is at his locker and he gets out the velvet box and looks at the ring.

Bo turns the corner and sees the ring. "I couldn't be happier for you…" Antonio will be proposing that day.

John and his men enter Spencer's hotel room and they start tossing it. They are just doing that for effect to make Spencer nervous.

Blair is pissed that Spencer has shown up at her door.

"Spencer!" Jack comes running and jumps into the man's arms.

Nash is checking out a vineyard that is for sale. Claudia is happy for him and hopes it all works out. "It is more than what I was expecting to pay though. It is out of my budget…"

Jessica tells how Bree is fighting sleep with all that she has in the other room. She and the baby went to the park with Kelly and it was fun. Bree knows that Kelly will make a great mommy. Jessica tells how she has to get up ten to fifteen times a night to check that Bree is breathing. Antonio shouts at her when she does that. "We have had to fight so much and lately we have been losing sight of us and our relationship." Kelly knows that with Nash involved, things have to be rough. Jessica likes that Nash is involved with his daughter but he isn't over Tess and that is hard for Jessica to watch. Kevin tells how she has been getting along with Kevin but that is it. They will never get back together she thinks. Jessica wouldn't doubt it. Kelly asks if Jessica is going to be married. Jessica isn't sure…

"It is the same ring that I gave her before but I didn't want to give it to her until the right time. I never thought that this day would come but we are really a family now. Thanks for the kind words Bo…" Antonio heads out.

Bo wonders what is going on with John.

John shouts at his men to get moving and make the place a real mess…

He gets a call.

"202 Lincoln Avenue? Are you sure?"

John tells Hugh that Spencer stopped somewhere.

Bo calls.

John tells him that things are going good. "Spencer went to 101 Lincoln Avenue…" Bo tells him that Spencer went to see Blair. John will figure a way to get him away from her.

John calls a man and tells him to take a number and go to the hotel phone. Just say that you see cops at this guy's place…

The man runs off…

"Why did you call him?" Blair asks. Jack missed Spencer and wants to be with him. "Have you moved in with Todd? Blair will not talk about this with Jack there. She sends him upstairs.

"You have gone too far!"

Evangeline is interviewed too. She talks about Cristian and how ready he is for the fight.

"that is enough guys," Cristian says interrupting the interview…

"Is your hand really better, or are you just saying that?" Evangeline asks.

Vincent is concerned.

Ted comes over to tell the man that he isn't to worry. "It has all been taken care of…"

Nash knows that Claudia wants to be a partner in his new business but he feels that he will only feel obligated to her and she will have an excuse to be close to him. "Go away," he tells her. She walks off.

Nash remembers Napa, and he and Tess celebrating their vineyard. She was pregnant and couldn't celebrate with a drink, and so he had a drink for the both of them. They were so happy and he was insanely happy with her.

Nash downs his drink thinking about Tess now.

Kelly decides that she is going to be staying in town after all.

Antonio comes home and finds the ladies visiting. He thought that Jessica was going to be out at Yoga class, but there she is. "Oh! I forgot some important books that I need. My laptop as well is there." Jessica offers to go and get the things for him. She and Kelly leave the apartment.

"Yes!" Antonio says quietly!

Blair gets angry with Spencer for showing up to see Jack. "You are finished with me now? You use sex to get what you want…" She orders him out of her life now! "I made a lot of mistakes in my life, but you were the biggest one…"

Spencer gets a call.


He tells Blair that cops are ransacking his suite. "Are you happy now?" Spencer leaves.

"Is Spencer ever coming back?"

Jack has come downstairs and he waits for his mother to answer him now.

John gets an update on the situation.

He turns to Hugh. "Spencer is on his way here. Are you ready Hugh?"

Vincent is suddenly worried about the scam and how it is going to go down.

He goes over to Cristian and wishes him good luck. "thank you for backing me on this. It means the world to me…"

Cristian and Evangeline plan to go to the pre-fight party. Evangeline wants an answer to her question. "My hand is fine!" he says.

Vincent watches them from a distance.

Claudia starts talking about Nash's drinking but that is the last thing that he wants to hear from her.

She sees Jessica in the club.

Nash looks over and sees her too.

John goes to the station.

He tells Bo that Truman should be getting to the suite just about now.

Spencer arrives at that apartment and sees his place is destroyed.

Hugh steps out of the bedroom slowly and quietly. "I didn't realize that it was the duty of the District Attorney to make it his personal job to DESTROY MY APARTMENT!" Hugh says that he isn't responsible for this. "What are you still doing here anyway?" Hugh has something to tell him. "I am your son…"

Evangeline will be going to the pre-party alone as Cristian can't be drinking and eating before the fight. "I have something for you… I was going to get you a chain with a chain on it but you can't wear jewelry in the ring. Then I was going to get you a new robe, but that wasn't right either. I want to make a difference. I remembered then. My grandmother told me that I should give this whenever I could. It is gratitude. You have given me more joy than I thought that I had left inside. I wanted to thank you for just being you and loving me." Cristian will try to wear it well.

"She is becoming a regular," Claudia whispers to Nash.

Claudia and Jessica say 'hi'. Jessica explains that she just came to pick up some things for Antonio. She sees the brochures of the vineyard and is impressed.

Claudia's phone rings.

Jessica tells her to go ahead and answer it.

Claudia leaves the area.

It is Antonio.

"Is Jessica there? I am proposing tonight."

Nash and Jessica talk about Nash's place for the vineyard and he asks about Bree. Jessica tells that Bree is fine and that she has his smile. She leaves then to head to the office.

"Are you okay?" Claudia asks returning. He says that he is fine. "You need a friend."

"I have a friend. Bartender! Another one!"

"I know that I told you that you didn't need to drink but you are going to need another one of those."

Nash's eyes follow Jessica as she walks through the club.

"What is it now Claudia?"

Blair tells her son that they will not be seeing Dr. Truman anymore…

The door opens and Kelly enters. "Hi sweetheart.."

Jack stomps up the stairs. "It isn't you," Blair tells. "It is me!"

"this is the most convoluted trick that anyone has ever come up with. Did John put you up to this?" Spencer gets his phone out to call his lawyer. "Remember how I let you off with only one million dollars bail?"

Spencer does remember Hugh telling that he was staring at him to see if there was a trace of similarity.

Spencer is thinking now. Hugh tells how it is the truth. "Paige told me and she even gave documentation of our kinship." Hugh offers the man the papers that Paige gave him. Spencer looks down at them as Hugh continues speaking. "Unfortunately for you and me, you are my father…" Spencer's wheels are turning. "You are my son?" Hugh nods. "Unfortunately…yes."

"I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for getting Chris this fight Vincent. Cristian has been through so much and this chance to redeem himself has given him a new lease on life. Every fighter that wants to make it big needs someone to believe in them, and for Chris that is you."

"Why am I going to need a drink?" Claudia says that Antonio just called and told her something. "Do I care what Antonio said?" Claudia knows that he will care about this. "He is proposing tonight She leaves…

Nash remembers talking with Tess in Napa. He was talking about having a whole lot of kids. He wanted to have a family with her. She was dying to have the baby so that she could start drinking and smoking… He offered then to marry her and put her in a white dress… "I want you to know that will never leave you. You are the only woman that I love…" She never thought that she would be in love with anyone but he makes her believe in everything.

'what's going on here?"

Jessica has entered the apartment and it is decorated with balloons and both the girls are there. "Say 'yes'!" Jamie shouts. "What am I saying yes to?" Jamie says her father… She sees the velvet box and picks it up to get a closer look at the ring.

"I have this sick feeling that Spencer is going to get away with murder," Blair tells Kelly.

Bo wonders what Hugh is feeling like right now….

"You are not smart enough to be my son!" Hugh tells that he isn't going to be prosecuting the case anymore. He has it all arranged. "I can't send my father to death row." Spencer isn't totally believing all that he hears yet. "What's in it for you Hugh? What's the point? What are you trying to do? What? Just taunt me? You hate me! Why would you tell me this?" Hugh calmly puts the documents back in his pocket. "I told you because I want to help you…"

Cristian is alone getting ready for his fight.

"That doll got all dressed up for nothing," Ted remarks about Evangeline. Vincent grabs him by the throat thinking that the man talks too much.

Claudia tells that she only told Nash about the proposal because Antonio called to see if Jessica was there.

Nash thinks again about he and Tess in Napa, in each other's arms.

Nash hopes the couple has a very happy life…

Before the kids, Antonio gets on his knees and proposes to Jessica. "Yeah, I will ," she says. "I love you and I will never take this ring off again."

"What is you secret John? You are cool as ever." John isn't worried. He has lots of ideas for catching Spencer.

"Why do you think that I put my career on the line to let you out? you are my father. I can't stand by and let you fry. So, if there is anything out there that can connect you to the death of Thomas McBain…you better find it and destroy it." Spencer isn't saying anything but he does listen intently.

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