One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/14/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Dorian screams to get the attention of the guards. She feels that she is being treated badly and demands attention.

The guard ignores her and takes a call.

She opens the door and lets David in. "Did you want to control your daughter's life so badly that you almost got her killed?"

Rex is on the phone…

He hangs up quickly when Adriana catches him on the phone. He is sheepish about not following orders.

She is angry that he isn't resting. He might get out that same day. "It is over Adriana. Forget about it all. I have." She can't forget about it.

John hangs up the phone.

Bo enters the office for an update. He learns that Spencer hasn't made a move yet to the murder weapon. "Maybe he wasn't as sentimental as we thought Bo. It is just a feeling but I think that Spencer has a hang-up about families." Bo believes that. "That might be why he attacked my family. He has to have some issues…" John figures that may be something they can use.

"Five months after we got divorced, I had a child…your child. I have found him again as a grown man Spencer. What is it worth to you Spencer?" Paige asks.

Todd and Blair have Starr at home now.

Someone is at the door.

Blair runs to see who it is.

Starr is glad to see her parents are at least in the same place. "I am so glad that she isn't marrying Spencer."


Todd and Starr turn to find Jack standing behind them with Blair. "Is it true mommy? Are you going to marry daddy instead?"

"I had already signed the divorce papers when I realized that I was pregnant. I had doubts about myself being a doctor and raising a baby. Spencer I had so many doubts about so many things but I knew that I wanted to raise my son away from you. That is why I took the job on the West Coast. You wouldn't find out about the baby. You would have turned him against me. I saw how cruel you were. You controlled me and David and there was no way that I was going to let my son grow up to be like his father…"

"I love Dr. Spencer and I want him to be my daddy!" Todd leans in close to his son and shouts at him. "I am your daddy! Not Dr. Spencer!" Jack starts crying and Starr follows him when he runs from the room.

"That was smart Todd!" He turns on her and reminds her that she is the one who brought that man into their lives!"

Starr returns to tell that Jack never wants to talk to his father again.

Jack sneaks downstairs and gets the cordless phone.

He leaves a voicemail for Spencer. "I need to talk to you…"

Michael and Marcie learn that the other couple that wants Tommy will sue if possible to get the boy. "Janice are you telling us that we have to give Tommy up?" That isn't necessarily what Janice means.

"I want the truth Dorian. I asked you about this before." She wonders where he learned about the truth. "It was right here. You came to me and you told me to be a man and face what I did to get peace. I did that and I got peace. The difference is that I was innocent!" Dorian shouts at him that she needs a friend right now and not a lecture. David puts a little twang in his voice when he asks about her cowboy boyfriend… She tells that Clint has dumped her. "Now if you came her as a friend…fine. But if not, then kindly leave me alone!"

"Guard!" David turns on his heel…

The jail door magically opens to let him out of there.

Rex thinks about the stalking and realizes that Dorian did her background research on him and realized that he was capable at one time of doing what she set him up for. Adriana realizes now that when she ran out on him, she was only looking for an excuse to do just that.

"John, I know that you want to put Truman away for murder, and I want to put him away for setting me up… But I think that we will have to settle for getting for whatever we can…" Bo leaves.

John gets on the phnoe.

"Where is he now? …Okay. If he doesn't make a move soon, we will have to turn up the heat."

"I wish that I never would have to tell you this but I need to for leverage." Spencer feels that someone put Paige up to this to get information. "You are not smart enough to think this up." She can see that he is not that sure whether she is lying or not. "Okay, I tried…" She starts walking off. "Okay, okay, okay, okay…wait! I will listen. Tell me about this son of mine…"

"So there is a chance that we can keep the child?" Janice tells that there is a judge looking at the case and she will be talking to Michael and Marcie soon.

"Good afternoon…"

Michael and Marcie turn to see the judge have arrived. "I have a couple of questions to ask you before we get started…"

"At least Starr knows who her daddy is…" Blair tells that she never tried to make Todd's children think badly of him. "Let me handle Jack and do what is best for Jack."

Jack comes into the room. "Dr. Spencer isn't here?" Blair finds that question strange. Todd wants to talk to the boy alone but Jack is scared. Blair tells him it is okay to talk to his father and that nothing will happen to him.

"I will talk about this with you but first I need something to prove what you are saying…" Paige asks if Todd's son is dead or alive. "No Paige. Give me something." She thinks. "Okay, your son, is living here in Llanview…"

Hugh talks to John about his father and how he might not have done some of the things that he did if he had lived his life differently. "What are you talking about?" Hugh sees the look in John's eye and continues talking; saying that he knows that his dad is a sociopath and that won't change. "Still I want to see him pay for all his crimes and I refuse to blow this case." John is pensive now… "What if we wanted you to?"

Janice holds Thomas while Michael and Marcie talk with the judge.

"Now tell me why you are the right parents for this child…

"I don’t know what to say John." John warns that if Hugh pulls a scam on Spencer, he won't be able to switch up in the middle of it. Hugh is sure that he can keep his emotions in check.

John dials…

"Our son lives in Llanview?" Paige won't give up anymore information on Hugh to Spencer. "I am not buying it. I think that we are finished here." She is fine as she really didn't want her son near Spencer anyway. "You are not capable of blackmail or making a deal Paige. I know you too well." She finds that interesting. "Like you knew Blair?"

"Jack we can do all kinds of things…" The boy shows an interest in sailing. Todd smiles. "Yeah…" Jack was going to go sailing with Spencer… Todd tells that they can do all sorts of other things and Jack agrees to that.

Blair watches from inside as the father and son start mending their relationship…

"When you were at that beach house with me, I was falling more and more in love with you and that scared me. So the first sign of trouble, I decided to end things right there. Things always go wrong don't they Rex?" She knows now that they were meant to be together. "I finally got it when I was being held hostage. I was thinking about how much I loved you and I wanted to reach me somehow." He tells Adriana that she did reach him and he promises that nothing will get between them ever again. "You don't ever have to run again. "I won't," she promises…

Dorian comes back to see Dorian.

"Did you come back to gloat…" He did some digging and is under the belief that Bo isn't doing anything so far. "I think that he is just trying to scare you. Why haven't you called an attorney yourself?" She says that things got out of control. David finds that an understatement. "It isn't easy for me. I think of that girl as my own. I almost became her stepfather." Dorian asks him to go to Adriana and explain this… David could do that…in theory. "Let's says that I did what you want and she forgave you… She would still be with Rex, would you be able to accept that?"

Rex and Adriana are kissing when Bo arrives.

Adriana leaves to find out about Rex leaving the hospital that day.

"Getting shot isn't a joke Balsom… And I don't like that you took matters into your own hands." Rex promises not to do that again. Bo knows that Rex can't keep that promise, but he just wants Rex to remember this conversation when Bo uses him for work next time…

"We weren't exactly prepared your honor for today… Michael and I really love Tommy and he seems really happy with us. Michael is a doctor…" The judge needs to know what kind of parents they would be. "We would spend time with Tommy and we wouldn't ever pass him off. We feed him and put him to bed and we get up in the middle of the night. He loves to dance to the Little Mermaid. I guess what I am trying to say is that he likes music…" The judge asks about their home environment. "We don't have a big house, and we don't have a back yard… but we will have that! We will! He needs a good home and he has that with us…" The judge is concerned about the short time that the couple has been married. "It is true! We are newlyweds, but we were going to start a family anyway, but it is happening a little too early. If you take Thomas from us, there won't only be two hearts breaking, there will be three…"

Thomas cries.

"Excuse me your honor… May I" The judge gives Marcie a break.

Marcie picks up the child and stands singing.

"Hush little baby, don't say a word…"

Todd gets immediately quiet.

The judge watches for a spell and is fine with the momentary interruption… "I will make my decision tomorrow. The child will remain for now with the Foster parents…" Michael and Marcie thank the judge for her consideration…

"Marcie you were great!" Michael tells her as they hug with Tommy in the middle of them.

"I will do whatever it takes to get Adriana back…" David goes to the door to leave…

The guard opens it, but David turns back and goes up to the bars. "You haven't lost everybody…"

Bo leaves when Adriana returns.

She tells Rex that you are not ready to go home yet. "He laughed at me when I asked if you could go home. He said that I needed a lecture on collapsed lungs, and that my mother really saved your life." Rex agrees that Dorian did indeed save his life. "I am leaving the house as soon as possible. "You will stay with me," Rex says.

Paige comes to talk to Bo about Spencer. "I had a conversation with him and I told him that he had a son. I thought that I could make a deal with him for information on Todd's son. He didn't take the bait but I shook him up. I am glad that Hugh has been raised by good people, I have no regrets about that. I can't protect him any longer though. Spencer can get this information himself. It is only a matter of time before Spencer finds out…"

John has everything ready.

"Let's go do it Hugh… Let's go and introduce you to your father…"

Todd asks Jack for a hug, but that is too much for the boy. He runs out of the room.

"He will love you again," Blair promises. "If he doesn't," Todd promises… "I will never forgive you for that…" Todd goes out the back door.

The doorbell rings.

Blair opens the door without thinking and comes face-to-face with… Spencer Truman.

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