One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/13/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian and Evangeline finish making love. She did it all without talking and he loved it. "I love you," she tells him. "I love you too…"

Starr is ready to leave the hospital…

Michael stops them. He sends the nurse off to see about Starr's release papers. Michael leaves too.

Blair wants to talk about Starr getting to school soon. Starr starts on her mother about faking being with Spencer.

"I am going to convict you for the murder of John McBain and nothing! Not even the fact that I!" Hugh pauses. Spencer waits for the rest of the sentence but hears nothing else come out. "Not even the fact that…. what?" Hugh calms. "I am going to sentence you to death."

Spencer tells that he is going to make everyone there suffer for what has happened to him.

"Your office! Now!" John walks off confidently knowing that Hugh will do as he is told. Hugh walks off behind John as ordered.

"Where are the papers that I have to sign to get out of here?" Spencer roars at the cops milling around.

"Ah! Ah!" Kelly clutches her stomach and bends forward in pain. Everyone…but Spencer moves to help her.

Marcie and Michael have an appointment about Thomas and they have no idea what it is about.

Starr is angry with her mother for letting her father think that she didn't love him all this time.

Kelly starts feeling better and she is seated. Paige checks her out. Natalie takes her to get something to eat.

Todd knows that if anything happens to that baby it will be on Spencer's head as well as everything else that he has done. "you made me sterile and everything afterwards wouldn't have happened."

John is angry that Hugh was about to tell Spencer that he is the DA's father. Hugh is sure that he can handle this. John doesn't want the case of his father's murder to be handled right. "We are going to play this to the end. Spencer is going to slip now. When he does, we will be there to nail him."

Kelly isn't hungry. Nat is concerned. The baby is her relative too. Kelly knows that Natalie has something to say. "Spencer messed with you and Kevin and you can't let him get away with it. You loved Duke and if you leave you will be letting hurt our family…"

Bo jumps in and cools Todd and Kevin down. Todd feels that he has a right to be mad. He has no idea where his kid is. "When did you do it?" Kevin asks. "When did you give me the virus?"

Spencer remembers when. He did it in the winter when he knocked Kevin out and gave Kevin the virus.

Spencer denies that he did what Kevin accuses him of. He says that he did nothing but try to help these people.

Bo orders Kevin into his office and he has to threaten the man with jail to get him to do as he is told.

"I am out of here!" Spencer says.

Todd grabs the man's arm to hold him from leaving. "Wait Spencer. I am going to make you an offer that you can't refuse…"

Cristian and Evangeline share kisses in bed. "I should have stopped talking to you weeks ago," Evangeline says smiling. "When I am in the courtroom and I am examining someone, that is different than when you …" He clamps a hand over her mouth to stop her chatter. She gets it and keeps her mouth shut when he removes his hand. They tune into each other and she tries to figure out what he is thinking. She starts laughing. "We have already christened every corner of this room. That isn't what he was thinking. She guesses again and realizes that he is starving. This time she guesses right.

"I talk to my dad all the time and I hate what you did to him mom! You slept with Dr. Truman after dad was found innocent, and you knew that what you were doing was wrong, and you expect me not to find that disgusting?" Blair tells her daughter that there wasn't any other way to handle this. "There was another choice and you just wouldn't see it. You didn't want to. You jumped into bed and you acted like a complete slut the whole time!" Blair spins on her angrily now. "Just stop it Starr!"

"I can see it in your eyes Spencer. You are afraid and you should be. You are going to go to jail and they are going to beat you, and they are going to abuse you. It isn't anything like the chamber. They strap you in and you are going to be terrified. You are going to die. Now tell me where my son is. I will talk to Hugh and work something out for you." Spencer says that if he wants to know where his son is, he will have to ask Margaret. "Now you all go to hell!" Spencer walks out.

Todd turns to Paige. "If he has hurt my child in any way, he is going to pay." David knows that Spencer wouldn't ever hurt a kid. Todd know talks about the DA and how he really screwed up in the courtroom. "He had his reasons for doing what he did!" Paige says. "What are those reasons?" No one says a word. Todd leaves, unable to guarantee that he isn't going to do something to Todd.

David understands Todd's position. When you lose your child, you will do anything for them…

John is on the phone getting a blow-by-blow of Spencer's activities.

Hugh thinks about his mother telling him about their connection while John is on the phone.

Hugh snaps out of it now.

John finishes his call and turns to Hugh again. "I am trying to wrap my head around it. Paige, my mother thinks that I went easy on the bail issue because I found out that Spencer is my father. It just makes me hate the man all the more. I can't believe that I am related to a man that could do the things that he does." John knows that all they should be thinking about it how to prove this all happened. "Hugh, your adoptive father is a good man right?" He was just like John's. Now Thomas's son is teaming up the killer's son to bring him down… "Ironic isn't it?"

Marcie is nervous but Michael is fine. "You never know, maybe we are just being called to get the adoption process starting. We are perspective parents and we will have to be looked over and have interviews and home visits. Janice knows that we love Thomas and she is 100% on our side… You know Marcie, Thomas looks like he wants pizza and not that bottle." Marcie won't let her kid have pizza. "I love you Thomas and I will not let you get high cholesterol." Michael sees that she is right about the pizza. "he is lucky to have you. I have said it before but you are really a natural…" Marcie had no mother so she didn't learn anything that way. "We are a family Marcie. You and me and this little guy here… You feel better?"

"All I am saying is that if you run off and take this baby from the family, it will be a win for Spencer." Kelly is doing what is right for her child. "I can't have this baby having Kevin being angry at him all the time." Natalie tells her that she should remember that she can always change her mind. "Don't let Spencer win. That will hurt the baby more than anyone. Mom and Roxy got me like this Kelly. Think. Does running away ever solve anything?" Kelly finds Natalie a little bossy. They laugh. Natalie reminds Kelly of Dorian. "Then for once, Dorian and I are on the same page…"

"I know the truth Starr and you don't know everything that there is to know." Starr wonders if her mother really believes that sex should be used to get whatever you want. "He fooled me Starr and I admit that. You even used to think he was pretty terrific at first." Blair knows that she should have listened to Todd in the beginning but she didn't. "Mom! You jumped in bed with Dr. Truman! Why didn't you go to court today? isn't that what you worked so hard for?" Blair wanted to be with her daughter and she is the star witness and shouldn't be there. "You didn't feel strange about being in that man's bed though did you?"

"That is a good question!"

Todd enters the area. "Why don't you answer her Blair?"

Chris returns with a bag of goodies. "Breakfast in bed." She wouldn't have minded eating downstairs. They ate in bed before and they got crumbs everywhere. "you were doing it wrong." She is about to ask how they should eat, but he crams some food in her mouth before she can ask. They has Tostados and coffee…

David asks Bo about Dorian. "I can't go to her house." Bo tells that Dorian is there. "What is she doing here?" David had no idea that Dorian was there and he rushes to the holding cell to see her.

"That is a man who is still in love," Paige sees. "they have their differences but it is true love."

Bo worries about how Spencer will act when he learns that he has a son. "I had to tell Hugh the truth. He is amazing isn't he? His parents did an excellent job raising Hugh. They are his parents. I think still that I did the right thing keeping Hugh from Spencer. I wonder who he would have been if they were together. I wish that I could be a mother to Hugh." Bo tells her to give it some time. "that can make all the difference." Paige gets back to work now.

"no! It will have to wait." Hugh hangs up.

Hugh wonders what will happen if they can't find the gun.

"we got something. The tracker that we put in Truman's watch gave off a signal!" John is happy to hear that. Now they just have to wait for him to lead them where they need to be.

After breakfast, Evangeline cleans up all the crumbs in the bed. She looks at his hand. "Are you sure that you will be able to fight?" He says he will, but if he can't, it won't be because of his hand. "I am going to win this fight because of you and then I will have everything that I want."

Todd greets his daughter properly. "Spencer is out on bail and the judge went for it." Blair is horrified. "He is on the loose?" Starr asks.

The nurse comes with the discharge papers.

Todd and Blair go to the desk to sign. "She will never forgive me," Blair says. "I can't believe that he is out." Todd isn't worried. If the justice system doesn't get him, I will get him!"

"How are you and Kelly?" Kevin tells Bo that Kelly just came back because of the news about Truman. "After that, who knows."

"Just think about the baby Kelly." She will be thinking about Spencer first and then they will deal with the baby. "We were going to get married and have a family and now this!" Natalie tells that Spencer has a vendetta against the family, but she is sure that he will not get away with his tricks. "We are all on the same side." Kelly is suddenly hungry. Natalie smiles.

Janice arrives to meet Michael and Marcie. Marcie starts ranting never-ending. "Marcie… Let Janice talk," Michael says. She apologizes but then starts up again. "Marcie! Honey…Let Janice talk." Janice looks at the floor. "There is a problem with you adopting Thomas.

"You can only work on this up to the trial." Hugh realizes this. He is willing to hand this over to Nora if she wants it.

Truman is at the hospital now. They trace his every move.

"I am offering you a deal," Paige says to Spencer at the hospital. "What is it Paige?" She has a deal for him. "You have five seconds!" She tells him that if he tells Todd where his soon is, she will in turn tell Spencer where his son is…

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