One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/12/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Jessica sits alone at the diner.

She taps into a memory of Tess and Nash looking at the stars again. She is almost smiling at the memory.

She suddenly sees Antonio and Nash entering together. "We were at the gym together and we needed to talk." Jessica says that she was there talking with Todd. She gets her stuff and tries to hurry out of there. Antonio can see that something is wrong.

"You just had a feeling…A Tess feeling didn't you?" Nash asks when he sees her face clearly over Antonio's shoulder.

Kevin and Kelly arrive at the station.

Todd is freaking out and has to be held back.

John is out of control and will not listen when the judge tells him to sit. It takes him a while to calm himself.

Cristian thought that this was a sealed deal.

David requests permission to speak and gets it.

"If you allow my brother to get out on bail, you will never see him again. The people of Llanview will live in fear for the rest of their lives."

The judge has made a decision in light of all that has happened there just now. He appreciates the community's take on things…

"No Nash, I didn't have a Tess feeling or a Tess memory. I am clear on things and I have my life back. I know that this is disappointing to you but.." He tells her that disappointing is not the word to use for how things are.

Antonio's phone rings and he walks off to talk.

"You were lying about having the memory, weren't you Jessica? You really did feel something before we came in." She admits that she did…

Kelly and Kevin are sure that Spencer ruined their family and their lives and they want him to pay. "He was committed to helping us and yet he has been so cruel." Kevin needs to know why Spencer attacked his family.

"The passionate pleas from the community might be appropriate, but the man is in good standing in the community. I will allow the man bail in the amount of one million dollars. The trial date will be set in a week."

Court is adjourned.

Paige can see that her announcement right before court has caused this problem. She feels so badly for the trouble she has caused.

Evangeline goes to talk to Todd and calm him down.

Cristian sits and listens a ways off from them.

Evangeline takes Todd's hands in hers and tells him that he can't control what happens and that whatever happens, it just isn't his call and he has to accept that. Todd quickly calms. Todd knows that she is right.

Antonio returns to the table and Jessica kisses him goodbye as he has to leave. He will talk to Nash later.

Nash and Jessica discuss her hiding her memories from Antonio just now. She didn't want to upset him. She assures him though that she is still Jessica and she has all the control. "What were the memories?" She will not share that. "I feel like I am just standing here and… The simple truth is that I miss her. Maybe if she was really gone, I could move on, but you are standing right here and you look like her and sound like her." He quickly apologizes for his outburst. "Why don't we have a seat and come up with a plan," she suggests. "We have to figure out how we are going to live with our complicated situation to make it work."

"Hugh was always a fighter," Nora notes. "it isn't like him to back down." Evangeline has to wonder why he did.

Cristian and Todd talk about Evangeline and how Blair thinks that she is getting too close to Todd. Todd wonders what he will do about that.

Spencer is being led out. Kevin is there and takes a swing at Spencer as he goes by. It almost starts a riot.

John and Hugh return to Hugh's office. "what is wrong with you?" Hugh pours water. "Things are more complicated than we thought. Five minutes before the arraignment, I found out that he is my father…"

"I do care about you Nash. You are the father of my daughter. Haven't you noticed how she is starting to look like you? I know that she probably takes after you in other ways but I don't know you." He orders he to stop this. "being with you is hard for me and nothing is ever going to change that. I am going to leave now. You take care of yourself." He is halfway to the door when she calls to him. "The memory was beautiful. I saw Tess at the vineyard and it was beautiful. It was really great wasn't it?" He admits that it was. "I remember waking in the morning and she would be all wrapped around me like a blanket and I would will myself not to move so that I could hold on to that feeling. I was hoping that we could live out our days like that." Jessica has heard enough. "I brought up the vineyard but I only did that as she meant so much to you. The truth is that I love Antonio. I am Jessica and Tess is gone forever."

Evangeline overheard that Cristian was talking to Todd, about her relationship with him. "You don't trust me?" Cristian tells that it isn't her that he doesn't trust. "Why do you continue to harass him Cristian? If I get involved with Todd then that means that I couldn't be trusted. We are approaching a stalemate about this and that scares me." They clearly see things different. "I am starting to wonder… I can't even respond right now. I have to go. I need space." Evangeline really hates when people say that.

"You bastard!" Kevin calms and the cops let go of him. "why did you do this to me?" Spencer tells that it is bad enough to lose a son, but then to find out that his fiancée slept with his son is pretty bad. All are horrified at the things his says. "If you will excuse me, I have a life to live and I will be damned if any of you get in the way of that." David asks his brother where Blair is. "Blair? She is dead to me now…"

"Spencer doesn't even know anything about this. My adoptive father is a great man and I am really proud of my parents. I hoped that my real parents would be decent, well-meaning people. I thought that if I met them, I would be proud. Now I learn my father is a worthless bastard criminal. So John, you asking what I am going to do?" John assures Hugh that he isn't anything like Spencer. "If this gets out, I will not be able to prosecute this case…" John hopes that they can still get Spencer to lead them to the gun. "I have to ask you… If you get a murder conviction in this case, are you going to have a problem giving him the death penalty? even though he is your father?" Hugh looks the cop in the eye. "Not for a minute…"

Nora finds Evangeline in the empty courtroom sitting alone. They really have no more information on what happened at the arraignment that day. Evangeline can tell that Nora will be back working in time. Nora senses that Evangeline is sad. She tells how Cristian is paranoid about her getting close with Todd. "He doesn't get it." She has to keep reassuring him over and over about that. Nora feels they should analyze this situation. "You are the kind of person who uses words to express yourself and Cristian paints. He can work things out without words. Ever since this whole thing with you and Todd, you have been explaining things with words, but it isn't working. That isn't the language that he understands. Find a way to show Cristian how you feel instead of using words. Actions are louder than words…"

Cristian is at his apartment alone. He is frustrated and moves from corner to corner in his apartment.

Nash is still at the diner with Jessica. He moves from her but she only follows him. "If this doesn't stop Nash, we won't be able to be friends. You will come to get your daughter and I will have to make myself scarce."

Nash tells the server that he isn't hungry when asked.

Jessica orders for the both of them. She orders her fries well-done and that catches Nash's attention suddenly.

"I never order my fries that way." Nash tells that Tess has her fries that way…in Napa… Jessica even knows the restaurant they ate at.

"I am and always will be the only man for Blair," Spencer announces to the group.

Bo tells Natalie, Kevin and Kelly to go into his office. They all do.

David walks over to Spencer.

Bo tells his family and friends that no one has been slacking off on the job here. "Especially Hugh…"

"He isn't my father really John. We are only related by DNA. I will know the time to tell Spencer. I will know it."

Hugh answers a call.

"john! Truman is ready to walk." They will follow him. They hope he will lead them to the gun that killed John's father…

Cristian is alone in his apartment. It is very quiet.

She finds his door unlocked and enters his place. "What you said before Cristian? You were right."

"Why don't you just sit with me?" Jessica says. Nash laughs. "I had hope. I hoped that Tess would come out but now that I know that will never happen, it is like a death…" She pulls him to her and hugs him.

Todd is skeptical when Bo says that he thinks that they are going to get Hugh to make a conviction.

An officer announces that Detective McBain is there.

Bo leaves.

Paige is so sorry for all this.

Hugh arrives at the station and sees Spencer. "I appreciate your vote of confidence. It carried a lot of weight with the judge. Thanks." Hugh is silent.

Bo and Paige see Hugh approach Spencer and they wait, not sure what to expect.

"Are you going to assault me? Kevin already beat you to it." Hugh remains silent and staring. "What are you staring at Hugh?" He doesn't even blink as he drinks the man in. "I was just wondering… I was just wondering if there was any trace of me in you…" Spencer makes a confused face, not understanding what the man is babbling about.

Evangeline and Cristian make up. "You know the shower is running he tells her." She has one more thing to say to him and then she isn't going to talk. "I love you." They peel down and head to the shower.

Nash sits in a booth and Jessica sits across from him. "It is good to let it out Nash."

Antonio arrives and is ready to take Jessica home. "Can I have a minute and meet you at the car?" Antonio is fine with that.

"You will be okay," she tells Nash. "It is our problem because…" He knows that them sharing a baby is what is making them tied at the hip forever. "I hope that this gets easier for you Nash. I am going to tell you one thing and this is as clear to me as anything. Tess loved you more than she would ever say. She loved you with her soul. See ya later…" She leaves.

The server brings the well-done fries to Nash who know sits alone.

"Why would you see yourself in me?" Hugh tells that he was just checking and is glad to see that there is nothing there. Spencer gets back to his ranting chatter. "You shut up! YOU SHUT UP!" Hugh shouts. "I am going to convict you. I am going to convict you for the murder of Thomas McBain! Thomas deserves justice and John deserves peace. And nothing…NOTHING…Even the fact that …" Hugh's face contorts as he chokes down the words and prevents them from spewing out. "Even the fact that what?" Spencer asks calmly. "Nevermind!" Hugh shouts. "Just know that I am the man who is going to send you to your death!"

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