One Life to Live Update Monday 9/11/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Bo comes out of his office and looks at one of the plaques on the wall. "Five years…"

Clint comes to the office to tell his brother the good news. "Jessica's integrated."

Todd and Jessica are at the diner talking about Spencer. Todd tells how he wanted to shoot the crazy bastard. "Thank god for McBain," Jessica says. "You might have been going to death row for real." She can't believe that Todd can't get over Blair sleeping with another man. Todd can't believe that Antonio can deal with her having slept with another man.

Antonio and Cristian are at the gym stretching and Antonio congratulates his brother on Jessica integrating but knows that it must really suck for Nash.

"That is exactly how it feels."

Nash has just walked in.

Natalie arrives and is so glad that Rex is fine. "I haven 't called Roxy yet. you scared me half to death. I can't lose another person in my life. " Rex begs her not to call Roxy, but Natalie has to do it sooner or later.

Adriana arrives to see Rex. "Now that you are here, I feel like jumping out of bed and tap dancing." Adriana says sorry about all this. "My mother admitted what she did to us and I had her arrested."

Dorian struggles with the officer who brings her into the station in cuffs.


She turns to find Clint staring at her.

"You should have worn a helmet Spencer. The judge is going to come down hard on you…" John says confidently.

"I am your mother and I gave you up the day that you were born… Spencer and I are your biological parents Hugh…"

John assures Spencer that he will be going down for this murder for sure. "Oh yeah," Spencer says. "You know John, when I shot your father… he cried like a little baby…"

Clint thinks that Dorian is hiding something behind her back, that is until he sees the cuff. "It is the most asinine mistake. Go home Clint. I will explain it to you later." Clint wants an explanation now. He turns to Bo. "Has she been arrested?"

Adriana tells Natalie what happened in detail. "She wouldn't go to the police when I was kidnapped as she was guilty and wanted her secret hidden. I wish that I could put the cuffs ion my mother herself." Natalie has to get to court for the arraignment. Rex wishes that he could be there for Bo, but Nat knows that he will understand. "Get better!"

Natalie goes into the hall…

Roxy comes running at her. "I have to hear about this from the TV?"

"This is a lot to deal with Paige and this is a really bad time for me to get this news. I have an arraignment." He is suddenly crying. "Please Hugh. I had a little boy and I wondered about him all the time and at a certain time, I needed to find him. I hired Rex and he found out that the lawyer that handled the adoption was dead. He found the lawyer's widow and she gave me the adoption papers." Hugh wonders if they were done wrong or something. Paige says that the man did excellent work and your name is on the papers. "It is very hard to believe that you were right here in Llanview. When I got the news, I looked up and you were standing there…You were right there. I didn't say anything. I didn't want to derail your life. I am telling you now because something happened and I had to tell you. Spencer has no idea that he has a child…"

"it was more of a mix up. He was moaning and gurgling…" Spencer walks off from John.

John hits the man hard in the back and holds him down on the table. "Tell me about it Spencer. Tell me how he died." Spencer grunts in pain from the abuse.

Evangeline and David walk in and run to John to get him off the man.

John releases his grip on the man. "He just admitted that he killed my father!" Spencer straightens his tie. "Why would I admit that?" David shouts at his brother to tell the truth. "You are going away Spencer! For a long, long time!"

Spencer can see that his being a nuisance has annoyed John and he is glad. Evangeline knows that Spencer will be gone soon enough.

"I will file harassment charges if you all continue to bother my client…"

Spencer goes off with his lawyer..

"You were at the gala Nora?" Nora and Evangeline talk about the bizarre kissing incident. Evangeline finds it funny that RJ was kissing her. Nora actually didn't find it all that bizarre…

Antonio wonders how much booze Nash had the night before. Nash doesn't feel that he should worry about that. He is sure that had Antonio been the one who lost the one that he loved, he would have done the same thing. Antonio hopes that when Bree is with her father he will pull himself together. "Her name is Brennan, not Bree…" Antonio tells that Bree is his stepdaughter and so he has a right to look out for the child.

"Is this about me and Antonio, or you and Blair?" She tries to show Todd how their relationships can work. Todd just can't deal with Blair having slept with that man. "I think that I am going to go and sit in on the arraignment."

"Adriana was kidnapped?" Dorian confirms that. "She is okay now but unfortunately Rex was shot in the melee, but he will be fine too. In the meantime, Bo is looking for someone to blame and he chose me." Clint understands Dorian's strange behavior the day before now. "Why did you arrest her Bo?" Bo tells how Dorian hired the kidnapper. "As Adriana!" Dorian tries to make light of what Bo says. Bo has to go and can't stay. She asks about the cuffs, hoping that he will take them off but instead he only offers to get her a pair of matching earrings.

"I warned you Clint but…" Bo walks off smiling now.

Rex thinks that Adriana is hiding her real feelings about locking her mother up.

Roxy wants to go in and see her son but Nat tells her that the doctors want him to be calm. Roxy wants to see her son and so she orders Roxy out of her way.

"Hey kiddo, are you okay?" Roxy has busted into the room to see her boy. "I have been better," Rex confesses. "I love you Rexy…"

'This is really bad timing," Hugh tells his mother. "Spencer is my father… Paige is my mother… She gets it if he hates her but he doesn't. "I am just a lot surprised and confused about this. This is going to take a long time to sink in. I couldn't ever hate you though. You gave me life…right?" She goes to him and they awkwardly hug.

Bo comes to the doorway and just watches.

"Looks like I will not need that helmet after all John," Spencer smirks turning around.

Evangeline thinks that Nora is talking about she and Todd when she remarks about a relationship with two people who don't really match. She was in fact talking about she and RJ.

"Where is that girlfriend of yours? You usually have a pretty tight leash on her John. You would really hate it if anything happened to her, wouldn't you?" Spencer smiles at John and then turns back to facing the front of the courtroom.

Bo makes his presence known and tells Hugh that he has to get to the courtroom now to start the case. Hugh will do the job, even though Spencer is his father.

Hugh gets his glasses out and gets ready to do his job. He stands quiet and alone at the door getting ready to work.

Paige tells the news of Hugh to Bo. "Did I make a mistake?" Bo can't see how Hugh can prosecute his father…

Nash meets Cristian and Antonio at the gym. Antonio and Nash decide to have a bout in the ring.

John makes a promise to Spencer that if he threatens Natalie again he will be sorry. He is whispering in the man's ear.

Nat arrives. "Where is Hugh?" John has no idea but knows that man better hurry and get there to prosecute this guy.

Hugh enters from the back.

Spencer instinctively turns and they lock eyes.

Roxy comes to see Rex. She hasn't got the whole story, but will finish off the guy who caused this.

She leaves the room and chokes back the tears in the hall when she is alone and he can't see her.

"I know that you are still hurting because of your mom," Rex tells Adriana. Roxy isn't a great mom but she is a mom unlike Dorian. "My mom got me in danger and because of that someone threatened to kill me. Still, it isn't a big deal right? I never spent a lot of time with her anyway, so she isn't my mother anymore…"

Dorian is brought in wearing cuffs.

Clint talks with her about what she did to end up arrested this way. "Dorian I thought that you had changed Dorian." She says that she has changed. "I care about you Clint, so much…" Clint wishes that she thought about him more when she was cooking this up. "I have had enough of you!"

Bo wants to pull Hugh off the case but he doesn't know how to do it. "What we should do is let him do the arraignment and then we will ask him to step down." Paige had all these dreams about what it would be like, to be with her son again. "How can he forgive me for giving him Spencer as a father?"

The courtroom is quiet.

Todd enters.

Evangeline comes to see him. They hug.

Nora notices their closeness.

Cristian enters are the two are hugging and he pauses.

Todd turns and stares at Cristian before letting Evangeline go.

Cristian and Evangeline sit.

Hugh can't stop staring at Spencer.

"Are you okay?" Hugh nods at John that he is fine.

The judge enters.

"Not guilty," Spencer pleads.

"Yeah right!" Todd shouts. The judge warns Todd not to do that.

Spencer's lawyer asks for bail in the amount of a million dollars.

"Mr. District Attorney? Is that alright with you?" the judge asks.

"I have no problem with that," Hugh says turning his head to the tabletop before him.

John can't understand this and leans forward to look closer at Hugh.

Todd does a double take when he realizes what Hugh has just done.

Bo sits still, not exactly looking surprised.

"I am so sorry for what my mother and I did to you. I didn't trust you." He finds that she has nothing to worry about. You did nothing but be there for me and I paid you back by stopping believing in you." He wants her to listen. "I love you Adriana, more than anything in the world." They hare holding hands and he brings her to his mouth and kisses it.

"I thought that you were different Dorian. I didn't expect you to be a perfect person, just not a horrible person." She needs him and hasn't anyone left but him. "Actually, you have already lost everyone Dorian." He walks off.

"It is booking time!"

Dorian turns and there is a smiling officer standing behind her wearing the biggest smile ever. He takes her by the arm and leads her to the inner bowels of the station to be processed.

Jessica has a quiet moment. She thinks back to a time…with Nash…

She knows the memories are Tess's but she gets to share them now.

He and Tess were looking up to the stars and marveling over them.

In the courtroom, Todd can't contain his anger. He gets up shouting and angry. He can't understand what Hugh has done…

John stands and leans forward so that Hugh can hear him.

"What the hell man? Did you sell us out?" Hugh sits very still, not turning to answer John and not answering him.

David is staring at Spencer and he is stunned by what he has just witnessed.

Spencer's ears must be burning, because he turns to and stares right into David's face.

He smiles triumphantly…

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