One Life to Live Update Friday 9/8/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Hugh comes to see Spencer. "I don't appreciate the way that you used me to go after Todd, and so I want to put you away for the rest of your life…"

Rex is brought in on a gurney. The medical team take him to an examination room to assess his condition… Adriana is put outside.

"How is Rex," Dorian asks running up. She had to follow in her own car and thinks that she has missed something. "Don't you dare say his name to me ever again!" Adriana says.

"I wouldn't count on you getting out on bail." Spencer knows that he will be out soon and that the only way that he will be convicted and found guilty is if he pleads guilty and he will not do that. "I am going to rip you to shreds!" Hugh vows.

"You have to get in line first," Todd says behind the man.

Marcie and Michael have Thomas at home with them and the poor child seems confused. Marcie notices. They want to make him comfortable but it is too late to get out the vacuum cleaner. "Thank you Michael for doing this for us." He couldn't lose the boy again. "Do you think that we are doing the right thing?" Michael does believe that. "Just look at you two together. Marcie you and he are a natural and there isn't anything more beautiful in the world than mother and child." He hugs his family now. They belong together.

"I didn't do anything but rescue you from that dreadful man! I swear to you Adriana, I never laid eyes on that man before today." Adriana tells how Bruce told her everything. "You set Rex up!" Dorian calls Bruce a drug addict. "why would you take the word of a criminal over mine?"

The doctor comes to Adriana and Dorian and tells that "Rex has been stabilized but he may need surgery. "We put in a tube in this chest."

Adriana goes to see him now.

"How is Rex?"

Dorian turns to find Bo and Paige behind her. She updates them on the events. Bo promises to find out who is responsible for this.

John and Natalie are at the lab getting information on the contents of the strong box. It is some type of virus that causes infertility. They need to know more though.

Natalie remembers how Kevin got a weird virus that stopped him from having kids. "Could Spencer be responsible for Kevin not being able to have kids?"

Hugh leaves to let Todd and Spencer talk.

"This is so wonderfully ironic. You worked so hard to get Blair to yourself. Now we find out that she was the one that got you in here. You must feel like an idiot." Spencer smiles. "how does it feel? Are you going to be able to get that image of me having my way with Blair out of your head? You know that one. It is of me having my way with Blair over and over, and over again…"

"Don't worry about anything." Rex tries to talk but Adriana makes him stop. "Save your strength. There is so much that I need to say to you and apologize for. I am going to make it all up to you and my mother will pay for what she did to us."

"I know who is responsible for Rex's condition. I was there when we found Adriana with that dreadful man… I couldn't call the police as the man said he would hurt my daughter."

Adriana comes out and tells that Rex would like to see Bo and Paige… they go in the room now.

"Adriana, you have to give me a chance to explain this." Adriana is only open to confessions now."

"Seriously John, maybe hurting Kevin was part of Spencer's plan." John feels that Spencer could have even taken things farther, making sure that Kelly got pregnant by someone other than Kevin.

John and Natalie go to the lab tech again but he still isn't ready completely for them yet.

John tells Natalie that he won't be able to hang out with her later. She understands.

She looks at the information that she has gotten so far from the lab technician. "Kevin needs to know about this."

"Please Kelly. Come back to Llanview with me. After the baby is born, you can decide to leave then, just give me the next few months."

He sees Natalie's phone number on his display.

"I have some news Kevin. Are you sitting down?"

"I think that I am on the money about your sexual hang-ups Todd." Todd thinks that at least Blair didn't have to fake it when she slept with him. "You know the only reason that she slept with you was to get information." Spencer taunts Todd with the idea of Blair exploring his body to get information. "I promises you that she hasn't ever had it that good."

Todd overpowers the guard standing nearby and he grabs the man's gun, pointing it at him. "Get out and close the door!" The man scurries out.

Todd turns to Spencer now, pointing the gun at him. "Okay…keep talking…"

Marcie worries that Tommy has an idea of the terrible things that have happened to him so far. Marcie goes through the list starting with losing his parents and ending in having crappy foster parents. "He is a baby and they have short memories," Michael tells. "He sleeps. He poops. I think that he always knew that he would end up in the right place and he did. He is with us." Marcie looks at her boy now. "You are staying right here. We are going to love you and take care of you. We are a family. Look at us!"

"So you've earned your first badge of honor as a PI. You took a bullet and lived to talk about it. Rex you should have called me the minute that you heard that Adriana had been kidnapped. You tracked Adriana down. I have a lot of respect for you. I hate it when you go off half-cocked Balsom. You are capable of great things. I know so. You found Adriana and saved her and I have so much respect for you. I couldn't have asked for more if you had been my own son…"

Paige looks back and forth from one face to the other.

"I haven't done anything." Adriana will believe Dorian if she looks her daughter in the eye and denies what she did. "Look me in the eye. Tell me that you wouldn't do that to your own daughter. Tell me the truth. Did you hire that man to break me and Rex up? To tear us apart?" There is a pause and then…"Yes I did."

Hugh is on the phone calling home and talking to family. "I would love to come out for a visit as soon as things calm down."

Someone enters.

"Sorry dad, I have to go."

Hugh tells John that he was just talking to his father. John tells that there was a virus in the strong box and it causes infertility. "It could have been for research but I doubt it. We need to handle this just right Hugh. I have a plan…"

"What do you got to say now Truman?"

The guard returns but only stands in the doorway.

"Get out!" Todd shouts. The man leaves.

"You should have thought about my homicidal tendncies before you ran your mouth off about Blair and me…" Spencer isn't afraid. "You can't kill me Todd. If you do that, you will never find out where your son is."

"Are you sure?" Kevin asks. Natalie confirms what she said.

He tells Kelly that the police searched Truman's office and vials of viruses were found that cause infertility. John and Natalie think that Spencer gave me this sterility. Kelly can't understand why this would happen. "This sounds pretty incriminating. If Spencer is responsible for this, then he is the reasons that we are suffering." Kevin has to go home. "Wait Kevin. I am coming with you."

"You are really amazing Rex. You helped me to track down my son and you gave me the courage to do that. Seeing you with Bo makes me want to have a relationship with my son. I will be grateful to you and Bo for helping me to see that." Paige kisses Rex's forehead and then she turns to Bo. "I have to do something that I should have done a long time ago."

"Let me explain Adriana. Darling I swear to you… I didn't plan it. I was at the Palace Bar about three months ago and this man who was sitting next to me struck up a conversation. Yes, it turned out to be Bruce. We started talking and I told him how I didn't approve of my daughter's taste in boyfriend… I don't know how it started but I started fantasizing about ways that I could get you away from Rex and then it just snowballed. Then Bruce offered to make my fantasy a reality. You were never in any real danger Adriana. I wouldn't let anyone harm you." Adriana can't believe that her mother has the nerve to actually say that to her. "It is just that things got out of control. I lost control of the situation and I am sorry for that but everything that I did, I did for you…"

"that is a good plan John. We will go with it." John has to go now. Hugh tells that he was at Spencer's cage just now and then Todd showed up when he left. John isn't happy that Todd is or was there. He rushes out.

"Tell me then," Todd says pointing his gun. "How should I know what crazy Margaret did with you kid?" Todd tells of the letter that was found in the safety deposit box, and how it proves he knows something. Spencer says that the cops must have planted evidence to make their case. "You tell me where that kid is or I will kill you!"

"He isn't worth it!"

John is behind Todd and tries to calm him.

Michael and Marcie head to bed and he doesn't envy her having to take care of that baby alone. "Me?" she asks. He actually meant the both of them. She will take care of the baby as long as they can find enough energy to…. They head under the covers.

Paige goes to see Hugh and he goes on and on about Spencer and how she isn't to worry about the case. "I will prosecute Truman and keep him behind bars for the rest of his life." Paige has something to say. "This man that you hate… Spencer… He is your father…"

"Put the gun down Manning. You want to go back to death row over this?"

John pulls his gun when he sees that Todd is not going to give up easily.

"Do you want me to shoot you? Cause I will!" Todd gives up his gun. The guard returns to the room and takes the gun from Todd. "I didn't see anything wrong here," John says to the guard. "Did you?"

"I have heard enough!" Dorian tries to explain that she only did what she did because she loves her daughter. I made sacrifices because I want you to be safe. You were in Puerto Rico for that reason as well. You were happy there… It was my decision to make you safe and this situation is the same way. I thought that you could have a better life than the one that Rex could give you... I didn't want you to be hurt." Adriana tries to change her mother's perspective on how she sees things. "But I was hurt!"

Bo exits Rex's room and tells Adriana that Rex would like to see her now. "I will go in but first do something for me… Arrest that woman!"

"I don't like the reason why you are coming with me, but I like that you are coming." Kelly vows to make Spencer pay if he is responsible for Kevin's sterility.

"Why didn't you let him shoot me?" John wants the man to pay for every crime that he ever committed.

"It is true. Spencer is your father and I know this because I am your mother…"

"My mother just confessed to me that she was the one that caused me to be kidnapped. She was behind all of it." Dorian says that Adriana is being ridiculous. Adriana's word is good enough for Bo though.

"Dorian Lord…You are under arrest…"

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