One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/7/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"Open that door, or I bust you with obstruction…" The man does as John instructs.

Bo gives his men instructions on how to search.

The men get moving.

"You have a visitor."

Spencer looks up at the guard and then sees his brother entering.

"Sleep with you head at that end or the drunks will pull your head."

David pulls out a picture phone. "Say cheese…" He positions himself so that he and Spencer will both be in the picture. "This one is Dorian… She will think that it is to die for…"

Marcie has bad news for Michael. "They want to take Thomas from us."

Rex and Bruce struggle on the ground for the gun…


Adriana and Dorian hold their breaths…

Rex pushes Bruce off him and the body rolls away…

Kelly is sleeping…

She wakes to find Kevin sitting on the bed, by her side.

The doctor enters. "Is everything okay? How is my baby?" Kelly asks.

"I am going to launch one hell of a lawsuit on this police department…" David tells that Bo and John are like pitiless with a shiatsu carcass as far as Spence is concerned.

John and Bo execute the search with their men…

"I can guarantee you one thing… Bo and John are not going to find anything… David, there is nothing to find."

"Wait," John says. "Bo I think that I got something…"

Natalie watches her Clint look at his phone several times and then put it away.

She goes over to him. "Just call her. You want to call her so badly" Clint finds kids today way too smart for their own good.

"There is no pulse. It is over." Rex gets up from beside the body. Adriana rushes to him and hugs and kisses him as Dorian watches.

"There is a strong heartbeat and the irregularities that you were experiencing Kelly are working themselves out. You can get your things together, as we are going to discharge you." She leaves.

Kevin is happy that they got good news. "Come on, and get your things together and we will go home." She tells that will not happen.

John finds a strong box. "Let's see what is inside."

Paige arrives but doesn't cross the yellow tape. "I hope that you find what you need to finally nail Spencer." Bo says that he will be in the mood for a drink later. The will meet at Capricorn. She sees the box that John has found and she tells Bo that they will never get that box open as it needs a special key. She knows this as they use those same boxes to transport special things. She knows that he can get a key from the hospital that might fit it. "I have to go take care of something now Bo, but afterwards, I am all yours."

"You made me think that I killed a cop when I didn't. Mom would have taken better care of me if she was around." Spencer tells that things would have been different had his mother been around but she isn't. David is perplexed by the hatred of the Buchanans. "Why did you come to town with this hatred? You are not finished with them yet Spencer are you?"

"I am so sorry that I screwed up," Rex says. Adriana says that he didn't do anything wrong. Dorian says that as a doctor, she should really check this guy out.

Rex assures Adriana that she is safe now and doesn't have to worry anymore.

"This man is surely dead," Dorian confirms. "We should call the police…"

"Yeah right mom. We should call the police and when we do, we will tell them that you…" Rex cuts her off.

"Adriana… You are bleeding…" They all look down at her abdomen area and see the blood on her clothes, seeping out.

"When I arrived, Janice told me that there is another couple who want Thomas, and they are more experienced." Janice wants to give the child to this couple as they are talking adoption and Michael and Marcie are not. "We need to provide a permanent home for the child," Janice says. "I know that you both want Tommy to have a good, permanent home." She leaves the couple to talk.

"We love Tommy and he loves us. Are we supposed to forget about him and all the things that he does? How he loves us, or does that thing to your nose? I can't forget." She cries into Michael's chest. "We are not giving up on Tommy Marcie. We are taking him home tonight."

"You get this look when you talk about Dorian." Clint admits it. "I was away Natalie and things change. People change. The thing that I like about Dorian is that you never know what she will do next." Natalie doesn't understand why he likes that. She doesn't approve of his new relationship, but she wants to see her dad happy, or at least close to happy. "Why haven't you called her?" He tells how she was busy with Rex, about Adriana and he didn't want to force his issues on her. Nat offers herself as a sounding board for his issues. "Someone is right in front of you." He can't talk to her about what he was going to talk to Dorian about. He was going to talk about how miserably he had failed his children.

John and Bo get a key and open the box. They find a steam coming out of the box. Paige did say that these boxes were used for storage at times.

"Bo wants to string you up for a cop killing. He is going to put you on a board and then put a needle in your arm." Spencer still isn't worried. He will not stop. "You don't have a clue, do you?" David wants to know why Spencer has risked his life to get to the Buchanans. "I will not stop and I will make sure that they get what they deserve."

"Not if they get you first."

The men turn and Paige is there… She tells how things are moving and the police are getting closer and closer to him and putting him away.

Adriana can't understand this. She doesn't feel pain anywhere.

Rex starts staggering. "What is the matter Rex? What is going on?" Rex falls hard to the ground, panting for breath.

Dorian calls for an ambulance.

Adriana holds Rex's head in her lap and talks to him. Dorian gives Adriana instructions on how to put pressure on the wound. She then runs to the car.

Adriana talks to Rex and assures him that he will get better and that he didn't do anything wrong. "Adriana…Adriana… I love you…" Rex's head falls slowly to the side.

Adriana puts her ear to his face to feel for his breath…

"Mom! Mom! He isn't breathing!"

"What are we looking at?" John and Bo feel they are looking at the reason that Margaret might have forgotten her life.

Spencer knows that Paige has a secret and he wants to know what she has to say. She isn't in a hurry to divulge anything. "Hey how does it feel? How does it feel to be locked in there? I am not afraid of you anymore. You know what you are right now? You are irrelevant." She turns and leaves.

"It looks like you are all out of friends, lovers, allies and lackeys. Still, Spencer you have a brother but you are still on your own. You have to fend for yourself now." David turns his back on the man.

"It has to be really tough to be a good parent and realize that you can't take cover for us all the time. You are not God, just a Buchanan… I will not try to convince you that you are human, but we have to get something straight." Clint looks down at his daughter's face and waits.

"I can't tell you how much I want to return home, but Kevin I have to do what is right for my child, Duke's child." Kevin looks hurt at her words. "I have to do it Kevin and I will not do anything that will make he or she feel even remotely unwanted."

"You have lost sight of all the good things that have happened to us dad. Your kids are basically happy and that is because you and mom are really good parents. We know that you love us unconditionally dad. You made some mistakes but the unconditional love is always there." Clint wishes that he could take more credit for Natalie turning out the way that she has. She knows that she used to be a bitch, but she has changed. "We love you Natalie." She knows that. "You are amazing dad." They hug.

"I didn't think that you had it in you to nail Spencer like that." Paige admits that it felt really good letting Spencer have it. David wishes that he could toss Paige to the side like Paige did. "You should cut him off David. Cold turkey. I am telling you. You will not be able to move on until you do."

Bo enters and stands at the bar.

Paige sees him…

Clint knows that Natalie is expecting John and so he leaves.

He bumps into John, telling him, that he has a really great girl…

John goes to Natalie and kisses her cheek. "Close, I am really close…"

"How could they give Tommy to that other couple?" Michael feels that Janice was trying to tell them something just now. She wants us to have Tommy but she has to play by the rules. "We all want the best for Tommy, and so we have to up the ante. We say that we are considering adoption just like the other couple." Marcie will not lie to Child Services. "Who says that we are lying?" He has had a change of heart. "I love that kid and I really care about him. He has become a part of our family and we can't let him slip through our fingers…" She hugs him. "Michael McBain I love you." They kiss.

Janice enters but offers to leave if they need more time alone.

"No!" Michael says when Janice starts leaving. "You thought that we didn't want to adopt Tommy, but we do."

Dorian shows Adriana how to do the CPR and they work together. Dorian presses on his chest, while Adriana periodically blows air into his mouth. It doesn't seem to be working.

Rex does take a big breath in, raising his head, but his eyes remain closed and his head goes down again…

The ambulance can be heard in the distance.

Dorian runs to the clearing where the road is, and she waves to show the attendants where they are.

Adriana puts her head close to Rex's and tries not to cry as she looks at his beautiful face.

Dorian is standing away from them but she can't help looking worried when she looks back at her daughter crying over Rex.

Tommy is brought to Marcie and Michael. Janice is glad that they have gotten things all straightened out. "Tommy will be going home with Michael and I tonight and then every night for the rest of his life."

"You can't look at me without thinking about Duke can you? I am sorry Kevin, but I have to go on without you."

Spencer thinks about his brother telling him that he has to fend for himself now that he has no one.

Spencer has always been able to take care of himself, not like his brother or his mother.

John and Natalie decide that it is time to go home now. It has been a long day for the both of them.

John gets a call though.

"It is the lab and they might have had a break on the stuff in the box." John and Natalie walk off purposefully.

"Finally Bo, I am free of him. I am free to move on and live my life." Bo wonders where she is going to move on to. "I don't know. I will take one day at a time and make the most of it, and maybe bring a little bit home with me." Bo wonders if she will be able to completely make a break with Spencer as they have a son somewhere together…

Bo gets a call…

"It is Rex Balsom… He has been shot…" Paige jumps from her seat. She decides to go with Bo to see him.

The paramedics have Rex strapped in and ready to go. "I will go with you," Adriana tells the paramedics.

Dorian stands before her to block her way to block her way to the ambulance. "I don't think that is a very good idea Adriana…" Adriana doesn't care what she thinks. "I am going with him, and I never want to see you again." she walks off leaving her mother standing alone.

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