One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/6/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Evangeline knows that Blair ran over to Chris to tell him everything. "I don't know what the problem is with those two, but the idea that it is me is ridiculous." Chris isn't so sure.

Starr is reading a kid's book and acting embarrassed about it. Blair wants to tell her amazing news.

"Blair… I need to talk to you a minute." Todd waves her out to talk.

Jessica has just put the baby to sleep. Antonio is happy that Jessica isn't going anywhere ever again.

Rex and Dorian are speeding to the scene. Dorian was supposed to go alone to meet Bruce but Rex will do things his way.

"Please put the gun down." Bruce is getting ready for his meeting with Dorian. Adriana is sure that Dorian will do as she is told. "Unload the gun and threaten my mother with it if you want. You will have everything that you want." He tells that he won't have 'exactly' what he wants really…"

Claudia can see that Nash is upset and she offers to listen to him. "I just spent the afternoon watching Tess disappear. They integrated Jessica and Tess. We all had ringside tickets. It was a great show, but no popcorn. They hypnotized her and they introduced the two personalities to each other. Then the doctor brought her out and she looked at me, and I thought that it was Tess… I was happy but I was wrong. It was just Jessica looking like Tess. I lost everything that mattered to me. Now Antonio and Jessica will get married and I will be pushed out of the picture. Jessica says that she remembers everything that happened with Tess and I. She isn't in love with me, just like I am not in love with her…"

Blair ignores Todd and tells Starr that she will be released soon. "It seems that you have recovered fully and the memory thing will be dealt with as well with you being an outpatient." Starr asks her father what they were going to talk about. "Are you going to get married?" Todd tells Starr that she should cut the crap now. "What are you talking about?" Blair asks. "Blair, it looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree."

"Blair is the only woman that Todd wants Chris…" Chris finds that Evangeline always says that. "Blair doesn't think that Todd wants her. She thinks the same thing that I think. That Todd cares for you." Evangeline asks if he wants her to never see Todd again. "Works for me!" Chris says.

"Follow the creep's instructions and give him the money. Adriana is the only thing that matters," Rex says to Dorian. "If I get hurt, if anyone else gets hurt, that doesn't matter." Dorian agrees. "Dorian! This man was on your payroll. Let's hope that what he really wants is money."

"You know Bruce, when you scare someone for weeks and weeks, soon they just don't care." He smirks about her being tough. "You don't back down and you are as beautiful as they come. I am about to come into ten million bucks. That means that I can do whatever I want, but leaving behind everything you know can make a man very lonely." Adriana would never go with him anywhere. "Then I will settle for one beautiful memory with you." She would rather be dead." He doesn't believe that but he will take what she has said under advisement.

Antonio and Jessica talk about taking some alone time to celebrate how great things worked out. She will get her mother to watch the baby and he will check on Capricorn… Then they will have a night on the town.

"Aren't you supposed to avoid people, places and things that might make you drink?" Claudia is supposed to do that but she likes to perform and that means working in bars. She accepts that others can drink and numb t their pain without ruining their lives.

Chris tells Evangeline that Todd causes trouble. "You ended up in jail for this guy and you almost lost your reputation." She keeps claiming that this guy is just her friend. "We went through some things and that has brought us closer. You are right about something Chris. I did fall for someone. I fell for you." Chris can't help feeling like putting his fist through Todd's face when he smirks. "I love you Chris." Chris sees the feelings in Todd's eyes and he wants Evangeline to admit that she sees it too.

"I want to go to bed now." Todd tells his daughter to cut the crap. "Blair her memory is fine and she has been scamming us the whole time. I have known for a while." Starr gets angry with her father for Blair being angry with her. "Your mother was lying too Starr when she said that she loved Spencer…" Starr turns to her mother now. "You were lying when you said that you loved Spencer?"

"You could pay the ten million and Adriana could be killed anyway. Was it worth it Dorian? She is one of the toughest girls that I know." Dorian never meant for this to happen. Rex knows that now someone is going to pay.

Dorian is late and Bruce is not happy. He really wants the money. Adriana is sure that her mother will bring the cash. Bruce isn't all that sure. "When it comes to women like that, money isn't always enough." Bruce comes too close to Adriana now on the picnic bench and he runs his finger along the neckline of her top, on her chest. "If you promise to be quiet Adriana, I won't kill you when it's over…"

Headlights shine on them suddenly as a car turns in their direction and comes towards them.

Bruce and Adriana turn to face the lights.

Adriana gets up and hits Bruce hard in the face, knocking him backwards and to the ground. She stands unmoving, staring over at him.

"You want to get something to eat?" Nash isn't hungry. "You don't like seeing me drink? Maybe I should go somewhere else. I am only here as this is the one place where Antonio will not be tonight…"

"And yet here he is," Claudia says.

Nash turns to find Antonio and Jessica entering the club.

Antonio and Jessica see him too and they pause.

"Maybe Blair is using you to get what she wants? Do you think that she came here because she was worried about you? I thought that we were going to make it but you are paranoid." Chris knew they were a long shot anyway.

"Why did you like Starr?" It wasn't a big plan. "I saw you two and you were both worried about me. I thought that I could make you remember what it was like to be a family." Blair tells Starr that she felt bad when she heard her daughter had memory problems. Starr said she probably felt the same when she heard that her mother was dating Truman. Todd smiles. "Good one…" Starr goes further, saying that she worked to get her parents back together as she knew that her father still cared for her mother…

Bruce grabs Adriana when she tries to run away and he tackles her to the ground. He gets to his feet over Adriana and pulls his gun to get her under control and keep her from trying to run.

"Don't you hurt my daughter, or you will never see a dime of that money!"

Bruce turns to find Dorian standing behind him. He still holds the gun on Adriana threatening to finish her off anyway.

"Freeze! Don't you move!"

Bruce turns back in Dorian's direction now and sees that Rex stands behind her with his gun aimed and ready to fire.

Blair heads to the hall.

Starr is angry that her father told her secret. He warns her that she has no idea how he feels.

He heads into the hall. "I was worried about my daughter!" Todd is unconcerned. Yes, Starr had tests and scans but that didn't hurt her. "I wanted you to see the light and see through Spencer's garbage. You actually pretended that you were in love, even though we are."

"Maybe people are right. You are educated while I am nothing but a killer." Evangeline doesn't believe this. "We found something wonderful and you are ready to throw it all away because of something that Blair said. There is nobody but you Chris…" She pulls him into a kiss. "Do you believe me?"

Claudia feels that Nash's idea of going to drink elsewhere was right on the money. Nash walks off.

Antonio and Jessica go to the bar. Claudia congratulates them on recent events with Jessica's session. "I have to go and talk to Nash…" Jessica walks off.

Antonio tells Claudia that if she makes any Humpty Dumpty cracks, she will be fired.

"I don't think that I should be a part of my daughter's life," Nash tells Jessica.

"I didn't bring him," Dorian says. "He must have followed me. Let me make the phone call like you asked and the money will be transferred." Bruce isn't believing any of this. "Drop your piece!" Rex shouts.

Bruce moves with lightening speed and grabs Adriana from the ground, twisting he in front of him for protection and ordering Rex to drop his gun and kick it over… Rex lowers his aim and drops the gun. He kicks it to Bruce as ordered. Bruce shoves Adriana to Rex. Rex grabs her and holds her tightly in his arms.

Dorian has her back to Bruce and the others. Bruce seems to have all the control now. "Turn around Dorian and get over there with the others." She ignores him. "Hey! Are you deaf? I told you to get over there with the others! Are you deaf?"

Dorian suddenly turns and has a small silver gun in her hand, that she aims at Bruce's head now. He has been taken by surprise, and stares worriedly at her gun. Dorian sneers at him. "Are you blind Bruce?"

"I was the one that was worried about you, but Todd only cared about grandstanding at the hospital when you were in there. You buy into everything that he says Evangeline." She finds that Chris buying into everything that Blair has told him. "If it is better for him to lie to you, then he will lie to you. I think that he is setting you up to be the next woman in his life. What I am afraid of is that you will feel like you owe him something…"

"Let's just cut our losses Blair. We are great in bed but then we fight when we get our clothes back on. You want to live like that?" Blair doesn't want to live like that. "We had to deal with Margaret and Spencer and we had to deal with what they did to us. "It was betrayal that ended up Blair." Blair thinks they can get them back. Todd feels that could only happen if there is a bed around. "Todd you dare people to love you…" Blair walks off.

Starr is peeking from her room. "Why did you do that?"

"I mean it Claudia. You stay away from Jessica or you will be out of there." Claudia promises to do as she is told. She asks about Antonio's plans. "I plan to marry Jessica."

"You need Bree and she needs you." Nash is afraid that he will confuse things for Bree. Jessica promises that she will make sure that everything works out right. "It is just hard for me to be around Bree without…" Jessica reminds Nash that Tess will always be Bree's mother.

Bruce doesn't lower his gun, even though he has been surprised by Dorian having one that she now holds on him. They are at a standoff. Dorian moves closer to Bruce. Their guns are almost kissing as they get closer, and closer, facing each other. Rex and Adriana stand off to the side.

Adriana moves forward suddenly and she kicks with all her might. Dorian's gun flies out of her hand, while Bruce still holds his. He falls backwards to the ground.

Rex pounces on him, and they struggle for the gun. They roll around in the dirt as Dorian and Adriana watch, hoping for the best…

Antonio and Jessica watch and listen as Claudia sings…

Nash sits alone, but looks over at Jessica… She is looking back at him.

"His drinks are on the house," Antonio tells the bartender of Nash.

He turns to Jessica and they walk off.

"You don't believe in me Chris. If Todd ever tries to be more than friends, that will be the end of our friendship. I promise you. Commitment is a big deal for me… Do you believe me?" He does. "Then stop being such a jealous maniac." He will try.

"Dad, are you going to try to make up with mom?" Todd isn't sure. Starr reminds him that her mother was only faking with Truman. Todd can't get over Blair not believing in him at the beginning when other people did. "You do want to forgive her though, don't you dad?"

Outside the room, Blair is up against the door and she listens as Todd talks to Starr…/

The wrestling continues. Rex and Bruce roll around like energetic lovers in the sand. Rex is on the bottom now, Bruce is on top. They both have their hands on the weapon and they look into each other's eyes.


A shot has been let off! Both freeze with Rex seeming to be holding Bruce suspended in mid-air… They still look into each other's eyes.

Off to the side, Adriana and her mother watch, expecting the best, prepared for the worst…

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