One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/5/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Ted and Vincent talk about the fight and how Chris is going to lose, while they win big.

Blair arrives at the penthouse as Todd and Evangeline are hugging. "Well, well, well!"

The session is almost over and Dr. Jamison slowly back Jessica or maybe Tess out of it safely. Nash smiles as it seems like Tess is there and not willing to leave. She even tells him that she won't leave. "Who is here? Tess or Jess?"

Nash smiles while jumping out of his seat. "She has come back! I can see it in her eyes."

Rex breaks into the container where Adriana was kept. He uses his safety stance with gun drawn.

"Freeze police!" No one is there.

"Dorian!" Rex says over the phone. "She is gone. She was here." Dorian blames Rex for Adriana still missing.

Bruce takes Adriana with her hands tied to a rest area. He will do nothing to Adriana if her mother comes through with the cash. If Dorian doesn't cooperate, this just might be Adriana's final resting-place.

"I'm not Tess. I am Jessica." Nash can't believe it. He swears even now as he looks into her eyes that she is Tess. "I am Jessica and I always will be!" The family and Antonio hug her. "are you okay? Do you want anything?" Jessica says that she is just so happy that this is all over. The future finally looks bright.

"You should spend more time finding my daughter and less attacking me with threats." Rex knows that if the cops were brought in, then Adriana would be with them now, but Dorian won't allow it. "What do we do next?" she asks him. Rex will look around and see if there is more to lead them elsewhere.

Adriana listens while Bruce talks to the thugs who threaten to break his kneecaps if he doesn't come up with the money. "I used to be a lawyer but I had a lot of loans from law school. For the right fee, I would do things that other lawyers wouldn't do. One of the clients wanted to get rid of everything that tied him to an incident that he needed to be away from. The guy on the phone is the reason that I took the job with your mother. I was just finishing up the other issue and I figured that if I took the job from your mother, then all my problems will be solved. If your mother pays up, I will be seeing ya. I have nothing to lose really by telling you all this Adriana." She feels so stupid now that she didn't listen to Rex. "Listen beautiful! You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And you still are…"

"I have never seen a kid with such heart," Ted says. "What if the Boxing Commission finds out about this?" Vincent isn't worried as he didn't set anything up. "They are saying that Chris hasn't got a chance. His hand is killing him but he won't admit it. He doesn't want to disappoint Evangeline…"

Ted goes over to Chris who is sparring to get strong for the ring. He tells the man to give it a rest and stop.

Vincent tells Chris that the more that he watches the man, the more he can see that soon Evangeline will not have eyes for anyone but him. To him, Chris is a winner.

Blair and Evangeline argue for a minute but Todd stops them saying that this is hilarious. He thinks about her with Spencer and it makes him laugh. Evangeline wants to leave but Blair tells that she should stay as she is always involved. "this is all about me and he is using you to get even. You just play along." That is enough for Evangeline and she starts leaving the apartment. Todd goes to her and asks her to stay. "I want to hear what she told Spencer, and what he said back. I want you to hear it because you're the only one besides me who believed Spencer set me up!" Evangeline returns to the middle of the room. "I kept my word Todd! I told him everything."

"He tried convincing me that he was innocent. He said that you were behind it all Todd. I told him that I was the one that put him in jail." Evangeline doesn't find that she was wise to admit her part in all this. Todd knows that Blair can handle Spencer. She knows that he is being sarcastic and Spencer told her that he would be this way. "I told him that I never loved him." Todd asks if she told Spencer that she still loved her children's father? Blair doesn't want to talk about this in front of Evangeline anymore but she does admit that she told Spencer that she loved Todd still. He finds that hard to believe. "you are an ass." He says they make a great couple then. "I am an ass, and you are a bitch whore." Evangeline has had enough now. Blair tells that she doesn't need Evangeline defending her. Blair has had enough and she walks out. "thanks for stopping in!" Todd shouts after her.

Adriana has more questions. Bruce had been watching and waiting to see how the drama with Rex was going to end up. Adriana sees now that Rex had been protecting her all along. "It was unbelievable Adriana! You ran out on your own and I couldn't believe my luck. I didn't have to take you. If it wasn't for Dorian you would be a happy little cover girl." Adriana needs to get out of there to tell her mother that she is going to hate her forever.

Rex returns to Dorian's place and tells that Adriana is leaving clues for them. She left food and a piece of jewelry. Dorian has to find her or her life will be over. Rex doesn't feel sorry for her at all. She threatens him with finding Bruce. Rex knows that Dorian isn't calling the cops for her own protection and not Adriana's.

The phone rings.

Rex and Dorian scramble to get to it.


"It's time Dorian."

"I am sorry, Tess isn't dead. She is a part of me. You will always have Bree and she will always be yours and Tess's." He wants to know what it feels like to connect with Tess. Antonio and Natalie feel that Jessica has been through enough and shouldn’t be talking about that now. She wants to though. "it was like joining ends…Like having a twin, but when I look over to her, she is gone. I can feel her, but I can't see her. I am sorry Nash. I feel different now. I feel angry." Dr. Jamison tells that Jessica will have some feelings to go through still. Viki still feels guilty about all of this. Jessica tells Nash that going to New York with Tess was the turning point for she. "Nash, she didn't trust men, she used them. She managed to love you. I can feel how much Tess loves you and still does…"

"He is trying to destroy everything that you have worked for and all he wants is Tess to return." Nash tells Antonio that he is wrong. "Tess's anger over Norman is now my anger." Nash wonders if she can feel his love for Tess. "I told you Nash that I appreciate your love for Tess. Where would I be without that love that you had for her? I can never thank you enough for that." Clint knows that Jessica is with Tess, but that Tess has to be with Jessica who loves Antonio. "Can you accept that Nash?"

Todd tries to explain that Blair thinks that he is going to go after Evangeline. Evangeline can't understand him fighting his feelings for Blair so much. "She made a mistake and the minute that she realized that she made a mistake, she put everything on the line for you. You are telling yourself that she got pleasure out of what she had to do? She is hurting and she needs your forgiveness." He can't give her that right now. "then tell her that you believe in her." He can't do that either. "You don’t want to be there. This whole time you didn't have a single friend and I couldn't understand it, but now I get it!"

Chris practices with Ted and Vincent there.

Blair arrives and Vincent goes over to her to flirt. "whatever," is her response.

Blair goes to Chris and tells that Todd has set his sights on Evangeline. "Whenever Todd does that…It's a problem Chris."

Nash offers to leave now so that the family can celebrate. Viki would like that. Clint goes to walk Nash out.

Dr. Jamison reminds Jessica that they still will have appointments. She will be there.

When the doctor exits, Nash asks the doctor if Tess is really gone for good.

"She is fine!" Dorian wants to hear Adriana's voice.

"Mom!" Dorian is overjoyed that Adriana is safe. "Where are you? Do you know?"

Bruce takes the phone from her and tells Dorian to go to the rest stop near Ilantano. "Get in your car and go there now. Don't make any stops. When you get here, you call your banker and transfer the money. You come alone or Adriana is dead."

Dorian tells Rex that she has to go now. Rex tells her that she is going about this all wrong. Rex could grab her too. Rex has a plan. "I am going to tell you what the plan is."

"I have a better sense of myself now. I just hope that … Dr. Jamison said that Tess wouldn't be in control again but remember last winter? Niki came out again…"

"She has become part of Jessica," Dr. Jamison tells Nash. Nash knows that the man has said that before and was wrong. "I want her to be happy, and as happy as I was with Tess though, I knew that she was happy." Dr. Jamison says that Tess is now part of Jessica. "If you ever want someone to talk to you phone me." Nash takes the card thanking the man. Dr. Jamison leaves.

Nash looks at the picture of Tess and the baby after the birth…

He remembers meeting her for the first time… Coming up with the business idea… Making love to her… sleeping with her…hugging her…waking up with her…being sad with her…reading baby books in bed…bringing her flowers…rubbing her big belly…sitting with their baby…

"They said you'd never leave me…"

"Jessica, Niki never came back on her own. I allowed it. As for Tess, there isn't anything for her to protect you from anymore." Jessica was afraid of Tess but she soon realized that Tess was trying to help her. Antonio is looking forward to their wonderful life.

Chris feels that Evangeline is just grateful to Todd for his help with her eyesight coming back. "Chris I have known you a long time and I have to let you know that I was just over at Todd's and Evangeline was all up in Todd's arms." Blair leaves.

Evangeline enters the gym and sees Blair. "What are you doing here?" Blair puts her hand over her chest. "It's not what it looks like."

"I am going to come back in this door with Adriana. Rex the man isn't a psychopath. He just wants the money." Dorian leaves.

Rex follows her. "we can talk about this on the way. I am riding shotgun."

Bruce doesn't believe that Dorian is coming alone. Adriana is sure that she is. "Well if she doesn't she will be sorry." He takes his gun out and makes sure that it is ready and loaded.

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