One Life to Live Update Friday 9/1/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

It is show time. Bruce is ready to do the deal.

"You know where Adriana is?" Rex does. "Stuff it! I have this software from my Private Investigator work.

Rex gets his gun to get his girlfriend back.

Evangeline comes to see Todd. "The cheque you sent me has an extra zero." Todd says that is payment for the job that she did for him. She forces him to write another cheque in the proper amount. "Here you go… Is that alright?" She sees the cheque is written properly and then she tears it up. That will be part-payment for his help in getting her eyesight back.

"Tell me that everything is going to be alright." Blair can't tell him that. "You need a lawyer. You are the last person on this planet that knows what I think, but I think that it is time that you do know…"

"I have to be here to tell Brennan later that I did everything in my power to get her mother back. Everyone is here for Jessica but no one is her for Tess." Jessica says that she will make the decision ad she allows Nash to stay for her session. "I want you to."

"Thank you." Jessica is doing this so that she can be a whole person for her daughter. "I have to start fighting my own battles, but I owe Tess… We both have to give her up."

Antonio watches from across the room as the two talk over Brennan.

Nash takes the baby out of the room now.

Natalie arrives at the house and the sisters hug. "There is nowhere else I would be," Nat says. "I am always here for you."

Antonio goes to Jessica. "I am ready," she says.

"Blair admitted that she is playing Spencer so you two are practically back together. You slept together…" Todd says that sleeping with Blair means nothing. "Tell me what happened so that we can fix this." Todd calls Blair a lying slut who will never change.

"It's all lies Blair." Blair brings up Margaret faking here death, letting Todd almost get executed… "That is what you did. I saw the evidence…" He says there isn't any evidence. "Manning would do this. He is doing to me what he claims I did to him." She turns on him. "You son-of-a-bitch! I saw the evidence Spencer. Todd didn't put you in this jail… I did!"

Dr. Jamison tells Jessica to let go of all extraneous thoughts. He counts backwards from ten while she closes her eyes.

"What are you doing running around with a gun?" She wants things done her way. "There will be no gun. He wants money, not blood." Rex feels the guy is a loose cannon.

"What makes you think that your mom won't pay up?" Adriana knows that her mother will have a back-up plan. "With my mother it is money first, reputation and family way down the list. You want your money and I want to get out of here alive. Let's work this out together. Let me go and I will transfer my inheritance to you… All of it!"

"I can't just get over this Evangeline. She was having sex with this guy when I was on death row… Then she comes back with 'I love you'. Did you see her on the news? She was doing her sex-thing on the news. She isn't going to change and I can't wait around for her to."

"What kind of lies have they been telling you Blair? They really got to you didn't they?" She tells that she figured this out all on her own. "You think that John happened to palm all that evidence on his own? I got it buddy. You use other people to get what you want? When I said that I loved you? What a joke! I have never loved you. There is only one man that I have ever loved and that is Todd…"

"…You are six years old…"

Jessica sees herself as a little child.

"Can I please go home?" she says thinking she is a child. "Someone help me! I want to go home!" There is a man with the child. "His name is Norman and he wants to show me his kittens. I am in his house. There are flowers on the wallpaper…A bed…There is something else…Me!"

"I don't blame you for how you feel Todd but she is Blair and she lies and manipulates to get what she wants." Todd smiles. She hasn't changed after all these years. Evangeline knows that he might not have wanted her if she were different. "You still love her as much today as you did in the beginning." Todd says that she isn't the same. "She is screwed up and does things however she wants." Evangeline hears him judging her and making Blair not good enough for him anymore. "Say the tables were turned. Would you be good enough for her?"

"I didn't imagine what we had Blair. We were happy and we can be happy again." She knows that Spencer never knew her. "No one owns Blair!" Spencer knows that Todd will own her. "He sucks the life out of you, but he doesn't want you." She tells him that he is wrong about this. "Todd does want me Spencer. He just showed me how much… Right before you stormed into the penthouse…Todd and I made love…"

"…I am drawing my family…"

Young Jessica colors and draws…

Jessica comes to her younger self. "I have an idea… Let's go out of here…"

"What is it Jessica?" the doctor asks.

Jessica tells the girl that they need to go anywhere but here.

The doctor offers to stop this but Jessica wants to continue.

"I can take you to the family and they will make a big circle around us and nothing bad will happen to us." Jessica puts her hand on the doorknob.

She hears her mother's voice as she holds younger Jessica. "Jessica don't leave just yet…"

Jessica is crying. Viki tells her to just feel what is happening and if she can get through that, she will be able to go home to her family and her baby.

Jessica calms and isn't afraid anymore. "I have a little girl," she tells her younger self. "Her name is Bree. You know what? We can stay awhile… together. We can draw another picture…" They sit and color.

The door opens.

Jessica and younger Jessica turn to face the door.

Norman enters. "Hi Norman!" young Jessica says smiling happily. "Guess what?" Norma says. "We're going to make a movie!" He approaches the bed, and the door slams shut behind him.

"We have a leg on the kidnapper! We know where he is. Work with me!" Rex starts leaving and Dorian follows him to the door. He will not let her come with him. "If anything happens to my daughter…" she will make him pay.

"Let me go first and then I will get you the money." Bruce would rather take his chances with Dorian. He wants her to make the call to get the money she says she will give him. "Do I look stupid to you Adriana? Do I?" He takes out his gun. "I don't like tricks and you or mother better not be playing any…"

"I am the first real love that you have ever had… you betrayed our love. You came to me Blair remember? I offered friendship but you offered more." She says that she did that because he manipulated her. "You had to go to bed with me," he remembers. "Todd is nothing more than a bottom-feeding rapist and the only reason that you wanted him is because you really don't like yourself. You thought that you were not worthy, but you are worthy Blair and as angry as I am right now, I still love you and I am still in love with you and I can do the one thing that Todd can't do right now. I can forgive you…"

"I know that I am not perfect but I died. She was right there watching and she still didn't come back to me. She should have dumped Spencer and let the cops do their jobs, but she prostituted herself. If seeing me die didn't turn her around, then I don't know what will Evangeline…"

Jessica is curled up on the couch in a fetal position. "She talks to herself in a childlike voice, trying to deal with the pain of her memories. The doctor asks her to go to her second visit now. She sits up.

"What do you see this time?" She tells that things are different.

She is a little girl and the man pats her on the head.

"Something is wrong," Jessica says. "We are not alone."

A camera is turned on. "Are you ready?" the pervert asked.

Jessica jumps off the couch. "He's going to do it! He's going to do it! Oh no!" She runs around the couch shaking her hands in fear… she drops to her knees clutching at the drapes, hiding her face in them.

"Who is it!" Dr. Jamison asks.

"Are we ready?" Norman asks young Jessica…

Jessica pulls her head out of the curtains and turns to her family and Dr. Jamison… "It's me…Tess…." She smiles knowingly at all in the room.

"I want you to be happy Todd and I thought that was with Blair." Todd isn't sure that can happen. Evangeline remembered that everything happened so fast after he got out of the hospital. "No one has been thinking about how almost dying must have affected you…"

"I don't need your forgiveness…You set Todd up to be executed." Spencer tells her that there isn't any evidence that proves that. She knows that she will be sleeping that night and she tosses his ring on the floor, glad that she will be as far away from that as she can be. She turns and walks out.

"Blair! Blair! Come back!"

Nash waves cutely at Tess, who waves back. She tells that Jessica is there inside somewhere. The doctor wants to know where Jessica is.

Jessica is inside cowering… "Get up!" Tess shouts at her as she cries. Jessica can't do it. "You know what will happen if you don't get up… I will have to come out."

Tess is used to this. She's done it a million times.

"I will keep on doing all your dirty work and you and I Jessica, we will grow old together. We will both be with Antonio and Nash and share Brennan. What is it going to be?"

"Make up your freaking mind already," Jessica says to her inner twin.

"I will do it then!" Tess gets up and starts walking off. "Tess!" Jessica shouts at her. Tess stops. "We will do it together." Jessica gets up and stands beside Tess. They face the bed.

The both of them…as one young six-year-old girl lie in a ball in a fetal position… In a tight little ball.

Jessica and Tess deal with this together… while the little girl suffers…holding hands as one…

Dorian takes out a gun while she sits in her living room…

Rex arrives at the location where he feels Adriana is being kept. He gets the locks off the door and enters.

"Freeze police!" he shouts.

Spencer gets on the floor and reaches, and reaches…He gets the engagement ring.

He thinks of the night he proposed.

"You will be back Blair. After Todd screws up…You will be back…"

Todd takes Evangeline to the elevator. They hug goodbye.

As they part, the elevator door opens and Blair comes out…

"As awful as it was Jessica, we wouldn't have had Brennan…" Tess says.

"Jessica are you there?" She is back. Tess is inside.

"I guess that it is time to go Tess…" Jessica gets up.

Tess looks over at Nash and winks. "Who says that I am going anywhere…"

In their mind, Jessica and Tess hold hands and walks into the light…A bright flash takes place.

"Who am I talking to…Jessica or Tess?" Everyone in the room stare at the familiar face, waiting for an answer

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