One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/31/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"Come to bed Blair," Spencer tells Blair. She tells him that she hates him and loves Todd. He grabs her by the throat. "You are not going anywhere…"

Blair wakes and she realizes that she has been dreaming.

Todd is getting dressed in his best suit…

Someone is at the door.

"I am sorry Todd, but I can't marry you. It is because of Spencer… I didn't mean for it to happen Todd but I fell in love with him. The sex with Spencer is just that good!"

Todd wakes… He has been on the floor dreaming…

"Your daddy is a slow-poke today but he worked hard all night," Jessica tells her baby.

"Come and get it!"

Nash comes out in a towel for his breakfast.

Jessica jumps out of her sleep, awaking from the dream… She looks over and sees Antonio asleep beside her.

Adriana hears Rex talking to her, but standing with his back to her. She goes over to him with the lamp and hits him with it. "Oh my god!" she shouts. "He's dead!"

Rex and Adriana are on the beach. He sees her disappear before him…

Rex wakes in a cold sweat…

Spencer is walking in the dark. He finds a shooting target with holes already in it.

He turns and finds someone pointing a gun at him. "Hey! What are you doing?" Spencer screams at the figure who is aiming at him… BANG! BANG! "Ahhh!"

Spencer wakes and finds that he hasn't been shot but is in a jail cell.

"Bad dream?"

Spencer turns to find John staring at him through the bars. "Things are going to get worse…"

Adriana beats herself up over the way that she treated Rex…

Bruce comes in the room and gets on Adriana's case for treating her boyfriend the way that she did before getting kidnapped. He tells her that the only thing that she should be worried about is her mother coming up with the cash.

Dorian is up and on the phone trying to get that money together.

Rex comes in the room. He slept over and will be with Dorian until they figure a way to get Adriana back. He takes off his shirt. "I am going to take a shower now. Try not to miss me while I am gone."

Clint arrives and stands in the doorway staring at his girlfriend and the topless man that's with her.

Viki talks to Dr. Jamison about the appointment later that day for Jessica and then she hangs up.

She goes to Todd who is on his couch sulking. Todd pours a drink even though it is still morning. Viki understands Blair's position. She can't understand Todd not staying at his own place the night before...

They turn on the news and watch as Spencer is arrested.

Something catches Todd's interest and he sits up.

She promised him that she would go back with Spencer but not sleep with him again. She forgot the peignoir and matching robe and he reminded her to take them. She said that she wanted to save that set for him when they could finally be together.

"I is sad to see a guy scratching for straws," John says. Spencer tells John that he is pathetic obsessing this way over something that happened twenty-five years ago. "I brought you a little company," John says.

He makes a signal.

"Dr. Snyder… this is…" John doesn't get to finish his sentence.

"You!" Snyder says to Spencer. "Oh I forgot," John says. "You know each other."

Jessica gets up and makes breakfast.

Antonio comes out in a towel, just like Nash did in her dream. "How are my two girls this morning?" Jessica hides her surprise. "I am nervous about my appointment and getting my life back. It is going to be you, me, Jamie and Bree."

Someone knocks.

Antonio goes to get dressed while Jessica answers the door.

"Nash?" He has come to see Bree. "I changed my mind," she says to him. "I don't want you to come today…"

Todd understands Blair. She uses sex to get herself out of a jam. Viki doesn't think that things are the way that he says. "Didn't you see what she was wearing on the television?" Viki knows that there isn't any way that Todd could know that Blair slept with Spencer since he hasn't spoken to her.

Blair comes to see Starr. Michael tells that Starr is doing well and will be able to go home that day. "How do you feel about Spencer's arrest?" Blair tells that she has been working with his brother to bring Spencer down.

"You can get reacquainted now… You both knew each other twenty-five years ago as doctors… You should have a lot to talk about. You both have a lot in common. Doc Snyder was arrested for having child pornography… Don't look so shocked Spencer… you knew that. Eugene… you just have to tell me what you did." Spencer tells the old pervert not to listen to John. "You got a chance, man. You got a chance for a little payback. And all you got to do is tell me what he did." Eugene turns his attention from John to Spencer… "With pleasure…"

"I am surer that there is a logical explanation for why there is a half-naked man in your living room." Clint knows Rex but still needs an explanation. "Is there something that you are not telling me?" Rex tells Dorian to tell the man what he needs to know. Dorian denies anything's wrong. Clint knows that Dorian would normally throw the PI out by now, so he pushes for more answers. Dorian doesn't tell him anything. "I just wanted to see you before Jessica's therapy session." Dorian wishes him all the best. "I will be on my way then," Clint says looking back at Rex before leaving.

"He thinks that I am lying to him now." Rex goes over to Dorian. "You are."

Adriana talks about she and Rex and how happy they were. "Your mother's a meddling bitch!" Adriana agrees. "She was pretending to give me her blessing when all the time she was plodding and scheming…" Bruce tells her that they should call her so they can get the money and get this over.

"What made you change your mind about me coming to the session today?" Nash asks.

She remembers the dream of him in his towel greeting her after having had a shower…

"I just want you to stay home and take care of the baby for me." He feels like he is being frozen out but he agrees to watch the baby anyway.

Antonio comes out concerned that she has been upset. "I just want our lives back." They hug.

Nash and Jessica's eyes locked over Antonio's shoulder.

"I fell for Spencer's act too. He was my mentor. I walked around the hospital singing this guy's praises. Blair understands what Michael is saying.

Todd has entered the room, and he hears Blair talking to Michael.

"I just hope that one day Todd will be able to forgive me for the way that I betrayed him with Spencer…"

Viki looks at family pictures…

The door slams.

Clint enters. He sees that Jessica isn't there yet. "I came to town because Jessica was sick and now she looks like she is going to be better again." Viki suspects that he may want to return to London. He doesn't want to go back. "I have the kids and you…" She asks about Dorian but he doesn't want to talk about her.

"I have to get you home .Adriana. Nothing else matters."

Rex comes into the room and wants to go over what Dorian will say to the kidnapper. She doesn't want to do that. "If you slip up Dorian, god only knows what will happen to Adriana. Now… When the maniac calls, you will agree to what the man says. You are going to kiss his butt. He has your daughter and he is holding all the cards. You will promise that the money will be sent immediately." Dorian feels that she can handle this herself.

The phone rings.

"Hello?" It is Bruce. He is happy when he hears that she has the money. He starts giving her the account number. "I said! I have the money but I am not going to give it to you."

Rex is in her face waving frantically.

You will get the money, but not until I get my daughter back!"

"He knew that you had a sick obsession and he used it against you didn't he?" John asks Eugene. Eugene nods.

John shouts at an officer to get the man upstairs to do a full confession.

Spencer feels that John hasn't any idea what he is doing here.

Michael leaves Todd and Blair.

"What is wrong Todd? He tells Blair that he saw what she was wearing the night before when Spencer was arrested. "You promised me that you'd never sleep with him again… You lied! You just love ripping my heart out don't you?"

"We will be with you every step of the way." She wants to be a whole person for herself and her family. Dr. Jamison is at the house as well and he asks if there is anyone else that she wants there. She has everyone and is ready to start.

Nash sings to Bree. She is bored with The Itsy Bitsy Spider. "I love you and you are right here in my heart…"

Tess comes to them. "You are one heck of a daddy… She has grown up real fast. Lots of changes…" She tells Nash that there is going to be more changes… "Jess is close to being integrated," he tells. "How can I make sure that you are going to be a part of whatever happens? I will die without you. She needs both of us."

Dorian will not do as Rex says.

"I want a face to face meeting. When I get my daughter back home with me…then I will authorize the transfer of ten million dollars." Bruce really hopes that Dorian doesn't regret her decision.

"Your wife is trying to reach you Michael, she says it is urgent." Michael heads over to social services.

"He made me put it on Todd. I promised you that I wouldn't let that man touch me and I didn't. I know what I have to do now. I was going to wait to talk to Spencer about the truth, but I will do it now. Will that help at all? Will that fix anything here Todd?" He has to admit that would be at least a hell of a start.

"Your mother is an idiot Adriana. She is playing games with your life. She refused to send me the money! She insists on a face-to-face meeting. She wants you back first and then she will give the money." Adriana is looking forward to seeing her mother face-to-face.

Dorian and Rex talk more about the plans.

Rex is on the laptop. "I know where she is… I know where Adriana is."

"I see tension in your shoulders Jessica. Relax… Inhale deeply through your nose… Exhale through your mouth… You can close your eyes if you want…"

The door opens. "I am sorry but I couldn't stay away… I am here for Brennan and I am here for Tess…"

Todd is at the hospital but decides there is somewhere he wants to be.

John is leaving Spencer now.

Blair enters. "I would like to be alone with my fiancée…"

John leaves.

Spencer takes Blair's hand. "Tell me that you still love me. Tell me that you care…" Blair says nothing. Panic shows in Spencer's eyes. "Blair! Tell me everything is going to be alright!" Blair says nothing.

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