One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/30/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Viki and Clint are there to greet Jessica when Antonio brings her home. "He didn't even say that he was sorry." Snyder is going away for the rest of his life. "I started to remember things." Jessica wants to talk about this. "I have so much to say to all of you."

"Does that include me?"

All turn to find Nash in the doorway.

Kevin tells Kelly to relax. "I think that I am losing the baby," she says.

Bo and Natalie wait for word.

Hugh arrives… Bo smiles.

"Something is going to happen tonight and when it happens, we ought to be together," David says to Paige.

Evangeline comes to see Todd. "I heard the police are close to bringing Spencer down. What is wrong with you Todd?" He tells her that it is Blair.

John enters the apartment with an officer. A very smug Spencer gets his jacket and allows himself to be cuffed. "Blair, they have nothing. We are going to get through this. They have nothing…nothing."

"The doctors said I should stay overnight. Why did I leave Llanview?" Kevin said that he told he that leaving would put stress on the baby and that is part of the reason why he is there to bring her home.

"I can't do this." Jessica runs off.

Antonio follows her.

"Jessica thinks that she is close to integration," Clint tells Nash.

"It is time Antonio and you have to be prepared to deal with this being the last night that… Even if we never see Tess again, I will not be the same. You might not want me."

David tells Paige that Spencer will be arrested tonight. "I know that John is through and wouldn’t be doing this unless he were sure." She asks David is he is happy…

"This is it! We have been waiting for this day Todd. Why do you look like you are about to jump out of your skin?" Todd tells how the thing with Blair and Spencer was fake. "I knew that something was off. She admitted it. She was sleeping with Spencer to set him up!" Evangeline can't believe her ears. "John let her do that? This whole time Blair knew that Spencer was setting you up?" Todd just can't believe that she has been having sex with Spencer. "I have a question for you Todd. Have you forgiven her?" He hasn't. "She is the reason though why they have a warrant for Spencer tonight."

Blair tells Spencer that she will get him out of jail the next day. Spencer gloats telling John that he will be out in no time. "I want to speak alone with my fiancée." John won't allow it. John leads the man out and in the hall, the media is waiting to shoot questions at Spencer as he is being led out. John walks slowly and quietly behind the entire crowd.

Blair closes the door behind them all and says aloud. "Never again you son-of-a-bitch!"

"You track me down so that you can drag me back? I am such an idiot! Why did I call you?"

The doctor comes in to see what the shouting is all about. "This man isn't invited here," Kelly says. "Ask him to leave."

"Jessica is very close to remembering the abuse," Viki says. "Nash, it is as if a door is being opened and a wall will drop between she and Tess." Nash can't believe that Clint and Viki were going to let this happen without him.

Antonio doesn't care what Jessica says will change. "Listen Antonio! I may not be the same person…" It seems like she is telling him that her memories with Nash may override his memories with her.

"I keep thinking about that kid that you delivered with Spencer. Do you think that kid is still alive?" Paige still thinks that the child is alive. David hopes that Spencer gives the kid up after he is arrested. Paige realizes that there is a chance that Spencer may not even know where the child is at this point. Paige could have been with Spencer all this time and had a different life, but she can't waste time regretting that now. "He was going to do anything possible to keep Todd and Blair apart.

"He tore apart our family. How can I forgive her for that?" Evangeline knows that he still loves Blair. "It is a little complicated," Todd says. Evangeline feels that Todd never stopped loving Blair. "I think that you are wrong." She finds him a mess as he can't reconcile what happened before to what happened now. "I saw her today…" Evangeline can tell that he slept with her by the look on his face.

His phone rings.

"Todd! They took Spencer out in cuffs." Todd wants to know if she told Spencer the truth yet. She hasn't. She can't say anything until she knows that this is truly over. "Just understand please?" He will meet her at the station.

"They arrested Spencer," Todd tells Evangeline.

"We will do everything strictly by the book and not do anything that Spencer can use against us in court."

Nat is sad. "Come in my office," Bo tells her.

Once in there he picks her brain. "I looked at my grade for the exam. I failed." Bo is sorry for that. "You know… It is a tough test." She blames herself.

Someone knocks.

"Our prisoner's here." Bo smiles at Hugh. "Let's do it!"

"There is an irregular fetal heartbeat. We are monitoring the baby closely to see if anything changes. In the meantime Kelly, you are to stay calm. I will be right outside if you have more questions." The doctor leaves.

Kevin sees that there isn't really anything to be concerned about. She can't even look at him. "I want to be alone Kevin. That is why I came here. Now you are here to watch me lose your son's baby."

Clint defends the family not calling Nash by telling him that they only just found out about this too. "No one is trying to shut you out, but you have to understand that the decisions will be made by Jessica now… Not Tess."

"I don’t know how I will feel but I know Antonio that things are going to change and that everything is going to be different." Antonio promises that they will work things out. She remembers him asking about their memories overriding hers with Nash and she can't imagine that but she still could change after this. He knows that she is scared. He is scared too. "Just hold me." He can do that and he does.

"Jessica is your daughter and you would do anything for her. I understand that as I am the father to your granddaughter. What you don't understand is that I love Tess. This integration is going to be the end of hope for my family and it is the end of my dreams." Clint wants Jessica to get well and that means opening herself up to Tess's memories and then leading a full and healthy life. "It is best for everyone."

Antonio and Jessica return to the room. "Nash I need to speak to you alone…"

"Did you hear those sirens? Paige! That is the Calvary bringing him in. I want a front row seat! Let's go!" David and Paige run off into the darkness like mischievous school children.

Natalie and Bo get ready for the prisoner to arrive.

David and Paige arrive. David feels strange. "That is because he is your brother," Natalie tells.

"Is he here?" Todd and Evangeline arrive. Bo finds the place is getting pretty busy in the station. "If you want me out of here, you will have to throw me out!" Todd says smiling.

Spencer is roughly brought into the station and pushed into a chair. He looks about to protest but wisely says nothing.

Blair arrives next.

Her eyes lock on Todd's immediately and they smile at each other.

The doctor warns Kevin that he had better not be there to upset her patient. "Stress can cause more problems than you can realize. She wants this baby desperately and she needs to know that she is safe right now.

Kevin returns to the room…

Kelly is sleeping and he enters and looks down on her. He sits on her bed beside her and just looks at the monitoring equipment.

Nash follows Jessica into another room.

Antonio isn't sure what the two will be talking about, but he hopes that this is the last time that she will have to feel the need to explain things to him.

"It must be tough for you too," Jessica says. He can still see Tess in those eyes. She knows that but she isn't Tess. "If this thing works, I will have all of Tess's memories, but I will be with Antonio. I love him and that will not change…no matter how much you want it to." He isn't sure what he is there to talk to her about. She is saying goodbye.

Spencer answers all the questions that are put to him by the officers, while selected citizens watch.

"Are you going to offer your support David? And you Paige, remember that you have made mistakes that you will not be able to erase."

"Remove you jacket please," an officer instructs.

"Hey Evangeline… I have a few bucks. I could put you on retainer…" She passes on his offer.

"What do you think will happen to you Commish when this all falls apart?" Bo tells that they have a whole slew of charges if this one doesn't stick.

"Hey Hugh! First you almost execute a man who wasn't guilty and now this…"

"And you Todd! You would be dead right now if it weren't for me...Dead and buried! Are you really that jealous?" Todd sidles up to Spencer real slow and leans over so their noses are almost touching. "You want to see me thrown in jail so that you can stop me from having sex with your ex-wife?" Spencer smiles. "You are never going to have her again Todd…" Todd says as seriously as a heart attack. "I already do…" The smile on Spencer's face disappears.

Kevin holds Kelly's hand as she sleeps. "I am so sorry…"

She wakes… "Sorry for everything. I know that you wouldn't do anything to hurt the baby and I know that you needed some time to get away and I don’t blame you…after all the terribly things that we said to each other and I know that you would keep the baby healthy… So…whatever you need to help you keep safe, that is what I am going to give you. That is why I am here. Right now we have to keep you healthy, you will take care of yourself…" She will.

The doctor arrives to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Kevin gets up to leave. "No stay!" Kelly tells him. "We will listen together."

Antonio doesn't like the idea of Jessica being alone with Nash…

"I am not Tess and I don't love you…I can't." He thanks her for saying that. "Please…Don't do that." He knows that this is hard for her. She is sorry that she can't let Tess out to say goodbye to him. He grabs her face and kisses her passionately.

"Blair I need you to get me an attorney and tell them that this is a one-time deal." Hugh knows that the man will l need a miracle worker instead of an attorney.

"What do you have there John?" John reads from the document…"Simple Assault…Dealing in Infant Children…Obstructing…Abuse of Corpse…In the category of Felony… The room is quiet as John reads the list of crimes that Spencer is going down for.

Whomp! Whomp! Whomp! Whomp! Whomp! Whomp! Whomp! Whomp! Whomp! "Sounds strong and healthy to me," the doctor says.

Nash finishes up his kiss. "I am sad," she says. "I am so sad for you and Tess."

Antonio is squirrelly. "What is going on in there?" Clint and Viki tells him to be patient.

Jessica invites Nash to her session with Dr. Jamieson the next day. It is her decision and not Antonio's.

Nash walks out of the room and out of the house.

"I broke his heart," Jessica tells.

"…Kidnapping…Intimidation of Witnesses…Conspiracy…" The cops will be working on more charges… "There is still one charge missing Spencer, you know the one I mean…Get him out of my face!"

Officers grab Spencer. He turns to Blair and can't take his eyes off her until he is out of the room.

Blair uncomfortably stares back to the man.

"I want warrants for his office, his hotel room and anywhere else that bastard hangs out. We have to find that gun!"

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