One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/29/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian and Evangeline are out at the park looking at his poster of his big game. She knows that he has to do this if he wants to be famous and rich. He likes that idea but hates the part about adoring fans. "I have an announcement to make and this is the perfect time.

"Are you insane?"

Cristian and Evangeline turn to find Michael behind them. "If he gets the wrong punch, he may never use that hand again…"

"Antonio made an arrest," Bo tells Clint and Viki. "tapes were found and Jessica was on some of them. Jessica knows about it." Viki is glad to that she knows.

Kevin arrives. "I hate to throw this at you right now. Kelly called me and she is afraid that she is going to lose the baby. I have to find her."

Kelly is in a hospital bed. Her baby has an irregular heartbeat.

John arrives to see the judge and he barrels his way past the assistant.

"I am from the police and I need a signature."

The mayor reads the paper and refuses to sign. "If you don't sign this," John says. "Someone will end up dead."

"What are you doing here?"

Blair's mind rushes back to the time she spent minutes ago making love to Todd on that carpet, and some of the furniture.

"Blair! What are you doing here?" Spencer asks again. "Go ahead and tell him!" Todd tells her smiling.

"You still have a bad hand?"

Vincent, Layla and Ted arrive and they hear what is going on. Vincent takes Cristian and Michael off to talk about this in private.

Evangeline hates that. "You slept with Cristian last night?" Layla asks.

"What?" some reporters ask while standing nearby.

Michael tells Cristian in front of Vincent that this fight is a bad idea. Cristian isn't afraid. "I am good to go!" Cristian walks off.

"Give it to me straight doctor." Michael tells Vincent that Cristian hand is pretty bad and will be that way for a long time. "I hate for him to go into the ring like that." Michael begs Vincent to look out for the man. "I will go the distance for that man." Michael leaves.

"You are not going to pull Vega are you?" Ted asks. Vincent smiles. "You must have taken too many shots to the head."

Kevin hopes that Bo will help him find Kelly.

Natalie rushes in and pulls Bo to the side. "We didn't get the search warrant for the safety deposit box." Bo knows that…

"I don't miss things officer. There isn't enough solid evidence to arrest Spencer Truman. I am not going to risk putting a fine man and a good member of our community to humiliation. I will not flush money down the drain for a trial that can't be won." John can see that the man spends a lot of time playing golf. "You play with Truman don't you? And you were on the hospital board with Truman, and you also had lunch with the man yesterday." The judge sees where John is going with this and he doesn't like it. "What do you say, you take another look at the warrant judge?" The man reluctantly takes the paper from him.

"We were just arguing. Todd was saying nasty things about you and I was defending you Spencer." Spencer is concerned that Todd tried to hurt her. "He didn’t." Spencer is still curious. "My mom bought me this really beautiful peignoir, and she told me that it would be good luck to wear it on my wedding night and because she believes it with her heart and soul, so do I." Spencer still doesn’t understand why she needs to be there right now. She goes upstairs to get the item.

Truman slowly turns to face Todd now. "You clearly have something that you want to say Todd so say it!" Todd smiles at him. "She ain't never going to marry you…dummy!"

Kevin has all his arrangements ready to go and find Kelly.

The doctor tells Kelly that a danger hasn't been detected yet with the baby. There could be trouble though because of Kelly's history. "We need a sonogram and I will need more of a history… The father is deceased?" Kelly confirms that. "He is dead because of me and I can't lose this baby too."

Todd and Spencer are arguing and Blair returns in time to stop it.

Todd tells Spencer how he tried to marry Blair but it never worked out.

Her phone rings.

"Blair I have the judge and I should have the warrant in about an hour." John tells her that this nightmare is almost over.

"Who was that?" Blair can't tell Spencer that but she does say that it is an engagement surprise and he has to be in the right place, at the right time to get it. Spencer smiles. They start walking to the door. Spencer notices something. "Why aren't you wearing your engagement ring?"

Carmen arrives. "What did I just hear?"

Evangeline starts to talk, but Cristian returns.

"We are in love…" Pilar hugs Evangeline.

Vincent arrives and decides that it is time to get the party started.

"I would like to introduce to you the man of the hour…Cristian Vega!"

The crowd cheers for him.

"I plan to donate my purse to the Angel Square Athletic Association…" Vincent tells how the statue in the park was sculpted by this great man. "He is going to…

"…get crushed like a bug!" a man shouts. The man walks to the podium and grabs Cristian's arm and hand in a threatening manner.

"I wanted to come by and tell John that Marcie and I are going to become Foster parents." Natalie thinks that is great! Michael finds the whole thing extra special seeing that the baby's name is Thomas as well as his father…

John gets his warrant with a caution not to be too disappointed when Spencer walks… John is out the door in a flash.

"I was afraid that I would love it, so I put it in my purse. I didn't want to lose it." He hovers over her and watches as she takes the ring out and puts it on. "It fits just fine," he says. She tells that she just wanted to be cautious.

They leave the penthouse now. Todd goes to sit in a chair and holds his head in his hands.

"Oh you know what? I forgot the robe to the peignoir…" Spencer wants to go back with her to get it. "Please Spencer. It really isn't time for you to have trust issues. You go ahead downstairs and I will be there in a minute." Spencer gets on the elevators and the doors quickly close.

Blair runs back to the apartment.

Todd gets up when the door opens. She rushes to his arms and kisses him as passionately as she can…

"Obviously Kelly, I am a woman of science but there are some things that don't fit into a test tube, but there were those that I have seen that have won battles that they shouldn't have, but there are others who feel they deserve to suffer in life. I am asking you to help me to save your baby…

Clint and Viki discuss Jessica and realize that integration is around the corner.

"I have to go but it is the last time Todd. I did it for you. No matter what happens to us down the road, I will not let Spencer get away with what he did to you…What he did to us. I will go to his suite, but not to his bed." Todd has a bad feeling about this. "I don't want you to go." She almost forgets the robe but Todd reminds her to take it. "I hope to some day wear this for you…"

Natalie wants to hang out and see if John got the warrant.

John arrives and shows the paper. "Truman is going to be at the palace. You should come and put the cuffs on Spencer." Bo will live that honor to John.

"Do you have a good feeling about this?" John says that he will feel a lot better about this if he were arresting the man for murder.

"You better back up off me chump!" Cristian stands back from the angry fighter…

Vincent and Ted notice that Cristian doesn't want to fight. They have to make sure that Vega is the favored of the two for the fight.

Vincent rushes to the podium and stops the arguing. He soon pumps Cristian up so much, the crowd is shouting "Vega! Vega!"

The opponent tells Cristian that his hometown isn't going to be able to save him when he is getting his face smashed in. The man walks off.

"Vega! Vega! Vega! Vega!"

Cristian goes to Evangeline and she thought that he did a great job.

Carlotta comes over and is glad to see that her son and his new girlfriend are happy.

"Vega is going to fall," Vincent says. "He may make it to five, or maybe six but that is all…"

Layla comes over remarking that it seems like Vincent knows what he is doing here…"

Todd thinks about his conversation…

He asked Blair to tell him the truth and she couldn't…She felt that she had to see this through and make sure that Spencer pays…

Todd is restless…

He remembers the proposal. She said 'yes' and then she kissed him… She had to see this through…

Todd can't stop thinking about this.

She confessed that she had been sleeping with Spencer to get evidence and she wanted him to believe her.

Todd goes to the mantle and pushes everything on it to the floor in anger.

Spencer and Blair arrive at home. Spencer touches her and she jumps away. He can't understand her reaction to his touch. "I felt that you and Todd were talking about something personal." She says that she was talking about something personal with Todd. She doesn't want to talk about it though. He presses her and she doesn't like it. He rubs her shoulders and tells her that they are not going to negativity. "I need you to do something for me… Put that peignoir on…" She doesn't want to do that. "That is supposed to bring you good luck with the man that you love… And I am the man that you love … Right?"

"My hand is fine Evangeline. I am going to win the fight."

Vincent tells Ted about how he is going to make sure that Vega is going to fall and they are going to win big.

Clint assures Viki that Jessica will be fine. Viki looks at her pictures of the family. "I never knew that one day our children would be parents…"

Kelly lays in bed moaning. "Please don't let my baby die…"

She looks up and sees Kevin standing by her bed.

Todd gets lost in his past.

He remembers telling Blair that he wanted to put a ring on her finger once…

He watched today as Spencer easily caused her to put his ring on…

Todd sits and considers all this now.

He did get to put a ring on her finger… She shouted 'yes'.

Todd goes to his desk and unlocks it with a key now. He takes the engagement ring out and stares at it.

Blair is dressed in the peignoir and matching robe.

Spencer comes in and immediately on her, wanting to make love to her.

Someone knocks.

The officers are at the door, as well as the media.

"Are you going to answer that?" Spencer says. "That must be your surprise…"

Bo is at the station and he has heard that there has been a leak and that reporters are also over at Truman's to see him get arrested.

John is ahead of the crowd. He knocks on the door again.

"Open up! Police!"

The door opens. Spencer stands there with Blair behind him. She has the tiniest smile on her face.

"What the - "

"Spencer Truman, you are under arrest," John says.

John looks past Spencer's shoulder to Blair's face. She calmly looks back at John.

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