One Life to Live Update Monday 8/28/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"Every time that Spencer would kiss me, I would close my mind and dream of you Todd." He tells her that could walk away from her but he doesn't and soon they are making love…

"Tell everybody your name," a voice says from the computer that Jessica has just turned on.

Jessica jumps up and turns the computer off.

"I hope you rot in hell!" Jessica tells Eugene.



Bruce grabs the phone from Adriana and shuts it off.

"She didn't want to talk to you!" Dorian screams at Rex. "Cut the crap Dorian!" Rex shouts.

John and Bo discuss the case. "We are going to have an arrest today!"

Spencer goes looking for Blair in Starr's room. No one is there.

"Where is Starr?" Spencer asks Michael. "Is she with Todd and Blair?"

Todd and Blair are on the couch at the penthouse kissing. He almost stops but she him tightly to her and tells him not to stop.

Natalie goes to Bo and tells him what happened with Spencer. He calls the hospital and confirms that Spencer is there. They are relieved. Natalie only screwed up as John had told her that they couldn't reach Blair on her phone. "I wonder where she is then," Natalie says. She wants a car sent out to watch out for Blair but Bo knows that would only tip Spencer's hand and Blair would be in danger for sure.

Spencer gets frantic. Michael will not tell him anything. Spencer runs to Starr's room. He goes for Starr's chart. Michael tells that Starr isn't with Blair. "She probably has run off after finding out that everything that they say about you is true." Spencer rushes off now.

Todd and Blair are naked now on the couch, experiencing each other again after so long. They can't stop.

John is at the shooting range.

Todd and Blair make love and enjoy each other…

Natalie wants to go and talk to John but Bo stops her from going to the range to interrupt John. "We have to wait for the warrant," Bo says. "Hey what is going on with Balsom? How is he holding up Natalie?" She tells that Rex knows that Dorian has set this whole thing up.

"Rex loves me and he won't give up on me…" Bruce warns Adriana that she had better pray that Dorian comes up with the money or he will have to resort to Plan B…

Dorian and Rex argue over the call that just came in.

The phone rings and they both agree that she should answer the phone.

"Rex is gone," Dorian says. "I wouldn’t lie, there is too much at stake." She tells that she is working on the money for him. "Remember… No cops or you will never see your daughter again…"

"Tell me what is going on." Dorian tells Rex that this isn't his concern. "I will call Bo!" Dorian turns on him. "Don't call the police. If I go to the authorities, he will kill her…"

"If it weren't for perverts like you, there wouldn't be little girls like me getting hurt. While you were getting off with you tapes, were you thinking about what it was doing to us? We were scarred for life. Some of those girls are going to he like their abusers. They will never be able to love or to be loved. You are a monster. If it weren't for men like you, then Leeds wouldn’t have done what he did to me. You did it to me as well. How many times did you watch that tape? Ten? Twenty? A hundred times? I wasn't a human being to you. Look at me now! LOOK AT ME NOW!" Antonio slaps the back of his head to make the man face Jess. "You wanted to do those things to me too. The harm that you did to me…It is unfixable and you aren't even sorry…Are you?"

"Even if I knew where Blair is, I wouldn't tell you Spencer. Neither Todd nor Blair is with Starr. What are you paranoid about Spencer? Think they might get back together?" Spencer thinks that Todd is insane and that there is no telling what the man might do. Michael is sure that Blair is able to take care of herself.

"This doesn't change anything," Todd says after their lovemaking. They lie spent now on the floor. She is shocked. "Aren't we going to be together?" He tells her that if they are going to be together, they won't be pretending that she didn't do what she did.

John loads and cleans his job at the shooting range. He manages it with great care…Like he is petting a loving pet, or stroking a lover… His father seems to be standing behind him, looking over John's shoulder at the care with which is handles the weapon. "I couldn't be more proud of you son. Stick to the book," his father warbns. "What are you doing with my service revolver?" John uses it to calm himself down, he tells. "You aren't fooling me son. You are waiting for the day when you can use that to put one in the guy who killed me."

Todd dresses while Blair tries to convince him that they can be together again. "I did this for you… Every bit of it. I hope that what just happened means that we are on the same page." He doesn't find that to be the case.

Natalie tells Bo how Rex is on a rampage to find Adriana as well as get Dorian for this.

"If I were you Adriana, I would hate Dorian's guts. You blew it with Rex … Poor little rich girl." Adriana doesn't care what Bruce says. "Rex loves me."

"You set this whole thing up," Rex says. "You hired someone and now he is double-crossing you. You put Adriana in danger with some thug." She just want to save Adriana, but without the cops. "I am not going to take the risk of Adriana getting hurt! It is my money and my daughter and I will pay to get Adriana back. With this guy it is all about the money… Ten million dollars. I have made the phone calls and the money is being arranged." Rex still wants to cops in on this. "No! I don't want the police. This guy is all about the money…Please!"

"You are pathetic. Look at the filth that you live in. No one wants to be with you. I have a wonderful family and I have two daughters of my own and they will never face a monster like you Eugene. You are going to jail and you will probably die there. I have a life and I had to fight hard for it because of pigs like you. I won… I will be okay and you aren't even sorry. You are only sorry that you were caught. There are many out there like you who prey on little girls. You know, they have a special place in hell for you kind of hell. Have fun rotting there."

"Get him out of here Antonio…" Antonio calls the officers.

Eugene is removed from there.

A hand crosses a bed towards her. "Can I have a hug?"

Jessica shivers.

"Let's get out of here," Antonio says. "No, I am remembering. It happened to me…Me… Before Tess existed!"

"It has killed me to do it," Blair says. "I won't do it again." Todd wonders if that is the truth. "What are you going to do with that rock on your finger? Sell it online?" She just wants him to be happy for them. "It is almost over…I promise you." What he wants her to promise is that she will not go near the man in sexual manner again…

"Still looking for Blair eh Spencer? I will tell you that when Blair left, she left with Todd. If I didn't know about you, I would think that they went home together…" Spencer runs off leaving Michael with a satisfied smile on his face.

"It's going to happen. I want to ruin his career, life…All I know is that there is right and wrong and that is why I became a cop. "I'm taking him down…It's gonna happen dad." John aims at his paper target now, while talking to his dad and fires…

Spencer leaves another voicemail for Blair.

He sits at his desk now. And dials Kimi.

She hasn't heard from Blair either.

"Todd is behind this."

Bo hasn't any evidence on Adriana that she hasn't just run off. Natalie will go find Rex and see if she can help him out in any way…

"Why should I trust you when you will not even admit that you know who the kidnapper is." Dorian says that she would do anything to protect Adriana. She suggests that they put their differences aside and work together. He will do that. He is still of the belief that they should call the police, but Dorian convinces him that they shouldn't. "That is fine. I will keep quiet. After this is over, I am outing you. This guy could get talk and he will give you up in a minute…"

"I am not a bad guy," Bruce says to Adriana. "I just need some money and need it fast. Let's just say that I pissed off some people who don't like being pissed off." She asks if he could be killed. "that isn't your problem. What you should worry about is if your mother doesn't pay the money. In that case, you will be the one who pays…"

Bo gets a call.

"I'll tell him…."

Bo gets his coat and leaves the office.

John has finished.

"Nice shooting son." John thanks his dad for saying that. "you aren't going to find peace until you nail that guy, are you?" John looks at his paper of bullet holes. "First I nail him, then I get him for what he did to you."


John turns to find Bo behind him. "They judge turned us down." John will proceed with his investigation and he promises not to make it personal. Bo leaves.

"Go get him son," Thomas says from behind. "I will dad…"

"If we do nothing else together, let's bring down Spencer together…" Todd looks at Blair skeptically.


Todd isn't expecting anyone.

He walks to the door.

Blair starts fixing her clothes and getting her jacket back on, straightening herself out…

The door opens and Spencer rushes in. Todd holds the door open behind the man. He uses his elbow to lean on the door while Spencer stares stunned at Blair who stands in the middle of the living room. "Hey Spencer! Looking for someone?"

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