One Life to Live Update Friday 8/25/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"What the hell did you do to Blair?" Spencer can't understand her asking him that.

Rex tells David that he has to help with this case. David isn't really that interested. David can't understand why he should do this. "I will give you Ultra Violet if you help me. I love that place but you can have it.

Bruce comes to see Adriana and he can see that she is mad about the text message that he sent pretending to be her. "He probably already thought that you hated him anyway. I only did what your mommy hired me to do anyway."

"Call me Bruce. If you hurt one hair on my baby's head," Dorian vows. "I will kill you." She fumes as she waits alone for the call.

Antonio tells that she is going to check out Eugene Snyder… John says that man is also involved with Spencer…

Natalie wants to leave the bar, but Spencer stops her for going anywhere. She looks up into his face with just a tinge of fear. "I need some answers."

David decides that he will help get Adriana back. They leave the bar to get started.

Spencer sees the men leave and he turns to Natalie again. "Why would you think that I would hurt Blair?"

"You can't tell me that you don't love me anymore can you Blair?" She can't. "Then tell me the truth and what is going on with you. What are you doing with Spencer and the cops? Maybe I should just go to Spencer myself and remind him that you betrayed me and that you will likely…" Blair shouts that he can't do that. "I have been sleeping with Spencer to help you Todd…" He nods smirking… "I see. So I have been right." She admits to sleeping with him and going behind his back to get evidence. "Do you believe me?"

John and Antonio put the thing together about Snyder and Spencer. Spencer gave the man favors for favors.

Jessica arrives and learns more about what is going on.

John leaves.

Antonio has to get going on his case too.

Hugh tells John that the bank manager wanted to call Spencer to let him know that the box was being searched…

Natalie defends her behavior telling that she cares about Blair and Starr as they are her family. He wonders why she is so interested in him. "Should I be concerned about something? I have seen McBain and Blair huddling. I don't suppose that you would like to tell me what they were discussing?"

"There was Spencer at the time when things were going wrong. David and Paige thought that this was another scam of Spencer's, and then he brought you back to life Todd." After the execution, Blair heard the things that people said and the good people were saying the same things. "Then there was John and Bo and everyone thought that Spencer was doing something wrong. Then I knew deep in my heart what kind of man you were and I am so sorry that I let you down." Todd wants to know that answer to why she didn't dump the man when she found out the truth. "I am the only person," she says. "The only one that can get to him is me."

"I threatened to charge the bank manager if he phoned Spencer about the search warrant. Hugh has the safety deposit box and he shows the proof that Spencer was acquainted with Margaret. They now need something that will tie Spencer to the baby. "There is Paige and with this photo now, we will have indictment." John wonders what they can do about the shooting of his father. He goes to the safety deposit box and rummages through it. He finds a plastic baggy and holds it up, while Hugh paces behind him. "What is this?"

"Stop blaming this on my mother!" Adriana shouts. "No! She wouldn't." Still she can't think why her mother would do this. "I met your mother and she cried about how your horrible boyfriend was all wrong for you." He can see that she is starting to believe him. "I told he that I would come up with a plan for a price. She gave me all the information that I needed and the deal is that I don't hurt you…providing that mommie dearest gets me the money. You don't even need proof. You already believe me."

David walks into Dorian's place but she doesn't want to talk to him. He goes straight to the bar and pours drinks.

Rex enters behind the two and sneaks into a room without Dorian seeing him.

David and Dorian talk about what it is that she is dealing with. "I ran into Rex," David says. "He went on and on about some plot that you had to make him break up with Adriana… The way that you are acting though… Look just tell me and I will do everything that I can to get you out of it."

"It looks like Spencer was going to send this along to the kid, when the kid grew up…." Hugh wonders if that kid is Todd's.

"It was all my fault Todd. I abandoned you. The cops know what I am doing. The only person that Spencer trusts is me." Todd realizes that she has been sleeping with this man, even though she knew that he was innocent. "Don't you look at me like that," Blair says. "Don't look at me like I am a whore…"

"Snyder! Open up!"

The pervert peeks out the door. Antonio tells him to let he and the officers in.

Eugene opens the door and the men get to work. Antonio finds tapes. "Sick son-of-a-bitch." Antonio dons latex gloves and finds more tapes. He finds one and looks at Snyder. "You are pathetic."

Antonio goes to a computer. "What do you have on her? Oh look! A load of kiddie flicks." Eugene shouts that he doesn't know anything about those tapes and that he got them from some guy, whose name he can't recall. Antonio cuffs the guy and reads him his rights.

Both Eugene and Antonio turn to the doorway. Jessica stands there.

John reads the letter that is in the safety deposit box. '…I wouldn't recommend you trying to find your father as he would only cause you heartache and grief. Good luck.' There is no signature on the letter but it is in handwriting.

John gets to the phone and dials.

"I don't know what John and Blair are talking about. Wait a minute!" Natalie says. "Maybe Blair and John are having an affair." Spencer knows that there is no need for Blair to get another man as she has him. "She is committed to me," Spencer says. "Then she should be committed," Natalie says.

"I did what I had to do." Todd asks if the cops pimped her out and she answers that she did this herself. "I drugged him and it backfired. I wanted to stop this then but I had to keep sleeping with him to get information." Todd wants details about them sleeping together. "How many times did you sleep with him?" Blair doesn't want to answer that. "John needed something done and I was in the right place to do it. I had to get them a safety deposit box key and I did that and gave it to John. I want to put him away." That isn't good enough for Todd. He wants Spencer to suffer more than just prison time. "It is all going to be over soon," she says. "By the end of the day...

Rex is ready to go, and David sees him over Dorian's shoulder.

David keeps Dorian's focus on him…

Rex listens to them talk. David tries to push her to tell him what's going on but Dorian will not budge.

"You liar!" Rex shouts coming out from hiding.

"Why would you help him?" Dorian shouts at David. "Just tell me who you hired to take Adriana."

"I want to talk to her… I want to talk to my mother!" Bruce is fine with that…

"I had to keep him on the hook Todd. Do you know what Spencer would do to me if he found out that I took the safety deposit box key? I can't stand it when that pig touches me. It is revolting. I am doing this to find out where your baby is and to find out what else he did." Todd isn't sure that he understands this. "I have the image of you and Spencer doing it at the cabin and I can't stand that. I see that every time that I close my eyes." She asks him to forgive her but if he can't, she will understand. "I just wish that you could look me in the eye and tell me that you love me again…"

An expert looks at the letter and some other samples… "Loop slant… They match." The same person wrote both letters that are presented to the expert. "I'll take your word for it," Hugh says.

Antonio goes to the door. "What are you doing here?" Jessica couldn't just sit around. "I had to have him see my face and look at his. You found something?" Antonio doesn't want to let her in but she insists.

She enters the apartment, and walks over to the tapes.

She sees one with her name on it.

She turns to Eugene. "Do you see this? This was me! Look at me! Look at me! I am a real person… A real little girl and the man that you bought this from? He molested me. People like you kept that man in business. You destroyed my life and he ripped me in two…literally. I am going to be one again and I am going to see you behind bars."

John wonders why Truman wrote that letter. "It is almost a decent thing to do. Hugh feels that a narcissist like Spencer likes to dole it out to the others around him. The men get back to work now. Hugh leaves.

John heads into his office…

Nat runs in. "I think that I screwed things up big time John…"

John is alone at the bar…

He thinks about the night of the ceremony where he proposed…

"There is no way that Blair would screw up what we have… No way…"

"This is too much…Sorry…" Todd can't handle this. Blair knew it. "I know that I messed up, but I really did try to help. I really did try to help and to do something. I tried to hold on to it…" He turns to her now and gets really close to her. "Hold on to what?"

"What about my nightclub?" David asks. "You aren't getting anything. You didn't get anything out of Dorian." David storms out. Dorian can't believe that he betrayed her for a nightclub.

"You won't get rid of me that easily.

Adriana takes the phone and dials.

Rex grabs the phone when it rings.


"Rex?" Adriana asks…

Jessica goes to Eugene's computer and logs on…

She sees an image of her face as a child pop up as the wallpaper for the computer…

"I talked too much and got in Spencer's face and I really believe that he is onto Blair…" Natalie looks up sadly into his face. "If he is onto Blair," John says with surety… "She is dead."

Spencer is alone at the bar drinking.

He calls Blair but gets her voicemail instead.

He hangs up and drops a few bills on the table. "Don't worry Blair, I am coming for you." He walks out with purpose.

Todd and Blair are standing very close… She tells him how she would dream of him being with her whenever Spencer touched her. Todd says that it would be very easy for him to walk off from her right now. She begs him not to go but he hadn't made the move yet. Immediately they are kissing and hugging, and tearing the their clothes off.

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