One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/24/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie comes to meet Rex as he has asked her to. She asks what is so important that she had to come out there. "I need you to pretend to be Adriana," Rex says. Natalie's face changes to one of confusion. She hasn't any idea what Rex is up to.

Hugh and John are hot on the move.

They need a couple of cops to execute their warrant...

John makes a call to set up a patrol car to head to the bank to assist with the search warrant. He tells the desk sergeant that Hugh will be downstairs.

Evangeline arrives.

John waves her in.

Spencer and David rib each other. "You look like crap David." David tells that he looks terrible as he was up all night talking to John about him.

Todd starts in on Blair again for being with Spencer and forgetting about him. "I didn't have any options," she says. "I did the only thing that I could…" She turns from him. He roughly turns her around. "Look at me right now and tell me what is going on!"

Natalie finds this silly. "I just need you to sound like Adriana for a minute." He shows her the text message, knowing that the message wasn't from Adriana. Natalie believes the message is from Adriana. "I know that you are judgmental about Adriana but that is because of her mother." Natalie knows that Adriana is old enough to make her own decisions and not listen to her mother. "She is old enough to make better decisions and you can do better Rex." Rex is in love with Adriana and he has to help her. "I found Jen's body and that can't happen again. Now are you going to help me or not? It makes no sense Nat. She hasn't gotten in touch with anyone else. That message was sent by someone else to get me to stop looking for Adriana." Natalie will help.

John seats Evangeline. "Wow," she says. "Your office is different." It is blue now. She sees that. "It has been a while. I am here on a case in the building. I was leaving and then I decided to check in on my friend. Is this a bad time?" John tells that he doesn't mind having a visit from a friend. "I was nervous to go back to work and I lost a lot of clients, and some olds ones came back. It feels good to be busy again. I am so happy for myself. I can see now. I will never take that for granted again. At least I will try not to. It was scary being in the dark all the time. I am used to talking my way out of situations and so I am talking less and feeling more these days and I learned that from Cristian." John can see that things are serious for Evangeline and Cristian. "They are serious," Evangeline says. "I am falling in love Iwate him."

"You are wasting my time," Spencer says. David know that Spencer has to be curious about this. Spencer opens his door and tells David to get out. "John has evidence that you set up Todd and it is only a matter of time before John comes out with it. Then when Blair finds out that you set Todd up as a murderer, she will never forgive you and she will go back to Todd like she always does.

Todd and Blair talk and she tries to make him see that she has sacrificed a lot for him even though they are not together.

Michael goes running past Todd and Blair. "He is going to Starr's room," Blair shouts.

She and Todd run to Starr's room and they find her on her back on the floor… Michael holds her up. Her eyes are closed and she seems to be unconscious.

"I just want to make sure that there hasn't been any fraudulent charges on my card," Natalie lies into the phone as Rex listens. She is asked the last 4 digits of her credit card and she has that but she and Rex don't have the social security number and that ends the call quickly.

"Do you really think that whoever has Adriana would use her plastic Rex?" Rex only knows that whoever is doing this will pay.

"I felt sorry for you David and that is why I let you go as a con man." David agrees that the wasn't as good at being a criminal as his brother. "You ruined my life! Is that how you helped people? You have lost. Todd's back. It is just a matter of time before Blair returns to Todd. You blackmailed me and you turned me into a pathological liar and you ruined my life with the only woman that I ever loved. I don't care what happens to you. You are no longer my brother. Oh… And if I should turn up dead… The first person that they will look at… is you!"

"Cristian was there for me during the accident and I fought him tooth and nail." John knows that Evangeline never did roll over gently when it came to anything. "Cristian makes me laugh… Like you do!" John laughs. "No comment." Evangeline has been given a second chance. "Now after you and I … I never thought that I would have that connection again." John knew that she would. "If I was to be honest Evangeline, I would say that I still think about us and why we didn't make it. I know that it was me and that I let you down." She knows that it wasn't the right time for them but they tried. "As difficult as it was for me, I want you to know that I understand." He appreciates her telling him about her relationship. She was thoughtful and respectful just like always.

Hugh bursts in. Evangeline wants to know what he is talking about. She hears him mention a search warrant. He leaves now.

Evangeline turns to John now for more information on the search.

"I am sorry. I was in bed and then I heard my parents arguing and so I got up and then fell." Todd secretly smiles. Starr if faking and he is the only one who knows it. The doctor warns her to stay in bed. "Where are you going?" Starr asks her parents when she sees them getting ready to leave. "We are going home," Todd says. Starr's face lights up.

Todd and Blair leave the room. "Why did you lie to her?" Blair demands to know. "I didn't lie. We are going home." He grabs her hand and drags her along behind him.

"It is a cold case that isn't all that cold anymore." Evangeline is shocked. "Did you find the link between Margaret and Spencer?"

David is in the bar. Rex goes to David and tells him that Adriana is in danger and he needs help.

Natalie watches them talk from afar.

Spencer comes up behind Natalie and she can't stop looking at him. He asks her if she has something to say. "How's Blair?"

Todd has Blair at his place now and he tries to figure out why she stopped trusting him. "You jumped into bed with the first guy who came along. You think that I am a bad person and a baby killer and you go with this guy. Then you find out that I am innocent and you still go on with this guy. Why is that? I don't understand what you are doing. Nevermind. Let's talk about Starr. She is devastated. Her life has been turned upside-down by your relationship, and yet you still can't suck it up and kick this jerk to the curb. WHY?" Blair simply says that she loves Spencer. "Now that I love him you want to tell me that I can't." Todd knows that Starr will hate Spencer. Blair is sure that Starr is going to come around. "I can't live my life the way my daughter wants. She only hates Spencer because he isn't you."

The phone rings.

Blair looks at her phone and decides to go in the kitchen and take it. Todd is on her in a flash.

He grabs the phone, looking at the display. "John McBain? What could you possibly have going on with John McBain?"

"I have my own friends and my own life," Blair says. Todd knows that all that John cares about is Spencer and nabbing him. "Hew has been asking you questions hasn't he? You told him didn't you? You are pretending to be in love with him… You are out to get proof." She tells him that he is absurd. "You are sleeping with Spencer and ratting on him with the cops. It is like an undercover slut thing…" She tells him that if he wants the truth then she will tell him the truth.

John makes a call but doesn't get through.

"Was that Natalie you were trying to reach?" John tells Evangeline that it wasn't. "Sorry," she says. "Old habits." He is really glad that she has stopped by to see him this way. "I hope that you have closure John. I hope this will give you peace. John… Don't stop until you nail this guy. There are a lot of people in this town who will be happy that Spencer is out of their lives…"

Natalie and Spencer chat and she reads into everything that he says. When asked about Starr, Spencer says that she will be fine. "She has nine lives, just like her father." Natalie finds that a very strange thing to say.

"That doesn't sound like Adriana at all. If Adriana wanted to break your heart," David knows. "She would do it to your face Rex." Rex knows that but needs to know where he goes from here. He hopes that David has some ideas.

"Starr is like her father." Natalie reads that to mean that Spencer doesn't like Starr. "No Natalie. Don't go putting words in my mouth… I only meant that if something happened to Starr, her spirit would live on in Jack.

Evangeline is leaving now. "As much as you can John, be happy."

He watches her leave and then he closes the door behind her.

He reaches for his cellphone now.

"I will get the keys from my office," the bank manager tells the cops.

John calls Hugh who confirms that they are at the bank and working as they speak.

Spencer finds that Natalie is too nosey, but she tells that his business is her business. "Starr is my cousin and don't you think that you can treat her like a pain in the butt. And why she hasn't turned on you yet is a mystery to me." Spencer says that he wouldn't let Blair turn on him. She wonders how it is to have someone that one despises announce publicly what a terrible person you are.

"Are the police in on this?" Rex says that he is a Private Investigator now and is working on Adriana's case officially. "Bo knows everything but how to find Adriana. "How about Dorian?" David asks. "How much does she know?"

"It is over now and I take the blame for it. I made a terrible mistake Todd and I hurt you deeply and for that I will be sorry. A lot of old feelings have come up but we both know that with everything that has happened, we can't go back to what we had. That makes things very difficult for me and I will always feel very sorry and guilty for not standing beside you over Margaret. I am sorry that it has taken me this long to say this. I have said everything that I have to say." He tells her that she can't go to the hospital as Starr is having her tests now. She wants to leave anyway. "I can't be alone with you." He doesn't understand that. "It is too confusing," she shouts. "It is too hard!" He stares right through her. "Why are you lying to me?"

"I am looking inside the box right now and there is no gun."

Hugh finds an envelope with a picture inside. "I think that we just hit the mother load."

Natalie and Spencer are still talking.

John calls Natalie and tells that things are moving along well. "I have been trying to find Blair but all her calls are going to voicemail."

Natalie remembers how Spencer said that he 'wouldn't' let Blair ever turn on him.

"Well, I will try Blair again I guess," John says. "Ah… Yes… Why don't you call me later?"

John makes a face at the funny way that Natalie sounds.

"Oh my god," Natalie says facing Spencer now. "What did you do?"

David and Rex talk about Adriana and Dorian and how they should proceed.

"What did you do to Blair? You found out didn't you?" Spencer stares into Natalie's face.

"I should go to Spencer myself," Todd says. Blair tells him not to and she gets visibly afraid. "Tell me," Todd orders. She tells him. "I have been sleeping with Spencer to help you Todd!"

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