One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/23/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Evangeline and Cristian roll away from each other and they can't believe how good that was. Hey have made love for the first time and she can't understand why they didn't do it earlier. She is thinking that they will be forever and she wonders if he can see the same thing. "Not just yet! He tells her."

Todd wakes and gets out of the uncomfortable chair beside his daughter's bed. He walks the couple of steps over to her.

"Dad," Starr says waking and stretching. "Where is mom?" Todd figures that she had to go and do something. "Like who?" Starr asks. "Dr. Truman?" Todd wonders why she would say a thing like that.

Blair wakes and starts getting out of bed.

Spencer tries to stop her but she wants to go and see Starr. They talk about their engagement and how Blair didn't like Todd's reaction to it.

David and John talk about the evidence they need to get Spencer. "There isn't anymore evidence," David tells.

Rex talks to Antonio hoping to get his assistance about finding Adriana. Antonio is busy and walks off.

Natalie is shocked to hear that Adriana is still missing and that no one has heard anything. Rex is getting really worried.

"Rise and shine!" Bruce tells Adriana.

She gets up as he enters her caged room. "I got breakfast!" She won't eat the breakfast that he has brought for her. He keeps spiking her food and drink and she can't trust him. She won't eat anything if she can help it.

He leaves the room and gets his cellphone.

Dorian answers the phone on the first ring. Bruce wants money. "I will not give you one dime until I have spoken to my daughter!"

John is angry that David hasn't more to give him to get Spencer. He tells David that he will not leave the station without more information.

Hugh arrives and has coffees for the guys. "I need a search warrant for Truman," John says. "Truman has a safety deposit box in his father's name and there has to be a reason why Truman didn't use his own…"

Rex tells how Dorian is responsible for Adriana missing. "I have to find a way to prove this Natalie."

"You will get proof that Adriana is alive but you will have to get ten million together and send it to an account in the Cayman Islands if you really want her back." Dorian is stunned by the amount that he wants.

Bruce returns to Adriana in the room. "What are you going to do to me?" Bruce says that what happens to her isn't up to him. "What is this about?" Adriana asks. "Money," Bruce says. "Cold, hard cash!"

"I misunderstood. I thought that last night…" Cristian tells Evangeline that she didn't misunderstand and that he loves her. "I want to get this title fight. I want to be more and start something new with you. Right now I am just someone at the gym. If I win this fight, I will have more fights and maybe I can buy my own gym one day." She smiles at him. "I am going to win that fight and become Cristian Vega…Contender."

"Well, he is the doctor and he is worried about me," Starr says trying to cover her outburst. "That doctor saved Jack's life and that is why I thought that he and my mother might be together." Todd asks Starr how far back she can remember. Starr says that she remembers things but it is all out of order. Todd laughs now. She asks what is so funny. "This amnesia stuff is a scam isn't it Starr?" Starr denies it but Todd can see her trick and wants her to fess up. "I appreciate this but it has all been a waste honey."

Spencer knows that things haven't been easy for Blair lately or him. She knows that people think that he is amazing. He knows that she is the only person that cares for him. "We both have been married before. I thought that I really loved Paige, and I have had other relationships and then you walked into the country club and you stopped my heart Blair and set it racing at the same time. I decided then that I would do whatever it took to have you in my life." Blair has a question. "What did you do to make me yours Spencer. I have asked you this before. This time I want no lies and no secrets." He wants to be honest with her. "As honest as you have been with me!"

Cristian brings Evangeline breakfast in bed. "Boxing is great. The adrenaline? The rush? You survive! It is about survival. After going to jail and Natalie, I was ready to throw in the towel. The more that I boxed, the better I got and I started thinking about going pro. I think that it is more about keeping the other guy from beating me." Evangeline can relate. Her job is the same way. She fights for people and that can be tough too. "You see…we are not so different," she says. He knew that.

"I have gone over every conversation that I ever had with Margaret and I can't think of anything else that can help you with the case. I even thought that Margaret was covering for Spencer… My god! She didn't even know that she had a kid!" John tells David that he can go.

David sees Natalie and Rex outside the room and tells that they are finished for now, but not finished with Spencer.

Spencer hates that Todd is trying to set him up. "I know what kind of man you really are," Blair says.

The phone rings.

Blair answers and hears John's voice. She starts telling John to call the photo editor and not her about 'this' issue.

"Is Spencer there?" John asks.

Blair keeps up her act and hangs up.

Spencer tells Blair that he is going to shower now and then order breakfast. She walks from the phone with him.

John was going to ask about the safety deposit box. Hugh wants to get him the warrant he needs, but he needs more information…

Rex remembers his time on the beach with Adriana building sandcastles and how much fun they were having.

Antonio goes walking by.

Rex follows him, ordering him to stop walking off. "I have to talk to you Antonio. About your sister…"

Bruce gives some more information to Adriana when she asks for it. "I was being paid to stalk you." Adriana can't understand who would pay him if it wasn't Rex. "My boss was impressed and she was impressed." Adriana is surprised to learn that the person behind this was a woman. "Who could do this and why would she want to?" Bruce smiles at her. "I don't know. You could try asking your mother…" Adriana's face changes to a face full of horror…

"You did have me going for a minute," Todd says to Starr. "We are not getting back together Starr so you can stop this now." She wants him to admit that he wanted more but that doesn't matter to him. "She is sleeping with Spencer and that is unforgivable." Starr reminds him that he screwed up in the past. He admits it but he never said that he was perfect. "I never stopped believing in your mother. She never could find me as she never knew where to look. "Is mom going to marry Dr. Truman? It is all over the hospital. She doesn't love him, not like she loves you. She might be with the guy but she doesn't want to marry him."

Todd dials his cellphone. "who are you calling?" Starr asks.

Cristian and Evangeline fall back on the bed together. "Boxers are supposed to abstain for about 48 hours before a fight. I don't think that it is even close to that." Evangeline is happy to hear that. We had better work fast then, she says straddling him.

"John you need to find something so that I can give you your warrant."

Someone knocks.

John lets Nora in. She is visiting and wants to know if there is anything that she can help with. She will be returning to work soon. "How well do you know Judge Hodges?" Nora knows that man as Hodgie. Hugh takes her out of the room for a talk.

"It is only a matter of time before we nail Truman," John tells Natalie. "However, I am getting seriously impatient…"

Evangeline watches as Cristian skips rope at the gym. After that they go to the bag and he puts on his gloves. She holds the bag while Cristian punches at it. She tries her best to hold it straight. He tells his hand is fine when she asked. "I think that it has healed…"

A man comes over to Cristian telling that he might put a few bucks on him for the next fight.

Todd calls Blair and tells her that Starr has been asking for her. She worries that Starr knows about the engagement.

Blair tells Spencer that she is going to shower now and see Starr. He kisses her.

When in the bathroom, she wipes his kisses from her lips.

Todd decides that he isn't going to tell anyone that Starr if faking so that they can have some fun with Spencer and Blair.

"Someone put emails in my computer and now Adriana is gone. I think that Dorian did this." Antonio asks if Bo knows about this. He does but Rex figures that as Adriana's brother, maybe he could help. "If Adriana just doesn't want to be with me, that is alright, I just want her to be safe…"

"She hired me to make you think that you had a stalker, and that the stalker was Rex." Adriana can't believe this. "She wouldn't hurt me. She wouldn't have me held prisoner and kidnapped like this." He admits that. She didn't do the last part. "I asked her for ten million dollars to get her daughter back."

Nora finds Hugh's request impossible but she will try. "I will make a call." She gets out her cellphone.

John and Natalie look at the picture of Margaret that they have. "I think that we have the son-of-a-bitch. They wonder if Blair would be taking all these risks if she knew how really bad Spencer is. Nat supposes that if you love someone, then there isn't anything that you wouldn't do for them.

Rex decides to call Dorian.

She grits her teeth when she sees he is calling her. She doesn't answer.

"I don't believe you." Bruce figures that she wouldn't believe him. He takes out a device and starts typing. "You are going to send lover boy a text message."

Rex's cellphone beeps.

He looks at it. 'Rex I hate you…I never want to see you again… Adriana…"

Blair has arrived at the hospital.

She goes in to see Starr. They talk for a minute. Then Todd takes Blair out of the room.

"Did you change your mind about marrying Spencer?" He hasn't, but she isn't wearing the ring. "what else?" she asks. "I don't buy this whole thing with you and Truman. I know you. I am not buying this whole marriage. I buy you going to bed with the guy but what is the real reason that you are marrying this scum all about?"

David comes to see his brother. "What are you doing here?" Spencer asks angrily. "Is this about me marrying Blair?" David is there to talk about John. "He is coming at your from angles that you can't even imagine. Tick-tock doc."

John and Natalie talk bout the case.

Hugh tells them that Nora is working things out. "Great to have Nora back."

Natalie sees that she has received a text message from Rex.

"Is this going to be enough for you John?" Natalie asks. "If you get Spencer for some other crime and put him away, will it finally be over, or will you still be after Spencer's blood?"

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