One Life to Live Update Monday 8/21/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Todd is trying to get Blair to go with him in the other room to talk.

John sees that Todd is up to something.

Spencer does his speech and sees that Todd is trying to get her out of the room

"I don't want to talk here Blair," he says.

"Blair will you marry me?" Spencer asks from the podium.

Todd and Blair turn to the stage to see Spencer holding an opened black velvet box.

Jessica is with the baby.

She gets a call from Antonio who checks to see if she is okay.

Jessica gets a memory about being in bed with Nash and talking about the second trimester and how she should be really horny. They made love them.

Jessica is frazzled by the memory.

Starr sits alone in her room.

Langston comes to see her friend. They are researching Starr's trick to make sure that it works. Starr wants to make her parents see how much in love they are.

Everyone in the room claps for the proposal.

Blair makes her way to the stage.

John can tell that Blair has been broadsided by this.

"I went to my safety deposit box to get this for you today."

"What do you think she is going to do?" Natalie wonders.

"Blair?" Spencer asks again. "Yes," Blair says.

Everyone claps and the music starts.

Todd is sarcastic with Viki over telling him that he should have spoken with Blair. He walks off angry.

He comes upon Evangeline in the middle of the floor.

David and Paige can't believe what happened.

Natalie goes over to Spencer and drags him away from Blair. "You hurt my uncle. I hope that she is worth it."

John goes over to Blair who tells that she had no idea that was going to happen.

Blair says that she was getting some of what he was getting from Natalie just now. "I can't wait to marry you," Blair says.

Without Spencer noticing, she puts her hand in his jacket pocket and rummages around in there while they hug.

Jessica looks at her baby and realizes that she has a fever…

Claudia tries to break through to Nash about Tess but he can't give up on her and he will not give up on her.

Marcie and Michael tell Nora that they have put in their paperwork for the Foster parent plan. Nora is tired of sitting and she gets up with her cane.

Lindsay comes in behind her and watches as Marcie tells her that every man is going to be after her that night.

Blair gets the keys and holds them clamped in her hands.

Spencer wants to see her ring but she keeps her fist closed, telling that she will be back later. She walks off.

"We can go somewhere and be alone to talk," Evangeline says. "There really isn't anything to talk about," Todd says smiling at her as he walks off.

Chris is in the background and he has seen the exchange.

Blair goes to John and Natalie and gives them the keys and orders them to hurry up with this and find out what is in that box.

"I got my parents to kiss and soon I will have them doing it." Langston listens intently. Starr just has to remind her parents how it used to be so they can get back together. "That doctor thinks that I am up to something, so I need to be careful."

David and Paige come to see Spencer. They talk about Spencer and hiding from his crimes. Paige has told everything that he knows and she knows that soon Blair is going to stop him like a bad habit. "We are going to be there just like tonight to watch it," Paige says.

"I know that you are worried about Todd, Evangeline… but you just got out of the hospital and you have to rest. Evangeline smiles at her beau.

"what were you going to tell me?" Todd tells Blair that Viki told him to try to forget the past… How am I going to be able to do that now?"

John and Natalie head to the bank where the safety deposit box is. Natalie comes up with a story as her wealthy family banks there. "I would like to have a new safety deposit box." The man runs off to start the paperwork.

"Stick to the plan, Natalie. No improvising… Blair could be in trouble…"

Spencer has had enough of David and Paige and he rushes off to start living happily ever after.

Nash wanders around.

He calls Jessica. He learns that the baby has a fever. "We are fine though. Enjoy your party."

"Your daddy is worried about you Bree but we are going to be fine!"

"Our daughter is in the hospital with a head injury and the next time that she sees you, she will see that ring on your finger."

Spencer comes over, clearly gloating over his newly won prize! He grins brashly at Todd as he squeezes Blair between his arms. He and Blair walk off. Spencer stays behind a moment to give him one last pitiful look.

"May I have your attention please?" Todd shouts. Not everyone hears him, so he goes to the nearest table and pulls everything off the tabletop by just dragging the tablecloth to the ground, as if performing some really bad magic trick. He climbs to the top of the table and addresses everyone in the room now. "Everyone?"

Spencer and Blair have turned and now stand in the audience staring up at Todd to see what he is going to do next.

"Nora you look fantastic," RJ says. Lindsay isn't as thrilled about the way that Nora looks. "Didn't you wear that dress to the Woman of the Year Awards last year? Or was that two years ago. RJ why don't you just kiss her again?"

Michael and Marcie hightail it out of there.

"Let me explain Lindsay," RJ says. "Nora is our friend and I just commented on her looking nice." Lindsay remembers how she used to visit Nora all the time and then RJ comes and she wasn't invited to go with him. "How would you like it if I kissed another man?"

Lindsay stomps off and finds Michael talking to Claudia. She moves Claudia out of the way and kisses Michael full on the lips.

Nash shows up with diapers and every baby product known to man.

Todd has a drink now while he stands on the table. "To you Blair…and Spencer… May you have a happy marriage. Look at them," he points. "He is a murderer and she is a slut. Come on everyone… Raise your glass…"

The bank manager has gotten the paperwork underway and no Natalie gets her box. "I will return when you are finished putting away you contents." Natalie starts acting woozy.

John makes the sign of someone tossing them back by lifting his hand several times to his mouth and faking drinking.

"I think that champagne got to me…I might have had too much…" Natalie fakes falling and the bank employee and John run to her aid, holding her up. "I think that you had better get a bucket," John warns. "You means she is gonna…" John nods his head up on and down. He holds Natalie up while the man runs off.

John and Natalie stand now and get to work. "Hurry!" she says. "We don't have much time…"

Jessica manages to calm Nash. "She is fine. Go back to the party." He isn't really a gala kind of guy. He is just trolling for investors for his company. "I am staying here…" She asks about his search for investors and learns that Claudia is the only one interested at this time. "I am not getting involved with Claudia again." Jessica feels that he should reconsider that.

"Marcie I only kissed him because he was the closest man in the room." Marcie thought that Lindsay was her friend. Lindsay says that the kiss was Nora's fault. That gets RJ mad. She likes that. He is finally showing some passion. "You want to see passion?" he asks her. He goes to Nora and holds her suspended in a dip position while he plants a juicy one on her.

Starr needs to do this for her parents as she wants them at the altar so they will marry and be together permanently.

"Spencer got a pregnant woman to fake her own death and he set me up for murder so that he could be with that slut…" Todd has a knife and holds it to his chest.

"He is having a mental breakdown," Spencer says.

Viki and Evangeline try to get him down but Todd only gets off the table when he is finished. He sits in a chair. Chris tries to stop Evangeline from getting involved and finally he is able to convince her to come with him, and so they go.

Viki goes to her brother and tries to get him to leave but he will not slink out with his tail between his legs. "I told the truth tonight!"

Spencer goes over to an official at the event and tells that Todd is cloddish… He has very bizarre behavior and he has been that way lately. The man Spencer is talking to seems to be paying attention. That is until David and Paige come up behind him and put the right spin on things.

"Todd happened to have been telling the truth," Paige says. "All of it!"

Spencer looks back at David and Paige angrily when he hears them speaking behind him.

"Why do you keep doing that?" Lindsay asks. Nora would like to know too. "I was happy and Nora was on her way back and I kissed her. Still, there isn't anything going on between Nora and me!" Lindsay walks off to go home.

"Nora I am sorry," RJ says walking out behind Lindsay.

Marcie is pissed and leaves to go home and take a shower after Lindsay puts her lips on her husband.

Claudia notices that this corner is very weird. "Is there something in the water here?" she asks.

Evangeline and Chris are outside. He leaves her for just a minute.

Evangeline hopes that Todd will not do anything else stupid tonight.

David and Paige shout out more about Spencer… Spencer gets Blair's hand and finds that this has been nothing but a nasty conspiracy. "You Mr. Manning, you can't spoil our happiness."

Natalie and John work side by side. They have the key, now all they need is the box number. They search the records, knowing that the man at the bank won't be back anytime soon. He doesn't want to be around a puking woman and John is sure of that. "You know Natalie, you look really good tonight…" She smiles at him. "It is #608! Let's go now and make your father proud by getting that gun…"

Claudia talks to Nora asking if she is okay. "Yeah, I am just starting to get feelings for someone that I shouldn't." Claudia knows about that. "Tell me about it…"

"You said that you were remembering things about me and Tess. If that is true Jessica, then you should know that Tess is in my bones…"

Evangeline hates waiting alone outside. What is Chris doing?

"It's been more than a minute!" she shouts.

He comes to get her now and brings her in showing her the candles and flowers that he has arranged for their time together that night.

Starr studies the information that Langston has brought her to fake her illness.

"I saw Blair's face tonight," Viki says. "It had a look of panic and it wasn't the look of someone in love…" Todd listens quietly.

"Come on Blair. Let's go upstairs and celebrate…" Spencer walks ahead of her.

Blair stays put for a minute with her back to Spencer. "Damn it John. Where is the key?"

John and Natalie are at the box… They use the keys to open the safety deposit box. "Is it there John?" she asks hunching down over him as he opens the box. "Is it in there?"

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